• Confident

    Dean had the confidence to go for what he wanted.

  • An Admirer

    It was a new school, one that seemed intolerable. Then the notes started.

  • Boys of Summer

    Home from their first year away at college, they gathered at the old pond as the long days of summer were upon them.

  • Choices: Chapter 2

    Events continue to unfold.

  • Remember When

    Jason tells a story.

  • Choices

    The decisions we make have consequences...sometime bad ones but sometimes very good ones.

  • Woolgathering

    Mike takes them on, each one in this mischievous little tale.

  • The Fence

    It divided the farms of two families but it couldn't keep them separated.

  • The Bayou

    The story starts in the low country, where the river cuts through a wild landscape of swamps and bayous. Where Curtis is out in his john boat.

  • Simple Occurrences

    Three guys who will come together, not by some criminal act, or some catastrophic event, or some dramatic occurrence. They'll come together by a series of small events, minor occurrences hardly noticeable to anyone else.

  • Cotton: Chapter 2

    The story continues.

  • Cotton

    This rural place, on the river and the memories it held.

  • A Little Push

    Bobby arrived at college still trying to deal with his sexuality, confused by it all.

  • Roadside Assistance

    A Saturday afternoon drive for pleasure turns to other pleasures.

  • a kept boy

    David came from an impoverished situation that he didn't think there was any escape. He felt trapped until Stephen came back into his life.

  • A Sense of Isolation

    David lived in the rural country side with the closest town too small to offer much, and for David it was isolating.

  • The Rural Life: Chapter 3

    Luke and Tommy, Bruce and....The story continues.

  • The Rural Life: Chapter 2

    The story continues

  • The Rural Life

    The story continues.

  • A Rural Life

    Luke found himself living in the rural countryside of Monroe County, struggling to feel a connection with the place. He still had boxes sitting in his living room after two weeks wondering if he made a mistake.

  • The One

    Brice wanted Hunter, wanted him more than anyone else.

  • Letting Go

    Jacob didn't fully understand why he stayed closeted, but there was one who tested him, pushed him till he didn't know what he'd do.

  • The Captain's Boy: Chapter 2

    The journey continues - The Captain guided him to the bed then took off his own clothes. Naked, Thomas saw the Captain was already hard, his cock up and leaking. He moved up to the middle of the bed letting the Captain climb up between his legs.

  • The Captain's Boy

    Thomas found himself on a Spanish Carrack sailing off to places unknown.

  • To Desire: Chapter 2

    Shifting the story ahead.

  • The Dig

    Avery finally made it, after years of college, after letters and references from his Uncle, he finally got on a dig site.

  • To Desire

    To desire someone, to want them to the point of obsession and yet, feel it is futile, a situation that torments and it is probably best to move on.

  • Salvation

    Dana felt trapped, felt the forbidden nature of his desires and he sought an outlet for his longings.

  • Make Up Sex

    You know it can be the best...

  • The Interview: Chapter 2

    Oliver grows impatient, frustratingly so, and he wonders when they will call him.