• Barry's Bathhouse: Chapter 3

    Some new meat comes to the bathhouse, with obvious results.

  • Barry's Bathhouse: Chapter 2

    Jake used and exhausted but that's not going to stop him from enjoying the rest of the night in the gay sauna, especially with a burly newcomer standing over him.

  • Barry's Bathhouse

    A young Jock enters a local bathhouse for bears and older men. A young man's fantasy becoming a reality.

  • My Neighbor's a Pornstar: Chapter 2

    Nick is told to come over a prep for Randy after work, but he get's a surprise he wasn't expecting...

  • My Neighbor's a Pornstar

    Nick's neighbor Randy has a sleazy past, and the young fan wants to show him some local hospitality.

  • Sensei Harold: Chapter 2

    A young judoka has been keeping a dirty secret since the last session, but Sensei Harold knows what's going on in his club!

  • Winter with the Dwarves: Chapter 2

    Hawk the apprentice has lived with the Redstout for a month, and Bryce and Dirk has put him to good use! A month into winter, the young lad gets some ideas....

  • Winter with the Dwarves

    Hawk the smith's apprentice was lost in the mountains in an early winter storm. He would have died if he wasn't picked up by a pair of dwarves. Now he's stuck at their house for the winter, and they've offered a special proposition for his stay...

  • Sensei Harold

    At Sensei Harold's judo club, he is the boss and master. The young judoka Thompson couldn't be reminded of this lesson in any better way.