Raunchy Bastards

by Grant

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I sat on one of the headstones, the edges worn smooth and round by time and the weather, watching Lee Roy pass Zeke the joint. It had made one pass around to the five of us, each taking a hit. The end of it glowed brightly as Zeke drew in the smoke then held it as he passed it over to Rayford. A truck passed the cemetery, sputtering and smoking, loading down with junk as it headed north out of town. I watched it disappear into the night, then looked at the Northside Baptist Church directly across the street brightly lit up, a beacon in the night of false hope and lies, for all their years serving the north side of Jasper, never has anyone gotten a miracle of real cure for their cancer, or found a good paying job, one that would let them leave this god forsaken place. Or ever been truly welcoming of someone that was deemed unsuitable, like Zeke and his family. I knew the words, words as old as the country that made Zeke and others with dark skin different. Some even said a different race. I knew it was bullshit, for Zeke was no different than any of us. Just thinking about it made me angry, and I spit on the ground then cursed them.

“Hey Lee Roy, you got to work in the morning?” said Levi as he took the joint from Rayford.

“Hell no. Why?” said Lee Roy.

“I want to go fishing. You want to go?”

“Yeah, I’ll go. What time?”

“About nine.”

“Shit, I have to work,” said Zeke.

“Me too,” said Rayford.

“Same here,” I said as I took the joint from Levi. Despite the dark, I could tell Rayford was nodding his head in agreement about having to work.

I drew in the smoke, making the end light up bright red-orange and held it out to Lee Roy for another pass around the five of us. I looked at my friends, guys I have known for most of my life. I knew how most people in town viewed us. Losers. Degenerates. White Trash. And for Zeke, even worse names. I had known Levi since kindergarten, and looked at him now, how he changed over the years. At eighteen, he was six foot one. A tall lean build I was jealous of. I had seen that body enough to know every aspect of it. The nickel size nipples, the trail of hair down to his dick, one that was uncut and hung long over its sac. It fascinated me how it and the sac were dark skinned, darker than the rest of him, and besides Zeke, he had the darkest, smoothest skin. I had relished every accidental bump and brush against him, imagined it being deliberate, a wanted to act, make something happen between us. I felt pathetic when I considered how I wanted him and the others. I knew the derogatory things the boys in school had said, the put downs meant to emasculate another boy. Cocksucker. Sissy boy. Faggot. It terrified me how some of those names applied to me. But not sissy boy, for none of us fit that description. We were rough necks, boys from the poor side of the tracks. Boys who played in the gravel quarry, fished in Cane Creek, got beer from the convenience store out on Tatum Avenue by paying Willie to buy it for us, and smoked pot in the cemetery across the street from the Northside Baptist Church.

I was the shortest in the group, the one that got picked on the most in school, that is until a boy two years older came to my rescue. I glanced at Lee Roy, remembering the day in ninth grade when I went into the bathroom and the McCullough boys ganged up on me, trying to steal my wallet, and he walked in. He beat Randy until he lay on the dirty floor, then turned to Richard, grabbing him before he could flee. Ever since, Lee Roy had been a friend, someone who let me hang out with him, riding around town until all hours of the night. No one at home knew a thing about my late night joyrides, since dad worked shift work at the papermill, and mom worked at the hospital over in Haywood as part of the cleaning crew.

I looked at Lee Roy, or more accurately, his dark silhouette. But I could picture him with his muscular build and the same height as Levi. I knew he worked out with weights and his job at Matthews Retread Tires was labor intensive. When not at work, Lee Roy rarely wore a shirt, proud of the body he worked so hard to obtain. A body that drew the eyes of girls in town, even some of the rich ones, ready to defy parents to get a taste of that forbidden fruit. How often I had wanted the same thing. I had seen him make out with several girls over the years, slipping a hand down in jeans or under blouses, and afterward describe to me in detail what he felt, then what they had done after dropping me off or just getting me to sit on the tailgate of his old truck as it bounced and squeaked with their fucking.

He thought I wanted to be him, fucking some girl. What I wanted was to be like one of the girls, laying beneath him taking his big fat cock. And we all knew it was big. It was obvious. Always obvious. The way it would snake down the right leg, never the left, or just push out at the crotch, half hard as Lee Roy made comment of being horny, ready to fuck. He would jokingly ask one of us if we wanted to swing on dick, and we’d tell him to fuck off and to bend over and suck it himself. Despite my words, I wanted to. Sometimes I wondered if the others considered it too. I’d seen how one of them would look at Lee Roy’s crotch when they thought no one was looking. Were they just checking him out again, still amazed at the size of the damn thing, or like me, did they consider something else.

“Fuck,” exclaimed Zeke, burning his fingers with the joint that was too short to hold.

Zeke. Dark smooth skin, sweet like chocolate, he would joke to some girl he was trying to pick up. I looked at his silhouette, picturing the full lips, the dark brown eyes, and hair that since graduation he had allowed to grow out. I pictured him naked, standing on the bank of the pond that had been one of the first gravel pits. Its waters were so deep it was impossible to touch the bottom, but Zeke tried. And I had watched him time and time again strip down, stand on the edge of the pond, then dive in. I pictured his long cut cock with its arrow shaped head. He was average in height, five foot ten, and had a lean muscular build, and a playful raunchy attitude, talking about fucking pussy and getting blow jobs and watching his cousin Marcus hammering some bank teller in the ass. I walked in on him once right after he had jacked off and his chest and stomach were covered in cum. He had laughed, told me I was late, then nonchalantly wiped it off with his underwear. It made my mouth dry to watch him.

I always seem to be late to the party.

Zeke worked at the IGA, stocking shelves and bagging groceries. It was a shit job, but one of the few places that would even consider hiring him.

“Fuck, it’s getting late, and I have to clock in at 6:45 to help open the store,” said Rayford.

Rayford worked for McKinley Auto Repair. The shop was on Owens Street right where it curved hard ninety to cross the railroad tracks and connect back with Tatum Avenue. For Rayford, it was a good job and close to his home up on Pecan Lane, so close, sometimes he left his old Camaro in the drive and just cut through Zeke and my yards down to Owens.

Rayford was five foot nine, shorter than the other guys, but a full three inches taller than me. He was average in build and had reddish brown hair and the most vivid blue eyes. And he was white, so white he rarely went shirtless like the rest of us for he burned in the sun. I’d seen him naked, either skinny dipping at the pond in the gravel pits or in his room coming back from a shower to change clothes. I’d see how he was fair skinned all over, making the hair under his arms and over his dick stand out. His cock wasn’t as long as Zeke’s or Lee Roy’s, but I’d saw him masturbating once, and the goddamn thing was thick as a man’s wrist. I wondered what it would feel like to some girl getting stretched open by it. Then I wondered what it would feel like stretching me open.

We watched Rayford as he walked toward Asheville Road where it ran along the north side of the cemetery. The road went on to the east for a short distance, then turned to the north and became a dirt road. Off that dirt road was Pecan Lane, only three or four hundred yards long. Down at the end of it, in a run-down old house, is where Rayford lived with his grandmother.

“Fuck it, let’s call it a night,” said Levi, climbing off the slab in front of a headstone and coming to his feet.

Levi worked at the Jasper Garden Center where Pine Street merged into Old Bratt Road. He had the best job as for hours, the store closing during the week at six, at three on Saturdays, and always closed on Sundays so Mr. Bradberry could go to the services at the Methodist church on the south side of town. The one where all the good people of Jasper attended, the one with a perfectly manicured lawn, an asphalt parking lot, and a preschool that Lee Roy said was for indoctrinating little kids to be scared to ever leave the church.

I climbed to my feet as Lee Roy walked toward Main Street as if he were going to church, but I knew he would cut across their property to get to the trailer park on the other side where he lived. He was the only one with his own place, the rest of us still lived at home, too poor to afford all the upfront fees required of the poor to get a lease somewhere. But each of us was saving all we could, stashing away a few bills every two weeks. It was difficult, because our old cars and trucks would break down, or our families would need money for some emergency.

Levi headed out behind Lee Roy, but he would cut to the south side of the church, loop around to Old Bratt Road, past the garden shop and to Oak Street just to the east of it. His home was the nicest of the five of us, a brick ranch house built in the late fifties, but with his father gone, run off, not dead, it was tough for his mother and his siblings.

I fell in next to Zeke, the two of heading to the back of the cemetery where we knew a break in the chain-link fence existed. Zeke lived on Asheville Road just behind the cemetery and I lived directly behind Zeke in a duplex that faced Owens Street to our south. Our yards were open, just a couple of old pecan trees in his backyard and an oak tree in our backyard, so it was easy to cut across.

I walked up to the duplex, hearing the television next door blaring, and entered the place I called home. It was dark, only a light in the exhaust fan over the range left on. As I cut through the kitchen, I switched it off, then made my way down the long hall to my bedroom at the front of the duplex, moving through the darkness by memory and feeling along the walls.

