He guys, I'm sorry that I've been gone for so long. I have had a lot of things going on in my life since 2011. I joined the Army and my job had me in training for a year. I was really busy with my job and then I started going to school, and I have a wonderful boyfriend who is now my fiancé so all my time has been taken up. Now since I've changed my job and don't have as many hours to work. So now I have more to get back to my writing and if you guys see that I've made any grammar mistakes please feel free to comment and tell me. I will make sure that I proofread, but I miss something please tell me.


Three weeks pasted and Darius was learning very quickly, he was even able to hold out for a few minutes when sparring with Markus. Darius was jumping and rolling out of the way as Markus shoots off shadow orbs at him. He stopped in place and put his hands together, then did a quick spell and faced his hands towards Markus and a sphere of electricity surrounded him. Markus began to fill it with shadows forcing the sphere to explode, the energy from the explosion sent Darius flying into a wall. Markus walked over to where Darius was laying dazed and he lean over and said "You actually did really good this time and your barrier seal was good, only thing is you didn't put enough power into it."

Darius responded "I put everything I had left into that seal. I'm completely drained me."

"No you didn't, you only put in what you can control. You feel so spent cause you're not tapping into your true power yet, your only scratching the surface."

"And how am I supposed to do that? When I get to a certain point I start to feel like I can't push any hard and I feel totally drained."

"That's because you using your inherent magic, it's what your body already has stored up. What you need to tap into is your natural magic and when you get to that point is when you can reach you true potential. Now that's enough for today, it's time to get you home."

Markus helped Darius to his feet then wrapped them both in shadows and when then shadows cleared they were standing in Darius's room then Markus said "Now get ready for school or you'll be late and just because your my nephew doesn't mean you can be late. I don't know why you wanted to start morning sections."

"I need to get stronger so I'll practice every chance I get. Oh and you don't have to worry about being late since you can teleport."

"Yeah I can, but I'm going take my car as are you. You're going to overdo it if you don't relax a little too. You have too many other things going on to put this add pressure on yourself."

"I'll be fine, don't worry so much about me."

"Just watch it, don't push yourself to hard kid."

Then shadows swirled around Markus and he was gone.

Darius took a quick shower and got dressed then headed out of the house to his car and drove off on his way to school. He made himself extra busy lately with school work, swim practice, training sessions, and getting a new girl friend named Leanna. Darius hadn't really been talking to Justin for the past three weeks since they had sex, he started feeling bad about what happened between them. When school ended for the day Darius went straight to swim practice since they made him the team's new captain so he had to be at every practice. Leanna started to come to every practice to see him. Darius started dating Leanna a few days after his last time with Justin three weeks ago and since he barely had time for anything she would come to practices to be able to spend time with him. After practice they were walking over to Darius's car when they see Justin sitting on the hood.

Justin looked at his and said "We need to talk." so Darius told Leanna to get in and wait for him.

She got into the car and closed the door after she did that Justin tapped the car with his finger and shrouded the car in silence, so she couldn't hear them.

Then Darius whispered "Get off the car and come over here." so Justin got up and walked over to him.

"So why have you been avoiding me? Don't tell me you freaked out again about happened."

"I haven't been avoiding you, my schedule has been full and will you keep it down."

"Don't worry about her, she can't hear us. Look you don't have to feel bad about what we did."

"I don't feel bad about anything. I'm fine with you being gay and I got caught up in the moment of everything that was happening."

"Is that why you jumped into a relationship right after then?"

"Dating her has nothing to do with you and like I said my schedule has been full. I've got a lot of stuff going on right now."

"So much that you can't even talk to me in class. Come on now I sit right next to you. Just admit how much you like me and we can get past this."

"Look I'm with her, there's nothing between you and me, and I have to go. Bye." then Darius got in the car and sped off. Justin snapped his fingers and the silence left the car

Darius had been having sex with Leanna almost every day to make himself feel better, but it didn't really take his mind off of Justin or what happened. After he dropped her off at her house he returned home to his grandpa sitting in the entry way waiting for him. He walked to him and sat down next to him then asked "What's wrong? Why are you sitting out here?" but he remained quite so Darius got up and walked towards the stairs. Demetrius stopped him by saying "Stop now and get over here." he dropped his backpack on the stairs and walked over to were his grandpa was sitting.

"What's been going on with you lately?"

"Grandpa what are you talking about?"

"You uncle has been worried about you. All the extra training, your schooling, the swim team, and trying be in a relationship. That's pushing it kiddo. You're going to wear yourself out."

