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Chapter 2

“So what will it be boy? Are you all used up or you good for some more?” The bruiting lumberjack man asked Jake, who sat there in the sauna, face at cock level with the new man. Jake was naked and covered in sweat, dried cum lathering his cheeks and oozing from his thoroughly used hole, and this hulking fellow comes in with a 8 or 9 inch thick cock and asks him if he’s still good to go.

“I’m ready.” Jake said, eye determined to please the bigger man. The Lumberjack grinned through his scraggly beard, taking the base of his cock we walked forward. Jake leaned in and swallowed right to the base. The lumberjack sighed as he began to rock on the balls of his feet. The young man’s nose was pressed into the pubes of the lumberjack, breathing in the mix of his manly aroma and the smell of sex. Jake listened to the moans and noises of satisfaction coming from above.

“Yeah, that’s it. Keep sucking boy, I’ll make you call my name in a bit, you’re going to love riding Jim’s dick.” Jim referred to himself in the third person, but with the cock and a nice burly body like this and Jake will ignore all the odd tendencies. He was still a little sore from the gangbang not 10 minutes ago, but he was still so horny, being in the bear saunas will have him good to be fucked as much as the time allotted him. Jake reached up and grabbed the hairy bubble butt as he sucked from the front. Jim groaned but didn’t stop him. After a few more minutes of this and Jim pulled him off his dick.

“That’s enough, I’m ready for my prize.” The lumberjack stepped away and sat down on a bench, thick cock glistening in the light from spit and sweat. He looked like a muscled caveman or a Sasquatch with a dick to match, and his hungry eyes waited for Jake to get up. He wasn’t going to let a man like that wait for long.

The jock walked over and straddled his lover’s lap, letting the cock spread his used hole and sit right to the base. Both men moaned as Jake began to ride his dick. Gripping Jim’s shoulders for support, Jake sped up. Jim reached around and grabbed the young man’s ass, pulling his cheeks apart and fucking him harder. Jim leaned in and licked Jake’s pec, tongue trailing down to his nipple and bit down.

Jake moaned and wrapped his arms around the older man’s head, riding the dick harder.

“Oh god Jim! Harder Jim!” Jake called out, feeling the bigger man’s teeth bite down harder as he bucked his hips over and over, balls slapping against the abused asscheeks. “Breed me Jim!” Jake hollered, and did he ever! The big man soon flipped over and pinned the jock under his hairy body, gripping the bench as he pounded even harder. Jake’s fingers dug into Jim’s muscular back, legs wrapped around his waist. Jim shoved his tongue down Jake’s throat, making out as his balls finally tightened and unloaded into the boy’s hole. The bigger man stayed on top as he shot each rope of cum into his new prize, grunting and growling as waves of ecstasy spread through him.

Out of breath, Jim flopped down on top of his lover, breathing in the scent of a thoroughly used boy. Jake’s cheeks were being scratched by the older man’s beard, as he planted a slobbery kiss on him.  

“I’m glad Sal let you in, even after being used so much your ass is great.” Jim reached down and gave Jake ass a grab, his hand came back to see his fingers were slathered in cum. “Damn you’re such a mess, we should go get you cleaned up, follow me.” The two men got up and left the sauna. Down the hall from the sauna was a thick door.  Jim pushed it open to reveal a large room that took up nearly half of the second floor of the establishment.

“Welcome to the Bathhouse of Barry’s.” Jim waved his arm around. Inside was a large heated pool, the water at just below waist height for the men, anyone standing up had their cocks out of the water. On the side was a few Jacuzzi's for more intimate experiences. There was quite a few men in the pool, either lazing at the edge or making out. Two men were jerking each other off just below the water’s edge while making out, another was getting a blowjob next to the Jacuzzi.

Jake looked over to see a set of benches next to the cubbies with more towels. Sitting on one was a slim otter with a pornstache, jerking off as he looked down at his companion on the floor. Sitting with his legs spread was a thick musclebear, who grunted in satisfaction. As Jake and Jim walked over, Jake got a better view of what was going on; the otter had one foot in between his partner’s legs, pressing his sole against the musclebear’s cock. His companion looked down lustfully as he rocked his hips, having the foot jerk his cock around. The musclebear looked up to Jake and grinned.