With teeth brushed and stripped to my underwear, I laid in bed with the window open waiting for the night to cool down enough to fall asleep. I had to be at the diner by ten to help get the kitchen cleaned up from serving breakfast and prepare it for the lunch crowd. This was the most dangerous time, the quiet of night when I could have those thoughts without any interruption. Thoughts about Lee Roy or Zeke or Rayford or Levi. Of what their bodies looked like, what their dicks looked like, or how they smiled when joking around, none more so when making crass jokes about sex, of fucking pussy, getting some girl to take it in the mouth, and I would imagine it was me sucking their dicks or getting my ‘pussy’ fucked. It aroused me to think of it. It did every time to the point my cock would get hard. I touched myself, slipped a finger though the fly of my boxers imagining it was someone else’s finger. Someone else wanting to touch me, to reach through the fly and touch my hardening cock. To stroke the smooth skin as it tightened with my elongating cock. To reach further into the fly until stroking the head, rubbing that smooth flared head until I was breathing hard and my cock fully erect.

“Fuck,” I uttered in the silence of the late hour.

I lifted my ass pushing down the boxers until at my knees, then I worked my legs until I could kick them off into a dark corner, daringly I laid naked on top of my bed. No one would come in at this hour, or so I hoped as I took my cock in hand and stroked it.

I started slow, really working my hand over the head building up my arousal. After a short time, my cock began to drool its slick and I smeared that shit down my cock increasing my pleasure. I stroked until near release, then stopped, lying in the dark breathing hard. My cock flexed in my hand and slowly began to lose its stiffness. Then I began again.

Over and over, I brought myself to the brink of release until I was sweating and breathing hard, then I took my cock in hand and stroked for release. Sweet merciful release.

“Oh, fuck,” I uttered in a stifled cry as my cock flexed then rained cum down on my chest and stomach. The smell of it was rich, exotic, and it drove me to stroke until I was completely spent and too sensitive to continue.

I swirled my fingers in the cum, drawing circles, long lines down my chest, then playfully a large cock, one I imagined being Lee Roy’s or Zeke’s or…I slipped my slimy fingers into my mouth and sucked them clean. I eased off the bed, searched for my boxers, and slipped quietly out of my room and into the bathroom, glad to once again get into it while naked and covered in cum without getting caught.

Cleaned up, I stood in front of the mirror not really recognizing the person staring back. Who was this person. I knew their physical nature. Five foot six, one hundred and eight pounds, a dick just over six inches long, not a fraction of an inch longer no matter how I measured it, and the most juvenile looking body, lean to the point of being skinny, almost hairless, not even much pubic hair over my cock. I looked at my face, a boy’s face I thought since I rarely needed to shave and that was just the chin and around the mouth. I hated the rosy tint of my cheeks, the boring brown hair color and how it tried to curl when drying.

I looked at this boy, and knew he was different. He was different because he liked boys.

I like boys.

There, I admitted it to myself one more time.


It was late in the day, almost six, when I pulled into the parking lot at Matthews Retread Tires in dad’s old truck. He had driven it on tires so bald they were getting dangerous, and with cash money in my pocket, he sent me to get them retread. I had driven by that morning to see about getting the tires done, only to be told to come back the next day, they were booked up for the day with a row of pulp wood trucks needing all ten tires on each done. I had seen the trucks lining the far side and knew there was no use trying to get ahead of them, for the company that ran them paid well to keep the beat-up old trucks running.

I was heading for the door when Lee Roy came out of the bathroom off the lobby.

“Hey, what are you doing here?”

“I came to get the tires on dad’s truck retread.”

“And Melissa told you we’re booked up today.”

“Yep, so I guess I’ll come back tomorrow. Are you working tomorrow?”

“No, I have the day off.”

I fought to keep my face from showing my disappointment, but something in Lee Roy’s registered it or sensed it, and he looked at Melissa.

“You think Mr. Matthew would be okay with me doing their truck after hours. It won’t take long, and I won’t clock the time.”

“Lee Roy, wait- “

He held up his hand cutting me off as Melissa shrugged.

“He’s let others do side work before, as long as he doesn’t have to pay overtime.”

Lee Roy turned to me and smiled. “Come back just before six.”


So, I was walking up to the office at five till six, cash in my pocket, and a smile on my face, glad to get to spend time with Lee Roy, just the two of us.

Melissa locked the office and shut off the lights, as Lee Roy led me down the corridor past Mr. Matthew’s office, a storage room, then out into the shop area.

“Go around and get your dad’s truck and pull it down to the last bay,” said Lee Roy.

I rushed around to the front parking lot and got dad’s truck. As I pulled through the tall gate on the side of the building, Lee Roy pulled it closed behind me and secured it. I pulled to the last bay, easing over the lift. By the time Lee Roy walked up, I was sitting on the old school bus seat along the side wall waiting for him to get started.

The first thing Lee Roy did was unzip his coveralls down to the waist and slip his arms free. He let the upper part hang around his waist, and I held my head down but cut my eyes up to look at the familiar body, relishing each opportunity afforded me. He wiped a greasy hand down his sweaty chest leaving a smear I would have licked off if he let me. He turned to the lift putting his back toward me, and looked at the muscular back, how it had such definition compared to most other boys. I looked at him as he watched the truck rise in the air until the wheels were chest high.


As the air wrench secured the lug nuts to the last wheel, I was still staring at Lee Roy whenever he wouldn’t notice. The flexing of muscle in the biceps or the back. The way the coveralls slipped down until the waistband of white boxers were visible. And that fucking bulge down the right leg. How long was it? Ten inches? It had to be every inch that, if not more, and it looked thick. And half hard.

Lee Roy looked like he was getting an erection, had for the last thirty minutes, and I fantasied what it could mean.

“I’m done,” said Lee Roy flipping the air hose away from the truck and going to the control panel to lower the truck.

“Thanks, Lee Roy.”

“Don’t mention it.”

The truck descended ready to go, but I just sat there wondering if there was any way to do something with Lee Roy, anything. I’d settle for just seeing that cock, maybe touch it if he would let me. More, if he wouldn’t make fun of me. Lee Roy turned, smiled, then came to the bench seat and dropped down next to me.

“You want a beer?”

“Sure, but where are you going to get one? You know the convenience store on Tatum won’t sell it to us, unless Willie is still hanging around the parking lot.”

“On the wall where we came out of the office is a frig with beer in it. Go get us one.”

“You guys have beer, here at the shop?”

“Yes, but we can only have it after hours…like now.”

I got up, thrilled with the opportunity to just hang out with Lee Roy. The frig was right there, not ten feet from the door and I had never noticed it before. There were grease smears and handprints on the door and handle showing a very well used appliance. I opened the door to find PBR in cans, Miller and Bud in bottles, and down on the bottom shelf, something decaying in a plastic container I dare not touch. I grabbed two of the PBRs and headed back.

“Catch,” I exclaimed, tossing a can.

“Mother fucker, don’t- “ Lee Roy exclaimed too late to stop me. He caught the can and as I went to sit down next to him, he pulled the tab spraying me with beer.

“Jesus, Lee ROY, No.”

But it was too late. I’d smell like beer.

“Dad will kill me if I come home smelling like a brewery.”

“OH please, your old man knows we drink. He’s seen us.”

“Maybe,” I uttered unbuttoning my wet shirt. I hated the feel of wet clothes against my skin. I pulled it open, but didn’t dare take it off, not in front of Lee Roy. I looked down at my chest and stomach, then glanced over at Lee Roy. I was flat, no definition, and next to me was a chest with firm pecs and a stomach that literally looked out of some muscle magazine. (Yes, I’ve looked at muscle magazines and for all the wrong reasons.)

We drank slowly, me wanting this time with Lee Roy to last, and I assumed he did from being tired after a long day. We didn’t talk for a long time, then it was just about our usual grievances.

“This town sucks,” said Lee Roy.

“Because there ain’t shit to do.”

“Got that right.”

The PBR cans turn to mouths in unison.

“I’ve not had a date in weeks,” said Lee Roy.

“Who has.”

The PBR cans turn to mouths in unison.

“Zeke claimed he hooked up with that Robinson girl,” said Lee Roy.


“Yeah, that’s the one.”

“Shit, Zeke hasn’t tapped that,” I replied, using a phrase I heard Rayford use on more than one occasion.

Lee Roy laughed, then took another drink as I watched the Adams apple bob up and down with each swallow.

“Shit, I’m horny as a goat,” said Lee Roy as he blatantly adjusted his dick, moved it up and over. It pushed out on the coveralls.

“Jesus, Lee Roy, how big is that thing.”

I had done it, taken a chance and said aloud what I and the others had always wondered.

“I don’t know. Big enough?”

“Liar. You’ve measured it, probably a bunch of times.”

Lee Roy laughed then took another drink as I stared at that cock while it moved from extending out to the side to turning up getting closer and closer to the waistband.

“Ten and a half inches,” Lee Roy uttered. After a second, he added, “damn, you can see every inch in these worn out coveralls.”

