As the school day began the students made there way into they're classes as the bell rang and took they're seats. As the teacher walked in he said ' Good morning class, I am Mr.Chambers. I will be your history teacher for the year, get use to it I had too.' the students let out a little laughs followed by Mr.Chambers saying 'See history doesn't have to be to boring. I know it's early in the morning and this is first period, but welcome to your senior year and this is World History.' then he turned around and spoke about and wrote out what would be happening the first week of school since the school year just start.

While he was writing a young man walked in late asking 'Is this the senior history class?' Mr.Chamber's stopped what he was saying took his eyes off the board and asked 'Yes it is and you are late. And your name is?' he asked him.

Answering back 'I'm Justin Wright and sorry about being late, I just got done signing into the school. They gave me a schedule and told me to find my way.'.Justin was 18 and very good looking guy around 6' with broad shoulders and firm muscular chest and body from what could be seen threw his tight shirt and jeans and not to forget the nice big bulge in the front of his pants, with beautiful hazel eyes and skin that looked like milk chocolate.

Mr.Chambers then shook his head in understanding and the young man to have a seat by....., he didn't know her name so he pointed to her and asked 'Name?' she answered 'It's Destiny sir.' he replied back 'Yes Destiny, don't worry I'll learn your names. Go have a seat by Destiny since it's available.' Justin made his way to the seat as Mr.Chambers started speaking where he left off.

Justin had been placed in the back of the class room, not knowing anyone he looked over at the guy sitting next to him and said 'Hi my name is Justin, nice to meet you!' he looked back and said with a slight smirk 'I know your name. You just told everybody. I'm Darius, Darius Raymond.' Darius had a very well defined face with light blue eyes with olive skin and a thinned mustache, thinned sideburns, goatee, and a cut short beard combination. Justin smiled while he felt his dick get hard and grabbed then said 'A smart ass? Your just the type of person I like to hang out with, so can we hang?' Darius looked at him and shrugged his shoulders and said 'Why not, you maybe able to hold a conversation that totally boring.' the bell rang shortly after and rest of the day went by fairly quickly.

Darius and Justin had two other classes together, Justin managed to find Darius every time and get the seat right next to him they even hung out together at lunch. For some he didn't understand reason he found himself strongly attracted to Darius. At the end of the day Darius and Justin were walk towards Darius's car when Justin stopped mid-step and looked off into the distance. Darius look in the same direction Justin was, but he didn't see anything so he grab Justin's shoulder and shook him. Justin quickly shook his head and told Darius he had to go and left Darius standing there stunned for a moment who then turn back around and got into his car and drove off.

When Darius arrived home he pushed a button on a device that opened the front gate to his driveway. When the gate was opened he proceeded to pull in upon as mansion and was welcomed by a very handsome man with black hair slightly graying on the side in his mid forties who was very muscular who stood about 6'3 standing at the door. 'Good afternoon Master Darius, did you enjoy school?' said the man, Darius smiled and put his arm around his shoulders and said 'Issac how many time do I have to tell you? Just call me Darius and school went ok as it always is. How was grandpa doing today?' Issac looked at him and said 'He's doing much better today. He got up out of the bed and did some work today, but I wouldn't let him do to much so I made finish early and go relax. He sat on the couch for awhile had lunch felt tired and decided to head back to bed, and that's where he has been ever since. I've gone in and checked on him from time to time and he has been asking about you all day.' Darius patted Issac on his arm and proceeded to work towards the stairs and walked up to his grandfather's room.

Entering his grandfather room Darius walked over to his bed and sat down on the bed next to his grandfather. His grandfather was Demetrius Raymond, a very wealth self made man who earned his fortune, but also came from very wealth family, old money. Demetrius had falling sick and was hospitalized two weeks prior, he was released four days ago and was order to be on bed rest, but the doctors wanted to set up monitors for when he slept.

Darius took his grandfather's hand into his hand, then he seen a little spike is his grandfather's heart rate, while holding his grandfather's hand he moved his other hand to check the monitor. When he placed his hand on the side of the monitor he began to get electrocuted, after what seem like hours of this pain Darius was able to pull his hand away and within seconds of letting go he passed out falling to the ground.

When Darius woke up he had an I.V. in his arm and slowly pulled it out he seen he was his room in and it was night time, he ran out of his room into his grandfather's room to make sure he was alright after what happened to himself since he was holding his hand. When he go into the room he seen Issac straightening up his grandfather and his asleep in the bed.

Darius asked ' Is my grandpa alright? Did he get electrocuted when I did.?'

Issac said 'What are you talking about sir? Your grandfather is fine he woke up and found you passed out on the floor and called me and had me call the doctor to make sure you were alright.'

'I got electrocuted when I put my hand on that monitor when I was holding grandpa's hand.'

'The doctor said you passed out from dehydration so she put an I.V. in, not electrocution .'

