Barry came into work the on Monday like nothing happened.  We chatted like

we always did, but did not mention anything about Saturday or Tim.  I

finally asked about Tim.

"He's cool with the whole thing.  He could not believe you were able to

swallow his cock all the way down, it amazed me even.  I can't imagine that

thing in any human opening.  And yet you took it like it was my cock." he

told me.

"well, between you and him and me feeling comfortable with you two, I was

able to do it like it was nothing.  The real mission is to get his cock

into my ass, and let him fuck till his balls drain dry."

"If you can do that and still walk, I'd be amazed."

"well, I was fucked once by a guy who's cock was almost as big, but not

Tim's size. I may need you to fuck me first, to get me nice and loose to

take him."

We went back to work and went about our day.  He gave me a ride home, which

was fun, as usual.  We got in and I noticed his zipper was open.  Maybe he

forgot to zip up when he went to the bathroom before we left work.  But

then I saw his pink head make its way out the opening.  Luckily it was

getting dark outside, so I reached over and grabbed his cock and it really

began to grow. Once I felt him start to drip, I leaned over and took his

cock into my mouth. Everyone loves roadhead.  As he drove his car, I felt

the speed slow down, then speed up, back and forth up and down. He really

could not control the car while getting head. " we'll have to finish at my

place if you want" I told him.

"now that's what I'm talkin about " he laughed.

We got to my place and got him in front of the chair in the front room,

undid his pants, pushed him down and sucked his cock, feeling it grow

between my lips.  Swirling my tongue around his head, he was moaning and

groaning in pleasure.  I let go of his cock and went to his big hairy nuts.

I licked until they were both wet, took one nut into my mouth and sucked

and gently pulled.  He moaned louder and longer.  I don't think anyone ever

sucked on his balls before.  I went to the other one and did the same

torture.  He begged me to suck his cock, so doing what I am told, I slowly

licked up his shaft to his head and then swallowed to his curly brown bush.

Seconds later his load was shooting into my throat, I slowly pulled off, so

just the head was in my mouth so I could taste his hot italian jizz. Damn,

it tasted sooo good.  Just the right thickness, salty, sweet and today, a

little spicy.

"you better get going, before anyone starts to assume anything. I told him

"yeah, you're right I should get going. I got things at home to do"

"like the wife?" I said with a wink.

"Luckily, no. besides, I would have to fake it if we did anything.  I've

got no cum left after you ate it all.

"Okay fine, no blowjobs for you then!" I snapped " well lets not get that

carried away."

"See you at work tomorrow then?" I asked.

"yep, as usual"

A few days later Barry had asked me if I wanted to go to the healthclub

again on Saturday.  I asked if Tim was going and Barry told me that it was

Tim who wanted to go again.  So I told him, that I would, hoping that I or

Barry & I could have fun with him.

The week went by with me and Barry trading blowjobs and fucking each other.

The boss told us that we had to go to Minnesota to see some stupid store

and that the two of us had to go, since he had other plans.  So last minute

we made our arrangements, with out Tim, as he too had plans.

We knew the drive would be very long and boring.  Luckily for me, I know

all kinds of things to keep us occupied. It seemed like every 30 minutes

Barry was begging for me to suck him.

"if I do that now, there's not going to be any cum for me later."

"okay.... fine, I really would like to get off now tho."

"besides, wouldn't you like to blow a big huge load in my ass when you're

fucking me tonight?  We can do what ever we want, since we are going to be

alone together for the weekend. "

"I didn't think about that, just like lovers. Well not really. More like a

guys retreat"

"exactly and no one knows what happens up here, but us. But you need to

make sure you call the Mrs. Just to keep her quiet.  Otherwise she's gonna

be pissed.

We finally got to the hotel. Our room was nice with two queen sized beds.

I thought, only if the boss new what Barry & I did alone.

"well, one of those beds is never gonna be used this weekend" I said

"that's for damn sure, the place to ourselves. I never slept with a guy

before, well actually slept with a guy before."

" I knew what you meant, the first time. What side of the bed you want?

I'll take either side."

"well I like this side" as he sat on the right side of the bed, beginning

to take his clothes off. I could see his cock starting to rise.

What have I created, I started something with a teenager.  The thought of

sex gets him hard, the wind gets him hard. I'm in trouble this weekend.

"can I take a break from your cock please? I do love sucking your cock and

the taste of your cock, but I'm gonna get lock jaw soon. Just for tonight,

please? I said with puppy dog eyes.