“Yeah, I kind of can see it.”

“What do you mean, kind of can see it? Look at this.”

I watched the head then a couple of inches of dick shaft come into view as Lee Roy lifted the waistband of his boxers freeing that monster.

“Fuck,” I whispered, feeling my mouth go dry.

“I wish I had something to fuck,” said Lee Roy. “You want to jack off?”

I looked up at Lee Roy, for he couldn’t possibly be serious, but there was no stupid grin or any other indication he was joking around.

“Are you serious?”

Damn that came out wrong. Too high and breathless.

“If you don’t want to, jump in your dad’s truck and go. I have got to get off.”

I could leave and let Lee Roy have a private moment to jack off. But I sat there, not moving, for there was no way I wanted to miss him doing it.

“Suite yourself,” said Lee Roy unzipping the coveralls all the way, lifting his ass, and pushing everything down until around his ankles.

“Goddamn,” I uttered when every inch of that cock came into view. It lay heavily over his stomach, thick as my wrist. Lee Roy took it in hand, lifted it until standing tall out of his groin, and ten- and one-half inches never looked so fucking big. I stared at it as the hand went down then up, slowly, over and over.

“Hey, get naked and do it too,” said Lee Roy and I came out of my trance turning to face him.

“I don’t know, I’ll just watch.”

“Don’t be shy. I know you ain’t as big, hell no one around here is,” said Lee Roy playfully. “It’ll be weird if you don’t do it too.”

It’ll be weird if I don’t do it too? But isn’t it weird if I do? There was no logic to this situation, but I wasn’t looking for logic. I was looking for the opportunity to see that dick erupt, and if had to do it too…

I leaned back and undid my jeans, then nervously pushed them down until over my knees. My boxers were bulging for I was rock hard just watching Lee Roy toy with that cock.

“You’re hard already,” said Lee Roy, chuckling with his satisfaction at seeing me aroused by him jacking off.

“Yeah, I…”

I didn’t know what to say but knew the truth was not it. Oh, Lee Roy, I’m attracted to you and want to touch your cock. I want to put it in my mouth. I want to…

I dare not think it as I lifted my ass once again slipping those boxers over my cock and down my legs until they fell on top of the jeans.

“Don’t stop; get naked.”

“What? What about you?”

“Just do it.”

Lee Roy’s coaxing voice, the one I heard him use with one girl or another.

“Shirt too,” he added.

I was breathless with fear and longing, but resolved that this was the price I had to pay to see Lee Roy get off. I slipped my shirt off my shoulders and found Lee Roy helping me get my arms free. The bastard tossed it across the room, laughing as it floated down into the bed of the truck. I kicked my sneakers off, then worked my jeans and boxers off each leg. Why I did what I did next, I’m not sure, but I tossed them into the bed of truck, leaving me naked as a jaybird and not way to get dressed quickly if some asshole showed up at the shop.

I sat back and took my cock in hand, stroking it slowly as Lee Roy was doing to his own. He watched me not making any snide comment or joke, and I settled back to the pleasure of it. Of feeling my hand move on my cock. Of Lee Roy’s eyes watching me. And more than anything else, of turning my eyes to Lee Roy’s cock watching him stroke it.

Being naked with Lee Roy was too arousing, too sexually free, and I found myself spreading my knees apart. If he wants to see me, let him see me, all of me. I used my other hand to tug on my nut sac, tug until the nuts were pushed into the bottom and it turned red.

“Fuck, tug on them nuts,” said Lee Roy.

Lee Roy’s knee bumped my knee, then pressed against it. My cock flexed and a bead of precum pooled in the slit. I smeared that slick shit over my head and moaned.

His knee pressed against my knee again.

“You want to touch me?”

It was a whisper so low I barely heard it.

“What?” I replied, wanting him to repeat it.

“You want to touch me? I mean…let’s jack each other off. It’ll be like a girl is doing it for us.”

Yeah, Lee Roy, we’ll be thinking it is a girl the whole time your big paw is on my dick.

“I don’t know…you don’t think it’ll be weird or something?”

“It’ll just be two guys helping each other out.”

“Okay,” I replied struggling to keep my voice calm and normal. It was important to sound normal as I agreed to Lee Roy and I jacking each other’s cock.

He let go of his cock and I followed suit. As cock hovered over stomachs, flexing up and down with our arousal, I waited for him to go first, to show he was just as willing. He reached over and took me in hand. I moaned, unable to stop myself, as that hand held my cock up and moved on it. I reached over and slipped my fingers around his cock. I held it up admiring its size, then started to move my hand up and down every ten and one half inches.

There seemed to be some unspoken agreement to stroke each other slowly, to make it last. Lee Roy slid down until his ass was right on the edge of the seat with knees spread wide apart while his hand kept moving on my cock. I stroked him, keeping to the same rhythm of his hand. We worked each other up until both cocks drooled precum.

“Fuck…feels good,” said Lee Roy.

“Yes,” I uttered in reply.

“Hey, tug on my nuts like you did yours.”

“Okay,” I replied. He let me go and I shifted into a sitting position and turned toward him. I reached between those muscular thighs and grabbed the low hanging nuts and tugged until he shuddered, and the nuts were jammed in the bottom of the sac. And I kept stroking that cock.

“Fuck…don’t stop,” Lee Roy uttered.

I saw him stretch his arms out and across the back of the bench seat. I saw him lean his head back and close his eyes. I watched the hips begin to pump upward, barely moving at first, then more and more until he was pumping that cock through my fist. What I didn’t see was his right arm moving but I felt the hand land on my shoulder. I felt it squeeze and move to my neck. I felt it take my neck and push slightly forward. Then push a bit harder.

“Come on, help me out.”

“No, I can’t do that.”

“Please,” Lee Roy replied, and he sounded like a desperate man begging for food or air. “I’ll do you if you do me.”

A compromise had been issued. A mutually beneficial plan, one that I was not about to say no to.

“Really. If I do it, you’ll do me?”

“Yes, yes. Come on, help me out.”

I slid my naked ass to the concrete floor and knee walked around the right leg until I was between them. I looked at those low hanging nuts and that thick cock hovering over the stomach. I put my hands on each thigh and lightly grazed the skin as I moved closer, up between those legs. Lee Roy was watching me. I stared back into his eyes as I angled my head down between those thighs and moved forward, not to take his cock, but to slip those nuts into my mouth.

I worked them in my mouth then tugged on them until Lee Roy shivered. I could feel it through my hands on his thighs. I released them and watched that sac tighten up. I leaned to it and dragged my tongue over it and didn’t stop, dragging it along that cock until licking that drooling head.

“Fuck,” Lee Roy exclaimed.

I slipped my mouth over the cock and pushed down on it, filling my mouth with as much as I could handle. I worked my mouth up and down on that cock as best as I could, getting a bit more into my mouth as I adjusted to it. Hands came to my head and held it still as Lee Roy began to pump that cock into my mouth.

“Fuck…take it…take it,” Lee Roy exclaimed.

And I did. Over half of it. I took it until Lee Roy was gasping for breath and shoving it upward harder and harder. I took every thrust until cum hit the back of my throat then filled my mouth.


I stood between Lee Roy’s legs breathing hard and feeling cum trickle down my chin. My cock angled up hard as a rock and I took it in hand and slow stroked it in front of him. He smiled at me, then sat up, leaning forward until my cock was right in his face.

“Horny bastard,” Lee Roy uttered.

“You are too,” I jokingly replied, pointing at the hard cock sticking straight out between his thighs.

“Yeah,” whispered Lee Roy.

I watched him lean to my cock and take it. I sucked in a deep breath and struggled to stand still as Lee Roy moved on my cock. I was shocked that he was doing it, but quickly got over it, for those lips felt too good. His hands came to my waist holding me in place as he worked his mouth on my cock until his nose was pressing into my pubic hair.

“Fuck…Lee Roy…” I uttered

As he sucked me, his right hand moved around until working fingers between my ass cheeks. I couldn’t begin to consider his motives; I didn’t care as long as that mouth was on my cock.

I began to work my hips until slow fucking Lee Roy’s mouth and fingers raked over my hole. I stopped when one finger pressed against it. Lee Roy moved his mouth on my cock increasing my arousal until I wanted to come. I was breathless, gasping for breath and about to come. I felt the surge of release, how it tightened every muscle. Just as I was about to erupt in Lee Roy’s mouth, he punched through my tightness burying a finger in my ass.

I pumped wad after wad into his mouth, while that finger worked my hole, twisting and turning, just stretching me open. He sucked each wad down his throat and kept sucking until I pushed his mouth off my sensitive cock.

“Lee Roy; Stop!”

He leaned back and smiled at me.

“That was…”

“Yeah, it feels good don’t it,” said Lee Roy as he began to stroke his still hard cock.

I stared at him in the eyes, down at him stroking his cock, then I looked at my own cock, shiny with spit and curved up hard as rock.

“You really got off on it,” said Lee Roy.

“Yeah…you too.”

