So my brother had to move in with me. I’m the youngest. I’m the responsible one. The one who scrimped and saved, buying my own home and generally living a good life. He, on the other hand, sees money in his account and assumes he has money, never mind that he wrote a check that cleared out half of it thirty seconds ago.

He’s a good guy, really. He’s a hard worker and will bend over backwards to help anyone in need. He also likes his pot. I can’t fault him for that. I didn’t partake and we all had our vices. Mine is sex, and with his odd sleeping hours, he was putting a real damper on me having meaningful short term relationships where names were rarely exchanged.

It didn’t help that his hook up is this cute Filipino guy named Emilio. He’s like a nerd with rough edges. His hair is always cut short and clean shaven. Wire frame glasses attempt to hide those deep brown eyes. His clothes hang on his slender frame, but they always make his rich almond toned skin pop.

I know he has some ink on his skin. I’ve seen it the few times he’s worn a tank top over. It also allowed me to his baby smooth chest. I don’t know what attracts me more to him, those full red lips or that cute little tushie. It's just one of those cute little butts you want to grab and adore, while his lips tend to make you want to kiss him.

The first time I met him was the first Saturday after my brother moved in. I had just gotten home from the gym and shucked my shirt to toss in the laundry when I heard the door knock. When I opened the door, he cowered back a bit when he saw my five foot eight muscle thick frame. I guess he wasn’t expecting me to be answering the door.

“Is Todd here?” He said after a moment. “You must be his brother, you look a lot like him, except built.” It was true, my brother and I looked a lot alike, except he was naturally skinny, where I had grown up chubby, stocky. Now I hit the gym regularly. I had big muscles hiding under that thin layer of fat I can’t seem to get rid of. “I’m Emilio.”

“I’m Lawrence. I think he might be here.” I said eyeing him. He was a good three inches shorter than me, and I really just wanted to pick him up and do so many naughty things to him. “I just got home. Nice to meet you.” I extended my hand. His grip was firm and his hand was soft in mine. “Come in, I’ll see if he’s here or awake.”

He waited, awkwardly in the doorway while I checked my spare room, only to find the residual odor of pot smoke. “He’s not here.” I called out as I made my way back to him. Damn, he was cute, verging on adorable. My cock groaned when he sucked on his upper lip, thinking about what I had said. “I think he had to work today. I can’t really keep up with his schedule.”

“Just tell him I stopped by.” He turned and grabbed the door handle, and I saw that cute tight butt. He turned and smiled at me. “It was nice meeting you.” I could have sworn he eyed me up and down as he left. Of course it could have been my imagination. I hadn’t had sex in nearly two weeks. A new personal record.

After that, I saw Emilio a lot more often, mainly when my brother messaged him to hook him up. They’d disappear into his room for a bit and then Emilio would come out, reeking of marijuana. I was pretty immune to the smell by now. He would, occasionally sit with me on the couch watching television till he came down.

I rarely went out for a drink, but sometimes you just need one. I have a local watering hole I hit just around the corner. Nothing fancy, some pool tables, dart board and low lighting so you don’t see how shabby the place really is. Your typical dive bar. It was where I go to grab a drink or two just to scratch that itch of going out.

I was there one Friday night when my brother was out with his on again, off again, on again girlfriend. I was sitting at the bar, nursing my cocktail when I felt the hand on my shoulder. “Hey, Lawrence, how are you?” I turned to see Emilio’s grinning face. “I didn’t know you came here.” He sat down beside me. “Let me buy you a drink.”

Two drinks later, we were talking and laughing. Emilio was touchy feely when he had alcohol in him. I tried not to read anything into it, but he kept feeling my arms, and patting my chest, all the while complimenting me on my body. I fought every urge in me to just kiss him right there. He was straight and just being friendly, I told myself.

After we did a shot, I was feeling the buzz, and so was Emilio. I didn’t know where Emilio lived, but I knew he drove here and I wasn’t about to let him drive. “You better crash on my couch.” I said standing and stretching. “You are in no shape to drive.” When he stood up and almost fell, he made my point. “You can grab your car in the morning, come on.”

He didn’t say anything, just grinned goofily at me. I tucked him under my arm, guided him out the bar and down the street back to my place. He had his arm around my waist the entire time. I assumed it was to keep from himself stumbling, but he kept falling into me. Thankfully, we had a short walk back to my place.

