Chapter Listing

Chapter 1

For me, a typical Friday and Saturday night was grabbing a case of beer, smoking up some bud, and getting into all sorts of trouble. I'm your typical good ole country boy. I moved out my parent’s house as soon as that diploma hit my hand. I share a trailer with my girl now. She's always ragging on me to do better. I work hard enough at my eight to five down at the garage. I like to have fun during my free time, not go to school.

I try to poke her every night. She don't give me head though, says my seven inch one eyed serpent tastes nasty. She likes laying eyes on me, though. Hell, if I were Gay, I'd fuck me. I always wear scruff till she makes me shave it off. I'm about five nine, got a nice ball player build, all-star varsity, baby. I ain't got a lick of hair on me sides the usual places.

I was living the good life at twenty five till I mouthed off to the owner one too many times. He sent me packing with my final pay. I stormed out, and was slinking in when I heard my girl moaning. I got hard thinking of her playing with that kitty, and me catching her. So I crept back there.

I opened the door and couldn't believe my eyes. There was my girl choking down some colored boy's dick while another, my fucking weed dealer, was taking her from behind. My eyes darted from her to them. The smell of sex slapped me in the face. The guy sliding down her throat looked over at me nonchalantly and said, "Yo, white boy, we ain't done yet."

"Marcus, chill." My dealer responded, not breaking stride. "This the man's girl. Maybe he wanna watch." He gave a crooked grin. "Or maybe he wants to have a little black in him."

My girl just smiled around that black cock sliding across her lips. I just went into automatic. I bolted to the kitchen, grabbed a trash bag and returned, pulling my shit from the drawers. I ignored their taunts as best I could as they spit roasted my now ex-girlfriend. I left with a, "Fuck you, bitch." Of course, I raided the stash of cash she had tucked away in the bathroom that she didn’t know I knew about.

I grabbed that money roll without even counting out any of the bills. She owed me that shit for all that time she took someone else’s dick instead of mine. I slammed the door, tossed my bag into the back of the truck and pealed out with a cloud of dust behind me. I headed to my boy’s house. He was still at work, but his girl was there. She gave me the low down on everything.

My girl had been putting more miles on my bed than I had on my truck. Mexican Monday, self-explanatory, Taco Tuesday, where she let bitches lick her clit, Wonder bread Wednesday, white boys only, Tap that Ass Thursday, anal of course, and what I walked in on, Freaky Friday, anything goes. She even offered a friends and family discount. She even sent her own man over a time of two when he wanted to do something she didn’t want to do.

I called her a cunt and tore out of town, stopping by the liquor store and picking up a pint of whiskey. I headed out of town as the sun started setting, taking pulls as I flew down the deserted roads. I had no idea where I was going. Our little town was slap right in the middle of farming country. My girl was fucking anyone who had the cash, my boys where dicking here, I had no job, and fuck my lame ass family.

I hadn’t eaten anything and I was halfway down the pint when my vision started going sideways. I pulled off onto a dirt road, thinking I might find some quite field to pass out in. I’m not sure how long I drove but finally just stopped when I saw the lights of a house. I parked, turning off the truck and its lights. I stumbled from the truck. The lights of the house were the only ones I could see. I took a few wobbly steps, still turning up the bottle as I tried to walk. I had to piss. I fumbled with my pants, planning on releasing my hose, but I stumbled and fell.

I’m on my back, still fumbling with my pants when I feel the warm liquid soak my jeans. “Fuck.” I think, closing my eyes for just a minute to sleep. I was vaguely aware of the crunching of grass coming towards me, then of someone standing over me. I think I mumbled something, but that pint had it in for me. I felt myself being lifted and that was it.

I woke up with my head pounding. It was killing me. The God damn sun was blinding me. I had to piss. I tried to get up to move and felt this weight on my chest. I sat up, and found I was naked aside from a chain wrapped around my chest in one of those harness things you see in porns. I pulled at it, but couldn’t get it off. “What the fuck.”

