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Chapter 1

Jake looked up at the sign of the business in front of him, a nice wood carved one that hung on chains, “Barry’s Bathhouse” was painted in bronze over green. He looked at the reviews on his phone, smiled and walked in.

The front had no windows, and a single door next to the enclosed front desk. The clerk was a man in his late 40’s, balding hair and a short black beard. The magazine in his hands looked small in his big hands. Jake’s eyes wandered over his body as he waited for the clerk to look up, a low cut shirt showed off thick chest hair, and the back of his hands we carpeted as well. From the look of it, Jake assumed most of his body was hairy.

“I’m assuming you’re Barry?”

“Don’t be a smart ass kid, why are you here?” The clerk grumbled, still not looking up from the magazine.

“Well, I’m here to try out the bathhouse and saunas, obviously.” Jake grumbled about the kid comment. At 27 years old, he was a good 6 feet, built from the gym and a nice cropped scruff. Farm boy or hockey player, yes, kid? Hell no. But Jake was going to let it slide, he wanted to try this place out.

“Too young for here, sorry.”

“Too young? I’m 27!”

“Yeah, too young, need to be 35 to come here.” The clerk flicked the page.

“That’s an arbitrary number?”

“Yup, but it’s a private business, and a bathhouse. So it can make whatever rules it wants. 35 and older for the saunas.” The clerk was unfazed by Jake’s scowl. The customer leaned in.

“Look, I really want to try this place out. I know what this place is about, and frankly I’m really into it. Can you just look past the age thing and let me in, I’ll pay extra.” Jake whispered, pleading with the clerk.

Finally the man looked up, eying Jake. Finally the clerk let out a sigh.

“20 bucks extra.” He reached out. Jake gave him the regular fee and then the extra. “The doors over there, there’s lockers inside and towels are on the benches. You got 4 hours, enjoy.” Jake thanked him and walked inside.

The locker room was empty, so Jake quickly undressed and grabbed a towel. He looked himself over in one of the full body mirrors. The towel just wrapped around his waist and barely made it to his knees. He flexed in the mirror; Jake was muscular, and due to his height he looked like a bit of a brute. His pecs had a nice coating of chest hair, with a trail running down his abs to his crotch. He didn’t feel too much of a dick to admit he was a looker. And tonight he was counting on it.

Jake left the locker room into the back door, leaning to the saunas. The actual bathhouse extended a few floors, with private rooms on this floor. Jake looked around, some of the doors were left ajar. He took a deep breath, feeling the excitement bubble in his chest, and looked into the first room.

Inside was one man, he looked to be in his 50’s, big a muscular, his shaved head and a deep scowl on his goatee. A few tattoos covered his thick body. One nipple was pierced with a ring, a mat of black hair covered his body. He looked like a biker in some street gang. What Jake also noticed was the biker’s towel was hanging on over his shoulders. Jake looked down as his crotch, he had a half hard cock, which lay on his leg like a German sausage. Jake guessed by the look he had a 7 or 8 incher fully hard. Looking back up, the biker noticed his ogler, and made a welcoming motion with his hand.

Jake slipped inside and closed the door, the steam rose from the coals in the corner, but not enough to hide anything. Both men were looking each other over, Jake’s cock was growing hard under the towel, making a nice tent for the biker.

“So… hey, first time here?” Jake chuckled awkwardly.

“Pull off the towel.” Biker commanded, his deep base voice sent a chill down Jake’s spine. The young jock listened, letting the towel drop to his ankles, his own 7 inch cock grew to attention. A smile broke on the grizzled old face. “Nice, now get on your knees boy.”

Jake dropped down, usually he had an issue with being called a kid. But this was because it was a privilege. To Jake, bears and daddies could call him boy as much as they want, as long as he could play with their dicks. Now between the man’s legs, Jake leaned in to give the cock a lick, but Biker’s grab his cock by the base and started slapping the jock in the face.

“Got to get hard boy, plus I know you love it.” Biker chuckled, he wasn’t wrong. Jake’s mouth was open to let the hardening dick slap against his mouth and cheek. Before long the older man let him begin to suck him off. “Good boy.” Was all he said, Jake’s head bobbed up and down Biker’s dick, tasting his sweat and the musty smell of a man.

This was the whole point of “Barry’s Bathhouse”, a place for older men and bears to meet up and find sex. When Jake found the reviews online, it was a dream come true. He didn’t know how long he had a thing for older men, but it was always an itch that Jake needed to scratch. He didn’t know if it was daddy issues or a coach complex, but it didn’t really matter. There were big dicked daddy bears at this bathhouse and he was going to please them!

Jake reached up and rubbed Biker’s chest, pulling at the nipple piercing. The groan from the biker told Jake to keep going. He could taste the pre leaking out of the cockhead, he was close. The man’s tongue lapped and played around the cockhead as he jerked the shaft. But before he could go back to deepthroating him, Biker grabbed the back of his head and pulled him off his cock.

