The rain stopped about an hour ago. Sammy was sitting by the small fire he and Ramu made and was thinking about the dream of the boy he was having lately. Sammy could not fathom who the majestic looking boy was and why the hell he was having his dreams. He did not remember seeing his photo ever in his life and yet he was seeing the handsome looking guy again and again. While Sammy was wondering about the man, he felt a warm hand rest over his shoulder. He turned and saw Ramu. With the towel wrapped around his slender waist and bare torso looking at him. Sammy smiled. Somehow he felt hungry again, his hunger to feed on this servant's manhood and so he pulled him down to the floor and get over him. Ramu smiled " master we are to reach home early and what you intend to do will make us late" Sammy smiled " it seems u never heard of a quickie." Saying so he placed his tool on ramus lips and forced himself in and began face fucking him. the hot tounge of ramu did wonders on Sammy's erect tool and soon enough Sammy licked in his mouth. Satisfied they both dressed and started for their home. As they rode their horses ,ramu eyed Sammy and saw he was still tensed about something. Last night when they were sleeping, ramu was awaken by the sounds of deep agony made by Sammy. He saw Sammy crying while he was asleep. It seemed he was dreaming about someone who was close to him going away and he was unable to stop him. it saddened ramu and he thought to discuss it with Sammy. He was falling for his master and he wanted him to be happy. He could not let him suffer so.

"So how are u feeling here, so far from your home, first time in an indian village?" asked ramu.

"its good....but" stopped Sammy mid sentence.

"yes tell me what is bothering you sam. I saw u crying last night when u were asleep.' Shot ramu suprising Sammy. Sammy realized he must share it with ramu and so he told him about his dream about the majestic looking hunk, the cave and everything regarding the dream. After listening to all ramu was as surprised as was Sammy. Sammy said " so tell me now . what sense do u make out of it. Right from the day I was twenty I m having these dreams and it deeply worries me"

Ramu was worried to. Then he said " I think there is something about this that can be understood better by a man who already has some experience in such fields"

Sammy was hopeful " who are you refeering to"

Ramu did not answer but guided Sammy towards the otherside of the village. After travelling for half an hour or so on horseback, they both stopped before an old looking hut in the outskirts of the village. It was quite old and in a haphazard condition. Ramu got down from his horse and led the way. Gently pushing the door they stepped inside. Sammy's curiosity was getting the better of him. inside the house he saw an old looking man with long dirty hairs smoking marijuana. He was very thin and his brown wrinkled skin was clearly at view giving that he was completely bare bodied except for the small cloth he wrapped around his waist. Seeing ramu and the foreigner enter, he shot them an amazed look. Then Sammy saw his eyes resting on him. there was something strange about the way he looked at him and then he stood up. Ramu addressed him " old great master, we are here requesting your help."

The old man stretched out his hand and ramu placed some cash in his hand.then staring at Sammy , he held his hand and led him to a chair. as he sat the old man undressed Sammy and then traced his hands from his head to his chest and began murmuring some chants. After that he left Sammy and sat on his chair. Meanwhile Sammy dressed and came to sit before him. ramu asked" so what is it?"

The old man began " one of the most bizarre reality that ever surfaced from the undercovers of the past. Your friend here is not a simple man but the son of a witch, a very powerful one I must say in his past birth. He had amazing qualities and was born as a boon by the greek lord Adonis to his mother. She pleased VAASNA, the demon of lust and he fucked her to give her his son. The boy grew up to be an amazingly handsome lad of his time. His beauty impressed JASON the werewolf prince, and they both fell in love. But another dark wizard LUCIF who loved his mother but could not get her wanted her son for his carnal desires to be fulfilled. So he came after him after his mother died. But the werewolf prince fought with the wizard. This young lad Sammy was killed in his efforts to save his love, the werewolf prince. So enraged the wicked wizard trapped the wolf prince in a cage and placed him somewhere in a cave and left. The man he is seeing in his dreams is that very werewolf prince his love JASON. And he is still trapped and waiting for him to come and get released."

Sammy was in tears, now that he remembered his earlier life he was feeling greatly of his lost love Jason and wanted to free him. " so how can it be done"

"you will have to get the powers of your dad to search and release your love , Sammy and for that it will be a tough ritual."

" m ready what is it that needs to be done?"

" please your dad with your body and he will give you all u want"

" lets summon him then"

To be continued..........................................




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