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Chapter 1

Trevor's mom had left for the weekend for a business trip leaving him and his step father Charles alone for the weekend. Nothing was wrong with Charles except that he was a walking sex on a stick in Trevor's eyes. His step had taken up to keeping up his workouts and over the course of six months Charles had gained over sixty pounds of muscles onto his brother and my mother herself was so happy and from hearing noises from their room was a clear indication their sex life had rekindled tenfold cause the house had a more positive vibe to it. 

Trevor had seen his father shirtless dozens of times when he walked out of the home gym, his jogs, or even the shower. He stood 6'8 with short cut brown hair and bright emerald green eyes his pecs were covered his 52" pecs and trailed down over his solid eight pack. However, his groin was only ever left to his imagination. His dad would wear shorts that were made from thin material that even wearing briefs sported a sizable bulge. 

Trevor was fifteen years old when he started to really think of his dad in any sort of way. When he was sixteen and then on he provided amazing jack off source, he sometimes hated that he had such feelings for a man he called a father for years and looked up too but in the end he could help it. Now that he had turned eighteen and alone for an extended period of time all sorts of things swirled in his mind. 

Looking at his phone it was nearly midnight and was in the mood for some ice cream, walking out in just gym shorts, stopping to see if he if his dad wanted for him to get some he pushed open his already cracked door and looked inside. "Hey Dad do you w...." 

Trevor's gasped in a sharp breathe as for the first time in his life he was seeing his father naked for the very first time. His body was built and strong...actually...he was a tad bigger then last month but that fact quickly left his mind. Time seem to slow. His father ass was big and round that jiggled as he started to turn around with a shocked look on his face. 

Trevor's mind didn't register anything else as his father turned aside from his body. Charles body muscles flexed and bulged under his tight furry skin with each movement. His muscular body shaped into an amazing V-shape pointing down to his groin, when Trevor saw his dick it was beyond what he had thought of in his head. 

Charles cock hung a clear seven and half inches near the side of a Coke can, beads of water dripped from it's fathead, he would have gasped again if he wasn't already holding his breath. Trevor felt a jolt of energy and heat shoot down his spine and into his own groin he could feel his own member begin time fill with blood. He had seen his father nearly naked and even though he tried to see him in the flesh beyond exceeded his expectations and imagination to a whole new level. His eyes shot up to meet with his dad's shocked look, his lungs burned in need of exhaling shoot out his mouth in a loud raspy breath. His dad took a single step towards him. His mouth was forming his name but wasn't able to say it before Trevor grabbed the door and slammed it shut and ran into his room locking the door. 

His cock was straining in his shorts in need of release but Trevor was conflicted. A part of him was so happy that he had seen his father in the flesh but the other half halted it. 

"HE IS MY DAD" Trevor hissed harshly to himself.  

HE fell back in his bed one hand covering his pained face and the other began stroking his member.          

A knock came from his door. "Son?" His step father called. "Can I please come in?" He pleaded, jiggling the locked door knob. 

Letting his dick go he wiped his teary eyes and adjusted himself before speaking. "No dad i...i just need time to myself...please"Trevor begged.

There was a moment of silence from the other side of the door. "Okay...I'll be downstairs son when you want to talk okay?" 

Trevor didn't respond a few seconds later he thought he heard a soft sigh followed by the sound of floor boards creaking as his father walked away. His heart hurt the way he let the big man go but he needed to think what to do next...but that is. He didn't know what to do. All he knew was that he had the hots for his own father and seeing his dad in all his nude glory really off set him. He didn't expect to react the way did not feel once he saw him. In some part of his mind he was glad. 

Thinking about his dad again caused his dick to ache once again and could feel the precum leaking through his briefs. 


It was sometime before he gathered the courage to go downstairs and face Charles but it had to be done otherwise it be a weird and long weekend and he knew his mother would know something was up. Taking a few deep breaths he unlocked his door and bounced down the stairs. "Dad?" He called out.

He didn't have to go very far to find his dad sitting on the couch, he looked up from the book he was reading his lips formed a tight line as he looked back at his son with worried yet loving and caring eyes. His dad was dressed in a black T shirt and pair of gym shorts. Even with simple clothing his body looked magnificent. 

"He son" He closed the book setting it aside and patted the seat next to him. 

Trevor swallowed the lump in his throat and sat next to him just far enough to be in a decent range so his father wouldn't think he didn't want to be close to him. In fact it was the opposite. Trevor's body was tense as they sat in silent for a moment. 

Charles spoke first. "Son. please talk to me" 

"Dad I am so sorry" Trevor softly spoke. 

Charles looked at his step son seeing tears pool in his eyes. He scooted over closer to his boy wrapping one big arm around his shoulders. "Son listen to me." He said. "There is nothing to be sorry for" He looked down into his soft Brown eyes, he was so innocent and just seeing this small creature racked with sobs nearly broke his heart. He hated seeing his boy in pain especially when he was bullied back in middle school, he'd protect him no matter what. 

Trevor's body heaved as he cried as his dad pulled him into his big warm chest, his tears soaking through his shirt as he let it all out. THey stayed like that for a good ten minutes before the sobs stopped. Charles handed him a few napkins to clean himself up, his arm still around the boy's smaller frame. 

"Now tell me what's going on?" Charles asked. 

Trevor opened his mouth but no words came out again until he finally squeaked something. "Dad...I been having feelings for you...for the longest time I been seeing you as more than my father and I hated myself for it!" He exclaimed. "I am jealous of my own mother that she gets to hold and kiss you and you to her...I feel so disgusting for being in love with my own dad but I can't ignore my feelings anymore it is killing me that I can't tell no one" THe words poured out like water. "Tonight when I walked in on you I imagined for so long what you would look like naked after months of seeing you shirtless and getting bigger each passing week...i...dear God Dad you are an Adonis of all sorts!" He complimented him. "All I ever think about is being held, make love to you..." He sniffled. "God...." Another round of tears came. 

Trevor took in a sharp breath as that last sentence and held it for a second before exhaling. Charles relaxed as his arm dropped down and under his boy's arm and around his waist. With a quick tug he pulling him across his lap and held him in a cradle position. The older man and younger boy looked into each other's eyes. 

Charles reached up and wiped the few tears that rolled down Trevor's cheeks before his hand slipped and cupped his neck, his thumb lifting his chin up as Charles leaned forward and pressed his lips upon Trevor's. 

Trevor registered his father's actions and then felt his dad's right arm come around pulling him closer in a tight embrace. Charles scuff tickled his smooth face as they kissed. His eager mouth open with the big man's as they made out with such passion and love. Trevor's cock began to stiffen and could feel something hard under his ass. 

After a long minute the need for air was to grew as the to guys pulled apart slowly and Charles looked into his boy's happy little eyes again. He traced his finger along the jawline of his son and kissed both his cheeks and lips once more. 

"Son, I have wanted to do that to you for the longest" 

Trevor looked back in shock. Surprised by his comment. "Really?!" 

Charles nodded. "Yes. Ever since you were sixteen when you came back from summer camp. You had filled out in all the right places and God I couldn't stop watching you little bubble butt in those Speedos whenever we went out the pool or beach!"

Trevor blushed. 

His dad laughed seeing how cute Trevor was.

"I want you too son" 

To be continued...

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