"Grandpa I'm fine I can handle it all. I've been doing fine."

"Something has to give. You have to let one of these thing go."

"Its fine I'm doing alright. I can handle everything I'm doing."

"Yeah whatever you say and what happened to your friend Justin, I've heard you haven't been speaking to him."

"Justin and I've been busy with different things right now, that's it."

"Alright Darius since this is the path you've chosen I'll let you go down it, but if I see you get overwhelmed I'm stepping in. Do you understand me?"

"Yes sir" then he grabbed his backpack and walked upstairs.

The next week Darius's training had not been progressing and Markus felt he needed to do something to help him tap into his true power. That Friday after they were finished he walked over to Darius and said "Look no more morning sessions, father's order and you know better than to go against anything he says." then in a swirl of shadows they were in Darius's room.

"So grandpa said no more fine then. When do we train then?"

"Ok first of all, when is your meet?"

"Not for another two weeks, just all practices right now."

"That's fine. I with teach you spell throughout the week and on weekends we'll have dueling sessions, but only when you don't have practice or meets. Do you have practice this Saturday?"

"No I don't and I guess that will have to do."

"Good so we won't meet again today. I will see you tomorrow in the morning the same time we've been meeting and since its Saturday we have all day. Be up and ready when I get here, oh yeah and we'll be there for a while." then in another swirl of shadows Markus was gone.

The next morning the sun hadn't rising yet when Markus stepped out of the shadows in Darius's room. Darius had been woke for about an hour so he packed some food and his spellbook that his grandfather gave him. He was wearing black basketball shorts, a black tank-top, and a black zip up hoodie. Markus looked at him and asked "Are you ready?" Darius nodded then Markus wrapped them both in shadows. They've been training in a great hall that Demetrius created out of pure magic underneath Markus's house so they would be concealed and undetected. When they appeared in the hall Darius noticed a figure standing off in the distance and when the shadows cleared he recognized who it was standing there. Justin approached them slow wearing black sweats and a black tank-top as if he knew what Darius would be wearing.

"What the hell is he doing here?" Darius asked.

"He's here to help you. Obliviously my methods to help you tap into your true power aren't working, so I figured someone around you own age that recently had to do all of this would be best suited to help you with this little problem you having." Markus answered back.

"I'm not having a problem and I can do this on my own."

"No you can't and I'll be back in a couple of hours. Plus since you don't know away out of here you might as well learn something from him. He can't even teleport so you're both stuck with each other. Bye." then Markus disappeared.

Justin walked up to Darius and shrugged his shoulders saying "Look your uncle showed up in my bedroom at 4:20 saying I need to come with him, made me get dressed, and teleported us here. When we got here he told me he would be back and I would find out what I need to do when I got here. So I'm thinking you made it to that point cause your mind is suppressing something and you can't bust past your little mental block. It's affecting your powers, so he wants me to help you."

"Don't worry about since I don't need any help. Now if you don't mind I need to find a way out of here."

"Well I'll be over here waiting until you ready to train."

Then Darius walked over to a wall and charged his hands then started to blast lightning. He kept at it for an hour and an half now attacking the wall from many different points lighting up the room from the charges he was giving to the indestructible wall. Justin who had been sitting in a chair near a corner of the room had begun to grow tired of his pathetic attempt to breakout. So Justin stood up and walked over to Darius and grabbed his hand startling him causing him to power down then said "Can you quit now? This is a sad ass attempt." angered Darius snatched his hand away.

"Don't fucking touch me!" Darius said as he began to charge his hand again.

"You need to give it up you'll never break through it."

"You don't know shit!"

"You're an angry little man aren't you? Look your grandpa made this place and you honestly think you can out do any magic he has? Do you know what your grandpa is? He's an archmage, one of the most powerful magic users in the world, you can't beat that."

"You don't know anything, you fucking faggot!"

"Oh, you really don't want to go there." Justin said as his eyes and hands started to glow white.

Then he blasted Darius with a wave of energy sending him flying across the hall.

"Who do you think you are?" Darius asked while pushing himself off the ground.

"Someone who can easily whoop your ass all across this place."

Then Darius began blasting lightning across the whole room trying to hit Justin, but all Justin did was put up an energy shield to block everything he put out. Still blasting Darius felt his energy start to decrease and Justin noticed his power weakening so he jumped up and landed in mid-air and began to run at a quickened paced. He ran towards Darius feet still not touching the ground made a backhand motion sending an energy wave that knocked Darius into the wall. While still on the ground he shot off a blast that hit Justin in the shoulder knocking him out of the air. Justin and Darius both got up at the same time, but Justin was able to say a quick spell slapped his hand together and started a ripple effect of waves of energy. Darius who had been standing fell to his knees not know what was happening as the energy hit, Justin smiled and said "You feel that? That's all you power being drained." then he started walking over to Darius.