My head was groggy, my head throbbing. I stood up, deciding to find the head. I heard the soft clink of chains as I made my way to the door. I looked back to see I was tethered to the wall. I kept going, hoping it was long enough to get me to where I needed to go. I stopped just short of the door. I pulled, but the booze had zapped all my strength. “Hello!” I screamed. “A little help here?!”

I heard the heavy footsteps approach. I slunk down onto the floor. I looked up to see the biggest baddest black man I had ever seen. He stood at least six foot, had arms the size of cantaloupes and his expansive broad chest stretched my vision, I had to move my head to get all of him in. “A little help?” I asked the immense figured that approached. “I got a piss and I’m kind of chained up.”

He stepped past me, unlocking the tether then wrapping the chain around his mighty forearm. He came back to me, not a single word. He grabbed me by the harness and lifted me up and guided me to down the hall to the bathroom. He let me go to do my business. I tried to shut the door, but he stopped me. I was too hung over and had to piss too badly to argue with him.

 I took position over the bowl, held my limp dick out and let the damn doors open. I moaned with appreciation as the pressure subsided. I felt like I was pissing for five minutes when it finally stopped. I shook the last drops off and made back for the door. He did not move. He pointed at the sink, and I stood dumbfounded for a moment before finally dawned on me he wanted me to wash my hands.

I dried my hands and made to leave but he was still there. Unmoving. “Like to watch?” I was annoyed and hung over and I didn’t care he could squash me like a bug. “Like what you see?” I swirled around showing him my body, farmer’s tan and all. “Want me to whack it off for you?” I shook my dick for him. “Want a little show for your trouble?”

His hand shot out and grabbed the chains around my chest. The chains dug into my skin as he picked me up off the floor with ease. “You a boozer, boy?” Fear spread across my face as his deep booming voice hit me. “You a drug user?” I was paralyzed with fear, my hands grabbing his, thinking I would have the strength to break his grip. “Who coming looking for you, boy?”

He tossed me back, I stumbled a bit the chains clinking on the tile floor. “I drink yeah.” I clutched my chest, the pain of the chains digging in my skin fading away. “I smoke a little herb every now and again.” I confessed. “Ain’t nobody coming for me but the bill collectors.” I stood up straight as I could my head still pounding. “I’m my own man.” I tried to puff out my chest but failed.

He gave a snort and turned around, pulling the chain with him. He yanked me down the hall with ease. I did my best to keep up with him, but he kept yanking on the chain, pulling me forward. “Hey, man, you got to let me go.” My panicked words fell on deaf ears. “Enough is enough man, I got to get going. Thanks, for everything really.” He stopped in the kitchen and turned around. The look on this stone face shut me up.

“Sit.” He ordered. I made my way to the chair. “Floor.” I hesitated for a minute. The look he gave me told me he wasn’t in the mood for my defiance. I had to get out of this. I sat down, legs crossed. He filled a glass with water, grabbed some pills from the cabinet and handed both to me. “This is for the hangover.” I gratefully took the two, downing the pills with the water, washing away my cotton dry mouth. He sat down in a chair in front of me, His massive legs overshadowing me.

“Looks to me, boy.” He emphasized that last word with power. “You don’t have a pot to piss in, especially since I found you in your own filth.” I looked up with him in shame. “Seems to me you don’t have nothing but that raggedy bunch of clothes in that beat up truck.” I felt my stomach knot. “Where were you going, boy?” He leaned down to look me in the eye. The only sound, the chain against the kitchen floor as it moved. “Answer me.”

“I… I don’t know.” I finally admitted. “I lost my job, came home, found my girl getting tag teamed by a couple of ni…” I paused, watching my words. “…black guys. Turns out she was sleeping with anyone who could afford her, even my buddies.” I felt a tear roll down my cheek. “I was just going to drive till I found a new place to plant some roots.”

“Hhmm.” He mauled over my words. “Looks like you decided to take root right here.” He leaned back in the chair, straining the wood. “Looks like you were searching for me.” I looked up at him, my eyes watery. “I live out here, in the middle of nowhere. No one for miles. Then you come stumbling up my drive.” He smiled. I froze with fear. “I’ve always wanted a pet. My very own pet white boy to teach how to be a real man.” He reached down with his meaty hand and ruffled my brown hair. “I’m going to treat you real good, boy.”

