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Stories by Robby

  • Pool Celebration

    A guy joins his two nudist Asian friends for a celebration only to find they are celebrating Naked Day. It's naked fun in the sun and some, well you'll see.

  • Cupcake

    A new house, a new neighbor a new friend with benefits.

  • I'll Show You Mine

    Two men, one has a secret about what lies underneath his clothes.

  • Panty Lines

    You can see the lines through his tight pants. They stick out of his gym clothes... Panty Lines.

  • I Turned Your Dad into a Bottom

    A fantasy comes true for Zack when he finds out his best friend's dad is Gay.

  • My Mother's Boyfriend: Chapter 9

    Nick gets to enjoy his gift with and without Chris

  • White Boy Moan: Chapter 3

    When I went off to college, every one tried to get into my pants, and I mean everyone. Boys, girls, straight, gay, bi, or just curious

  • The Asian Persuasion

    My brother moves in and his sexy Filipino dealer is always around, even when my brother isn't there.

  • White Boy Moan: Chapter 2

    While driving around, my boy Jerome and I find an old high school friend who needs my help. I'm more than happy to give it to him in more ways than one.

  • White Boy Moan

    A country boy, tears out of town drunk, after finding his girlfriend being fucked by two black guys. He passes out in the middle of nowhere, in front of Terrance's house who shows him what white boy ass is really for.

  • Practice

    Derek has been lusting over his straight neighbor. Now his neighbor needs some practice in bedroom, and enlists Derek's help

  • My Mother's Boyfriend: Chapter 8

    Nick gets to put on a show for Chris.

  • Topless

    The blind date goes well, till they find out they are both bottoms.

  • My Mother's Boyfriend: Chapter 7

    Nick's mother is leaving and Chris sends a present to Nick to play with while Chris is taking Nick's mom to the airport.

  • British Bloke

    A friend from across the pond comes to visit an online friend to finally experience man to man sex. Bottoms just want to have.

  • My Mother's Boyfriend: Chapter 6

    Chris and Nick further their sexual adventures under Nick's mother's nose, in the home gym where his clients get to sample Nick's juices. Sat night comes and the clients are eagerly awaiting to use Nick's body.

  • My Mother's Boyfriend: Chapter 5

    Chris and Nick return home with a surprise for Nick. His mother has no clue what they are doing downstairs in the gym together...

  • Voyeur

    A hot stud moves into the building and caught the eye of a lusting maintenance worker

  • My Mother's Boyfriend: Chapter 4

    Nick has accepted his place, but Chris hasn't finished training him. Will he be a good boy and get a reward? Read and see.

  • Dom Bottom: Chapter 3

    Dom Bottom lets his Sub Top take care of him.

  • My Mother's Boyfriend: Chapter 3

    A new day has begun and Nick has accepted his new role, craves it now.

  • My Mother's Boyfriend: Chapter 2

    The training continues. Nicolas learns the pleasure of taking dick.

  • Dom Bottom: Chapter 2

    The bottom's hole is twitching and he allows his new subservient top back over to scratch it, but only after proving he can please his dom bottom.

  • My Mother's Boyfriend

    Nicolas's mother is dating again to his dismay. He's eighteen, young sexy, and rude to her new boyfriend who takes him away for the weekend and shows him what he really is.

  • Dom Bottom

    A Dominate Bottom shows his trick how he likes it.

  • The Tenant

    New tenant is too good to pass up

  • Show Boy

    A man enters a darken room, ready to follow the instructions of his hidden audience

  • Jock Boy: Chapter 5

    Ryan finally accepts his place and learns to please his new Daddy

  • Super Love: Chapter 3

    Steel Tiger and his love test the boundaries of secrecy with a date that ends with a bang

  • The Prince and the Pauper

    A Prince takes a pauper as his pet.