All I wanted with him with to take him to the edge of the roof and look over the view holding him tightly in my arms for a minute just cherishing this special night of all the forbidden Kandy he allowed to have blow job , ass fuck , cum inside , swallow , tough sex.. All of these are just fantasies when it come to girls specially here and what he allowed me was something I'm very happy to have done and grateful for the chance he offered me to have it.

He ended his story saying these words as he was holding me in his arm by the Nile looking at the view in cold windy weather

" Man what a story! .. I really need to be alone considering the thoughts and ideas I'm having " I said laughing

" Ah so you admit you have it in you too ?" he asked

" What is it that I have in me ??"i asked as i smiled

" I meant the desire but apparently thoughts are not enough .. You want something physical inside .. don't you ?"he replied

" Tell me about yours too" he said

"Well ... no!" i said

" No this isn't fair I told! .. you have to tell too "

" Well ... I'll tell you thing better .. "

"What is it"

"I'm keeping the promise that I made you earlier how ever you want it redeemed "

"What promise?" he asked

" That I'm yours to make you happy and cheerful"

"Aha .. I see .. Well .. it would be amazing to relive all the emotions I have experienced with that guy it was a one time thing that I dreamed about for many nights after .. Are you up for it or is it out of the deal?" he asked

"Well what do you think? .. Not only up to it .. I want it .. Haven't you noticed me at all before the way I looked or acted around you ?"

"Of course I did.. Why do you think I told this story first? .. Just to get you moving .. I only asked because it sounded nice hearing it from you baby" he replied with a smile

"That's clever"

"Well there is this other story too that wanted to tell you about"

"What's it about ? " I asked him

"About that guy I meet on the elevator who pushed his ass up against my cock and went down the same floor we headed to the back stairs where he gave me one hell of a blow job and swallowed as well"

"Wow that concluded very fast .. I can't believe how APPLICABLE this story is " I replied

"Well you see where the bathrooms are at the club where the wedding is ... no one passes by and we will be done quickly" he said

" Honey! You don't have to sell me on it .. You have no idea how long I waited to have your cock in my hands and in many other places of me you say the word I follow , SIR !" i replied smiling and horny

" Well , to the bathroom then bitch"

He had his hand cupping my ass and fingering my hole on our way despite him saying it was gonna be just a blow job but all my thinking and logic was rapidly getting thrown out of the window as I'm seeing my long awaited fantastic man finally willing to make me a property of his pleasure and I couldn't of anything that came near in importance and meaning to this.

Even when we reached the club he had me walking in front of him very quickly with a hand on my shoulder directing me and the other on my ass untill we reached the bathroom he took me all the way around it to an older bathrooms that was surely out of service and no one would at all enter

"Take off your clothes!" he said right before we entered .. i didn't dare to question him knowing that I'll get the slapping so i did in a hurry get them all off down tomy shoes despite all the water on the floor god know where it all came from

He grabbed me by the neck to inside one of the booths threw me down and sat in front of me took off his pants and got his cock out in my face

Hairy Black thick with a big head and it's beautiful long hanging balls and it's strong man scent ..i was mesmerized ..never have I seen such a big one like this

While I was meditating upon it I felt a strong grip taking my head towards it and I didn't think much I went all in .. I took it by my mouth wrapping my lips around it and folding my tongue up to welcome it all inside deep down to my throat from the beginning till I had my nose buried in his pubes inhaling in the beauty of the real man that he is with my eyes closed cherishing the long awaited moment that I have long yearned for

Then he held my head with both hands adjusting them to have a clear passage in and out and started fucking my mouth like he would fuck my hole he started slowly taking his time to go fully inside till he had my face glued to his body and my chin feeling his balls to which I was allowed an opportunity to lick and suck on my own ..i sucked each having it rest on my twitched lips like a diamond resting on a cushion then I took them all in my mouth carefully letting no teeth touch them and had my tongue delicately rubbing and licking .. comforting and assuring them that they are home where they belong and I was lift to indulge my self in these pleasures until he took matters back in his hands by getting his balls out to plug his cock fully back in and then he went back slowly letting me feel every part and area of its head and shaft rubbing the whole inside of my mouth and tongue out to the lips where its head would hang for a second before it's out and in again for another turn of pure pleasure