“Get comfortable.” I said sitting him on the couch. “I'll grab you a blanket and pillow.” When I came back with a spare pillow and blanket, he was stripped down to this boxers, blue ones with little rubber duckies on them. My eyes drank in his lithe toned form and that intricate artwork that started on his bicep and crossed his chest to the other bicep.

“I got to piss.” He said swaying. It took me a second to realize he wanted me to guide him, so I took him by the arm, and down the hall to the bathroom. I put him in front of the bowl and gave him his privacy as he let loose his bladder. When he stumbled out, I was about to guide him back to the couch, but he had other plans. “I want to sleep in here.”

He pushed past me to my room. “Emilio, that’s my bed.” I flicked on the light as he bounced into my queen size bed. “Emilio, you’re not sleeping in my bed.” He ignored me as he pulled back the covers and crawled in. I just shook my head and let him be. I went and locked up, grabbed two bottles of water and headed back.

I sat one bottle on the nightstand beside Emilio. I smiled at the slumbering Emilio. He actually looked cuter, curled up under the covers. I sighed, turning off the light and stripping down to my own boxer briefs. I crawled into my side of the bed. At least he hadn’t taken my spot in the bed. I’d worry about the fall out in the morning.

The next morning, I slowly woke up, feeling a warm body spooning me. An arm was slung around my chest, holding me close, the fingers casually petting my nipples. My dick was brick hard, pushing its way up and out of my underwear. I was still half dreaming when I pushed back against the man in a similar state behind me.

I was content for a moment when I felt him rutting against my fat muscled ass, then I froze. My eyes shot open in panic when I remembered it was not some stranger behind me, but Emilio. I tried to pull away, but he held on tight. He was pretty strong for a skinny guy. I wasn’t sure what to do, as his humps on my bumps increased in speed and intensity. I had to do something before he splattered my underwear with his morning emissions.

I sighed, forbidding myself from enjoying this. With a little more force, I gently peeled his arm from my chest, then myself from Emilio. He grumbled something as he rolled back over to his side of the bed. The first time in weeks that I had a hot guy in my bed and it had to be some touchy feely straight guy. Was this my life now?

 I slipped on some sleep pants and quietly left my room, letting Emilio sleep off his stupor. I peered into my brother’s open door. His bed was made, so either he had already come and gone or he hadn’t come home last night. I hoped for the latter since Emilio’s clothes were still on the living room floor.

I had made a fresh pot of coffee and was enjoying my first cup when Emilio came out, one hand scratching his head, the other his crotch. “How much did we drink?” It didn’t seem to bother him that he had just woken up in his underwear in my bed, or that he was still just in them as he entered my personal space. “Mind if I have a cup?”

“Help yourself.” I moved away, getting out of his gravitational pull. I wanted to reach out and feel his chest. “I don’t know how much you had, but I had well over my limit.” I admired that smooth cocoa chest with their small deep reddish brown nipples that I wanted to drag my tongue across. “You were pretty well off.”

He leaned against the counter, sipping his coffee, the fly of his boxers open, teasing me with a glimpse but not giving me one. He had to know what he was doing to me. If he didn’t, I’d have to explain it to him in no uncertain terms that things like last night were not going to happen ever again. With my luck, it would.

Emilio lingered around the house with me for another hour. It was thirty minutes before he finally put his pants and he didn’t put his shirt on till he left. When I got the text from my brother that he wasn’t going to be home till Sunday night, I about jumped for joy. Then I had to decide whether or not I wanted a trick or just blow my load. The fact that I couldn’t find anyone after an hour to come and have a sexual handshake solved that dilemma.

I straightened up a bit, thought about going to the gym, but my balls were ice blue. I didn’t bother with porn. I just stripped naked and plopped into my unmade bed. I spread my legs, took hold of my anguished neglected dick, closed my eyes and slowly moved my hand up and down my thick seven inches.

My mind wandered to Emilio. The cologne he was wearing was clinging to my sheets. All I could think of was his tight, toned body and those lips ready to be kissed. I remembered the feel of his body pressed to mine, and his urgent thrusting at my ass, and how I just wanted to pull my underwear down and guide him into me.

That last thought drew up my balls and soaked my stomach and chest with my pent up load, giving me just an appeasing orgasm. I needed more. I needed real sex with someone, not just with my hand and a fantasy. I needed something that lasted more than the two minutes it took to bust with my hand. At least I had till Sunday night to get into a man’s pants and him into me.