“You want to try something else?”

I looked him in the eye to see if he was serious. He smiled and gave me that questioning expression he used when suggesting something a bit rowdy, something we shouldn’t be doing. I looked at his cock, the head shiny from leakage. He held it up, waving it back and forth.

“Come on, see if you can take it.”

Can I take that? I wondered, I stroked my own cock, increasing my aroused state, then boldly stepped forward. I straddled Lee Roy, feet either side of his legs with my knees either side of his torso. I held his shoulders and lowered my ass down until cock touched me. I worked my ass back and forth over it wondering if I could really do it, knowing I was going to try.

“Fuck, stop teasing me,” said Lee Roy.

I stopped moving my ass back and forth, holding a position where that cock was right at my hole. I looked Lee Roy in the eyes and eased down. I shivered as my hole stretched to take that cock. I had to ease down slowly, fractions of an inch, stopping often to relax to the penetration. It seemed to take forever, but suddenly I opened to that cock and slid down until nearly every inch was buried in my ass.

“Jesus! You have me,” said Lee Roy.

The fullness of the penetration made my cock drool on Lee Roy’s stomach. I shifted closer to him and moved upward, slowly, feeling that thick cock slide through my opening. I rose until just the head was inside me, then descended, taking inch after inch until it filled me again. Over and over, up and down, I moved on that cock until my rhythm was an honest fuck.

I fucked myself, faster and faster, until my cock was banging against Lee Roy’s stomach, leaving slick trails over his skin. God, I wanted to cum again. Every descent I saw stars. It made me shiver and shudder and gasp for breath.

Lee Roy sat up; bear hugged me to his sweaty chest. He worked my body on his cock, lifting it and pulling it back down on his cock as my own cock dragged over his chest.

“I’m going to come,” I uttered weakly.

Cum hit Lee Roy’s chin then roped up his chest as I came, cock spurting wad after wad. I felt the way my ass spasm around Lee Roy’s cock as he continued to work me up and down on it. Then he pulled me down, all the way, and shuddered with his release.


I was a mess. Sweat trickled down my chest and back and my slimy cock hung flaccid. I raked a hand through my wet hair pushing it back from my face. I looked over and saw Lee Roy wiping his cock with a greasy rag. It looked like all he was doing was smearing cum and grease over it.

“Shit, this is hopeless,” said Lee Roy, and he looked up at me grinning. “But fucking worth it.”

I smiled back and turned to dad’s truck to retrieve my clothes. I reached into the bed and got my boxers and pulled them on as Lee Roy stood up and zipped the coveralls enough to get them to stay around his waist. I got my jeans and tugged them on as he moved toward me. I got my shirt from the truck bed and was putting it on when he stood next to me.

“That was more fun than I could have ever imagined,” said Lee Roy.

“But you can’t tell anyone.”

“Relax; I’m not going to tell anyone.”

Last button done, I turned to him. “I’ve got to go.”

“Me too. I’ll unlock the gate and you can get out of here.”


Cum cooled and turned runny on my stomach. It was the third time I had masturbated, and yet, I still felt aroused by the memory of sex with Lee Roy. Of sucking his cock, of him sucking mine, then our fuck, me sitting on that cock. Goddamn it made me horny to think of it.

It had been three days, and I still couldn’t stop thinking of it. What was worse, I kept trying to come up with a reason to go by the retread shop late in the day. I wanted to get Lee Roy alone and see if he would be willing to do it again. After work there was always three or more of us together, never an opportunity to get that muscular fuck alone.

I ran a finger through my cum, then licked it off imagining it to be Lee Roy’s cum. I had fingered the hell out of my ass while masturbating, which I imagined to be Lee Roy’s finger.

I wiped myself off with my boxers and rolled over to try to get some sleep. It was risky laying on top of the bed naked, for mom or dad could enter my room in the morning to get me up, but I no longer cared if they or anyone else saw me naked. Lee Roy had found me desirable and nothing else mattered.


The next night, just as I was getting ready to masturbate, someone tapped my window. I knew it was either Levi or Zeke, for everyone else would just come to the door. I rolled off the bed trying to get my boxers back in place and gave up, stepping out of them as I got to the window. I bent a couple of plastic slats of the blind to look out.

“Hey, you want to hang out for a while?” whispered Levi, holding his face right at the window.

I wondered if the blinds had been closed enough to prevent him from seeing me pushing down my boxers and playing with myself, but he acted as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

“Let me put some shorts on and I’ll come out.”

I grabbed up the boxers and smelled my first load where I wiped it up with them. I tossed the dirty things back on the floor and picked up the cutoff jeans I had been wearing and slipped them on. I reached for the T-shirt draped over the foot of the bed, but remembered Levi was shirtless, and decided I would be too. It was late, nearly ten o’clock, so it wasn’t as if I would be parading around in front of a bunch of people.

I eased down the hall and back around to the front door, slipping past my parents who were focused on some movie on television. When I came out on the stoop, Levi was standing at the base of the steps waiting.

“Let’s go the cemetery,” said Levi.

“Okay,” I replied, stepping down the two steps and falling in beside him. “Is there something up?”

“No…not really.”

“Not really?”


I didn’t reply to the unsaid statement, figuring he would tell me when we got to cemetery. It had not escaped my notice he carried a brown bag, and the only place I knew someone got a brown bag was at the liquor store.

“What’s in the bag.”

“You’ll see.”

“Who got it for you?”

“I gave John Wesley thirty bucks and said he could keep the change if he got it for me.”

“Then he bought the cheapest rot gut they had.”

“No, I told him what to get.”


We walked down the side of Owen Street heading toward Main Street. Past the two neighbors, then the empty store, its windows all papered up, and turned into its parking lot, cutting to the back where we could slip into the cemetery from the south. We cut through a gap in the chain-link fence and made our way toward the back of the cemetery. The headstones were taller at the front in the oldest section, but that was at the road right across from the church and even though it was late, we never took a chance to hang out there. The church parking lot lights and those illuminating the old brick building lit up the front of the cemetery.

Passing one row of headstones then another, I followed Levi letting him lead. We turned down a row and walked to the middle to get away from the perimeter. Most of the headstones were low, some right at the ground, but Levi led us to two that were tall, nearly waist high, where he sat on the east side in the shadow of each. The moon was nearly full, and I could just make out him fumbling with that brown bag, slipping out a bottle. For the most part the label was as dark as the liquid in the bottle, except for one large white area with the name prominent within it. Southern Comfort.

We had had the whiskey before and knew its sweetened taste, making it easier to drink straight from the bottle. Levi twisted the top off and turned the bottle up. I could hear him swallow. Two times, three, then four before pulling the bottle away from his mouth. He held it out and I took it. I repeated what he had done, gulping down four swallows before holding the bottle back to him.

“So, what happened?”

Levi took another drink as I waited for him to tell me. We sat in the hot muggy night, me looking from the star filled sky over to Levi at his tall lanky profile. Moonlight reflected off our sweaty skin and I looked at his chest wanting to reach over and touch it. To feel the heat of it, its smooth slickness, and further down the trail of hair that led down into the flimsy shorts. I had seen him in them before. Gray sweatpants cut off, and a bit short if I do say myself. He had long legs, more muscular than his tall lanky body would suggest, and he liked to show them off.

“Susan said she didn’t want to go out with me. Called me a loser.”

“Oh,” I replied. “She always was a bitch in school. Uppity when she had no right to be.”

“Yeah, fuck her,” uttered Levi.


I don’t know how long we sat there in the dark sipping from that bottle of Southern Comfort, but eventually I watched Levi turn the bottle up taking nearly all of it. He sealed the bottle and dropped it on the ground as he leaned back.

“I hate being alone all the time,” said Levi in a soft whisper.

“You’re not alone. You have us and – “

“You know what I mean.”

“Yeah, I do.”

I saw him tug on his shorts, shift uncomfortably, then settle with one knee up, the one away from me, and the other leg straight out. I could see the white boxers sticking out of the legs and my eyes searched for his cock, wondering if I’d get to see it too. I didn’t pay attention to how I was sitting, legs stretched out, slightly spread apart.


“What?” I asked, not sure I heard right.

He laughed in that way that showed he had had more whiskey than I did. He pointed at my crotch.

“Your dick is sticking out,” said Levi, then he sniggered again. “Pervert,” he added, laughing harder.

“What about you?”

“Mine is where it is supposed to be,” Levi replied, tugging on his shorts, then cupping his cock to show me where it lay along one thigh.

“You look half hard, pervert,” I replied, taunting him a bit, and we both laughed.

He tugged on it again, then looked at me.

“I’m so fucking horny.”

“Yeah, me too,” I replied, pushing him to go further in this conversation.

“Like this?” Levi asked.

I looked over and saw him pulling the leg of his shorts and boxers up revealing the flared head of his cock and a couple of inches of the very hard shaft. I stared at that thing, how it seemed to be glowing in the moonlight despite its dark skin tone. Keeping my eyes on it, I pulled the leg of my shorts up letting my growing erection slip free.