In and out sensually for a while and then he started going faster that I had to catch my breath bit by bit which was the only way because I could never imagined the possibility of asking him to slow down it wasn't an option and I didn't want to any way .. I loved having him use me the way he please it was my ultimate desire and I'm not going to spoil it even when my jaw starting soaring .. I was totally detached from my senses as I got ecstatic on the feelings of him fucking my face I couldn't care for or ask for anything more

I couldn't till how long it took until I felt his cock pumping loads and loads of cum flooding every bit of my mouth inside and outside and kept going pushing it all deeper in my mouth to my throat as I swallowed it all feeling triumphant having had his seed shot inside me and was determined to Save every piece of it and never dropping any of it out

After a while he slipped his cock slowly out of my mouth drying it against my cheek and chin breathing deeply to calm him self I looked up to him waiting for an order but he didn't respond he only moved my head a bit to the side and pointed his cock to the sync "hold it!" he said quietly knowing that what ever tone he speak in it's all so sacred to me and will be carried out as he wishes it was obvious in how i was so obedient from the start and surrendered while he fucked my face

I held from the side with my whole hand feeling how warm and wet it still was as it started pissing down the sync I watched how hard and fast that stream went appreciating that it is coming out of my master right where his cum cam through and humbled by the strength it symbolized of the cock that is pushing it out so hard , how hard can it drill my ass ?? A question I needed a practical answer to in a hurry

I looked up to him after he was finished with my still cum covered face and teary eyes as I opened my mouth wanting to talk but not able to not without his permission first I physically had to hear him say it before I really could but he had the head of his cock hang down in my open mouth to clean with my tongue and then he left me up pent me over a bit and my face to the wall .. he took the remaining cum on my chin and cheeks by a finger and fingered my hole with it .. He plugged the whole finger deep in my ass rubbing his cum inside

"You have my cum deep inside both of your holes now .. That marks you to yourself and to everybody as mine now but to me you are a property that I have and can use or share the way I want and please kid " he said those words as he pushed his elbow against my neck pinning me to the wall an showing me a video he filmed as I sucked his dick and licked his balls

"No need to tell me sir I have declared my self as your property since a long time ago and prayed for you to see my unending hunger to please you and now that you've answered my praying and calling I don't need to have or be anything but a servant of your every desire .. I want nothing else but to be a useful tool for you to use or abuse the way that fulfills you have my complete compliance and devotion to live in servitude to you and your every desire" I said sincerely with a smile on my face cherishing every second of his presence, touch and smiled going over all the boys I've been with .. seeing how it was all just a training to ultimately where I'm

"Good boy!" he said as he patted my neck with a smile

I laughed feeling so happy to see how good I passed his test and fitted what he wanted feeling a sense of achievement that nothing else have ever given me and excited about how it will go what else will be asked of me and how far will I stretch to deliver it as I knew there is no turning back for me from this as it's who I really I'm and it finally started coming to life

He stood out side with a cigarette watching me standing naked in front of him for a few minutes then he came close closer to my face holding it up to face him and opened my mouth with a touch "inhale!" and blew the smoke out of his mouth in mine and placed a light yet passionate kiss on my lips like i have never felt before just for a few seconds before i started coughing witch totally ruined the moment until he allowed me to wear my clothes

"Did I cheer you up ?" i asked with a smile on our way back

"Sure! But that was for now it's nothing compared to what I have in mind.. You know I was serious about all that said in there" he said

"So was I and if I could be with you all the time I would but you know how it is" I replied feeling irritated as I was back to the the real life

"Well we cant be together all the time we can get together many times .. Take for instance tonight it's impossible we both are occupied but tomorrow we are free" he said looking at me

"Tell me how to get there and I will be there first thing tomorrow with nothing second to it .. I'll be yours for the day" i said

"I'll call you .. But think about how will you be couping with change as we move a head .. In our relation you will need to be how I want and I will always want more"

he said in a natural tone and a serious look in which I could see a very frightening but exciting future to which I was going my will being out of the picture and of no importance what so ever .. I felt as I am of certain kind that is obligated and innately wanting to live in servitude but living in a society that wants every boy to grow into an extroverted alpha male there wasn't a chance for us to know and realize who we are and where our place is but luckily a man like my master a Saviour of a wondrous omnipotence would come along and see the hunger in my eyes like a dried soil begging with what's left of its fainting power to be flooded with his manhood and molded by his hands how ever he please and declared as his property and his own creation

To be continued .. 

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