“My… my name is Kyle.” That was all I could get out. My stomach felt sick and my head cleared, making me light headed. No one knew where I was. No one cared where I was. I sat the glass down on the floor and laid down on the cold floor, realization hitting me. This man was going to do with me what he wanted and not a damn person was going to give two shits about it.

He let me lay there for a while, letting it all sink in. It wasn’t till I started crying that he moved and picked me up in his arms, cradling me like a baby. “Don’t worry, Kyle.” He soothed. “I’m not going to hurt you. I’m going to wash you, feed you, and take you for walks.” He stood up and carried me back to my bed. He laid me down, curled up in a fetal position. The sound of the lock broke my heart. “I’ll let you rest.” He said walking away. “Call if you need anything.”

“What’s…” I sobbed. “What’s your name?”


“Terrance… don’t do this.” I didn’t even know why I was crying instead of raging against everything but I was.

“I’m not doing anything you don’t want or need.” I heard him leave.

About an hour later, I was still feeling sorry for myself. I had stopped crying. I sat up in the bed, looking around my new “home.” The bed was solid, with eye hooks on both sides of the bed. I walked over to the dresser and opened them, hoping to find some clothes, but saw it filled with dildos of all shapes and sizes in the top drawer, the one below that, toys, I didn’t even know what their use was. I made my way to the closet and found leather versions of the chain harness I wore. I was being held by some sort of sex freak.

I sat on the edge of the bed, my mind wondering back to my girl on our bed, getting her mouth stuffed and her ass fucked by those two black guys. There was satisfaction on her face that I had never seen on her face before. I wondered what they could do for her that I couldn’t. I wondered how their dicks made her feel, thrusting into her whore ass and her slut mouth.

“Terrance!” I called meekly. “Terrance, can you come here… please!” I heard his footsteps. My head was hung low, staring at my feet. When I heard him enter the room, I didn’t even look up. “Can I take a shower? I stink.” I looked up to see he had a smug grin. I gave him back a halfhearted smile. “Please.” He came over and patted my head.

“I’ll get the water ready.” I watched him disappear down the hall. He didn’t go into doorway he had taken me but another. I waited patiently, then he reappeared, shirtless, his broad muscled chest on display. “I use to be a body builder, never lost the desire to stop keeping it up the body.” He undid the chain from my back and scooped me up like a rag doll.

I leaned my head against his chest, listening to his breathing. I didn’t have the urge or desire to fight. He was right, I had no one or place to go to. He carried me into what must have been his room. The bed was massive, and everything tucked away aside from a few nick knacks. We made our way into the master bath and he gingerly sat me into a tub of hot water. I reached for the soap, but he pushed my hand down. “No, baby. I got this.”

For a big man, he was surprisingly gentle. His hands roamed over me, washing away the stink of yesterday. He had me stand up and he cleaned my cock. I didn’t mean to, but I started to chub. He had me turn around and the cloth slipped between my cheeks. I thought his finger stayed a bit there, but I didn’t care. I didn’t give a damn about anything anymore.

I sat back down in the water and he washed my hair. I couldn’t remember ever being tended too with such care. He pulled the train and lifted me out the water, sitting me down on the bathmat. He dried me like I was some three year old, making sure to get every last bit of water. He sat me on the toilet, ran some hot water in the sink. He lathered my face up. I didn’t care, didn’t say a word as he took away my week old scruff.

“Who would have thought such a pretty face was under all that scraggily hair?” I tried not to smile as he applied the aftershave to my face. “We’ll take care of the rest later.” I don’t know why, but I raised my hands up for him to pick me up again. “Awe,” he lifted me up, letting me wrap my arms around his tree truck of a neck. He held me, one arm around my back, the other on my ass. “Who’s a pretty boy?”

He carried me out, his hand stroking my back. We went back to the room, where he reattached the chain and harness. He was about to sit me down on the bed when I found my voice. “Can I not be alone, right now?” He didn’t say anything, just picked me up in his arms while he removed the chain from the wall.