“Yes,” I replied.

He looked over at my exposed cock and laughed.

“Horny bastard.”

“Yeah, no different than you.”

He rubbed the exposed head of his cock, then tried to expose more of it tugging on the gym shorts.

“Fuck it,” said Levi, lifting his ass and slipping shorts and boxers down his legs until bunched around his ankles.

I’d seen him naked, plenty of times over the years, but never aroused. His cock angled up long and thin, a reflection of his build. He took it in hand and waved it around and I got a good measure of it. Not as long as Lee Roy (but who was) but it was plenty long, eight inches or so.

“I wish someone wanted this,” he uttered, then began to stroke it.

“Are you going to get off?” I whispered.

“Maybe,” Levi replied. He stroked his cock, slowly, from head to base. Then he held it at the base shaking it back and forth.

“What about you?” Levi asked. “Aren’t you horny?”

It was now or never. I knew what was presented to me, and I just had to play along.

“Yes,” I replied.

“Lose the shorts and let me see.”

I smiled, concealed by the darkness, then raised my ass off that warm marble slab and slipped my shorts down to below my knees, then I did him one better. I worked each leg until I could kick them off. Naked, completely naked, I sat back and held my cock up for him to see. It wasn’t as long as his cock, but the way he was looking over, I knew it didn’t matter.

“Damn, no underwear, and you’re horny too,” said Levi.

“Yeah; just wished there was something we could do about it.”

For what seemed an impossibly long time, we just sat there toying with our cocks, at times giggling like little boys at the silliness of it. I waited, knowing I had to get Levi to be the one to make the suggestion, otherwise I was afraid he would react negatively.

“Why don’t you do it for me?” said Levi.

“What? No,” I replied, laughing as if it were a joke, and maybe at some level for Levi it was a joke. “You jack me off.”

The taunt, the leveling of the playing field. Would that tall lanky bastard take things to the next level.


That word hung between us.

“If what?”

“If you do me and I do you…would that be weird?”

“We could pretend it was someone we were attracted to; you know close our eyes and just pretend it is someone else touching us.”

“Yeah, we could do that.”

I saw him let go of that long cock and reach over for mine. It flexed in my hand as I thought about how he was going to touch me. I let go and felt it flex between my thighs as I reached for his cock. I gasped as he took me in hand, then I wrapped my fingers around his cock and heard him do the same.

I stroked him first, then felt him do the same for me. We stroked slowly, but we couldn’t hold back and soon our hands moved faster and faster as we grew more aroused. I slid down lower against the headstone and stretched my legs out and apart. Levi did the same, and it gave me more room to stroke that cock.

“Fuck, it feels good,” Levi uttered breathlessly.

“Yes,” I replied.

Levi shoved upward, pushing that cock through my fist and came. Goddamn did he come. Thick wads hit him in the face, on the neck, then roped up his chest. Fuck, it was too much, and I came, just as hard. It hit my mouth and I parted my lips to let it drip between my lips as wad after wad hit my chest then stomach.

Then we lay still panting like dogs in heat. And both still rock hard.

“If I try something, you won’t tell anyone will you?” I asked in a low whisper, afraid to disturb the quiet of the night.

“I won’t tell, but what do you want to do?”

“You won’t think it weird, will you?”

“No, no…show me what you want to do.”

I heard the desire and desperation. The need for more sex. I glanced over and saw him slowly stroking his slimy cock and I did the same ramping up my arousal.

I sat up, then got on my knees and moved over his waist. It was perfect how that narrow waist fit between my legs and when I eased down and rocked my hips back and forth, rubbing my ass on that slimy cock, it was more than perfect. It was fucking divine, like I could see the promise land if I just closed my eyes and kept moving on Levi’s cock.

“Jesus: don’t stop,” exclaimed Levi.

His hands came to my waist, the long fingers digging into my sides, and I sped up my movements and bore down on his cock, pinning it between us.

“Can I put it in you?”

I stifled the urge to laugh. For it sure didn’t take long for Levi to arrive at this possibility.

“I don’t know. I mean…you won’t tell anyone?”

“No, no, come on, help me out. Do it. Do it for me.”

“Okay, I’ll try to do it.”

I rose on my knees, reached back, and took that cock. I knew it was eight long thin inches, for I had heard Levi say so often. I held it while moving down until it was touching my tight ass, and I didn’t stop. I couldn’t stop, not for anything in the world. I felt that arrow shaped head penetrate me, and as I descended, inch after inch sank into my ass until I was sitting on Levi’s hips.

“Fuck; you took all of it.”

Yep, every fucking inch. I leaned forward resting my hands on his upper chest and moved my ass, up, down, over and over, until moving in a good solid fuck. I could feel all eight inches sink into my depths as my own cock smacked down on his stomach. Faster and faster, I moved. I sweated in the hot muggy night, I uttered profanities through clinched teeth, keeping it up until we were both breathing hard and the sound of my ass smacking down on his hips grew louder and louder.

By then, we didn’t give a shit, who heard us.

I sat up then leaned back until resting on my hands. Now I could really work my ass up and down and I did it. Faster and faster, until I felt his hands grip my ankles tightly.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum,” said Levi.

“Come in my ass, do it. Pump that shit in me,” I replied.

I slammed my ass down as he shoved upward, crying out with his release.

I kept fucking my ass on that spurting cock until Levi begged me to stop, then settled down on it. I sat upright and took my own in hand, thinking there was no way Levi would go further. So, I was shocked when he knocked my hand from my cock.

“Did it feel good? My cock in your ass?”

“I’m embarrassed to admit it, but yes, Levi, it felt fucking great.”


“Yep. Why? Do you want to try?”


I crawled off his hips and moved to the side. I could make out his eyes and they looked at my cock, just stared at it unable to turn away.



“Get on your knees and turn around.”

He moved as if in a trance, getting on his knees and turning to face the headstone. He rested both hands on top and leaned over it. I looked at that tall lean body bent over that headstone. I looked at his little round ass and long legs and those fucking size twelve feet and without waiting for him to change his mind, I moved between the legs.

“Go slow, okay?”

“I will,” I replied. I’ll go so slow you feel every inch pushed into that ass; I thought as I rubbed my cock across his ass while cum trickled down my thigh. God, we were some nasty bastards.

I pushed between those round ass cheeks, pushed against that tight little hole, pushed until I felt the tight squeeze on the head of my cock and heard Levi moan then grunt. I held that narrow waist and kept pushing, pushing slowly, inch after inch, until my hips pressed against his ass.

“You got all of me.”

“I know.”

I tugged outward, slowly, then pushed back into his depths and I felt his body shiver within my hands. I didn’t stop, instead I kept it up, building up a faster pace until I was fucking that skinny ass. I altered my pace savoring the way it felt, stroking up my arousal, going slow and easy, then building up my pace until I was hammering his ass. My hips banged his ass, and he shocked me.

“Keep going…don’t stop.”

Don’t worry mother fucker, I’m not stopping until I get off.


I wanted to feel him. To feel that hot sweaty body against my own. I leaned down and lay across his back as I ground my cock in his ass. I wrapped my arms around his waist, rubbing one hand upward over his chest and the other down the stomach, through the pubic hair, and around a very hard cock.

“Fuck,” I uttered as I stroked his cock and fucked his ass. I felt him trying to move beneath me. A push back, an undulation of the torso, the thrust forward through my fist. “Take me. Take me, Levi.”

“Yes,” he uttered, exhaling the word.

I pinched his right nipple, then gave it a twist, and he shuddered, then pushed back on my cock. So, I did it again.

I rose up, held his waist, and started to hard fuck him again. A fast physical fuck, one to make both of us get off. I saw him move one hand off the headstone and knew he was jacking off as I fucked his now very loose ass. I fucked him until banging against it. I fucked him until I felt the surge of release, the tightening of every muscle. Just as I was about to come in his ass, he shoved back, shuddered and jerked, and cried out with his own release.

I shoved into the depths of his ass and came, shuddering with every ejaculation until finally spent and gasping for breath.


“You want the last swallow?” asked Levi holding out the nearly empty whiskey bottle. We were sitting against the headstones finally settled down. We were still naked, our clothes kicked off at the foot of the slabs.

“Yes, I’ll drink it,” I finally replied taking the bottle. I turned it up, getting every drop left in it, then tossed the bottle next to my shorts.

“It’s getting really late,” said Levi.

“Yes, we should go.”

We sat there, me reliving our fuck, and by the way his cock stirred and how he kept looking over at me, I’m sure he was doing the same.

“We really should go,” I said after a while.


But we kept sitting there and would do so until the eastern sky began to glow with the impending sunrise. Then we would rush to get dressed and home, slipping in before our parents woke up to start their day.


I went through that day in a fog. No sleep, half hard thinking about the sex with Levi, wondering which had been the best. Sex with Lee Roy, or sex with Levi. I was leaning toward Levi, for he let me do him. It made me wonder if I could get Lee Roy to let me fuck him. I imagined it, played out one nasty scenario after the next, all ending with me pumping a load into his firm muscular ass.