 I went about my day. I hit the gym, cleaned the house, did laundry and tried finding sex. The only thing I didn’t get done was the sex. Everyone that messaged me or I checked out were either looking for tops, like me, or flakes. So I called it quits, slipped into some joggers and tee shirt and plopped on the couch for some mindless television.

Around seven the doorbell rang. I wasn’t expecting anyone. I had closed out all the useless apps hours ago, and I hadn’t given my address out to anyone when I was on them. I shouldn’t have been shocked when I opened the door to find Emilio standing there in loose fitting basketball shorts and tight white tank top that made his rich chocolate brown skin look creamy delicious.

“Hey, man, want to hang?” He wore a lopsided grin, as if he knew I was going to say yes already. I shrugged and let him in, I needed to deposit something in my spank bank anyways and he was as good as anything right now. “What are you up too man?” He planted himself on the couch.

“Just watching television.” I said sitting far enough away as not to touch, but close enough for me to know that he was there. “Seems to be my typical Saturday night lately.” I felt the sofa shift. Emilio was getting comfortable, moving slightly closer to me. “What about you? What would you be doing tonight if you hadn’t come over?”

“The same.” I gave him an incredulous look. “I really don’t go out.” He shrugged. “I'm more a homebody now a days. I got tired of the bar scene long ago.” I turned to find his eyes on me. “What about you? Was that a normal Friday night for you or just a rare outing like me?” His voice was as soft as his eyes on me.

“Awe, I figured you’d be out and about on Saturdays.” I tried not to sound sanctimonious. “I mean I do know what you do for a living.” I paused in thought. “I mean your second job.” I corrected myself. “I’m not judging or anything, but I know you’re my brother’s hook up for his herbal recreation.”

“You don’t smoke pot do you?” His studied me, his eyes narrowing behind those glasses. “Your brother is the only guy I deliver too. My cousin is the actual dealer.” He confessed. “Of course, I do partake in the occasional puff. You should try it sometime. Just recreational like me, not like your brother. He smokes it like a chimney.”

“Tell me about it.” I laughed. “I don’t think it’s for me. I get randomly tested.” I could feel the stirring in my loins. I was getting plenty for my spank bank this evening. “Besides I think I get enough of a contact high with my brother smoking up like.” I was feeling a bit uncomfortable. “Besides I don’t think it would help with my workouts.”

“You could shotgun.” I was familiar with the term. I knew the basics of it, but never really done it. The idea of Emilio’s lips close to mine filled me with excitement. “Have you ever done that?” I just shook my head. “Here, close your eyes and pucker your lips like you’re going to kiss.” I did, turning my head toward him.

I could sense his face close to mine, then the gentle blow of his breath streaming into my mouth, letting me taste the fresh minty taste of whatever mouthwash he had used probably five minutes before knocking on my door. I held still. My heart raced with the anticipation of what he might or might not do.

Then I felt the press of his lips against mine, the tentative push of his tongue from his mouth to mine. I reached up and cupped his head, holding him there, so I could enjoy the long lost feeling of another man touching me. Emilio didn’t pull back. He grabbed me by the back of my head and pulled me to straddle his lap.

It was a bit odd, my big body on top of his little frame. I bent to keep our kissing going, his hand moving up my shirt and across my broad back. I wasn’t sure if this was a dream, a fantasy or reality. I just knew I was going with it. “What are we doing?” I asked between urgent kisses. “Should we be doing this?”

“Yes.” His gruff answered came right before he tossed me like a rag doll onto the couch. Before I could even think to protest, he was on top of me, our lips pressed, our legs tangled and our hard cocks rubbing against each other. “Damn, I’ve wanted you for since I first saw you.” He groaned before sucking on the inside of my neck.

“Emilio.” I softly purred, enjoying the feel of him on my skin. “I’ve wanted you for so long.” My hands moved down to that precious bumps of his ass, squeezing the soft yet firm mounds. “Fuck.” I let out as he found a spot of my neck that sent me squirming with pleasure. “Are we really doing this?”

His slid his tongue up past my Adam’s apple and to my chin then looked down at me with predatory hungry eyes. “Yeah, we’re doing this, Lawrence.” I felt a chill of excitement overcome me. “We’re going to do this now, later, tomorrow and every other time we want to.” He brushed his lips over mine. “I can’t believe I waited this long to make my move on you. You’re so God damn sexy.”