'I could have sworn I got fried and so did grandpa.'

'No your both doing fine, I think you've been worrying about your grandfather to much exhausting yourself doing everything he needs not letting anyone help you. I think you need to just get some rest and get yourself ready for school tomorrow.'

Darius nodded his head in agreement and walked out of the room and walked into own room. He took off his close to sleep in his boxers, which were a tight form fitting pair of boxer briefs with a nice size bulge in the front and a nice plump ass. He had just turned 18 two months earlier was 5'11 and his body was lean, but very muscular and fit, his arms and legs were toned and his olive skin tone was beautiful. He picked out his clothes and shoes for the next placed them on a chair in the corner of his room then got in the bed and went to sleep.

The next day he woke and got dressed grabbing his his backpack, then reached for his keys putting his hand halfway out almost in reach they slid the rest of the way to his hand. He blinked his eyes and shook his head making himself believe he grabbed them. He walked out of his room and into his grandfather's.

Darius said 'Good morning grandpa, how are you feeling this morning?'

Demetrius answered 'I'm fine, I'm more worried about you. You don't have to worry about me so much that's not you job.'

'But grandpa I have to take care of you. Your sick it's my responsibility.'

'Who's the adult here? It's my responsibility to take care of you and make sure you have what you need.'

'I just don't want to....'

Demetrius sighed and smiled then said 'Your afraid of losing me.' he rubbed Darius's cheek then said 'You lost your parent and sister, but you don't have to worry about losing me. I'm not going anywhere anytime soon.'.

Darius answered 'I know grandpa, your strong. I just get scared when I see you get sick.'

'And don't you forget it. You don't have to worry about me, I'll be fine. Now get going or you'll be late for school and I won't have that.'

Darius stood up smiled and kissed his grandfather on the cheek and ran out of the door and down the stairs making out the front door quickly. He got into his car, turned it on and made his way to the front gate. When he reached for the button to open the gate he received a shock from in before he could put his hand on it, but the gate opened and he snatched his hand away and drove off.

When Darius got to school he went to class were Mr.Chambers was writing on the board with his back to the door while his student walked, but when Darius walked in caught his attention and made him turn around. Seeing a disturbed face he was making he called Darius up to him before he could reach his seat, but by name not having learned any of the students names.

Mr.Chambers asked 'What's the matter? Is something wrong?

Darius answered 'Nothing Mr.Chambers, just having a weird morning.'

'Well if you ever need anything or even just need to talk, I'm here whenever you need.'

Darius half smiled then Mr. Chambers tapped him on the shoulder and received a shock then asked 'What was that? Why did I just get shocked?' Darius answered 'Maybe it was just some static electricity.' turning around and walking off to his seat.

Class went by fairly quickly so did the rest of the day, but Justin wasn't in two of the classes and came late to the third one they shared. By the end of the Darius decided he was going to go for a swim. He went the locker room to change out of his clothes,when he started taking off his clothes. He took off his shirt and started rubbing his neck and across his chest, playing with his nipples and his dick began to get hard so he looked around to make sure no one else was in there with him. When he was sure he was alone he pulled his pants down to reveal a 8 ½' inch dick that had to be 5' inches around and cut. He wrapped both hands around his dick and began to move his hands up and down, at first he was moving slow which was sending shocks up through his entire body and making himself ooze pre-cum. This was a sensation he had never felt, but it made his body feel amazing. The feeling was so overwhelming that he started to jerk harder, he was jerking so hard his dick was bouncing. He could no longer take the feeling so he let his dick go and laid back on the bench, the sensation was still surging through his body even through his dick. Still rubbing his chest and playing with his nipples and within a minute Darius started to shot cum onto his chest without even touching his dick. He scooped up all he could and began to eat it, once he was finished he finished changing into his speedo and swimming cap.

Darius was on the swim team and had a guaranteed spot on the team, he just wanted to swim some practice laps. He was on his fifteenth when he began to speed up, hes was swimming faster then he had ever. With how much adrenaline he pumping the sensation came over him again and dick started to grow again. This time his body was so overwhelmed he couldn't concentrate and in a panic started to drown forgetting all of his training, not being able to get his head completely above water but seen a hand reach in before he blacked out.

After about two minutes of CPR Darius started coughing up water and when his eyes cleared up he seen it was Justin who was leaning over him. Darius looked up to see Justin's hands still sitting on his chest, he sat up and looked around pool and there was no one to be seen. Justin stood up and offered his hand to help him up, then Darius asked 'What are you doing here?'

Justin answered 'That's no way to talk to the guy who saved your life, is it?'

'No, its just......Today has not been my day, everything has bee going wrong.'

'Its alright I was coming to see if you wanted to hang out, luckily I walked in here or you would have died.'

'Yeah thank you, I'll go get dressed and we can head to my place.'

