Darius moved to the edge of the bed and put his boxers on then stood up and looked at Justin then said 'What the fuck are you talking about?'

Justin got out of the bed and said 'How would you like to explain your body glowing light and the electric pulse coming from your dick?'

'I have no idea what your talking about and all the crap your saying makes no sense.'

'Alright then in your knowledgeable opinion how would you explain this then?' then Justin walked and stood in front of Darius still semi-hard and held his hands out in front of himself for a few seconds, Darius looked at his hands then looked at his faces and was about to say something until he seen Justin's hands begin to glow. Justin's hands were glowing an bright white and began to spark like fireworks until the sparks began to spiral quickly and started to float. Justin held his hands out further and the spirals started floating around the room until Justin forced them to collide causing sparks to fly and fizz out as Darius watched slightly amazed and appalled.

'What the fuck are you?' Darius said as head jumped on the other side of the bed.

Justin answered 'There are many names for it spell caster, warlock, witch, wizard, sorcerer, enchanter, mage, and archmage but I'm an sorcerer and you will have to go by one of these titles.'

'This is just to much for me to handle, I can't wrap my head around this.' Darius said as grabbed his pants and shirt then put them on.

Then Justin said 'You would think having sex with a guy for the first time would freak you out. So you can handle sex with a guy, but you can't handle having magic?'

'I can't handle any of it. I don't want to deal with any of it.'

'While you going to have. Deal with what you are and deal with how you feel about me.'

'Like I said I don't want to deal with what I am and I'm not gay so I'm not dealing with this at all.'

'But......' Justin said as he approached Darius unable to finish his sentence as Darius ran out the door to his grandfather's room. Justin rushed to put his clothes on as he seen Darius run out the door.

When Darius made it to his grandfather's room he hurry upped closing and locking the door. Demetrius who was walking out of the bathroom asked 'Darius what are you doing? And why did you lock my door?'

Darius answered 'What the hell is this? Why am I being told that I have magic?' as Darius held his hands up and were giving off an electrical charge.

'Who told you that? Who showed you how to do that?'

'So its true then?'

'That you have magic? Yes its true so do I, but what I want to know is how you found out?'

'Justin told me then he showed me what he could do.'

'Who is this Justin?' Demetrius said as he heard the door unlock then the it flew open. 'Get behind me Darius, now!' Demetrius said as Justin walked into the room. Then Demetrius said 'I don't know what coven your from, but you picked the wrong place to attack.' then Demetrius held out his hand and a cane with a crystal handle a jeweled silver band right underneath it flew to his hand quickly. Then Demetrius struck the ground and the cane began to glow and he pointed it at Justin, which made him stop moving and balled his hand into fist. Then Justin said 'Sir I'm not here to attack you.'

Then Demetrius said 'Then why are you here? What coven are you with?' as he held up the cane and it began to glow light gray and a swirl of energy began to surround it.

'I'm here with your grandson and I don't belong to any coven.'

'So your a hired hand. I've killed many of you before and you won't be any different, but to come after my grandson is UNFORGIVEABLE!' then the cane was about to let off a blast.

'No wait please lower your cane, I'm not here to try to kill you or Darius. I came here because I sensed a great power, but didn't know who it was coming from because this whole city is shadowed. Which I figured would take a great amount of power to do.'

'That would take great power to sense this level of magic, who trained you? Since you belong to no coven you had to learn somewhere.'

'While when my power first awakened I didn't know what it was and I had no one to teach me since my parent died, so I started reading and I figured it out. At first I was stealing magic books to study up then that's when he found me and taught me.'



'I need a last name!'

'Jarvis Carrvell.'

'Jarvis Carrvell, of the Lightcrest Coven. I know him, his coven was the main heralds for the counsel.'

'Yes. He took me in, raised me, and taught his coven's magic.'

'I would like to speak with Jarvis I haven't heard from him in years.'

'Jarvis was killed when half a coven of warlocks came and attacked. Jarvis, Tarien, myself were out numbered, oh yeah Tarien is my adoptive father.'