I could feel his intent pressing into me. He stroked my unshaven face with his hand. “You just don’t know what you did to me that first day you opened that door shirtless.” He ran his tongue over the top of his lip, looking me in the eye. “I knew right then, I wanted to get to know you.” He pressed his lips softly to mine. “Then I got to know you, and I was like, I got to show him how special he is to me.”

I didn’t know if he was sweet talking me or if he really meant the words, but right now his sweet words had the effect he wanted. “Let’s continue this conversation in the bedroom.” I scooped us up with ease, holding Emilio with ease as I carried him to the bedroom. He hugged me close, running his hands through my thick brown hair

When I sat him down, my hands took the bottom of his tank top and pulled it up, revealing that slender body that turned me on so. He slipped his glasses off, setting them on the nightstand. My fingers traced the outline of his intricate tattoo. He took my left hand and brought to his mouth, kissing the palm of my hand.

He pulled my shirt up, trying to get it off, but our height difference hindered him. I pulled it off the rest of the way, only to have his hands on my hips, pulling down my sweats. “I want you naked, baby.” He said, slipping the cotton pants down revealing my seven inches hard and ready. “No, underwear.” He looked up at me with devilish gleam in his eyes. “Me either.”

Before I could even get my mind wrapped around that comment, his mouth was on my freshly shaven bull balls and his hand was stroking me delicately. “Damn, Emilio.” My hands ran over his short cropped hair. My knees grew weak as he moved from one ball to the next, giving each their own careful attention.

Then, with his eyes locked on mine, he licked up the underside of my shaft, from the base to the tip. My lips quivered with anticipation and I about collapsed when his tongue twirled rapidly around the mushroom head. When his lips brushed over the head, taking just the head in his mouth, I could not stand any more, collapsing back onto the bed, my legs spread with Emilio between them.

He did not break stride, taking me into his mouth, holding my dick with one hand and working my pants off my feet with the other. I cradled his face with my hand, letting out soft murmurs of appreciation. I watched, eyes glazed over with desire, as his mouth swallowed me, allowing his tongue to run against the length of my shaft before my cock reappeared from his mouth.

He closed his eyes, the enjoyment evident on his face. He was coaxing the eruption from me, slow and steady, ensuring that it would be greater than Mount Vesuvius. I couldn’t let him do that. Not without tasting him across my tongue first. I reached down and pulled him to his feet, his mouth shimmering with precum and spit.

My mouth found that tiny chocolate dot on his chest, mouthing the delicate nub. My hands slipped down his pants, cupping those delectable smooth apricots. He wasn’t lying about not wearing underwear. I slipped his shorts down, moving to his other nipple. He cradled my head to his chest as the shorts fell.

I felt the spring of his cock against my chest. He humped up with need against my chest. I took him by the hips, pushing him back to see a thick and long rod waiting for my attention. He flexed, making it bounce, the head a pale pink that sharply contrasted to the light brown of his eight inch shaft.

I leaned down and swabbed the tip with my tongue before taking him slowly into my mouth to the back of my throat. My lips stretched across the impossibly big cock of such a tiny man. I gripped his cheeks and pulled him into me my mouth, bouncing him in and out. He took the hint, grabbing either side of my head and pulling me onto him, fucking my face.

My nose brushed against his trimmed pubes, the only hair I could find on his body aside from his head. My tongue tasted the sweet elixir he spread with every thrust in and out of my mouth. I may have been out of practice but my muscle memory kicked in, and I let him down into my throat without any trouble.

He humped my mouth, telling me how good my mouth felt on is dick, how he couldn’t wait to fuck my fat ass. The sweet innocent man was a memory. He was a filthy fucker now, one that was going to have me moaning like the slutty whore I wanted to be. The slutty whore I wanted to be just for him.

He pulled me off him. I lunged for his dick. He pulled back, and pushed me back onto the bed. “You’ll get more of him in a minute.” His voice was deep and throaty. “Show me that glorious ass baby, get on all fours for me.” I got up and positioned myself for him as he ordered. His hands roamed over my muscle tight globes. “Damn, that is such a beautiful booty.”

I was about to tell him where the lube was when instead of the hard press of his cock against my hole, I felt the wet press of his tongue to it. The guttural growl that escaped me from the tantalizing tickle of his tongue filled the room. Just like his kiss, it was soft, urgent, appreciative, flicking and sliding to all the right spots.