After lunch, mom wanted me to go to the IGA for a bag of flour and a pound of hamburger, the latter for chili she was going to make that afternoon. I could have taken her old Malibu but felt like I needed to ride my bike. The exertion seemed just the thing to take my mind off picturing Levi naked, beneath me while I rode his cock and bent over that headstone taking my cock in his ass. I pedaled west on Owen Street, back to Main, then south, across the railroad tracks that split the town, then west out Tatum Avenue until I was cutting through the nearly empty parking lot of the West Towne Shopping Centre. I coasted up to the sidewalk at the IGA wondering if whoever named the center thought an ‘e’ at the end of town and the ‘r’ and ‘e’ reversed in center made the place classier somehow. With its old, faded metal panels and ugly ass yellow brick, it sure didn’t live up to the name, if that were the case.

I entered the old grocery store always wondering about the odd smell, but not thinking too hard about it. I headed to the back where a sign was mounted on the bulkhead over display cases along the rear wall: MEAT. I thought of Levi’s meat, then Lee Roy’s meat, then wondered about Zeke’s and Rayford’s. I imagined being able to hook up with them, thinking of it as a gamble. Like a horse race or a game of poker. What were the odds. Could I beat the spread? I laughed out loud as I came into the aisle along the back of the store, seeing Mrs. Livingston give me an ugly sneer.

“Mrs. Livingston, how are you?”

“I’m fine,” she grunted in reply, then pushed her shopping cart past me.


For a week, a whole fucking week I was unable to get Lee Roy or Levi alone. It was always three, four, or all five of us hanging out. I would glance at them trying to get some indication they were willing. A nod, a wink, or maybe a whispered instruction to meet them somewhere. But no, nothing. Not a signal of any kind. I was getting desperate. I mean, fuck, what’s a guy got to do to get laid.

I took matters in hand during this long week, nights alone in my room masturbating until I was so spent the cum just dribbled out.

I looked at Zeke, then Raymond in a new light. As possibilities, two young men who might be willing if I could just get the fuckers alone. I found a couple of old The B-52’s CDs at the second hand store in town, and I played “Dirty Back Road” and “Hero Worship” bellowing out the lyrics with Cindy as she sung You ride me and Feet in the air and Down, On my knees, I try to please.

Thankfully no one was around to hear my awful singing.

Then rain set in on a Friday, and the next morning mom and dad left to visit her sister down in Lake City. I moped around the house, listened to Cindy sing my new favorite songs, wondering if anyone else understood the lyrics. I cooked a frozen pizza in the oven and washed it down with one of dad’s Budweisers hoping he didn’t pay attention to the can count in the case.

At nine o’clock I found myself on the sofa watching some lame ass movie while wondering what the guys were up to. I wore gym shorts and nothing else. No shirt. No underwear. I would jack off later for I knew as the night wore on and I sat around thinking of sex I would be so wound up there would be no other way. If the guys were busy, and evidently, they were, I would be taking things in hand on my own.

I knew Lee Roy had gone fishing with some of his co-workers, and Levi had the closing shift at the garden center which meant he got home late and probably wasn’t going out again. That left Zeke and Rayford, and I wondered what those two fuckers were up to. I didn’t think Zeke had a shift at the IGA and McKinley Auto Repair was closed on the weekends, so Rayford wasn’t working. I started to call one of them, see if I could lure them to the house.

A knock, and I sat up smiling. It was at the back door, and that meant it had to be one of the guys.

As I approached the door, I could make out the outline of the person standing there, their silhouette visible through the thin curtains hanging over the window. I knew who it was and smiled. I unlocked the door and swung it open to Zeke standing there holding an umbrella.

“Hey, what are you doing out in this weather?”

“I got bored sitting around the house. What are you doing?”

“I was watching some lame movie. Come on in.”

“You want to play some video games?”

To play games we would be in my room. We would be laying across my bed. Next to each other.

“Yes. Come on back to my room.”


The space at the foot of my bed to my desk was barely enough to fit the chair. To play a video game, I would slide the chair out of the way, pull the monitor toward the front edge of the desk so we could lay on the bed and play. It was how Zeke and I found ourselves, as I lost one game after the next to him. Of the five of us, he was the best, fingers moving so fast I don’t know how he knew what he was pressing or toggling or whatever it was he did to beat the crap out of me.

“I win again!” Zeke exclaimed looking over at me grinning from ear to ear.

“Fuck you.”

He laughed, then hesitated to start another game.

“Your parents going to be back sometime tonight?”

I almost laughed.

“No, they went down to Lake City to see my aunt. They won’t be back until tomorrow evening.”

“Oh,” said Zeke, as he laid the controller to one side. “You want to see a woman take it up the ass?”

Not really.

“What? Seriously? Where is this?”

“Just a minute,” Zeke replied, climbing off the bed so he could reach the keyboard. He switched the computer to the internet, then waited for it to come on. It was slow as shit, but we did have the least expensive service available.

I sat at the foot of the bed next to him as he brought up some website I didn’t know, and if I’m honest, I knew a few with the same erotic nature. Quite a few of them. But this one was new to me. He did a search, and a video came up of a woman on her back getting fucked. Yes, she was attractive, very blonde, and tits only a plastic surgeon could create. Zeke scrolled through a few minutes of the video until the woman was rolling to her stomach.

“Watch this shit,” said Zeke.

I looked at the man’s cock, a real nice cock, but nothing compared to Lee Roy or Levi. I glanced over at Zeke seeing him tug on the crotch of his jeans wondering if his cock was as nice or nicer than the porn star’s cock. Back on the monitor, the man raked it across the woman’s ass then he did, slipped that cock in her ass and began to fuck.

“Jesus, look at that,” said Zeke.

“I see it,” I replied in exaggerated excitement.

After the man came on her ass, Zeke scanned a few other videos, stopping on one where the woman was on top, riding the man’s cock. I wanted to tell Zeke I could do that, but I kept my mouth shut as he tugged on the crotch of his jeans while watching the video. After what seemed far too long, the man came in her face. I knew it was all for show, for the masturbators wanted to see it. I glanced over at the wide-eyed expression next to me knowing Zeke definitely wanted to see it. He scanned a few other videos, then stopped on one with a woman between two hunky bastards, sucking one and taking the other’s fuck.

“A three way,” said Zeke by way of explanation.

 Suddenly the guy getting sucked pulled away, knee walked around to behind the other guy and just like that, pushed his cock into the guy’s ass and began to fuck him.

“Oh, Oh, no, do you see what they are doing?” asked Zeke.

“Yes, I see the guy in the middle is getting fucked as he fucks. Do you think he really gets off on it?”

“I don’t know…I mean…Jesus, he’s pushing back on it.”

“Yeah, I think he likes it.”

Despite Zeke voicing his reticence about the guy getting fucked in the three-way, his crotch sure showed a hard cock inching up across the thigh closest to me. I wanted to reach out and touch it, trace it with my fingers and ask Zeke to take it out.

The guys cried out as the two of them came and Zeke literally leaned forward with his hand on his growing cock, like it was suddenly painful.

“Did you think that was hot?” I asked, struggling to keep my voice under control.

“What? No…no, not really. I mean…”

“They certainly got off on it.”

“Yes, they did.”

“What other nasty videos should we watch? What about that one with the guy playing with himself on the bed. Do you think his imaginary girlfriend will come in and suck him off?”

“This one?” asked Zeke as he picked the video in question.

The guy was cute. He reminded me of Levi, with a lean build and a long thin cock. If only he had black hair and green eyes, I could almost make the illusion real.

The guy stroked his cock, his hand moving slowly up to the head and back down, while he smiled at the camera.

“Where’s the girl?”

“I don’t know. I just thought there had to be one.”


The guy looked up and it was obvious someone was about to enter the scene. I knew before they came into view and I wondered if Zeke secretly knew, for the names of the porn stars was right below the damn video. Ryder and Seth: good porn star names. A guy entered the scene, naked and hard. He was a hunky bastard with a thick cock.

“I take it that is Seth,” I said as Zeke looked around at me, then back at the screen.

“Then the other one must be Ryder.”

The bastard did know.

“I wonder who will take it in the ass,” I whispered as Seth moved up close to Ryder, stroked cock in his face, then wiped it across his lips. The lips parted and that cock nearly disappeared. That big fat cock just slid into that mouth an unbelievable depth.

“Jesus, look at that,” said Zeke.

“Wow, that is one hell of a cocksucker.”

“No shit.”

I looked at Zeke, dressed in a white T-shirt and jeans, and wondered if I was going to get him out of them. I adjusted my cock, pushed it down a leg of my gym shorts.

“You’re hard,” said Zeke.

“Yes, but you are too.”


Zeke kept looking from the action on the screen to my crotch, back and forth looking at my crotch longer and longer.

“Your dick is sticking out.”