'Can you go and get him immediately, I would like to speak with him please.'

Justin nodded his head in understanding leaving the house, then Demetrius turned around to talk to Darius who had walked over and sat down on the bed. Demetrius walked over and sat on the bed next to Darius placing his hand on his shoulder, but Darius pulled back and moved away from his grandfather and asked 'Why didn't you tell me what I was? I think its something I should have know.'

Demetrius answered 'Because I wanted to keep you safe, you and your cousins.'

'So Tristan, Christian, and Anya are all freaks too? Did they know about this?'

'Your not freaks! And they didn't know anything about what they are either. I only hid the truth from you and your cousins for your safety. There are many out there who want us died and will stop at nothing to kill us.'

'For what?'

'Our power. Either they want it or they're afraid of it.'

'Yeah power I didn't know anything about. So people want me died for something I did know about and I can't even control.'

'See that's the fear, that you'll learn how to control it and you'll be greater then anybody ever expected.'

'So they want us? Then you should train me, so I can get strong and protect us.'

'Don't you worry about that right now. I have more then enough power to defend our family, but I will have to train you and teach you how to harness you power. Now place your hand on mine.' then Demetrius held out his hand palm facing up and it started glowing light gray.

Then Darius put his hand on Demetrius's and it began to glowing light blue and a electrical charge surrounded both of their hands. Then Demetrius looked at Darius and said 'I see, so that's what you are.'

Darius asked 'What are you talking about?'

'Well magic is based in the elements. Fire, water, air, earth, light, and shadows. The most of the elements are broken down in to subcategories, but your element is fire. My power is based in shadows.'

'Then why am I giving off electrical charges?'

'Because your magic is based in lightning. Lightning being then purest form of fire, you'll be extremely strong when trained right.'

'So I shoot lightning and control electricity, while that's fantastic.'

'Yes it's that, but a whole lot more. My boy I will teach you many great things, I also have to awaken your cousins abilities they have to be able to defend themselves and so will you. And being that your power is based in fire you can control that also.'

'So when do we start? I would like to get this under control now.'

'Good now you can meet your magister.'

'My who? What the hell is a magister?'

'It's Latin for teacher. He will teach you everything you need to know, but I will teach you a great deal also.'

'Alright then. Let's get started then. Where is he at?'

'I'll summon him now so you can meet.' then Demetrius struck his cane on the and a swirl of smoke appeared and then he said 'Come now.' then a poof of black smoke appeared in the corner where a giant shadow was being cast and out stepped Mr. Chambers then Darius stood up as he seen who it was. Darius and Mr.Chambers looked at each other with total shock neither knew that they shared a connection, then they both turned and looked at Demetrius. Without even thinking Darius yelled out 'What the hell grandpa? How do you know him?' then Demetrius answered 'This is your magister and my son Markus Chambers.'

'Your son? How is this possible?'

'Well when you grandmother died I met a very beautiful woman named Cassandra Chambers who I fell in love with very quickly and with a year and half we were married and she was wanting a child. Sad thing about Cassandra she couldn't have children and we tried everything possible I even turned to magic, but even with every spell I know nothing worked so I created a few new spells.'

'Wait you created spells to have baby with his mother?'

'Yes I did , but I would take a great magical bloodline from both parents. Yet again we hit another roadblock being that she was mortal with no magic in her blood, so I had to get a little more creative. So I.......'

'Father don't.' being interrupted by Markus 'He doesn't need to know all of that.'

'Markus he's family and he'll have to know everything if he is to learn properly.'

'Fine. Then we will gradually go over it we don't want to overwhelm him with to much information.'

'Fine then I will at least give him how you came to be and my origin. And I will hear nothing else from you.' Markus stood there nodded his head in understanding and remand silent.

'Where was I? Oh yes I had to get creative. So I had a urn of my father's blood which I dipped my Toeum in and did a blood bonding ceremony with my father's blood and Cassandra to endow her with magic to be able to carry the baby to cut a very long story short nine months later we had my beautiful boy Markus.'