"okay just for tonight, but you have to wake me with a blowjob. Then we eat

and go to this stupid store. And then back here for more fun."

"Okay, deal. Morning blow job it is."

I took off my clothes and slid into bed with the sexiest man I know.  He

laid near the edge of the bed and I laid close to the middle.  I reached

around him and pulled him close to me, spooning our bodies together. My

cock between his ass cheeks and my hand on his muscled pecs.

When I woke up, we had not moved all night. He looked so perfect sleeping

there.  I slowly moved without moving him.  Went to the bathroom and came

back. He had moved and was laying on his back.

I was ready to wake him with his wake up bj.  I pulled back the covers and

saw his cock just lying there.

Soft and about three inches.  I hoped he wasn't the kind of person that

woke easy.  I picked up his cock and slowly sucked it into my mouth.  I

sucked slowly and felt it begin to get hard.  I wanted to keep him asleep

as long as possible. I wanted him to cum while he was still asleep.  Then

he would want his morning bj and I could say that I already sucked him and

time to get moving.  As I sucked he started moaning his wifes name, well,

he was asleep.  I kept sucking and sucking, soon he was saying "

yeah suck it baby, suck it deep. I wanna shoot my load on your face". Then

his hand found mine. " suck me dude, suck me. This is the best way to wake

up. A hot mouth suckin on my cock."

I stopped sucking his cock and asked him" you really want to shoot on my


"you'd let me ?"

"we have fucked and sucked each other, why not?"

"that would be so fuckin hot to see my cum all over your sweet face."

"okay,lets flip over and fuck my face, like its you first time, wait it is

your first time to fuck my face"

We flipped over and he began to fuck my mouth , I loved the head ramming

the back of my mouth, his big hairy balls slapping my chin.

"oh fuck , I'm close, so close."

"pull out and jack that cock all over my face!"

"oh fuck, oh fuck, here it cums!!!"

Blast after blast, hot creamy cum shot all over my face.  On my forehead,

my nose, cheeks, lips and chin.  I looked like some whore that got covered

with the cum of fifty guys.  But it was just one sexy Italian that did it.

We got dressed and headed to this stupid store to see what was up.  We

talked with the guy for about 20 minutes, done and then we were gone.  We

checked out the mall and lingered here and there.

"hey, I got to use the bathroom" I told him.

" me too" he said as he followed me in.

We all the know he rule, at least one urinal between two guys.  Well I

followed the rule, but Barry stepped up beside me.  Doing my thing, I

noticed Barry checking my cock.  all the other guys in the bathroom left.

"come here" I told Barry

"okay, where?" he asked as he followed me into a stall.

We both got in and closed the door, I put my feet up, so it looked like

only one person was in the stall.

I unzipped Barry's pants and pulled out his cock and began sucking. I could

taste a bit of his piss still on the tip of his cock, but I didn't mind

with him.  Soon his cock was at full hardness.  He began thrusting in and

out of my mouth gently.  I could see his sac pulling in close for their

release.  I gently pulled his balls down, to give him a new sensation.

Soon his load was filling my mouth again today.  I let all his cum stay in

my mouth. He pulled his cock out and I stuck my tongue out to show him his

thick gooey load.  He leaned down and cleaned my tongue.  I didn't get to

swallow any of it, the greedy bastard sucked it all down.

We got him back in his pants and he left the stall and checked to see if

the place was clear.  He told me the place was clear and I left the stall.

We went out into the mall and checked out the rest of the mall just to keep

us busy for a while.  After a couple of hours, yeah it was freakin huge, I

was getting tired and said that I would like to go back to the room to take

a nap.  He agreed, he was a bit tired as well.

We got to the room and both quickly fell asleep.  I knew it was about 2

when I fell asleep and when I woke up it was four.  I felt something on my

cock, it was Barry's mouth, sucking deeply, up and down.

What a great way to wake up, a hot guy suckin your cock.  After about

twenty minutes of his newly learned skill, he had me blowing my load into

his mouth.  After my balls were emptied into his mouth, he crawled up and

kissed me, we began to tongue each other and he fed me my load. I felt the

warm cum sliding over my tongue and down my throat.

"fuck that was hot" I told him

"well, I saw you cock hard as rock and could not resist.  Big, thick hard

and dripping precum.  I was thinking about fucking myself on your cock, but

I figured a wake up blowjob would be better."

"you're right, that is the best way to wake up.  Well lets get changed and

get something to eat, I'm hungry."

That's it for this chapter.  Gonna do something fun.  If anyone that reads



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