“Is it?” I asked in reply, looking down to see that he was right. The head was plainly visible, and my cock was pushing outward against the flimsy gym shorts trying to get free. Its tube shape was visible from base to the exposed head.

“Jesus,” said Zeke.

I looked at the screen in time to see Ryder climb into Seth’s lap and sit down on the cock being held up for him.

“Wow, he took that cock so easily. Do you think it is that easy?” I asked, pretending naivety.

“Probably not. I’m sure they prepped for the scene.”

“You think so?”

“Yeah, for…you can’t put something in your ass like that.”

“How do you know?”

“I don’t,” said Zeke, rounding on me suddenly looking nervous.

“All I know is I’m horny.”

Zeke turned back to the screen watching Ryder’s cock flop around as he rode Seth, then a change in camera angle, and we watched ass move up and down that long cock.


Damn he was in a trance, just lost to the sexual tension in the air. He adjusted his cock again and that damn thing stretched down the leg so far, I wondered if it was as big as Lee Roy’s cock.

“Can I jack off and not freak you out?” I asked in a hushed whisper. You know, just ease the suggestion into that mind. He suddenly turned to me.

“You’re going to do that now?”

“It’s not like we haven’t seen each other naked before, and you can do it too…if you want.”

I could see the gears working in that mind as the eyes looked me in the face, then down to my crotch where I was tugging the leg up revealing more and more of my cock, then back to the screen as Ryder shot cum up Seth’s chest.

“Yeah, okay.”


I leaned back, lifted my ass, and slipped those gym shorts off. I tossed them across the room and leaned back on one elbow taking my cock in the other hand. At first, I thought Zeke was just going to watch me, but he kept tugging on that hard cock, trying to remove the discomfort from its confinement.

“Goddamn it, Zeke, get out of your clothes. Let that cock breathe.”

“Yeah…good idea.”

He tugged the white T-shirt over his head revealing a naturally muscular body that some black guys seemed to possess without any effort. He lay back, unfastened his jeans, tugged the zipper down, then lifted his ass to work them down. I watched as he got each leg free, then sat back in white briefs that were tenting obscenely.

“Jesus, Zeke, let that thing out.”

He grinned at me, then lifted his ass again and removed the briefs. When he lay back naked, I finally saw his cock in a fully erect state. It was nearly as long as Lee Roy’s and almost as thick. And it was uncut, which I already knew, but I’ve never seen the loose skin sliding back revealing a wet drooling head.

“You’re leaking.”


“Me too,”

I waved my cock in his direction showing the wet head, then I smeared that slick shit down it, shivering from the pleasurable sensation.

“Fuck, I’m horny,” said Zeke.

I watched him stroke his cock. The hand moved up and over the head, then down to those curly pubes, all the while, I mimicked his motions. It was too much, and I was tired of being hesitant, of being scared to pursue what feels good. I reached over and knocked his hand away taking his cock.

“Is this okay?” I asked.

He leaned back resting on his hands giving me all the access I wanted to his cock.

“Yes,” Zeke whispered.

I stroked his cock until my hand was slick, then I sat up, moved closer, and looked him in the eye. I wanted to see if there was anything in his expression that indicated he wanted me to stop. All I saw was someone wanting to be pleasured.

I leaned over until that cock was in my face. I stuck out my tongue and licked its wet head.

“Jesus,” Zeke exclaimed.

I put my lips on it, and slid them down that cock over half way.

“Fuck,” Zeke uttered while pushing upward.

I kept moving down taking as much as I could, then dragged my lips back up his cock. I kept it up, moving in a steady rhythm until hands took my head and held me in place. Zeke began to pump that cock into my mouth, working his hips fucking it through my lips.

“Shit…take it, take me.”

It was too soon, way too soon, but Zeke couldn’t hold back, and my mouth filled with his cum. I swallowed and swallowed as the cock spurt wad after wad until he finally fell back spent.

I nursed his cock noting it had stayed hard. I turned on the bed getting on my knees. I straddled his waist watching his stare. Would he stop me? Was I going too far? I took his cock holding it vertical and rubbed my ass over the wet head.

“Do you want me to stop?” I asked.


I smiled and he smiled back until he felt my ass sliding down on his cock.

“OH, fuck,” Zeke exclaimed.

Yeah, oh fuck, I thought as I moved down until sitting on his hips with every inch of that big fat cock was inside me. He lay back and gripped each of my ankles.

I moved on his cock. Up. Down. Over and over. I moved slowly, then faster and faster until my cock flopped around and smacked down on his stomach. I fucked my ass on that cock until I wanted to cum.

Zeke sat up, bearhugged me, rolling me to my back. My legs were over his shoulders, knees almost touching my upper chest, and my ass was upturned with his cock still buried in it.

“Fuck me. Fuck me, Zeke.”

And he did. No hesitancy, no slow gentle beginning, he just worked those hips with a physicality that shoved cock into my depths and hammered my ass with his hips. The sound of skin smacking skin echoed in the room, louder than my moans and grunts. I clutched at the bed holding tight as I took every shove into my depths.

He rose up and took my legs behind the knees and pressed them against my chest, resuming his fuck. He hammered my ass until sweat rained down on me and he was gasping for air. How long could he fuck I wondered as he didn’t slow, just kept on fucking and fucking and fucking until my own cock drooled on my stomach.

“Zeke…don’t stop.”

He didn’t. He fucked me until I wondered how he could keep going. The room closed in around us, hot like a sauna. I sweated and gasped for breath as my heart raced in my chest.

“Shit…I’m going to…”

Zeke slammed against my ass, and kept jamming hips against it and I knew he was pumping me full of cum.


I lay on my back as Zeke rolled to my side sitting next to me.

“You’re hard,” said Zeke.

“Yeah,” I replied reaching to take it in hand to get off. He blocked me and stared at my drooling cock. I wondered what he was going to do, thinking no way he would do what I did. He would probably just jack me off, and I waited for him to take me in hand. So, I almost gasped when he rose on knees and moved over my waist.

“Did it really feel good?” asked Zeke.


“It didn’t hurt?”

“At first it hurt a bit, but you’re pretty big.”

He smiled, knowing the truth of the statement, then he took my cock holding it up and I shuddered when he did as I, working his hips back and forth rubbing that dark brown ass over my cock. I thought I would come.

“If it hurts, I’m going to stop.”


I shivered with the squeeze on my cock head as he lowered his ass. I saw him shudder, heard the obscenity, then clutched the bed as his ass just slid down my cock all the way.

Goddamn, he liked it. Really liked it. I could see how it aroused him. His cock rose up rock hard, the head slipping into view. I reached out and manipulated it as he began to move on my cock. I skinned back that slimy foreskin and rubbed the head and he shivered and moved on my cock, faster and faster, until it was a good fuck. An honest fuck. One without hesitation or reluctance but driven by desire and pleasure.

“Damn…it does feel good,” uttered Zeke.

“Lean back; it’ll give you more room to move your ass.”

He leaned back until resting on his hands and his legs parted wider at the knees until I could see everything. That big fat cock, the nut sac beneath it tightening around the big nuts, and below that, his stretched hole around my white cock. He moved that ass upward until I feared I’d slip free, then down, all the way, until pressing ass against hips. He kept it up, moving faster and faster, until that ass was just pumping up and down on my cock. He took his cock in hand and began to jack off, to pump it as fast as he worked his ass on my cock.

“Jesus, it feels…so…good,” said Zeke.

I felt the surge of release. I fought the urge to shove upward, instead I threw my head back, closed my eyes, and came in Zeke’s ass. He didn’t slow, just kept working that ass up and down on my spurting cock.

“Zeke! Stop! Please…I can’t…”

He slowed to a stop, sliding his ass down my slimy cock until seated on it, and came. Ropes of cum landed over his stomach, then dribbled down his cock, until he was truly spent.

“Fuck. That was…awesome.”

Yes, Zeke, it was awesome. I sat up and watched him finally roll off my cock and lay next to me. He grinned, then laughed, making me do the same.

“We should shower off,” I said sitting up, fighting the urge to reach over and take his cock again, just to see if I could get him hard.

“Hey, can I stay tonight?”

I wasn’t sure why he was asking this now, of all the nights for it was routine between Rayford, Zeke, and I to crash at each other’s place.

But this time was different. We showered together, washing each other while being playful and silly, then we climbed into bed naked, and he snuggled up to my back and held me. I wasn’t sure what to make of it. Zeke was nestled up against me and it was nice. Really nice.

“Is this, okay?” Zeke whispered in the dark.

“Yes. It’s nice to be held.”


There was a lot to think about, and I was so stir crazy from it all, I had to get out of the house. I grabbed up my bike and headed down the drive toward the road, wondering which way I’d go. Right, back toward Main Street and maybe cruise out to Lee Roy’s mobile home or turn left and loop around to Tatum and into town. I didn’t make a conscious decision, just turned left while thinking about recent events. I had fucked with Lee Roy, Levi, and Zeke. And Zeke stayed the night to sleep with me. Really sleep with me, snuggled up against my body.  

