Stories by Jedi

  • The unexpected weekend: Chapter 2

    Charles looked into his boy's eyes with love and desire, he placed a tender kiss on his lips once more caressing his cheek with his right hand.

  • Big Cock Boy

    A short story of true event. Names been changed of a jock and your average Joe.

  • The unexpected weekend

    Trevor's mother leaves for the weekend on a business trip and is left alone with his bodybuilding of a dad. What could go wrong?"

  • Santa is coming to town

    There is a whole other side to the jolly man we know and love

  • Party Hook up

    This happened once when I was invited to a frat party and sleeping with a frat guy was on my bucket list. Crossed off.

  • Bromance

    A couple older and younger brothers are alone house sitting for their parents Miles away from any possible action. Two jocks horny and alone what could go wrong?

  • The Traveler

    32 year old hunk Benjamin Wilde visiting New York for work. Wonder what sights yet to be seen

  • My boss named Bull

    Being a sexy hardworking bartender you be lucky the benefits you can reap with your well hung muscled boss.

  • Guilty pleasure: Chapter 2

    We go back to see what has Caleb wanting Alex's dick again.

  • Guilty pleasure

    When a one time thing turns into a two time thing with a boyfriend's older brother.