He carried me into his living room, the chain dragging behind us. He sat me on the couch before taking a seat beside me. He guided my head down to his lap, not sexually. He petted me, my head laying on this rock hard thigh. His hand went from the top of my head down to the crack of my white ass. I found it oddly comfort in it. He turned the television on, and we sat, him idly petting me while he watched his shows.

I rolled over so I could look up at him. He went to rubbing my belly. I looked up at his face. It was hard, yet soft. His skin was dark, like the night but it glowed. He didn’t have any hair on his face, or his chest, he was still shirtless. Each muscle was carefully sculpted, like he was cut out of black obsidian just to show the world what black perfection was. I caught myself awing in his beauty and wondering if he would, show me how my girl felt when walked in on her.

I turned over again, crawling up into his lap. He coddled me, letting me rest my head on his chest. I was a stark contrast to him. I ran my hand over his chest, feeling the power that was there. He kissed me on the head, his hand back on my ass, groping it lovingly. I felt so small in his arms, just another redneck white boy, who thought his shit didn’t stink because he lived in a dumpster.

I drifted off in his arms. I awoke sometime later. I was alone, on the couch. My chain was on the floor unattended. My first thought was to run, get as far away from here as I could. My second, was where the fuck are you going? I got off the couch and went towards the sounds in the kitchen, my chain dragging behind me. Terrance was there, cooking, still shirtless, with an apron. I walked up beside him and dropped to my knees.

“Is my Kyle hungry?” He reached down and petted my head. I rubbed up against his leg. “Go get cleaned up, it’s almost done.” Wordlessly I went to the sink and washed my hands. I returned to his feet. He plated the food. He cut up the meat on one plate and took the plates to the table, setting one with the cut up meat on the stool for me. I waited at my plate. He grabbed water for me and sweet tea for him. “Go ahead and eat.”

I hesitantly grabbed the fork and tasted the meat. My stomach growled. I hadn’t eaten since lunch yesterday. I tried not to inhale the food. We ate silently. I finished my plate and looked up at Terrance, waiting for him to finish. He looked down at me when he was done, took our dishes and washed them, me at his feet. He hung his apron up, showing his incredibly sculpted chest. I marveled at it, wondering if I could ever be like him. “Come on, boy. It’s late. Time to get ready for bed.”

I followed him to the master bedroom, wondering if I would sleep with him or chained in my own bed. I followed him into the bathroom, where he began to undress. His pants slid down his firm trunk legs. He wore a pair of skimpy white briefs that were a stark contrast against his skin. He turned to watch me, the thick outline of his package looming before me. “You want to watch, buddy?” He gave me a sly grin before lowering his briefs.

His bull cock and balls, hung down loosely between his legs. He had no hair there either. He idly scratched himself. My eyes, never leaving his manhood. He turned and started the shower, showing me his well-muscled ass. I found myself wanting to crawl in the shower with him, to soap up those muscles, run my hands over his body and bask in his power, his confidence.

I watched as the water cascaded over him. My own cock was getting hard as I admired him. I let out a low whimper of desire. I licked my lips, wondering if he’d give me the honor of tasting his cock. I shook my head at the thought. “What was I thinking?” I wasn’t Gay… or was I. I did stay and watch my girl get double plunged for a minute. I did wonder what those dicks in her could do, that mine couldn’t. I did, I admitted, want to be her.

I was broken out of my trance when Terrance turned the shower off, stepping out with his boys just flopping around, mere feet from me. I watched, intently, as he dried himself off. He started rubbing some kind of oil into his skin, making his muscles shine and stand out for me. He stroked his dick with is and the underside of his balls. I inched forward. He gave me a sly smile. “What’s wrong, boy?”

“I want to do that for you.” I found myself saying. “May I?”