His hand reached under me, grasping my hardness. He milked me in time with his tongue lashes. My legs spread and I thrusted my ass up and out for him in an arch. I clawed at the bed, begging him not to stop and to fuck me at the same time. He was driving me wild with the intricate pattern his tongue traced.

He paused, running his thick thumb over my eager hole. His fingers spread across my cheeks. I braced myself for more of the tongue teasing that did not come. He pushed me forward, letting me collapse onto the bed with my spit slick ass up in the air. He was on me, his mighty piece nestled firmly between my cheeks.

He ran his rod up along my crack while his mouth found the back of my neck. His hands buried under me, grasping my meaty pecs. He slid up and down, occasionally hooking then releasing me. I moved in time with him, trying to catch the elusive monster. Then, with a lucky movement, he was balls deep in me.

His cock sliced into me like a hot knife through butter. I let out of pleasurable gasp of pain as he rested deep in me. I flexed, allowing myself to get adjusted to him. His cock actually throbbed in me. I felt as if I was going to crawl out of my skin if he didn’t start humping me. I rolled my body, bouncing him up and down.

He refused to budge, resting in me as he kissed my skin. His tongue made lazy circles at the base of my neck, distracting me from his hand moving up under me to grip my shoulders. “Are you ready, baby?” He purred softly against my skin. My answer was a growl of need to feel him thrusting into me.

I felt his hips rise and fall slowly into me. I groaned in frustration. “Patience.” He soothed, pulling out a little more with his thrusts. “You’re going to love how I make you feel.” I pushed back on him, letting out a soft whimper. I needed him slamming into me, filling me with his thick engorged cock. I felt a light kiss on my right shoulder. “Trust me.”

I relented, letting him slowly stroke in and out of me, pulling just a little bit more out of me every so often so I could really feel the length of him as he pumped into me. With each slight pull out, I found myself longing to have him buried deep in me again, hating the empty feeling it was causing right before he pushed all the way back in.

When only the tip remained, I almost cried out for the need of him back in me. “Now, you’re ready.” Emilio thrusted hard into me, sliding in and out of me at various lengths. Emilio held on tight to my shoulders, refusing to be tossed from my twisting and bucking body. My back arched like a cat, trying to push hard back against him.

His body rolled in waves against mine, slapping his hips hard against my fleshy cheeks. Where he learned to fuck, I did not know. I just knew he had mastered it. I was a blubbering mess of orgasmic sensations, unable to utter much more than animalistic sounds joy and primal grunts of need.

Without warning he pulled out, leaving me with that empty feeling that no bottom likes. “Get on your back in the middle of the bed.” He barked out. Sex Emilio was quite different than the meek man that came calling on my door. I did as he commanded. He took up position between my legs, pulling one up to rest on his shoulder, the other he forced wide for easy access.

“I want to watch your face when you cum.” He dribbled a long line of spit onto his dick. It was the only lube we needed, apparently. When he pushed into me, my warm hole welcomed him in. The elation on his face was only matched by mine feeling him back in me. He rotated his hips, touching that special spot in me.

My cock jumped with every slight touch of my prostate. He leaned forward, pressing one hand on my chest for balance. “Just so you know, I’m not coming till you do.” He warned. I was torn between the need to climax and the need to have him in me. “Make good choices.” His eyes locked with mine when he picked up speed.

I reached up and caressed his face, my mind a whirlwind of conflict. I knew we couldn’t keep this up forever, but I also knew I never wanted this to end. When I didn’t decide, he did. His hand went from my chest to my leaking cock. With each thrust into me, he stroked me, bringing me closer and closer.

My eyes begged him to stop stroking me. The sounds I made told him to continue. Harder and harder he pumped into me. Quicker and quicker he stroked me. My balls screamed for release. I was on the verge of climatic explosion that I could not stop. My lip quivered as the approaching flood of sensation crested.

I pulled Emilio down for a kiss as the cannon blasts of my cock shot forth. My screams of indulgence were muffled by Emilio’s mouth on mine. He did not break stride in his movements. I clamped down hard around him, but he still pushed through with ease with each hip roll. He picked up speed and then his own muffled roar of climax came into our kiss.

He pumped hard and deep into me. I could feel him leaking out with every pull from me. I squeezed tight, trying to hold him in. Then he fell on top of me, his head resting on my chest, cock still buried deep in me. I put my arms around him, enjoying the feel of his body against mine.

