I woke up and feared for today. I thought that Barry was either gonna say

something to the other guys or he would not talk to me at all.  I got out

of bed and did my usual routine and got ready for work.  I got there my

normal time and Barry was not there yet.  A few minutes later he walked

in.Oh shit, I thought, he comes I don't know what to do.  But I chilled

out and nothing happened.  All he did was give me that beautiful smile and

a wink.  Okay I thought things would be okay.  Thorough out the day he did

not say anything about last night.  He did grab his cock thru his pants a

few times and I noticed a bit of a lump in his pants each time, but then

again I always checked out his cock.  At the end of the day offered me a

ride home and of course I accepted.  He asked me how long I have been gay

or bi.  I told him that I have always been gay, but only come out to

certain people that I know will accept it. 


"Well you certainly told me in a special way last night" he said.


I think I turned twenty shades of red as he said it.


"Well, honestly, you are a very good looking man and very sexy. The first time I saw you I knew that and that I would love to have some kind of sexual relationship with you, but I knew you were married and straight. I never you that you would go for anything other than that." I said.


"Well you never know, I haven't gotten laid in months and anything

sounds good right now, even you.  And I have noticed that you check me out

whenever you can."


Again I turned red, I was busted.  Before I knew it we were at my place.  I

thought he may want to come up for a bit of fun.


"You want to come up for a while?" as I winked at him. 


"How`bout a rain check, I couldn't even get it up this morning after you drained my balls the way you did"


"okay cool, maybe later" I thought right, you just wanted to get off and that was it, no more, no less.


A few days later, he offered me a ride home again and of course said okay.

He asked if he could some up to my place, he needed to use the bathroom.

What's on his mind, I thought?  We went in and he went right to the bathroom

and I went to my room to get out of my work clothes.  I heard him finish in

the bathroom and had to hurry to get dressed. But he was right behind me.


"don't bother getting dressed". I turned around and there he was.


Sexy as usual with a hard cock sticking out of his pants.  I always, do

better when I am wanted.  I reached down and grabbed his hard cock and

began squeezing it and felt it grow harder.  As I played with his cock, he

unzipped my pants and let my jeans drop and he began playing with my cock,

it began to grow harder with his touch.  He lifted his head and slowly

moved toward my face, with his eyes closed and kissed me on the lips.  I

thought he would pull away, but instead he stayed there, so I opened my

mouth and slowly slid my tongue into his mouth.  And then his tongue slid

out and our tongues wrestled for a bit.


He pulled away and said "better than I thought it would be". 

"Everything between two guys is better, you just need to open your mind and try it all" I told him. 

He ran his hands over my chest and down to my cock. He slowly sank down to his knees, he looked at my hard throbbing cock and licked the tip, took another lick and kissed the head.  He looked up at me with his "do I do it" look.

I softly said "go ahead if you want to "


He slowly slid his mouth over my cockhead.  It felt hot, wet and I wanted to go deeper into his mouth and ram it down his throat, but I let him go at his speed.  Inch by inch he was taking as much as he could. I kicked off my shoes and was rubbing his cock with my foot, which was getting wet with his precum. 

"Get up" I said "I want to taste your cock again."


We switched spots and I opened my mouth all the way and went over his cock without touching his cock and closed my lips around the base of his cock and slowly pulled off his cock and then back down.  He tasted so good, I wanted him to be with me forever, but I knew that would never happen.  I told him to get on my bed he laid his head on my pillow I climbed in, except my head was at his cock, so that we could suck each other off.  We sucked until we were both at the point of blowing down our throats.  I wanted so bad to blow my load all over his face, but he suddenly stopped.  He then surprised the hell out of me and said in his sexy voice

"I want to fuck me; I want to know what it feels like." 


"I don't think I can do it like you did me the other day, I'm much bigger and

thicker than you, it'll hurt too much"


"I want you too, do me now, before I change my mind"


"I'll start slowly then, how's that??"


"Do it, just fuck me now!!" 


So I spread his legs and licked his taint, letting him get used to the pleasure. Slowly I made my way to his virgin ass. I darted the tip of my tongue to his hole which puckered tighter.  He hissed with pleasure, I knew it felt good.  I started to dive in deeper, getting his hole looser and looser. I keep lube near the bed for myself, when I jerk off. I squeezed a bit onto my finger, to warm it up and touched his pink pucker. Slowly I began to finger him. 


"Oh fuck, that feels so good." 


So I kept going making sure not to hurt him, only to get him loser.  I slowly

slid another finger in.  His ass started to relax and spread open.  And

then a third finger slid in easily, I knew he was ready. 


"Now, do it now, fuck me!!" so I sat up on my knees, pulled his legs over my shoulders and got my cock close to his hole.  I poked gently as his ass.  I slowly pushed in and he grabbed the sheets preparing for the pain, but from enough fingering, he was ready for me.  I pushed more of my hard thick eight

inches into him.  Before I knew what happened, my whole cock was deep

inside of him.  He didn't realized how much cock was inside his ass. 


"A little more, put in a bit more, it feels sooooo good." 

"I hate to tell you, but you have all of my cock up your ass. Now for some real fun to begin"

I slowly pulled out and then dove back in.  I made sure to make it

feel good and let his ass muscle get used to my cock sliding in and out.

Soon he was ready, I started to pound his hole faster and faster. Soon I was

fucking him, like he had fucked me. His head thrashing from side to side,


"oh god, fuck me, fuck me harder."


His cock was dripping precum all over his belly, his cock was dark red, ready to blow.  I changed the angle of my cock and rammed against his prostrate.The hard rock inside of him caused me to shoot my load and my head rubbing against his rock caused him to cum without touching his cock. His load shot up to his face, right into his mouth, he swallowed hungrily. The rest of his cum covered his chest, while my load filled his well fucked ass.  In total exhaustion, I fell forward on his legs, dripping sweat onto him.  My cock softened and pulled out of him.


I fell to the side of him and asked him, "So what ya think about that?"


"Better than I thought it would be, but then I had a good teacher that took

the time to teach the right way and new I had never done this."


"You think this killed the curiosity or you might want more of this?" 


"Well, I think you brought out the curiosity in me and then I went from there. But yes, I would like to do this more often."


"Good, because I really enjoyed all of it with you. I guess we're friends with benefits??"


"Yeah, I guess we are."


"We'll have to find some way to get you brother in law to have fun with us,

he is fuckin hot.  I've checked out his cock in his pants, he looks really

well hung.  I'd love to see what he has." 


"He does have a great body, and he is well hung, like you.  How to you deal with foreskins, he's uncut."


"I thought you haven't messed around with others guys before this?" 



been to the gym and we always shower after our workout, and come to think

of he is always a little hard when we shower." 


"We'll then, we really have to get him into this, what we felt when we fucked each other, is a million times better and less friction with uncut cocks and are so much more fun to suck on.  We'll have to plan something, but for now you have to get home to the wife.  Now go into the bathroom and clean up."  So he cleaned up and went home.  I loved having him at my place, we made it a Friday event, and planned how to get his brother in law, Tim into our fun. 


But that is another story.



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