'Ok few questions.'

'I knew you would have some, so let me have them.'

'Ok first, why do you have a urn of you father's blood? Second, did you kill him to get said blood? Third, what the hell is that ceremony you were talk about? And forth, what the hell is a Toeum?'

'Alright first watch your language. Now where do I start? Well my father was killed in a great war and not by me, he helped my escape. I didn't realize he was hurt until we made it far enough to where he knew I would be safe. When I seen his wound I tried to heal him, but he pushed me away tell me his time was done and that I had to protect the next generation to come into our family. Then he created the urn out of indestructible magic and filled it with his blood and put a spell over the blood and the urn say is will never run dry and his blood would not be lost to future generations then he teleported back to the fight not wanting to leave his people. And a Toeum is a diamond comprised completely out of magic and is created by the strongest in the coven putting a small piece of their souls into it along with all their knowledge. The Toeum I had, well I improved it by putting a great deal of my soul into it, don't worry the soul regenerates and reform then takes new shape in the Toeum.......'

'Grandpa that's nice, but can you get to the point.'

'Oh yes. I put so much of my soul into it for the pregnancy to make sure she and the baby survived, but I didn't know I would breakdown and enter into the baby. Now the magister is suppose to come from the Toeum, but since the Toeum is in Markus he became the magister. He is very knowledgeable in the magic of our family and since we have the same soul we have the same element, that's how he appeared out of the shadow.'

'Alright I guess I kinda getting all of this, but what about the other stuff and you said something about you origin?'

'You know what well save the rest of that for later, just process what you've just learned. And tomorrow we start your training, I need to call you aunt and tell her its time that your cousins started to learn and train so they won't be helpless.' then Demetrius walked out the room leaving Darius and Markus alone.

Darius sat back down on the bed and Markus walked over and sat in a chair near the bathroom on the other side of the room, then Darius said 'So Mr.Chambers..........' then he was stopped in mid-sentence.

Then Markus said 'You can call me uncle Markus if you want.'

'That may take a little getting use too. First your my teacher and now you my uncle.'

'Its fine you can just call me Markus for now. Trust me I didn't my you were my nephew, dad is always private about his life cause the danger it caused. I guess he kept from all family.'

Then they heard someone was walking towards the room and Markus called out 'Dad is that you?' but there was no answer the footstep got louder as they got closer. Markus was looking at Darius then turned his quickly sensing a power he did recognize, Darius felt himself being forced against the wall as he looked up he seen Markus holding his hand out pushing him back not moving from where he had been standing. Then Markus turned and faced the door and his hands started glowing light gray and forced the door closed, then a black aura around him started glowing very brightly and then room started to darken as shadows enveloped it. Two dark orb of energy formed in Markus's hands. The door blasted open and the darkness near the door dispelled as someone walked in fist glowing blinding white so you could not see a face, then a voiced echoed making the walls shake 'Let Darius go now!' it sounded so familiar.

Then Darius yelled 'Justin, is that you?'

'Yeah its me, who else would it be?'

'Justin, what are you doing?'

'I'm here to save you. I sensed a power and I knew it wasn't your grandpa.'

'Save me? Oh shit, Markus stop don't hurt him.'

'Who the hell is Markus?'

'I'm Markus.' was said out through the darkness.

The shadows started to disappear and the bright light started to dim, then they seen each others faces. Then Markus said 'Justin, what are you doing here?'.

Then Justin looked closer as the shadows faded then said 'Mr.Chambers what are you doing here? And why is he calling Markus?'

'Its none of you business why I'm here and the reason he's calling me by first is because I'm his uncle'

'What? He's you uncle?'

'I didn't know he was my uncle, I just found out today we were related.'

'So Justin you element is light? I was quite a little display of power you put on. Even trying to attempt to use the voice.'

'And you control shadows. I've never seen anybody use shadows to blackout their own body.'

'What the fuck is the voice?'