He let out a low laugh. “One day, but not yet.” He walked past me into the bedroom and pulled out some sleep pants and hid away his lower body from me. “Terrance,” I said, crawling into the room. “I really don’t got no place to go. Ain’t no body gonna miss me.” I looked down at this feet. “You ain’t got to keep me chained up. I don’t wanna go nowhere else. You’ve been nicer to me than anyone in my life, even my own kin. I’ll stay as long as you’ll have me.”

He thought about my words for a moment then came walking over to me. “This doesn’t change the fact that you’re my pet, and you’ll do as I say or be punished.” He grabbed a key from the dresser and unlocked the harness. The weight of the chains fell away. He gathered them up and carried them back to the room with all the sex toys. I followed obediently, on my knees. “Stand up boy, you’re going to hurt your knees crawling around like that.”

I stood up, my head bowed. He pulled me close against him, let me feel his strength once more. The smell of the exotic oil on his skin filled my nostrils. I looked up at him. “Will you make me a real man, like you?” He smiled and kissed me on the forehead. “I ain’t never sucked a dick before, but if you want, I’ll try… I wanna try.”

He picked me up in his arms, my legs dangling in the air. “You are a real good boy, Kyle.” He pulled me to him so I could wrap my arms around him. “I’ll teach you to be a man, and how to take a real man’s dick.” My cock was rock hard at the thought of Terrance over me, splitting me with his massive dick. He laid me down on the bed, then covered me with his own body.

I was short of breath, running my hands over his muscled frame. He pressed his lips to mine. I was doing this, I opened my mouth and his kissed me. I could feel the walls of my existence shatter as I let his tongue into my mouth. His hand went under me, holding my head, his other hand holding up his weight as to not crush me with his weight. I spread my legs like my girl after she was given a twenty. He kissed me gently, like no one, not even my girl had ever kissed me.

I let him set the pace, not hurried, not rushed, but slow and paced. He was enjoying me and I was him. He pulled back for a moment, I tried to follow. “Yeah, you’re a real good boy, Kyle.” He rolled us over so that I was on top of him, I straddled him, my hard cock resting on his well-defined stomach. I leaned in for another kiss. His hand reached up and cupped my ass, the other guiding my head down to his. Our lips touched and he guided the kiss again.

My hands roamed his body. It wasn’t like touching a woman. It was hard and solid, masculine. I traced his muscles with my hand. I broke the kiss, I moved to his nipple. My girl hated it, I loved playing with nipples, having mine played with. I shook her out my head, and kissed the black nub. I licked around it, the oil on his skin lingering on my tongue. I covered it with my mouth, flicking my tongue over it. “Mmm, baby, you learn quickly.” Terrance sighed with pleasure as I explored his body. I moved over other nipple, repeating the process.

I kissed my way down his stomach, tracing each muscle with my tongue. I grabbed the top of his sleep pants, tried to tug them down. “You think you’re ready for that?” He smiled. I answered with a tug. I could feel the hardness under the cloth. I knew he was big, thick, long and veiny. I wanted to feel it stretch my mouth, gag me with its length, drown me in his cum. I kept tugging but he would not raise his hips for me.

“Please.” I begged with my eyes. “I want to do it. I want you in my mouth.” He sat up. “Please, can I suck you?” I kept tugging fruitlessly at his pants.

“You’re not ready for that… yet.” He gave me a wicked grin, flashing his white teeth. He stood up from the bed topping me over. He dropped his pants, revealing the hard and veiny limb. It was a good seven inches and three inches around. I moved to take it in my mouth. “Stop.” I halted. “On your back, head over the bed. You can work my balls first. Let’s see how you handle those.”

I scurried to do as he commanded, my head hanging over the bed. He lowered those softball size orbs down onto my mouth. I inhaled his personal scent, a mix of the scented oil and musk. My mouth opened wide, I couldn’t’ get one in my mouth, let alone two. I ran my tongue over them, lapping them gently, doing what I wanted done to me. I felt the bed dip as Terrance leaned over. I groaned around those bull balls, wondering how they would feel, slapping against my ass.

My body went stiff when I felt Terrance take my cock in his mouth. His tongue wrapping around my hard seven. Just like the kiss, he was slow and methodical, burying his nose into my balls with ease. I reached up and took hold of those firm black mound. I felt how tough and hard they were. These were no soft cakes, no jiggling jelly. This was a real man’s ass, hard and firm from lots of hard work.