We laid in bliss, my hand stroking his back, his making lazy circles around my nipples. “That was so much better than I had ever expected.” Came his soft satisfied voice. “Mm, you feel so fucking good.” I continued my soft pets. “I can’t wait to recover and do that all again.” My hand froze on his back. “Something wrong?”

He looked up at me with puppy dog eyes. “Emilio, you’re cute and all, and that was fantastic.” I saw him steeling himself for the letdown. “But, I got to shower and rest a bit after that.” I gave him a playful grin. “How about we go shower and soap each other up?” His face brightened. “Did you mean what you said?”

“Every word.” He crawled up, breaking the cement semen bond on our skin. “When you need dick,” he kissed my lips lightly. “When you need to be kissed,” another soft kiss. “When you need to be held,” yet, another soft kiss. “When you need to feel special. You call me, and only me.” That last kiss, his lips pressed firmly onto mine, his tongue moving to meet mine.

I could feel my cock stirring with those words. Our hips moved together. I could feel him filling with blood. If we kept his up, we’d be going at it again, and as good of a bottom I was, I needed a brief respite. I rolled him off me, taking control of the situation again. “Shower time.” I announced, getting up from the bed.

Emilio was splayed out on my bed, arms and legs spread, his cock half hard bobbing up and down. He looked at me, that commanding look in his eyes. “Hey, what about this?” He shook his hips, slinging his cock back and forth like a tempting lure. “You’re not going to leave me like this, are you Lawrence?”

“That’s coming with me.” I took hold of his thick club. “You can come with it or stay here, but I’m sure you’d enjoy it a whole lot more.” He laughed, climbing off the bed and into my arms. “You think you can be a little dictator just because you can lay pipe better any plumber.” I gave him a wink. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of him and you.”

In the shower, we didn’t get much washing done. Our soapy hands roamed over each other, and our mouths met with the hot water beating down on us. I stroked him. He fingered my hole. I finally grew annoyed with the confined space and shut the water off. We quickly dried off and were back in the bed, mouths exploring the places we hadn’t before.

I had him sitting on my face while he slurped my cock. I smothered my face in those pert cheeks, running my whiskered face over the sensitive skin. I could feel the precum pooling on my chest. I ran a slow light finger down his spine, sending him arching into my mouth. He moaned around my cock.

“I got to have that ass, again.” He moved with lightning speed, leaving only the taste of him in my mouth. “Lube’s in the dresser?” I nodded, licking my lips for the faint traces of him still there. He grabbed it from the top drawer of my night stand. I watched as he put on a show of slicking himself up. Then he raised both legs to his shoulders, exposing his goal. I felt the slick fingers pushing into me.

I shuddered knowing that soon they would be replaced with something much more filling. He lined up. He pushed in. My ass took him with ease.  “Damn, that ass.” He pumped in me slowly, pushing my legs back to my chest so he could get a better angle. “I could stay in you all night.”

This time, he didn’t tease. He just pounded in me, my eyes rolling back in our heads as he bounced in and out of me. I pulled my legs back, granting him more access to that pleasure pit. Hard and fast, slow and steady, he did them both, never allowing me to know what type of slick slide into me to expect next.

I didn’t even touch my cock when it shot it second blast of the evening. This made Emilio toss his head back in his second moment of bliss as he filled me once more with his seed. I could see the outline of every sinewy muscle as he tensed with the moment. The power in his body was more than evident in that moment.

When he was done, he slowly pulled from me, letting my legs fall to the bed in exhaustion. He went to the bathroom, returning with a washcloth to clean me up with. Delicately he patting my dick clean and wiped away the evidence of our second tryst. He returned the washcloth to the bathroom before pulling at the covers so we could sleep.

In the dark, he slipped behind me, spooning me with his half hard cock pressed between my naked cheeks. “Good night, baby.” His hand slipped around me holding us tightly together. I sighed with contentment. “If you wake up with a dick in your ass, it’s because he likes it in there.” He joked.

“Are you sure it’s not because I like him in there?” I laughed back. I brought his hand from my chest to my lips for a kiss. “Good night, Emilio.” I put his hand back. I wasn’t sure if this was a good idea, but I didn’t care, not right now. Right now, I had a man holding me as I fell asleep. A man that would still be there in the morning.

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