'Well did you hear how deep Justin's voice got and how the wall shook a little?'

'Yeah, what was that? It made the ground shake.'

'Well someone can mix magic into their voice and can do many different things like hypnotize them, seduce them, or even kill with it. You have to be a very high level magic user to be able to kill with it and have extreme control or you'll end up kill yourself.'

'Well I brought my dad here like you grandpa said, he's downstairs.' then Markus closed his eyes and looked up to sense where he was.

'My father is in his office, I'll go and get your dad and show him where it is.'

Darius walked out of the corner and was about to sit on the bed then Justin started walking towards him, this made Darius feel uncomfortable so he walked out the room and made his way to his room with Justin following. Darius slammed the door behind himself and locked it then the door unlocked and flung open and Justin walked in, turning around and locking the door. Justin started walking towards Darius who was sitting on the bed and made it halfway then Darius put his he up and gave Justin the evilest look he had ever seen before. Justin stopped and asked 'What's wrong with you? Why are you acting like that?'

Then Darius looked up and said 'I can't believe you did that to me, but I'm not to surprised you use magic for everything.'

'What are you talking about?'

'That's how you got me to do that?'

'I'm still confused on everything you talking about, can you please explain it to me.'

'You used the voice on me seducing, making me do what you wanted me to do.'

Then Justin finished walking over and knelt down in front of Darius and said 'I would never do that to you, I like you to much.'

'Get away from me right now.' Darius said in a low voice.

'I don't have the power to do that you and even if I did I would never use it in you. I.......'

'I said get away from me NOW!' then he backhanded Justin's chest, not knowing he charged up his hand he sent Justin flying into the wall next to the door.

Justin tried to stand up, but he could only hunch over then he collapsed onto the ground. Darius sat there looking at Justin as he lie on the floor not moving, for a minute he thought Justin was dead until he seen his back raise. Darius got up and walked over slowly to make sure he was alright, when he made it over to Justin he hesitated then put his hand on his back. Then Darius heard some grumbling then words saying 'You see.........'

'See what? What are you trying to say? Then Darius slowly turned Justin over onto his back.

'Do you really think I could take control of someone with strengthen like that.' talking slow and airy.

'Really? You think I'm strong?'

'Yeah I think you strong. You blasted my ass across the room.'

'I'm sorry about that, I didn't I had it in me.'

'I did and don't worry I've been blasted through walls. But I never tricked you or used any kind of power on you, my feelings are genuine.'

'Look Justin, I don't know......' then his words were stopped when grabbed his head and pulled him into a kiss. Darius tried to pull away at first, but then he stopped trying to resist Justin and started kissing him deep.

'Darius I truly like you and when you fucked I wanted that from the moment I saw you.'

'Look I've never done anything like this before, I mean done anything with guys, but I'm will to at least try with you. Now this doesn't mean we're in a dating or anything like that, or that I'm not going to continue on messing around with girls. I'm not going to stop doing what's been normal for me, to much in my life has just changed already. Alright?'

'I guess I'll just have to deal with that for now until your ready for more.'

Darius stood up to help Justin get off the floor. Darius reached his hand out to Justin who reached up and grabbed it letting Darius pull him up, but when he was close to standing completely he pulled Darius into his chest to look deeply into his eyes Darius placing one of his hands on his chest to falling completely into him. Darius stood there for a moment then he realized what he was slipping into, just then he noticed most of the shirt on Justin's chest was burnt off. Darius pushed off and said 'Looks like you need another shirt. Sorry about that one.' then he walked over to his drawer and opened the top drawer to pull out a light blue shirt.

'Don't worry about the shirt, its alright. I'm sorry for almost making us fall.' Justin said know he did that on purpose.

'Its alright, here you can have this shirt to replace the one you have on.' Justin walked over to Darius making sure to touch his hand when he took the shirt.

