• The Mountain

    It divided the region, a natural divide most didn't circumvent. But Wesley did, cutting his own path over the mountain, a path he could ride his bike as he visited the other side.

  • Watching: Chapter 2

    Lamont watched him, all through school, struggling to contain his feelings, keeping them to himself.

  • The Familiar

    You don't always see it at first, what is right in front of you. Sometimes it may be too late, but occasionally, events unfold that bring everything together.

  • Trespass

    Allow me the conceit of taking a previous idea and give it a different slant. Take a scene and re-imagine it.

  • Fate

    That moment when events come together.

  • The Rhythms of Night

    I watched him move on the dance floor, seductively gliding across the floor, movements that were primitive, carnal...sexual.

  • A Timid Heart

    Paul felt isolated, alone made all the more intense by his fears.

  • To Have

    He matured, found his empathy and in doing so tried to make right so many wrongs of the past.

  • A Journey

    There was nothing left for him to do except journey north, so he saddled up his horse and rode.

  • The Pool Boy

    The bastard was a fucking tease. That was all there was to it, the way he would strip down to a skimpy bikini to clean the pool, slowly working his way around it giving Rick an eye full from every angle.

  • In the Mountains

    A secluded place, deep in the mountains, a place away from prying eyes.

  • What he needed.

    The journey across town, the search for that thing that was different, that was what drove Adrien.

  • Confident

    Dean had the confidence to go for what he wanted.

  • An Admirer

    It was a new school, one that seemed intolerable. Then the notes started.

  • Boys of Summer

    Home from their first year away at college, they gathered at the old pond as the long days of summer were upon them.

  • Choices: Chapter 2

    Events continue to unfold.

  • Remember When

    Jason tells a story.

  • Choices

    The decisions we make have consequences...sometime bad ones but sometimes very good ones.

  • Woolgathering

    Mike takes them on, each one in this mischievous little tale.

  • The Fence

    It divided the farms of two families but it couldn't keep them separated.

  • The Bayou

    The story starts in the low country, where the river cuts through a wild landscape of swamps and bayous. Where Curtis is out in his john boat.

  • Simple Occurrences

    Three guys who will come together, not by some criminal act, or some catastrophic event, or some dramatic occurrence. They'll come together by a series of small events, minor occurrences hardly noticeable to anyone else.

  • Cotton: Chapter 2

    The story continues.

  • Cotton

    This rural place, on the river and the memories it held.

  • A Little Push

    Bobby arrived at college still trying to deal with his sexuality, confused by it all.

  • Roadside Assistance

    A Saturday afternoon drive for pleasure turns to other pleasures.

  • a kept boy

    David came from an impoverished situation that he didn't think there was any escape. He felt trapped until Stephen came back into his life.

  • A Sense of Isolation

    David lived in the rural country side with the closest town too small to offer much, and for David it was isolating.

  • The Rural Life: Chapter 3

    Luke and Tommy, Bruce and....The story continues.

  • The Rural Life: Chapter 2

    The story continues