I had to figure out a way to get Tim alone with me.  Barry said he worked

out quite a bit, hhhmmmmmm.  I asked Barry, when Tim goes to work out and

to see if he and I could join them.  A couple of days later Barry got back

to me and said that Tim was going to the gym on Saturday and that he would

like some company when he went.  So I started thinking of a plan.

Saturday came around and drove to Barry's house, picked him up. He said

that Tim asked if we could pick him up to save time & gas, the old carpool

thing. That worked for me. We got to Tim's house and got out to get him.

He greeted us at the front door wearing a snug tank top and what looked

like 3 sizes to small of spandex shorts.  I could clearly see his cock and

balls thru the material.  Damn this was gonna be a difficult work out.  We

went to the car and headed to the health club.  We finally got there and

started doing our thing. At one point I wanted to do some presses and asked

Tim if he would spot me and he said no problem.  I laid on the bench and he

stood above me.  I looked up and all I could see was his impressive

package.  I thought how lucky Barry's sister is getting nailed by this guys

cock.  I tried to focus on the workout, but really wanted Tim's cock.  We

worked out for about an hour or so and then we were done we headed to the

shower.  I finally got to see Tim's cock with my own eyes.

Holy fuckin shit, it was huge.  It hung total soft about 6 inches, with a

nice chunk of foreskin hanging over the head.  I tried to keep my eyes off

of it, but it was too distracting.  He caught me looking at him and his


"Never seen a cock like mine??" he asked

"Yeah in porn, you're even bigger than me, and I'm big"

"Yeah, you're big but the real question is how big our cocks are hard??"

"Well, I know I'm a good 8 inches and 6" around, what about you??" I asked

and glad the three if us were the only ones in the shower.

"Honestly?? I'm 9 1/2 inches and close to 7" around.  My wife can't take it

all, she says it's too big for her."

"Then how did she get pregnant??" I asked

"I fuck her with a dildo that she can handle and then I jerked off and blew

into her pussy." He told us.

Barry and I looked at him in amazement.  He looked at us like something was

majorly wrong.

"So have you ever gotten laid with that cock??" Barry asked?  "No. "He said


Barry and I looked at each other and grinned.  And then an idea came to


"Hey, I have an idea, what if we finish up here and head to my place for a

while and we can hit the hot tub and we can watch some movies and leave the

pregnant women behind and you guys get your sanity back."

They both said at the same time "sounds great" as Barry gave me that wink.

We got to my place and grabbed some beers and headed to the hot tub.  We

all wore board shorts, Tim mainly to hide his cock.  After a while and a

few beers, I threw caution to the wind, as I needed beer to help me.

"So Tim, you've never had your cock inside a nice tight hole?? Or been

sucked off properly??" I asked Barry looked at me like I was the boldest

person on the planet.

"Nope, never had anything but hand jobs and getting my cock licked and the

bitches hate the foreskin, I'm thinking of getting it removed." He said.

"If I can speak on behalf of your foreskin, don't get it cut off.  There

are certain pleasures that you get that Barry & I don't get to have.  I

have done lots of research and its best to keep it. Besides if you get it

cut off now, no jerking off for a few weeks, go getting hard, no nothing.

I was cut at birth and I wish I knew what it felt like to have a foreskin."

I told him.

"Really??, it's that much better with one??" he asked "From what I have

read, yes" little did he know I have first hand, mouth and ass knowledge.

"I don't have one, but I would imagine everything is better.  More

sensitive, no friction while fucking, I have read stories of uncut guys who

have gotten the foreskins nibbled on.  Otherwise why would guys be born

with them. I could go on for hours, but I won't. All I will say is I am

opposed to it. "

"All you have to do is find some chick that will be able to suck our cock

and take it in her pussy, and you'll be fine, just don't let my sister find

out.  She'd be pissed off big time!" Barry stated "I'll even help find some

chick and we can both do her"

Suddenly the jets of the hot tub, went off.  All of the bubbles from the

jets had hidden Tim's hardening cock. I could clearly see the long tube of

his cock running along his leg.  Time was between Barry & I, I looked to

Barry and gave him a wink.

"Tim, has all this talk about sex has gotten you horned up" I asked

"Fuck yeah, I really need to get off with something other than my hand.  I

hot mouth on my cock, a deep throat, a tight pussy. I'm so fucking horny

I'd do anyone." he told us.

"Anyone Tim???" I asked

"Yeah ANYONE, I just need to get off and soon" he said.

I threw all caution to the tornado and reached my hand to his cock and

rubbed along hard shaft. He looked at me in total surprise.  I saw fear and

relief in his eyes.  He did not know what to expect.  I was able to pull

the leg of his shorts up and began to stroke his impressive cock.  Thru the

water I could see the skin rolling back and forth over the head.  I was

hard instantly and wanted to put my head underwater and suck him.  But I

would save that for later.  Barry reached over and began to stroke his cock

as well. I let go and let Barry explore Tim's cock. Tim looked at Barry

with total surprise.

"Tim, I'm gay and Barry and I have had some interesting evenings together.

From what I know, he likes man to man pleasures, he may be experimenting or

may be bi. I don't think he has decided as of yet.  But, what do you say

about us going upstairs to my place and show you the pleasure of two or in

this case three guys can have. "

He looked at me with and asked "what about this?" he stood up and his cock

was straining for relief.