'Well get your ass in there and hurry up.'

As Darius walked off Justin watched his ass move as he was walking into the locker room, thinking about how good looking his ass is his dick got insistently hard. By time Darius came back out his hard-on hadn't gone down so he was trying his best to hide it, but Darius noticed.

When they made to Darius's house they went straight upstairs into his room, when they got in there Darius closed the door behind them. Darius sat on the floor next to his California king size bed and just held his head down. Justin who was still standing near the door walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge of it. Justin looking down at Darius could feel his dick getting hard, he tried to distract himself by saying 'Look don't let what happened early fuck up the rest of your day.'

'My day hasn't been going that well today anyways. Its just been a little weird today.'

'That's ok don't let it get you down.' then Justin rubbed his hand on Darius's back until he got a shock. 'What was that?'

'I don't know its been happening all day and I don't know what it is.'

Justin slid off the bed and sat next Darius, then held up his hand and said 'Try it again, but this time touch my hand.'

Darius looked up put his hand against Justin's when he felt the shocks start again, but this time Justin held them back. Justin pulled away then stirred at Darius and said 'Your what I've been looking. I knew what I sensed was real.' then he grabbed Darius by the back of his neck and his waist then pulled his in and started to kissing him. At first Darius tried to pull away, but Darius was to strong for him. After a few second the sensation started taking over his body and he stopped resisting and felt his dick get insistently hard. Justin moved his hand to Darius stomach which felt so good, then he slid his hand and unbuttoned Darius's pants then slid his hand in and started jerking his dick.

Darius stopped and realized what he was doing and pushed Justin away and looked at him with disgust then said 'What the fuck are you doing? I'm not gay this isn't right.'

Then Justin said 'Neither am I, its just something about you that drives me crazy and I can't help myself. I have to have to be with you.'

'What are you talking about? You kissed me and grab my dick, that seems pretty gay to me.'

'No one told you to kiss me back, now since I know you liked that I know you'll like this.' then Justin unbuttoned and pulled down his pants and underwear. Darius moved back towards the nightstand as Justin finished getting undressed, his body was so toned and defined with a 9' inch uncut dick hanging between his legs. Darius started getting and the sensation again then started glowing a light shade of blue, Justin seen this and smiled and walked over to Darius.

Justin grabbed Darius around his waist again and started to kiss him again, but this time Darius didn't resist him this time. Darius could feel Justin's dick against his stomach and it started to drive him crazy. Justin threw Darius on the bed and pulled off his shoes, pants, and underwear to reveal his dick then he pulled of his shirt. Justin pushed Darius down making him lie back and then took his dick into his mouth and began to roll his tongue around the head of his dick licking up and down the shaft. Then Justin moved down and started cupping and licking Darius's ball while he was still jerking him off, the feeling was driving Darius over the top.

Darius noticed Justin stopped everything he was doing so he looked up to see what happened, then he seen Justin grabbing a condom out his packet. Justin walked back over to where Darius was laying and got back on the bed and started stroking Darius's dick again. Darius looked at Justin scared of not knowing what was going to happen, he started to say something when he seen Justin roll the condom down his dick. Darius started to get up when Justin pushed him down by his shoulders and started to kiss him again. When he stopped kissing him he looked in his eye and said 'Don't worry I'll do everything.' then he spit on his hand and rubbed it onto Darius's dick and then on to his hole.

Justin sat back guiding Darius's dick in with one hand and holding him down with the other, as he sat on the dick lowering himself slowly letting out a moan with every inch until he had taking the whole thing. He put both hands on Darius's chest and started slowly bouncing up and down, the more he moved the more he increased his speed until he was riding Darius's dick this went on for twenty minutes. Then being caught up in the feeling Darius grabbed Justin by his hips to flip him onto his back, then he started to buck forward and grabbed Justin's dick and started to jerk until he cummed. Darius bucked his hips for another five minutes until he pulled his dick out, took off the condom, and cummed on Justin's stomach.

Then Justin grabbed Darius's dick and wiped cum of then ate it then said 'See that wasn't so bad and from where I'm laying you seemed to enjoy yourself.' then Darius laid down next to Justin.

Then Darius said 'I don't know what happened, I just couldn't help myself. I had this strange sensation all through my body and it took over, I just couldn't stop myself.'

'Yeah I felt the sensation you were talking about coming through your dick.'

'I'm being serious can you please listen to me.'

'I am being serious. You were glowing a shade of blue and your body was giving off an electrical charge that I could feel through your dick.'

'So you felt it to? I don't know what it is, I can't explain it.'

Then Justin sat up and rubbed his hand across Darius's chest and said 'That's because of what just happened to you.'

'What are you talking about what's happening to me?'

'Your magic has finally awakened and its starting to show itself.'

Then Darius sat up looked at Justin with a look of surprise and in disbelief.



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