Parker Torres came back to his empty two bedroom apartment he shared with a classmate turned friend turned friends with benefits. Changing into a pair of comfy gym shorts and T shirt he laid back on the couch watching Jane the Virgin in Netflix. 

It was just about a half an hour pass six, Scott McIntyre came through the door with his backpack/Gym bag over his right shoulder. The ripped jock wore a tight t-shirt that had the schools logo on the front, clung to his massive pecs and abdomen muscles. Every bulging muscles from his biceps to his perfect calves were all portioned right in every way and defined even more when he wore tight clothing. Parker couldn't help but look at the beast of a man that he was lucky enough to call his roommate...perhaps even lovers. 

Since Football season was getting close to starting, Scott had been hitting the gym five sometimes six times a week for about two to three hours a day. And the results were showing. He had gotten a lot bigger since the start of summer and Parker didn't really mind for when they made love he had a lot more to hold onto when he was getting thrashed. Parker eyes drifted down to his groin region where even in a tight fit jock, to anyone who was paying close attention can see the mound in his gym shorts, it's especially more noticeable when he's laying down doing bench press. 

"Hey Scott how was the gym?" Parker asked.

Scott eyed his smaller male companion with a cocky grin. "It was pretty good for the most part" The massive black haired jock dropped his bag. "You should really go to the gym get more buff" 

Parker shrugged. "Nah, I prefer my slim swimmer body I'll leave the big muscles to you"

Scott grunted taking off his shirt and running shoes and crawled over Parker. He pushed his hand under the smaller man's shirt forcing it up and over his head. Parker let out a slight moan as the bigger of the two men settled his weight better the smaller ones smooth legs. "Mmm...on second though I like you smooth and small" He smiled. 

"Scott!" Parker Exclaimed. "Come on I got you over twice last night and once this morning" 

Scott shrugged and continued to explore and kiss his smaller companion's smooth torso, his mouth kissed and licked his light brown nipples causing Parker to moan. His resistance growing weaker by the second and Parker knew it. The way Scott made Parker feel with every flick, lick, and touch how could he refuse the brute of a man? 

Parker pressed his handwriting against Scott's big chest, he had to admit he loved the way his puppies felt in his touch how soft they were and how hard they made him whenever they flexed. He could groped them all day aside from his massive manhood his pecs were the second best thing about his body, that and his seat blue eyes. Scott gave him a puzzling look as to why Parker was pushing him away but then it dawned on him that with is almond brown eyes he was being checked . Words did not need to be spoken about the things that were going around in his little lovers mind. 

Scott smirked devilishly at him. "You okay in there?" He asked caressing Parker's cheek and Parker turning his head into his touch. 

Parker knew they were friends with benefits but he couldn't help the fact that he loved the way he was touched and held by him in some small part of his mind he wondered what it would be like to date such a guy but Every time he is reminded of why. Scott was a player and Parker didn't need the heartache so rather just settle for the fun fucking. 

"Nothing" The smaller man said leaning up to kiss him. 

As the two men made out they worked their shorts off each other, Scott pulled Parker's rear up so his growing dick was pressed against Parker's ass and grind into his sweet ass. "Mmmm I love your ass so much" He moaned. 

Reaching over Scott pulled open the couch side table drawer producing a bottle a lube, squeezing out a healthy amount into his and lathering it on his 12x8 manhood and the rest in and around Parker's tight hole. Closing the top and wiping his hand on his discarded shirt he lifted Parker's ass and pressed his fat head forward. 

Parker moan and clutched the bigger man closer as he felt his hole give way to the fat member breaching into him. Scott's hot breathe brushed over Parker's neck before proceeding to bury his face in it, sucking it knowing there was going to be a mark left but Parker didn't care he was in too much pleasure to care about anything he just wanted his big friend in him. 

Scott was a careful top as he took his time to allow Parker to always get use to his dick with each and every inch sinking further and further into the smaller boy. Parker's body was rigged and shudder when Scott gave the final push and all of him was in his tights lovers ass. 

"God you feel so good babe" Scott whispered in Parker's ear. "Your so tight and warm" He gave him a tender kiss on his lips and down his jaw line where he tilted Parker's head to the side and ravaged his neck with a lot of sucking. As the same time he withdrew his hips slowly to the tip and then pushed forward. Scott continued to saw back and forth the better part of ten minutes to allow the ass he was fucking to get accustomed to his dick. Scott lifted Parker's legs around his waist lifting his hulking body off Parker. 

"Please fuck me hard" Parker said. Drunk on a pleasure high. "Fuck me hard Scott and breed this ass" He begged. 

"Fuck" Scott grunted. 

His eyes narrowed and started to pick up the speed. Parker lifted his hands exploring the jocks muscles all over them feeling them tense and flex under his touch. Each and every one of them working together to reach a common go and that was to get Parker and Scott to cum. Scott huffed and moaned as he started to thrust harder and faster into the smaller boy. Parker moaned and didn't hold back. Some people fake their moan but not Parker. He learned to be quick when it was a quick fuck in public or even his parents home but when they were alone in their apartment he howled like a bitch in heat. 

Scott loved the way he made Parker hold and moan, he knew he was giving the fuck he only he knew he could give. He slammed over and over again into the smaller boy making their bodies slap loudly together. 

"YES!" Parker yelled. His body began to shake with pleasure. "Oh Scott....oh man" His toes curled his body tensed. 

"Fuck yeah boy take this fucking dick!" He growled. "TAKE.THIS.DICK." He grunted slamming into him with each word. The already damaged couch rocked and creaked under them that he Wood could be heard cracking. 

Scott entered into his animalistic state and fucked him harder and mercecly. Parker thrashed and writhed under Scott hulking Mass. He was pinned to the couch. 

"Harder Scott please breed me" Parker yelled. "Oh baby yes yes" 

"Fuck yeah beg for my dick. Beg for my cum!" 

Parker whimpered and Mason as he could feel his build moving through his entire body down his spine and to his groin. "SCOTT!" He whimpered. 

Parker's body convulsed and arched as his body was racked with wave after of wave of pure ecstasy and bliss. His Balls pulled in and his dick pumped thick hot ropes of cum between their bodies. Witnessing his companion's orgasm Scott become full sex crazed animal. He fucked into Parker with almost inhuman speed. The long workout sessions were truly paying off, Scott pushed one final time he reared his head as his cock swelled and pumped several wads of cum. He thrusted so hard he lifted Parker's bottom half off the sofa, it was to much for the couch to handle and the entire right half buckled under their weight. 

Scott's body shuddered as he emptied his eggs size balls into Parker, the warm feeling of being breed cause Parker to cum again making more of a message then there already was. Scott gave a few more thrusts before rolling over onto his back pulling Parker that still had his rock hard dick in him onto his chest. Rocking his little body up and down his stick a bit just to keep him hard. 

The two boys let's their exhaustion take hold and fell asleep.

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