"I won't lose to some queer." Darius said with a smirk on his face.

"Shut up you self-hating little bitch! You don't have the power to stop me."

"You're pathetic, chasing after some guy who doesn't want you."

"Me? Pathetic? No that's you, I'm not afraid of what I feel for you. Now you on the other hand can't admit how you feel about me."

"I don't feel anything for you and I don't need your help."

"Please you can't even tap into your true power. My way of getting past that was the will to live when a coven broke into my house trying to kill my father and myself after killing my grandpa. I just was overwhelmed with my survival, but since we don't have that luxury we'll just play off your emotions. Like your deep sense of wanting me or the hate you have for yourself for wanting me right now. Whichever works best for you."

Then Darius stood up and yelled "I don't want you!" then his eyes began to glow light blue and he gave off an enormous amount of energy knocking Justin to the ground.

Darius walked over to Justin and put both hands around his neck then rushed him into a wall. Justin grabbed his hands barely trying to fight back while Darius was choking then Darius said "Why are you doing this to me?" as he leaned closer put his forehead against Justin's. Rubbing his nose against Justin's, then released his grip and slid his hand on Justin's chest and roughly kissed him. Justin pulled away and looked at Darius then grabbed his head to kissing him passionately; Justin broke the kiss and said "I guess we found the emotion that helped you out." Darius looked at him with a puzzled look on his face. Justin wrapped his arms around Darius's waist and pulled him in closer while Darius was now resting his hands on Justin's shoulders.

"What are you talking about?" Darius asked.

"You did feel something take over and yourself losing all control?"

"I yeah I felt a rush of power, so what?"

"Well you just tapped into your true power. That's the only reason you were able to take me down, but I'm glad you did."

"Fine, so what was my emotional trigger?"

"Possibly rage...............or something you're finally ready to admit to yourself."

"I'm.........I'm not sure how I feel." Darius said as he pushed Justin away.

"But you do feel something I know that much." Justin said as he pulled Darius in close again and began to kiss him.

Justin stopped kissing Darius then held his hand out and said "Ostray vinto sacon!" causing a reflective swirling portal to appear on the wall. Darius asked "What the hell is that supposed to be?" as he looked at Justin. He smiled and let go of Darius's waist then held his hand and making him walk into the portal. They walked through what appeared to be shimmering silver waves and when they walked out of the waves they were in a room Darius had never seen before. He let go of Justin's hand and walked over to the window to look out and noticed the street he was on then asked "Where are we at?" Justin walked over to him smiling then gently kissed him pushing onto the bed. They were passionately making out and their tongues were swirling around each other mouths, but Darius stopped and smiled at Justin and asked "Come on, tell me where we are." Justin just smiled at him again.

Justin showed a slight grin and said "It's my room. I can't teleport, but I can open portals if I know where I'm going."

"So you opened up some pathway to get me into your bedroom. So you think I'm easy?"

"It was a portal and no I don't think you're easy. I just think you're meant for me."

"I'm meant for you? Is that right? So you would like this wouldn't you?" then Darius climbed on top of Justin and started kissing and licking on his neck.

"You really know how to make your man feel special." Justin then took off Darius's tank-top then his own, sitting himself up began to suck on his left nipple.

"My man? I still have a girlfriend, who said I was ready to have a boyfriend or if I even wanted one?"

"Look you know how I feel about you and I get a sense of how you feel about. Why can't you admit?"

"I do like you, but I don't know what that means yet."

"Then how about we find out, but I'm not going to be some sideline piece that you have waiting around for you. I want you to actually put effort into us, I hate see you dating someone else."

"Oh so your jealous of Leanna? You hid it very well."

"Yeah I did and I don't appreciate all that shit you said to me back there, what was all that about? I remember you saying I'm a faggot."

"I'm sorry for saying all that crap, I didn't mean any of it. I really like you and I'm really sacred of how you make me feel. I can barely think when I'm around you."

"Then just give into how you feel and we don't have to put a title on what we are, but I'm not sharing you with anybody."

"I think I can deal with that."

"That means you have to break up with her."

"Alright since I'm willing to give us a try, I won't be with her anymore." then Darius pushed Justin back onto the bed pinning his hand over his head and said "Let's give this a try."

