When Sammy got up from bed, it was late in the morning. It was late when he was brought to home by his Grandpa the previous night, and by the time they reached home Sammy was too tired to do anything else than sleep. He looked at his watch and saw that it was already 10 am. He hurriedly got up from the bed and took his bath.

At the kitchen he saw a boy of about his age or a year less cooking over a pan. The boy was wearing only a vest and a towel was wrapped around his waist. The brown colour skin of the boy was in good contrast to his green vest. The towel was wrapped tightly around his waist and so Sammy got a good view of the round firm ass hiding behind the towel. The boy stood about 5.8 ft in height and had a body ripped with muscles. Sammy liked the looks of the boy. It was quite a while of him feeding on the beauty of the boy, when he turned to get something and saw Sammy standing at the door. "Oh hello master, I did not hear u coming in." Sammy quickly adjusted himself and replied "I just came in. Actually I was looking for something to eat ." " I have already made sandwiches for you. I will bring it to the table."

After sometime Sammy was sitting at the table enjoying the sandwiches while the servant boy was sat on the ground attending on him. "Hey why are you sitting there on the ground? Come over here sit with me" said Sammy pointing to the seat beside him. "No master, I m a servant and not to sit along with masters. I am comfortable here."

"But I am not. And what is this master thing? My name is Sammy and you will call me by that name."

"That's very considerate of you master, I mean Sammy but I am a servant boy and we have certain restrictions we have to live with. "

"Not with me. As you can see I am new to this place and I have no friends, so from now onwards you are my friend here. And so you will treat me as your friend and no master. I think we have understanding over this matter."

"I think I will be most pleased.", said the servant with a beautiful smile adoring his full pink lips. Sammy was in awe of the beautiful face of this servant boy and some part of Sammy yearned to hold him tight in his arms.

"so what is your name? and where is grandpa? "asked Sammy.

"I am Ramu. Your grandpa has gone to meet a family friend in the nearby village. He had an urgent call so he left in a hurry. You were sleeping and he did not want to disturb you."

"damn it. Now what am I supposed to do? I know nobody here and the whole day is still left to be spent."

"I thought you called me a friend. So if you wish I can take you to see the countryside, its beautiful the hills, the river, the forests. You will love it."

"that is a great idea. So when we leave?" asked Sammy excited.

After an hour or so, both Sammy and Ramu were out to enjoy the countryside. They rode horses from his grandpa's stable .They took the narrow lane through the fields that were full with crops ready to harvest, and it took them outside the village to the lonely foothills of the mountains. It was a beautiful scenery and Sammy loved it. Throughout the day he and Ramu talked and wandered the place having good time with each other. Both of them felt closer to each other as evening fell. As they passed through the forest rain began pouring without even a slight warning. Both of them looked around for a shelter and by the time they reached an old hut they were completely drenched. Sammy quickly got down his horse and went to the door followed by ramu. The house was old and damaged. They quickly get in and ramu lit a fire of dry wood to warm themselves. Sammy quickly took off his wet clothes off leaving only his underwear on, and sat in front of the fire to warm himself. Ramu too took off his clothes leaving his towel on. It was getting quite cold and they shivered. Sammy went to ramu and put his hand around him. " thanks, I was really getting cold" said ramu. " so do I" said Sammy with a naughty smile.

Sammy pushed ramu gently on the floor and went up to kiss him on his lips. Ramu opened his lips and both of them soon got involved in hot kiss, their tongues wrestling inside their mouths exploring it. Sammy gently moved his hand touching every part of ramu from his head to his neck then to his nipples. He stopped at his nipples and began to pinch them. Ramu moaned. Sammy moved his lips to his neck and began kissing his neck then his earlobes. He sucked at each of his earlobes and then came down to sucking hi nipples. Sammy was in love with the brown perky nipples of ramu and he began to kiss them , at first slowly then biting on them. The brown nipples turned to red as ramu continued to moan louder and louder. Sammy worked down his hands to RAMU's waist and pulled off his towel. There lying between his thighs was a 6 inch black thick black dick. There was hunger in Sammy's eyes as he took the manhood inside his mouth and began to suck all the way from bottom to top. Ramu moved his ass up and down in rhythm to help him as his moanings grew louder. Soon enough ramu came in sammy's mouth with a loud moan. Then ramu got up and began feasting on Sammy's sexy tanned white athletic skin. He licked all of Sammy and soon enough came to sucking the large manhood of Sammy. He took all the 9 inches in his mouth and began depp throating him. Sammy was loving the boy's pace and the hot tounge was doing amazing things to Sammy. He nearly danced in ecstasy. 'stop, I want to cum in your ass" said Sammy. He turned ramu and separated his legs and raised him such that RAmu's ass was in full view while his balls hung in mid air. With one hand he began playing with balls while with the other hand he began pressing and slapping his ass cheeks as he licked his ass hole with his tounge. Ramu was mad in excitement. " don't tease me to hell. Fuck me" ramu yelled. Sammy smiled and got up. He turned ramu letting him sleep on his back, pulled his legs over his shoulder and held his waist between his firm hands as he placed his manhood on the entrance. He winked at ramu as he gave a hard push inside. Ramu moaned so loud that his voice nearly echoed. Sammy pulled out and then gave another hard push making his way all along the tight brown ass of the indian servant boy. Ramu cried in pain and tears rolled down his cheeks. But Sammy took no notice. He pulled out again and again gave a hard push. Gradually he began to increase his pace and gave deep hard strokes and ramu moaned both in pain and pleasure. After sometime they changed position and Sammy lay down on the floor as ramu got on top of him, sammy's dick inside his ass and began to ride Sammy. They kissed in between. Their bodies were sweating profusely and ramu was looking tired but there was no stopping. After a few more strokes Sammy gave a huge grunt as he came inside ramu. Loads after loads of hot threadlike white cream came oozing out of sammy's cock and into ramu's ass. They smiled at each other and ramu fell on top of Sammy exhausted. Sammy embraced him and both of them fell asleep.

Sammy saw the beautiful handsome hunk enveloping him in a hug. He blew air over his earlobes. Then they went to the bed made out of straw and both fell over it. They kissed slightly and then the boy was gone faded inside a mist. Next Sammy saw was that he was following the boy to the cave where the boy was nailed to the walls. He hurriedly sat up as he awoke. Again dreams of the same boy. Who was he? Why was he coming into hi dreams? Sammy was confused and he felt angry and frustrated for not having the answers to his question. As he turned left he saw ramu naked sleeping alongside him. Sammy smiled and kissed ramu's nipples. And as he hugged him and went back to sleep he promised himself that he will soon find out his answers.




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