I continued working those balls, moving from one to the other, trying to unhinge my jaw to get just a bit more of them into my mouth. Terrance continued to entice and charm my cock down his throat. My girl could never do that, at least not with me. All these years, I was missing out on what a real man could do for me, what a real man was doing for me. I continued slobbering over his nuts, hoping I was doing what he liked.

Terrance folded me in half, pinning my legs to my stomach, exposing my hole. I wondered what he was going to do, but kept my attention on the baby makers on my mouth. Then he did it. That long thick tongue began worshiping my virgin hole. I wailed in pleasure against his balls as he tongued my ass. Slow, long licks across my booty hole. Had I known a black man could give me such pleasure, I would have knocked that bitch out the middle, and gotten speared right then.

His tongue worked me, his hands, spreading me wider and wider to gain him better entrance. I clawed his muscled ass. This only made him work harder, dipping that tongue into the soft muscle tissue. His tongue was in my ass, his balls on my face and I was in heaven. I groaned and moaned, as I adored the altar of masculinity. We stayed that way for some time, his drool trailing down my back, my slobber, running down my face.

I groaned with every long luxurious lick across my hole. Terrance didn't just eat my ass, he made out with it, tasted my juicy fruit bottom, letting it cover his face with its sweet goodness. I, on the other hand, lapped and suckled the huge nuts. I made it my goal to one day fit at least one into my mouth. I could feel his cock resting on my chest, a river of his precious protein gathering in a pool there.

Terrance gave my ass a rough slap, then lowered my legs. I whimpered my dismay, he stepped back sliding his cock across my face. My tongue darted out, sliding across the underside, getting my first real taste of big black cock. A pearl of precum dropped onto my taste buds. I was addicted. I tried to swipe my tongue out again, but he held his cock just out of reach.

"A born cock hound." Terrance mused, staring down into my lust frenzied eyes. I rolled over and made another attempt for his cock. Terrance just laughed. He guided me up to my knees. "Taste yourself." He slipped his tongue into my willing mouth. I hung my arms around his neck, his massive hands cupping each cheek. I tasted myself on his tongue. It tasted strange, exotic, and good. I knew he'd taste better.

"Hhmm, white boy ass." He murmured. "You don't know what a precious treasure you have. I'm going to take such good care of it." He maneuvered us both onto the bed. We laid down, me on top of him. "Straddle my face, baby, let me feast on that ass again. You can nurse my cock while you do it."

I didn’t, hesitate. I turned around, lowered my ass down his chest, my legs stretching to their limit. Terrance took hold of me by the waist, pulling me back against his waiting tongue. I gasped, lost in ecstasy, almost forgetting the juicy slab of man meat that lay presented for me. I leaned down, taking the shaft in my hand. I could barely wrap my hand around the thing. I kiss the tip, then stretched my lips around the cut mushroom head.

I knew he had planned this position, knowing I'd only be able to swallow down an inch or two, and no more. What I could get at, filled my mouth. I stretched my jaw, drinking down his goodness, trying to choke down as much of his thick veiny cock. I tried to inch forward, but every time I did, Terrance would grip me by the waist and pull me back onto his mouth. I flicked my tongue over the piss slit, coating my tongue with his droplets. I ran my lips over his thick veiny monster.

Terrance slapped my ass, then began poking his thick finger at my hole. I pushed back against his digit, the sharp pain burning for a moment before I rocked back again. I wanted it, him in me. I moaned around his cock. Terrane continued working his way into me, loosening me up. I didn’t know what felt better, his finger fucking me, or his cock choking me.

He spat on my hole, working a second finger slowly into me, stretching me. I felt the muscles give, I wanted to scream stop and keep going at the same time. Soon the second massive finger was by the other. I rode his fingers, all the while, he kissed and licked at my ass cheeks. He squeezed and played with my cheeks with his free hand. My engine was primed, feeling the power of his black disk in my mouth.