“Like what you see boy? Enjoying the show?” He asked with a in a deep guttural base. Jake didn’t know how to respond, never really seeing this kind of stuff before. But Jake didn’t realize that his cock was fully erect again. “Damn right you are, maybe if you ask nicely I’ll let you go next, or maybe fuck your feet in a bit.” The bear’s eyes gave the impression that Jake asking for this wasn’t important at this point. But before he could respond Jim wrapped one arm around the jock’s shoulder and pulled him close to his sweaty body.

“Maybe later Keith, we’re going for a bath.” Jim said, Keith just shrugged and looked back down to his crotch. His companion brought his other foot into it and trapped the bear’s dick in between both of his feet and really sped up his jerking off. Jim walked the two men away over to the baths.

“I never knew that was a thing.” Jake murmured, wrapping one arm around his companion’s waist.

“Footjobs? Oh yeah a few of the guys here are into it. Trust me kid, there’s a lot you could learn just sticking around here. You’re a little lamb in the wolf den, and we’ll gobble you up!” Jim laughed and pulled Jake into the bath. The hot water felt great on his stiff muscles. Jake sighed and relaxed in the water, leaning against his new friend. Jim’s muscled arm reaches around and takes hold of the young jock’s ass.

Jake sighed as he felt two fingers massage his hole, letting the water rub and clean his ass of cum.

“How many men used you before I got there?” Jim asked, leaning over and nibbling on Jake’s collarbone.

“Four, but three of them used me a few times each.” The man’s beard tickled Jake as his neck and collar was nibbled, sending chills through his body.

“That many eh? Mmmmmm, such a good little slut. After being gangbanged and fucked by me you’re still wanting for more, right?” Jim’s words were honey in addition to the fingering and nibbling, Jake couldn’t say anything other than was Jim wanted.

“Y-yes, I need more.” Jake’s confession was just a whisper. Jim smiled at him, kissing him intimately as he slipped two fingers in.

“That’s right. You need to be fucked more like the used slut you are.” Jim growled as he moved himself in front of Jake, pinning him against the wall of the pool. Jake felt his cock slip inside, Jake let out a moan as the older man started to thrust hard. “Oh? Going to call out into the bathhouse, you just want people to notice and come over.” Jim jammed his cock right into Jake’s prostate, and let the young man moan out loud. More like he wanted others to come for the show. “Alright then, it’s your ass on the line.”

With that Jim went back to jackhammering his hole, forcing more and more moans out of Jake. Jake gripped the sides of the pool for support, but he could hear feet splashing on the wet stone as onlookers moved around them. Another was the wet noise of cocks being jerked, the faint grunts of approval from the watchers. In one quick motion Jim flipped his fuck toy around so he could see the three men standing above him, jerking off as Jim pounded hard.

“Fuck he’s so hot.”

“Fuck him harder! Make the bitch moan!”

“Uh I’d love to breed that ass.”

Jim was clearly enjoying the audience, leaning back and flexing his sweaty pecs, muscled arms reaching out and gripping Jake’s body. The water splashed as the bear fucked Jake harder, the slapping noise of flesh against flesh echoed around the pool, that and Jake’s moans. One of the bears in front got down on his knees and shoved his dick into Jake’s mouth.

“Yeah! That’ll keep him quiet!” Jim snarled, thrusting harder as he watched the onlooker face fuck the young man. Jake was being spitroasted and couldn’t move, the aroma of the new man he was sucking spread over his face, it was invigorating. Jake clenched his hole, making it tighter for the man behind him, which caused the older man to let out a deep growl. “If you keep that up I’ll…. I’ll! YES!” Jim howled as he unloaded a second round of cum up Jake’s ass.

Jim slipped out with a wet schlop, but the man in front kept his pace of face fucking. Jake didn’t mind, loving the taste of his cock and the smell of him. But before he could do anything else, he felt someone else step in behind him, large legs press against his own. A soft paunch resting on his ass while a hard cock hotdogging his cheeks. Jim tried to turn and see who was behind him but a calloused hand grabbed the back of his head and shoved him back onto the front guy’s cock. Jake face was covered in the face fucker’s crotch, but he felt a large cock get shoved into his used hole.

