There he was. Standing behind the tree, almost hidden by the dark shadows of the giant trees of the woods, he was standing looking right at me. His deep blue eyes seemed to be inviting, as if he was asking me to follow him. A brief smile stuck between his full pink lips and his beautiful face shone with a divine glow. He turned and walked ahead deep into the woods. I could not help myself but follow him. As he moved I observed his muscular back, the strongly built thighs, and the sexy long legs. He had long black hairs that fluttered with the slow wind that kept blowing through the woods. As he walked he turned a few times to see if I was following. How could I not. He was so hot and handsome. After following him for some time i saw him standing in front of a giant rock. After looking closely I realized it was actually a cave. I saw him entering the mouth and so did i. After getting in i was surprised. There was no trace of the man. It was an empty cave. I began to search the cave for any sign of the sex lord I was following but in vain. As I got faded and turned to leave I had to step back, for there he was. What I saw made me sigh in fear. The handsome stud that I was following was in front of me, tied to the wall with what seemed to me as tree roots. He was nailed to the wall and blood was running down his the wounds that covered most of his body. His thighs, palms were nailed to the walls. His body was held to the wall with huge thorny tree roots. His beautiful lips were dripping blood. I was scared to hell. But still I moved forward and raised my hand to touch his face. As soon as my hand touched his face, he opened his eye.

I sat up on bed shouting. I was breathing hard. My body was drenched in my sweat and the bed sheet too was soaked with my perspiration. I turned my head quickly to take a quick glance around me and was highly relieved to find myself in my room again. Another night with the same dream of "the lad nailed to the wall." God what was happening to me, I wondered how any person could see the same dream thrice in five days. At first I thought it was all due to the excess booze I took on my 20th birthday five days ago. But does booze effect can make anyone dream the same dream so often. May be maybe not. I rubbed my eyes and checked my watch. Gosh it was 10 am. Father would be real angry at me. I hurried to the bathroom to complete my morning rituals.

"Sammy, you are growing lazier day by day. This is not done. And seriously with your grandpa don't even think of doing this. You know he is an ex- army men and he does not favor any such indiscipline." His father said to Sammy.

"Yup dad I know. And I promise I will take care of it. Anyways when is my flight to India? "Sammy asked.

"In a few hours. You better hurry boy".

So this was it. After so long wait, I finally was going to India. My dad had told me stories ever since I was young but I never got a chance to visit the country. I am Sammy Smith. My father was an Indian and he married an American girl and settled here in America. For twenty years he had been telling me about my grandparents living in India but not even once did I go to see them. On my 20th birthday so that was my wish. A trip to my grandparents in India. And so now I was flying for India. I was excited about the whole plan. I have heard a lot about the beautiful traditions and the lives of people in Indian villages and it completely thrills me. Moreover I had also read it in books that village boys in India are hot so I was planning to try my luck and have some fun. I am gay. And I knew it for the past two years after my first sex experience with my friend Dylan.

Dylan and me, we were like best buddies. From school to college we were always together. Whatever I did, he did. Whether it is working out in the gym for hours, swimming, and basketball everything. It was on his eighteenth birthday when I and Dylan went for late night booze. It was late and Dylan came up with this crazy idea of visiting a gay club. He said it would be fun and I could not refuse him on his birthday. When we went inside we saw dozens and dozens of hot guys all shirtless and few only in their briefs, hugging each other, kissing, probing and smooching. When we explored the place and found an empty sofa on a corner we dropped there. After sometime an Asian guy approached us. He was about twenty but quite short about 5.5 ft., but he had a slim yet fit athletic body. He was wearing only a thong and he had perky nipples. He combed his hair in somewhat emo style. The boy came and asked if we needed any service. I was curious and Daniel was interested. So we agreed. The boy took us to an empty room upstairs. As soon as we got in he began to strip us.

Now I am 6ft in height, have a slim athletic body, not too hunky neither too slim. Just a fit muscular athletic body, round firm ass, a slim waist of 30 inches, tan brown skin and dirty blonde hair. My organ is a 9 inches long thick tool with chicken eggs sized balls.

Dylan on the other hand is a pure hunk. His body is ripped with muscles and he has a 7 inch tool but as thick as a beer can. As soon as the Asian boy stripped us we began to kiss. I forced my tongue inside his mouth and began to give him a French kiss while Dylan began eating his ass. With his thick fingers he began to finger fuck his ass while I grabbed his ass with my hands and began to play with them. I threw him to the bed and placed my tool on his lips. He smiled and took it in and began to suck it showing how well trained he was. He began deep throating me, took his time to lick my balls and then again went to suck my dick head. I was moaning in pleasure. Meanwhile Daniel separated his legs and placed his tool at the entrance of his ass. With no warning he forced himself in with a single stroke and the Asian boy screamed in pain. I forced my tool in his mouth even deeper and began face fucking him hard. After sometime I and Daniel both came inside him. It was amazing and we both loved it. After that no more girls. Whenever I and Dylan were alone I fucked him like he was my pussy boy.

The flight landed in India at midnight. I was told my grandfather would send someone to receive me. once outside I saw a name stand bearing my name. I moved to it and there he was. My grandfather was standing with another boy of my age. He was wearing a purple vest and a boxers. He had a towel on one of his shoulder. He had a fit body and was a bit dark in complexion but nevertheless he was cute and appealing. i went to my grandpa and hugged him. he introduced me to the boy who was a servant at his house. His name was RAMU. We drove in grandpa's car to his house in Somati village. I was tired and soon fell asleep.

Again I had the same dream. I woke up again afraid to find that we reached the house. Though It was my first time to the country something about the place seemed familiar. Something was up and I still had to find what..................................




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