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A happy bottom with a never satisfied hunger, a large appetite in men and an eagerness to please facing some hard times doing what i love being here in restricted Muslim city of Cairo nevertheless there is a lot of taboo fun in it as well.

Stories by maro jo

  • The calling 2

    ll I wanted with him with to take him to the edge of the roof and look over the view holding him tightly in my arms for a minute just cherishing this special night of all the forbidden Kandy he allowed to have blow job , ass fuck , cum inside , swallow , tough sex..

  • The calling 1

    Reaching for what you want and the clueless journey to having it .. will you stand the tests ? .. will you endure the pressure ? and later, will you stay true as you started ?

  • defiance

    A Muslim kid's dealing with his ruined religious beliefs after knowing for sure that he is gay.