Jake moaned into the cock he was sucking as the unknown figure fucked him. Whoever it was, he wasn’t waiting for Jake to get accustom to his size, luckily he was a little smaller than Jim’s massive log, but the he fucked just as hard. He spanked Jake in silence other than a few grunts.

“Oh here it comes!” The face fucker called out, pulling out his cock he moaned as ropes of cum splattered all over Jake’s face. The other two onlookers sped up their jerking so they could join in on lathering Jake’s face. The young man closed his eyes as he became the victim of a bukkake, ropes of cum hitting his cheeks and forehead.

With the cock out of his mouth Jake turned to see who was fucking him. The big hairy fucker was Boss, grinning down at Jake as he fucked him. Jim was standing next to him playing with his half hard cock.

“What? Thought I wasn’t going to come back for your slutty ass? I bred you first, and I’ll always come back for more!”

“I’m pleased to hear that.”

“Good boy.” Boss leaned in, the weight of his body pressing Jake into the pool side. His hands reached around and entrapped Jake’s, completely dominating the young man. Boss nibbled and bit Jake’s collar bone as he pounded, whispering insults and demeaning him as they fucked. “Such a dirty little slut, letting everyone fuck you! You enjoy being these men’s fucktoy?”


“Damn right you do! All that cum on your face in answer enough!” Boss snarled and licked Jake’s cheek, tasting some of the spunk splattered over his face. Jim was watching all this as he jerked off, eyes focusing on the big man’s bubble butt. Jake positioned himself and gave Boss’ hairy ass a few dick slaps. The old bear gave a grunt or two but didn’t seem to protest. That was all he needed, and the lumberjack slowly pushed his dick into Boss’ hole. The big man growled but never pushed him off, feeling Jim’s fingers grip his round sides.

“I forgot how nice your ass felt Boss. You need to bottom for me more often big guy!” Jim complemented, Boss ignored that and the three went back to their threesome fuck. Jake was surprised how well Boss took a dick, especially one as big as Jim’s. But the older trucker seem to be enjoying the attention, a look of satisfaction would flash on his face when Jim shoved his full length in, slamming into his prostate. Jake could feel the thrusts through Boss, who now tried to fuck in unison with Jim. Again Jake came with Boss’ cock inside him, shooting his load into the pool water.

“You always cum first boy.” Boss chuckled, recognizing how Jake’s ass felt when he came. But even after cumming he stayed beneath Boss, the two older men hadn’t cum yet and they weren’t moving until they did. The young man leaned his head back and made out with the old trucker.

“I never thought you’d bottom sir.” Jake whispered, Boss went to answer but was interrupted with a snarl as Jim gave a hard thrust.

“Only for a special few and some special dicks.” Boss grumbled, Jim leaned over the bear and wrapped his arms around Boss, taking nice handfuls of the man’s meaty pecs.

“He means big and manly dicks, boy!” Jim chuckled before fully jackhammering Boss’ ass. Boss tried to stifle his moans but the abuse was too much for him to contain. Jake was surprised how hot he found Boss’ moans as Jim fucked him.  Jake shuddered and moaned too as Boss’ dick was shoved further inside him from the fuck. Jim let out a satisfying sigh. “Ah, you don’t know how much I love hearing you two moan on my dick. This guy is the big bad top but he hollers like you when riding my big cock. It gets me off so fucking much!” Jim snarled the last few words before he came into Boss’ hole. The last thrusts were enough for the trucker as well, cumming into Jake’s trapped hole.

The two men pulled themselves off of Jake and flopped down on the edge of the pool with him, an arm over each of the boy’s shoulders. Anyone looking at the trio would see that the bear had claimed Jake as theirs for the rest of the evening. Jake didn’t mind too much, resting his head on Boss’ sweaty pec, the three men looked over the pool at the other men.

Keith seem to have grown tired with the footjob and pulled the otter onto his cock, lying back on the floor as the slim man rode him. A few of the onlookers from Jake’s fuck had moved over to them, shoving their dicks into the otter’s face. A pair of men were on the side spitroasting Jean from the sauna, and Tim was in the pool eating out a muslebear’s used asshole. There were others there, men Jake didn’t recognize, but looking over their bodies and thick cocks Jake would like to get to know them on a personally. But right now, he was pretty exhausted, and Jim and Boss have called dibs on him, so the three of them rested by the pool until they were ready for some more fun.


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