“Here’s your prize!” Biker growled, jerking off just inches from Jake’s face. With a groan the strings of cum squirted over the young man’s face. Jake’s tongue lulled out to get a bit of the salty spunk a taste, but most splattered over his cheeks and forehead. When he was finished he reached for his towel before Biker stepped on it. “No, leave it there, we’re going for a walk, and you won’t need the towel anymore.”

Jake just nodded to Biker, getting to his feet, the two men stepped out of the private room and walked down the hall. There were a few more men wandering the halls, all bears of different heights and sizes. Most of them were looking at the young man, eying him over grinning. Jake blushed, making the cum on his face all the more obvious. Biker was in front of him, greeting a few men and slapping one on the shoulder. Some of the men would grab a feel of Jake as they passed through the hall, grabbing at his hard cock or giving his ass a squeeze. Jake tried to turn to look at the men fondling him, but Biker would growl an order and instinctively he kept following him.

Down the hall more private sauna doors were open, with naked men inside waiting for a playmate, or just putting on a show. He looked in one that left the door wide open; an otter that just might have made the age requirement was on his knees getting fucked hard by what looked like an old fashion lumberjack, the man was bigger than Jake and even hairier. Jake would have kept watching but he had to follow Biker up the stairs.

On the second floor Biker was leaning against a half closed door, now working his dick. Jake looked at the door, but his new friend was clearly waiting for him to go first. The young man stepped forward and pushed the door open. Before he could react he felt Biker give him a hard shove. Jake fell inside onto his hands and knees, when he looked up, a thick cock and a pair of heavy balls were less than a foot from his face.

“Sal let in another new toy, he takes orders well, so have fun boys!” Biker laughed before closing the door. Inside was a much large sauna, with a middle bench that extended almost the length of the room. Sitting near the door was a large bear, a nice head of hair and mutton chops beard that connected to his bushy brown mustache. The man was bulky, big bulging pecs, a round beer belly, but as he moved Jake could tell that there was hardened muscle under the layer of fat. He also had a bigger dick than Biker. This trucker just looked down at the young man on the floor with a big hungry grin on his face.

“Likes taking orders eh? Good to know, then how about you get up on this bench and lie back boy!” The trucker pointed at the bench behind him. Jake got back up and followed his orders, he got to have a look at the two other men in the room. Both were around Jake’s height, a little over 40, one was clearly a gym rat; big shoulders and an 8 pack abs under all the body hair, the other one had a clean shaven face and a bit of a paunch. Both were jerking off as they looked over the newcomer.

Jake laid back on the bench, his head laying in his hands, he knew what they wanted so he spread his legs.  The trucker clicked his fingers.

“Jean, get to it.” The trucker ordered, the clean shaven one known as Jean got on his knees and sank his face into Jake’s ass. The young man groaned as the wet tongue started lapping at his hole. “Up front with me Tim.”

“You got it boss!” Tim and Boss were on either side of Jake’s face, their cocks just to his lips. Jake went to work, sucking on Boss’ dick first before turning to Tim’s. He tried to give both dicks as much attention as he could, whichever dick wasn’t in his lips would rub and slap against his cheek, leaving a glob of pre and spit in its wake. Jake’s face was covered in their sweat, smelling like working men. The tongue work below was making his eyes cross, listening to the moans of the men above made his legs wobble.

“Such a good cocksucker boss. Keep going boy.” Tim complimented, leaning over to make out with the bigger man. Jake watched as much as he could, Boss’ belly and Tim’s muscles obstructed his view. Jean reached over his legs to jerk off the younger man. Jake dribbled pre over his abs, moaning at the service. After a bit Jean pulled away from his ass, not before giving him a hard spank.

“Ok he’s ready for you, Boss!” Jean exclaimed, switching positions with the bigger man. Boss sat down on the bench right behind Jake’s ass, his bulk spreading the younger man’s legs. He jerked off his spit covered cock but kept eye contact Jake.

“I hope you’re ready for me boy!” Boss snarled as he pushed his cock deeper into Jake, who moaned as he was stretched out. When Jake mouth was open to howl, Jean shoved his dick inside, while he wasn’t as long as his companions, his girth was thick all around. Boss chuckled and continued to push himself right to the base. From there the older man started to buck his hips, beginning to fuck him. Jake moaned through the two cocks in his mouth, the sex toy for the three men. “Such a good boy!” Boss growled, speeding up his thrusts.

Boss’ cock bashed into Jake’s prostate relentlessly, and from sucking them off, the heat of the fuck, and sucking off Biker, it was too much for him. Moaning through the cocks, he unloaded a nice thick load all over his abs. But Boss kept fucking him, the three men chuckled as their bottom came so early.