"Well luckily, not many people use the hot tub, besides, I brought some

towels.  And if anyone should come by and they stare, we'll just say your

wife is pregnant and the hot tub got to you."

"Okay, let's go before I change my mind." He told us.

We went to my place, and told the guys to take a quick shower and rinse off

so that whatever happened we would smell and taste like chlorine.  Tim went

first and Barry and I had a few minutes to talk.

"I can't believe how big and thick his cock is" Barry said "if felt cool

the way the skin slid up and down his hard shaft"

"I can't believe that so far he is cool with this, he seems so straight

laced, but he is really horny.  And I am surprised that you actually

grabbed his cock and stroked him."

"Well, you started and it is fuckin huge, I just wanted to see what it was


"and ??"

"Its??.......not sure, it felt nice though"

"See I told you that uncut cocks are fun, Im sure you got hard and started

to drip. Okay he done and your turn"

Tim came over to me, wrapped in a towel. His smooth nicely muscular chest

with beads of water running down.  I wanted to lick the water off of

him. "So what did you think of what we did in the hot tub??"

"Well it definitely got me hard, but I haven't gotten anything, ever, this

thing is just too big.  I just want to see what its like to get sucked

off." He said with his big blue sad eyes.

"Well that's what today is all about." I said

"You planned this?? "

"Well not all of it. I just wanted to see your cock. I rally didn't plan on

getting you naked in my room"

And then Barry walked in, no towel with his cock hard at poking straight

out.  Tim didn't see him and Barry walked right into Tim. His cock poking

into Tim's butt cheek, He had this surprised look on his face, turned

around looked Barry in the face and then down to his cock.  Tim reached

around and grabbed Barry's hard cock and stroked it loosely, seeing what it

was like to stroke a cut cock.  I grabbed Tim's towel and pulled it off.

His cock hung like a piece of meat, literally.  I lifted it up and began to

play with it and it began to grow. Before I knew it, he was at his full 9

1/2 inches. The skin rolling back and forth over the head. I grabbed him,

turned him around and kissed him on the lips and began to shove my tongue

to the back of his mouth. I broke from our kiss and pushed him backwards

onto the bed.

With Barry behind me watching, I got down on my knees and began sucking on

Tim's big balls.  Tim was moaning in pleasure. I don't think any woman ever

sucked on his balls before.  Barry moved to get a better view of me sucking

his brother in laws balls.  I licked up his long pulsing shaft to the

covered head. I grabbed his cock and sucked on the skin that covered his

throbbing head.  I pulled back the skin to find his precum and coated the

head. I licked some of the sweet nectar form his head and began to suck

just the head, making him think that's all that I could do.

" oh yeah, suck it, of fuck it feels so goooood.  I took his thick head

into my mouth, licked around the flared head.  I thought he was gonna cum

when I rimmed the head.  Barry stood watching , stroking his dripping cock,

wondering what I would do next.

"are you ready Tim??" I asked him

"for what?" he panted

"for this" I said before I relaxed my throat muscles and swallowed his cock

to his pubes.  I felt his balls pull up onto my chin and his shaft

swelled. I pulled up to keep just the head in my mouth as his balls

unloaded. My mouth was full of his sweet hot cum.  I pulled off his cock

head and fed some of his cum to Barry who swallowed it eagerly and the rest

I fed back to Tim.  He too eagerly swallowed his own cum.  I had a bit to

taste, but I had to share with the guys.  Tim laid there quivering from

such a release.

"So how was that?" I asked him

With panted breath he asked" where in the fucking hell did you learn to do


"Lots of practice and I learned to relax my throat muscles. Why did it feel


"You asshole, what do you think??"

"I would imagine, if I never had a blowjob and suddenly got deep-throated,

it felt incredible."

"You bet your fucking ass it was incredible, I think I'm not gonna be able

to cum for a month."

"You'll cum again and soon, I can guarantee it, but I think that's enough

for you today."

"I want to suck on his cock while you suck me " Barry said

Tim moved to one side of the bed, Barry laid down and started to suck on

Tim's soft cock head. I laid down and began to suck on Barry's steel hard

cut cock, while he sucked on Tim.  After a few sucks, Barry's hard shaft

began to thicken and soon he was blowing his load into my hungry mouth.

Two, hot horny guys blowing their loads in my mouth in one night, I was in

heaven, but I had to share.  I leaned over to Tim, kissing him and feeding

him some of Barry's load.  He ate it like his first meal after a god

workout, which it was. I offered Barry his own load and he took it like he

took Tim's load.

"Guys, I'm gonna cum the minute I touch my cock." I told them

Barry moved into position and began to suck my cock, Tim looked at Barry in


His sexy lips and tongue worked their magic and I blew what felt like a

real mouth full.  Barry swallowed some and offered me the rest and I

swallowed my own load.  All of us out of breath and exhausted, from the

health club, the hot tubs and the three of us getting off. We were

comfortable in my bed and well fell asleep for a bit.  I woke up first,

then woke the other two sexy men and told them they need to get going,

other wise the women would be wondering.  We all got dressed and said our

good-bye's for the day.  I knew thins would never be the same with the

three of us.

On the way out Tim gave me a kiss on the cheek and asked me "what else can

you do?"

"Well that will be for our next workout, and Barry don't tell him anything

and you know what I mean!  See you guys later and Tim, when you think

you're ready with another load like that, let Barry know and we will have

another workout." I said with a wink.



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