I knew my mouth was only teasing him. A man like that was used to having white boys like me swallowing him down with ease. His fingers left my ass. I felt so empty without him there. He pulled me off his cock and sat me beside him. I went back towards his cock but his hand stopped me. “You got to be trained, Kyle.” He moved up the bed, his back to the headboard. He reached into the nightstand, pulled out a condom. I watched in awe the latex trash bag he used to cover his rod. He grabbed some lube from the drawer and shined up his cock.

“Hope up here.” He patted his toned stomach. I straddled him. He reached around me with his hand and slide a finger into me, sliding it up in me. I moaned as he twirled his finger around in me. “Take what you can, nothing more.” He warned. “Don’t worry, I’ll have you taking me down to the balls in now time.” He put his hands on my waist. “You aim it, I’ll lower you.”

I reached back, taking the behemoth cock in my hand. I rubbed it up and down my now slicked up hole. I pushed back, trying to force the beast in. “Relax, push out.” I did and the tip popped in. I screamed with triumph and pain. He pulled me off, my breath ragged from the attempt. “You okay?” I caught my breath and nodded, repositioning the cock back at my entrance. This time it popped in, the pain milder.

“Let me lower you.” He soothed. “We can stop at any time.” He guided me down his cock. An inch felt like a mile as I slowly worked my way down. I clenched and relaxed, letting the fullness take over me. I looked him in the eye, words escaping me. “You like that don’t you, baby?” I reached out and stroked Terrance’s face. I felt more of him in me.

“Black dick is an addiction.” He held me still, slowly pulling out and then pushing back into me. “Once you have it, you’ll do anything to get it.” I felt a thick vein move into me. A little more went in as he slid me down. “You feel so good on my cock. Am I hurting you?” I shook my head, fireworks exploded my vision. I pushed down a bit, trying to get more in. “See, you’re hungry for that black dick, just gobbling it up with that precious white boy ass.”

He pulled me down a bit more. My insides screamed as they were pushed aside for the new tenant. I paid them no mind as I focused on the task before me. I felt his power deep in me. “That’s one talented tight ass.” Terrance said in awe. “You got me all the way in you.” I looked down in surprise then pride. I flexed my cheeks, feeling the base of his thighs right below me.

“Make me moan.” I said huskily. “Fill me with your power. Show me that all I’m good for is taking your black dick, Terrance.” I don’t know where the words came from, but Terrence smiled and slid me up and down his cock, thrusting up as he lowered me down. I had no strength left to help him, but he didn’t mind as he pummeled my ass with his cock.

He held back, I could tell. I was glad he did. I felt myself sliding up and down him, feeling every ridge, bump and smooth patch of his cock. I moaned, moaned like a whore, his whore. I felt the pace quicken slightly. “That ass is going to make this volcano blow.” He warned, spearing me with an upward thrust. “I want to feed it to you, feed my babies to you. Do you want to eat my load, baby?”

“Do it.” Was all I could moan. A few more thrusts and then I was up, pulled off his cock with a loud pop. I was sat on my wobbly knees on the floor. Terrence tore the condom from his cock and starting jacking his cock in front me. I opened my mouth, sticking my tongue out like I had seen in all the movies. His fist flew across his cock, then he moaned before shouting, “Fuck.” He blasted my face with his load, my tongue and face splattered with approval.

I was in Heaven, as I was baptized in his cum. I felt my own neglected cock calling me. My tongue dashed out, lapping at the dribbling cum. I gripped my cock and pumped it. “Shoot it for me.” Terrance order, taking his hand to gather his load and feed it to me. It was too much. I shot my load all over his foot. I was taken over with the orgasm, bucking and twitching on the floor. Terrance continued feeding me his load till all but the barest film was left on me.

He didn’t ask me to, didn’t order me too. But once he was done feeding me, I bowed down to his cum soaked foot and licked it clean of my load. “I knew you were a good white boy.” I was weak with the exertion. I was about to collapse on the floor when Terrance picked me up in his arms. I laid my head on his chest. “Let’s get cleaned up.”

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