'Thank you. You didn't have too.' then Justin took off his burnt shirt stand right in front of Darius showing off his well defined body. He rubbed his hand across his chest to wipe some ashes that were still there, then put the shirt on which was well fitted showing off every cut in his muscles. Darius just stood there staring at him not saying anything so Justin spoke up and said 'A little tight don't you think? Do you have something a little bigger?' as he rubbed on himself while speaking.

Darius still said nothing just had a hazed look in his eyes, so Justin said 'What's wrong with you?' just then Darius walked up and with his right arm grabbed him by his waist and puled him in close then used his other hand and grabbed the back of Justin head and started kiss him. Justin put both hands on his face, then Darius broke the kiss and pushed him down onto the bed and said 'Shirt off now.' so Justin did as he was told. Darius climb on top of him and started kissing his neck then down his chest stopping to take off his own shirt. Justin sat up started to kiss Darius's stomach and unbutton his pants, then he wrapped his arms around Darius and laid him down on the bed. Justin got off the bed then grabbed the waistband of Darius's pants and underwear then pulled them off showing off his semi-hard dick. He threw the pants on the side of the bed then took his pants off and he was sporting a full erection. He got back on the bed and laid down between Darius's leg then grabbed his balls and started licking all around them and underneath them. Then he started working his dick licking around the head it at first then he put in his started sucking up and down while jerking him, this went on for about ten minutes then Darius looked down and said 'If you going like that I'm going to cum.'.

Then Justin popped Darius's dick out his mouth and said 'We don't want that happening yet.' he reach over and grabbed a condom out of his pants pocket.

'Your really ready to do it again? We just fucked about two hours ago.'

'What didn't you get about what I said? I can't get enough of you and I enjoy being around you. Plus I want this.' then Justin put the condom on him and this time he brought lube with him, so popped the cap and rubbed some all over his dick.

'You really want this don't you?'

'I already told you where I stand. Now just relax.' then Justin slow sat down on his dick putting both hands on his chest he started bouncing up and down.

He started to move faster to the point were he had Darius curling his toes. Justin started moaning loudly saying 'Oh fuck! That feels so good !' Darius tried to put his hand over his mouth to keep him quite, but it didn't work so he pulled his head down to kiss him. His dick almost slipped out when Justin was pulled forward so he bucked his hips up hard which made Justin moan louder. Then Darius stopped and said 'Face down, ass up.' then he lifted Justin off.

So Justin asked 'Does that mean you want to fuck doggie?'

'You heard what I said, do it.'

'Forceful! That is very sexy.' then Justin laid his face on the bed with his ass in the air.

Darius got behind him and slid his dick and started fucking away quickly trying to keep himself from yelling out about how good it felt so he whispered 'Oh shit your ass is so tight. This feels so good.'. Justin's moans were being muffled by the bed then he turned his head and said 'Darius I want to see you when you fuck me.' so Justin flipped on to his back. Darius was increased his speed when they changed over and after a few more minutes Justin started to cum without even touch himself. Darius kept fucking and within a few more minutes he was cumming and fell on top pf Justin.

Darius got up and grabbed the burnt shirt and wiped the cum off his dick and stomach then walked over to Justin and cleaned him off to. They got up and got dressed, but as Darius was about to unlock the door when Justin stopped him and said 'That was great, we need to do it again really soon.'

Then Darius said 'Yeah it was. I enjoyed myself.'

'We should have a little more fun again sometime soon.'

'Yeah that can be fun.' Darius said with an unsure look on his face.

They left the room and walked downstairs to Demetrius's office. When they were walking in the conversation was ending. When they were finally done talking Jarvis stood up and shook Demetrius and Markus's hand and told Justin it was time to leave. Everyone walked out to the entry way as Demetrius open the door to let them out then Jarvis said 'Thank you sir. It was an honor to meet. Justin get in the car.' then he nodded his head as if he were bowing then turned around and went to get into his car. As they drove away Demetrius closed the door and walked back to his office leaving Darius and Markus there.

Markus turned towards Darius and told him 'Now its time for you to train.' as he engulfed them both in shadows and when the shadows cleared they were gone.



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