Darius began to kiss his way down Justin's body starting at his neck making his way to his nipples, suck on the right one then moving over to the left. He found his way to Justin's belly button then down his happy trail until he was at the top of his sweats where he stopped. Justin sat up and said "You don't have to do that if you're not ready. I like sucking you off." Darius looked up and smiled then said "It's alright, I want to try. I want to see if I can make you feel good." then Justin rubbed his hand through Darius's short black hair.

Darius grabbed the waistband of Justin's sweats and underwear to pull them down to reveal that beautiful 9' inch dick. At first he took it into his hand and just looked at this semi-hard dick until he decided to stick his tongue out and licked the tip of Justin's foreskin. Darius slid his tongue inside the foreskin until he pulled his skin back and started licking around the head, then he put the still semi-hard dick in his mouth and began to move his head up and down. Darius felt Justin's dick beginning to swell in his mouth until he could barely keep it there, so he had to slide it out until only the head was left in. He started to slowly suck on the head building up a slow pace, and then he heard Justin softly moaning. Remembering what Justin had done to him before and tried to replicate it, but he started to gag which made Justin laugh a little.

Justin put his hands under Darius armpit and pulled him saying "You did good for your first time, but let me take over and next time you can try what I'm about to do."

Then Darius said "I'm the student and you're the teacher, so start teaching." then he grabbed Justin's shoulders and pushed him down to his crotch.

Justin pulled off Darius shorts and boxers making his dick stand straight up then slapped against his stomach when he pulled them all the way off. He licked up Darius shaft and felt small electrical charges in his tongue and this only made him want Darius even more. Justin started sucking Darius dick vigorously like he couldn't get enough of it. He wanted to taste even more of him so he took his mouth off the now wet dick and began to lick his balls causing Darius to moan loud. Justin started licking further down until he came to Darius's hole and I when he licked it he felt Darius's body tense up and glow a little. Once he seen this reaction he began to lick and tongue fuck Darius. This was a feeling that he never experienced and he didn't want it to end, so he grabbed Justin's head and pulled him in to make his tongue fuck him deeper. Justin was making Darius feel so good his body was glowing and send charges through Justin's tongue which was making his dick even harder.

Justin grabbed a condom out of his nightstand and put it on his dick then grabbed some lube. He poured some lube onto Darius's hold started to rub it in. First he slid one finger in which made Darius gasp and clench his body

He looked at Justin and said "I don't know if I'm ready for that yet."

Justin smiled and said "You don't have to worry I'll make sure I don't hurt you. I have a little trick that will make this much easier."

With that Justin pulled his finger out and started to make it glow. Once the tip of his finger was glowing bright white he rubbed it around Darius's hole a few times making him feel weird, but it was really good. The weird feeling began to turn into pure pleasure and had Darius grasping at the covers. Justin was making him feel so good he had to look down and see what he was doing; he was shocked to see that Justin had three fingers pumping into his ass.

See that made Darius want the real thing so he grabbed Justin's wrist and looked into his eyes and said "No more playing around and give me the real thing." Justin could see the want that he had in his eyes. So he laid Darius on his back so he could watch him while they fucked.

He got between Darius's legs and slid his dick in one swift motion and made Darius moan loud. Justin started to move his hips back and forth. With each thrust he felt Darius sweet hole hugging his dick and sending charges through it and driving him crazy. He started to speed up his pace and was making Darius moan out loud, but Justin didn't want his dad to hear them so he tapped his finger on the side of the bed and shrouded them in silence. When he was done he got right back into his rhythm and Darius was bucking his hips back to match Justin's thrust. They were moving do hard that the bed was rocking hard, but it was making no sound. There was also no sound coming from Justin or Darius, from how he was arching his body and the faces he was making you could tell Darius was moaning really loud.

Darius dick started to spark a little, he put his hand on it and jerked it once and began shooting his load all over himself. First he hit his cheek, then his lips, and the last of it landed on his chest and stomach.

Justin pulled his dick out of Darius's ass and climbed up and was over his chest. He jerked his dick a little bit then shoved it into Darius's mouth and when he started shooting his load. A lot of it went down his throat, but when Justin started to pull his dick out Darius sucked it hard and go the rest of the cum on his tongue and liked the taste for some reason.

Once he pulled his dick all the way out he leaned down and licked the cum off of Darius's cheek and lips. He snapped his fingers and sound came back then he asked "So how was that?" then he kissed Darius.

After they finished kissing Darius smiled and said "That was good and it tasted good too. We will be doing that again." then he slapped Justin's ass.





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