i laid my head on the ground supposedly out of respect to a god that i couldn't care less about but what it really was is that i only laid my head down so i could lift up my ass to my real god - the cock - of my friend and my cousin such a rush of thrill and joy .. tilting my head up enough to watch out for anyone getting out of prayer so he wouldn't see us but it's really hard to do anything when i feel the cold hands and warm cocks of both Tam and Hus rubbing my ass cheeks lovingly just before spreading them widely til it hurts just to have my ass hole popping out as clear as possible thumbing it with one finger each and just when i lose my self to he feelings of pleasure and bow down my head a hand reaches out to hold my hair and pull it back to keep an open eye they were busy to handle any thing else by my ass and why would they bother of what use am i then ?? .. i felt good looking at all those people and seeing how little their devotion looked compared to mine in serving my masters any where any time no matter what .. if this mosque is a place of prayers then it should be paid to the real god ..

we move as they move so if any of them breaks the prayer could till we were up to something else but prying i loved looking ahead of me in total reverence while my pants where pushed down enough to have my ass hanging out and i would just melt in the feeling of each burring his cock in between my ass cheek and moving it up and down deeply while holding my waist denying me any freedom and affirming his ownership of me the way he allows me to be with his warm breath coming in my ears and by my nick.

Sadly the prayer concludes and we have to leave back home in waiting for the night to fall only then we  have the streets as we wish.


maro jo

[email protected]


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