“You’re not getting off that easily boy! You’re not leaving here until we get a few loads into you, and you’re going to have to get some better endurance!” Boss growled and thrust harder. Jake’s tightening hole didn’t faze Boss, the brute just kept fucking the young man. And he kept his word, the three men continued to use Jake’s mouth, hands, and hole. When Boss finally came inside Jake’s hole, he pulled out and let Jean slip his fat dick in for some sloppy seconds, using the bigger man’s cum as lube so he went as hard as he wanted. Boss just sat next to Jake’s body, guiding the boy’s hand to his crotch. Jake began to jerk off the half soft cock letting it get hard in his hand while Jean kept fucking him. When the brute’s cock was finally hard again, he stood up and shoved it back into Jake’s mouth.

Jean kept fucking Jake to completion, unloading into his hole like the Boss. When he pulled out Tim took his turn, shoving in right to the base and fucking Jake hard like a pile driver. By then Boss flipped over, both legs on each side of the bench, leaning in and fucking Jake’s face. He couldn’t see anything, the sweaty paunch cover Jake’s face as Boss forced him to deep throat his big dick.

Halfway through Tim’s fuck Jake became hard again, and when the gym rat finally came into him. Boss let Jake get to his feet. Lying on the bench next to him was Jean, legs spread and hole lathered in lube, eyes wanting. Jake knew what he wanted, and the young jock spread the older man’s legs and leaned in. Jean moaned as Jake entered him. The jock leaned in and suckled on Jean’s nipple, sweaty chest hair covering his face. As Jake fucked the man, he felt Boss press himself into the young man’s back. Boss entered the boy for a second time, and start fucking him hard.

“Tim get over here!” Boss snarled, the gym rat was watching the three men fucking, jerking off his hardening cock. Once hard again, Tim leaned over and fucked Jean’s face. Jake got a good view of the man’s ass. He leaned over and pushed the hairy ass cheeks apart, shoving his tongue into Tim’s ass. Tim moaned from getting serviced at both ends. Jake was no better, the bigger man fucking him rammed him hard, pushing him further into Jean, fucking him as much as Jake was.

Again, Jake came before Boss did, shooting it all into Jean, face pressed into the older man’s chest as he let Boss finish up with his ass. When the bigger man pulled out, Jake moved and straddled Jean’s lap, and let the man he just fuck enter him. Cum leaked out of Jake ass, running down Jean’s cock as he spread the very used hole. Jake couldn’t recall how many times the men unloaded in him, the three of them had great endurance, and didn’t take very long to get hard again. His ass was sore but he was loving every minute of it.

When Jean was about to cum in him again, he heard the door open. Before Jake could turn, he felt big hands take him shoulders and push him down onto Jean, who grabbed his arms and pinned him to his body. When Jean’s spent cock slipped out, whoever was behind him pushed a thick dick into Jake. The young jock moaned as the hairy body pressed down on him, fucking him hard. Jake turned to see the bearded face of the clerk, now naked and fucking his hole.

“If I let you in, I get a turn.”

“Yes sir!” Jake moaned as the clerk, who is now known as Sal, leaned in and made out with him. Sal fucked hard and long, Tim and Boss sat by and jerked off at the site. Jean whispered insults and compliments as his friend fucked him. Soon Boss grabbed the back of his companion’s head and pushed him down onto his cock, sucking him off while they watched.

Sal slipped his hands in between Jake and Jean, grabbing the jock’s nipples and giving them a tug. Jake moaned into Sal’s mouth, who kept fucking hard. He finally let out a groan and Jake felt the clerk’s cock pulse as he came inside. Sal pulled out, laughing as cum of four different men oozed out from Jake’s ass and dribble over his balls.

“We’ve made a right big mess boys.” Sal chuckled, spanking Jake’s ass. Jake rolled off of Jean, he looked down to see a nice splatter of cum was covering Jean’s paunch, he must have came again during the fuck. The four men stood up and looked over the exhausted boy, sprawled out on the bench, covered in sweat, ass red and sore, cum coating his inner asscheeks.

“A right mess indeed, just how we like it.” Boss snarled, he turned and left the room, Tim and Jean soon followed him. Sal looked over Jake, a smile finally broke his hard face.

“I hope you’re having fun boy. It’s good to let a few young ones in, gets the bears blood flowing.” Sal gave his cock a jerk. “I left your extra 20 in your locker, you can get it when you’re done.” Sal went to slip out, but before he closed the door, he said “You got 2 and a half hours left.”

Jake just lay there, shocked. It had only been an hour and a half, and he was fucked this hard. He was wondering if he had anything left in him for another few hours of this. While he was thinking, the door opened again. The giant brute stepped in, Jake looked up to see the Lumberjack he saw fucking the otter downstairs walk inside. In between his legs was a magnificent cock that looked to be maybe 9 or 10 inches, Jake couldn’t tell, all he knew was it was rock hard and leaking pre.

“I heard Sal let in fresh meat.” His base voice rumbled, looking down at the semen covered mess of Jake’s ass. “Oh good, you’ve been loosened up, I won’t have to be that gentle.” A smile grew on his face, his cock becoming hard again. Oh he can go a few more hours of this, but from the hungry look on the lumberjack’s face Jake didn’t think he’d have much of a choice.


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