I made the hard curve on Owen, heading south toward Tatum. I passed the junkyard of old cars, then came upon McKinley Auto that owned it. I knew they were closed, and Rayford was probably home by now, so I didn’t slow to check.

“Hey! Where are you going?”

It was Rayford, raking gravel in the side drive where you pulled through to get to the garage bays.

“Rayford? You’re still working?”

“Mr. McKinley said he pay me overtime if I would spread this gravel this afternoon.”

“Because it’s going to rain tomorrow.”

“Yes. I’ll split it with you if you’ll help me.”

Rayford was wearing coveralls, a pair he no doubt had had on all day by the look of them, and his hair sticking out from his dirty ballcap was wet and dripping sweat. He looked exhausted and I knew he probably got to work at 7:30 that morning.

“Sure, where’s another garden rake?”

It was a way to work off my state of mind. To exert myself to the point of exhaustion, and it would prevent me from obsessing over the sex I had with the other guys.

“Just inside the door, against the wall,” said Rayford pointing at the man door standing open just before the four garage bay doors.


It was hot as fuck. Sweat just poured down my face, down my back and every breath felt like I sucked the air out of an oven. And it was almost dark, the sun below the horizon. What was it like on a road crew during the middle of the afternoon, I shuddered to think. Besides I had other things more pressing to think about. Like Rayford’s coveralls unzipped until I could see his chest and stomach and the top of the white boxers he was wearing. He lifted his ballcap to wipe his forehead revealing his reddish-brown hair all matted down. Grease smears covered his arms and one cheek. He looked exhausted and filthy and hot as fuck.

“That’s got it,” said Rayford leaning on the garden rake as I held my rake over the left shoulder and watched him look over the drive. We had done it, raked the load of gravel over the drive from the front corner of the shop all the way down to the fourth garage door. It wasn’t a uniform layer, just enough gravel to fill in the low areas that turned to mudpuddles when it rained.

“I feel filthy,” I said as I fell in beside Rayford heading back to the shop. We put the rakes back into their place then stood in the hot shop, me waiting to see what Rayford said. He looked toward the back of the shop.

“There’s a hose out back if you want to wash the worst of the dirt off,” said Rayford.

“Sure,” I replied, thinking about what he would look like wet, wondering if he would strip to the boxers first, making it even better.

I followed him around back and saw the old can wash with a hose coiled up in it. Rayford glanced back at me, then unzipped the coveralls all the way.

“I hate to wear wet clothes.”

“Yeah, me too,” I replied, tugging off my T-shirt, then undoing my cargo shorts as he worked the coveralls off each foot. We stood in our underwear, Rayford in white boxers and me in a pair briefs, feeling their snugness as I noticed Rayford looking over, eyes looking down and I wondered how he saw me. Was it the skinny kid of his childhood, the shortest of the group, the one to mature last, still not needing to shave very often. Or did he see me differently. I certainly saw him differently. Those cheap boxers hung loose on his waist and the fly gapped provocatively, teasing me with the prospect of seeing his cock. I’d seen it before but that was different. That was before I had had sex with our three friends and found myself standing behind the auto shop wondering if Rayford was willing.

Rayford turned on the hose and stepped back from the can wash. He bent over and held the hose over his head.

“Damn, its cold.”

I watched the water run down his back wetting the boxers until each ass cheek was visible. Rayford had a nice round ass and I imagined it flexing with his fuck, or maybe, firmly taking my push forward as I fucked his ass.

Rayford stood up with the hose still over his head, and water cascaded down the lean body, every five foot nine inches of it. The boxers turned transparent revealing the cock pressed against them.

“Here, hose off,” said Rayford.

I took the hose and for a second felt like I should turn my back to him as I did so often in the past, when changing clothes, or like now hosing off. I looked at him, how he wasn’t looking at my face, but lower, down there, and I held that hose over my head while I faced him.

It was shockingly cold after getting so hot, but once past that initial shock, it felt refreshing, and I turned my face up letting the water hit it. I tilted my head down and let the water run over the top of my head, then I looked up at Rayford while holding the hose over the back of my head, feeling the cold-water cascade down my back and chest, over my briefs, and down each leg. The briefs had to be as transparent as Rayford’s boxers. My cock stirred, flexed in its confinement as Rayford looked at it.

“Horny bastard,” uttered Rayford.


“You…your cock. It looks like you’re getting a boner.”

I felt like it too. I looked over at Rayford, blatantly looking down his lean body, until I saw his cock slipping out of those boxers, getting erect. I laughed pointing at it.

“You are too.”

“I’ve not had any in a long time,” said Rayford.

I wondered if he ever had, but it was not the time to discuss Rayford’s virginity, or lack thereof.

“I know what you mean,” I lied through my teeth. I tugged on my cock as he watched, then slipped my hand down inside the briefs touching myself. “I can’t wait to get home.”

Rayford’s cock stuck out further and further, growing bigger, longer, harder. He was so ready.

“If I can wait that long,” I said.

“What? What do you mean.”

“I want to get off now, not wait until I get home. What about you?”


“Come on, Rayford, let’s jack off so our dicks will go down.”

“Out here?”

I heard the apprehension, the fear of getting caught jacking off with another guy, as if someone was going to come around the auto shop after dark. But I would play along, anything to go further with Rayford.

“We could go inside.”

Rayford touched himself, lightly, just grazing his fingers along his hard cock, then he wrapped them around it with just the head visible.




Curtis Bradberry’s old Chevy truck sat in the first bay, hood up and what looked like half the engine scattered over the work bench in front of it. I lowered the tailgate, turned toward Rayford, and dropped my briefs to my ankles. My cock angled out half hard, and I stroked it as he watched, then stepped out of the briefs and sat on the tailgate.

“Come on, Rayford, get naked and sit down.”

He pushed his boxers down, working them over his hard cock. It angled upward, a smooth curved thing I salivated to put in my mouth. Seven inches, maybe longer, and perfect for sucking and fucking and just holding in one’s hand feeling the masculine sexual nature of it. I wanted to do all three. He sat next to me, close, almost touching, and I smiled as he took his cock in hand and started to jack off. I took my own cock and kept pace with him. Slow when he slowed, and fast when he sped up. And the whole time we stared at the other’s cock.

“Fuck, I’m so horny,” I said as my cock began to drool with my arousal. “Is your cock leaking?” I asked leaning over to look more closely at it.

“Yeah,” Rayford replied, and I saw he wasn’t lying for his cock glistened wetly in the dim light of the shop. “Fuck,” he uttered.

Drool ran down my chin and I wiped it off thinking what a whore I had become. I wanted that cock so bad I was ready to take a chance and see if Rayford was willing. By the look of his wet slick cock, I would say he was.

“Can I touch it?”

It took a second for what I asked to register.


“Can I touch your dick?”

“I don’t know. Wouldn’t that be weird or something?”

Even as he said it, his hand pulled away giving me access.

“What’s weird about it?” I asked as I reached over to touch him. His eyes followed my hand and when I touched the head of his cock, smearing the bead of precum pooled in the slit, he shivered. I ran a finger over the flared head, down the shaft amazed at how smooth it was where mine had a vein squiggling down it and I pictured Lee Roy’s, which was the same.

“Damn, you have the smoothest cock.”

“Yours isn’t so bad.”

It wasn’t much of a compliment the way he said it, but I knew how he meant it.

“You can touch it, if you want. See how it feels compared to yours.”

As if there were a big difference, but there was the touch by another, and I inhaled deeply at the feel of his tentative hand touching me. I slowly stroked his cock and he soon followed, stroking mine.

“Feels good, don’t it?”

“Yes,” Rayford replied breathlessly.

My hand slickened with his precum. It moved smoothly on his cock and soon he was rocking at the hips trying to increase his pleasure.

“I’m going to come,” Rayford uttered.

Thick white ropes of cum landed on his chest, then wad after wad landed on his stomach. The smell was intoxicating, and I cried out and erupted. As my cock flexed with each ejaculation Rayford’s never stopped stroking it. Cum landed on my chest, stomach, then it just dribbled out and got smeared by his hand.

“Stop, stop, Rayford! Please, stop.”

We sat on the tailgate trying to catch our breath as cum turned runny and ran down our chests and stomachs. He looked down at the mess and my still hard cock, the idea of doing more with Rayford just to enticing. I looked over at his cock, how it curved up from between his thighs.

“You’ve done this before,” said Rayford, and it was stated as fact.


“What else have you done?”

“Not much.”

Rayford scoffed, chuckling under his breath, then he turned to me. “What else?”

“You want tell?”

“No, I won’t say anything. Now tell me. I need to know.”

He needed to know how far I would go.


“Receiving or giving?”

I wondered if he had ever considered it before, really considered it, as he was doing now.


“Shit. You serious?”


“You let a guy fuck you?”

“Yes. Do you want to try it with me?”

“What! No. No…maybe.”


He turned to me.

“I’ll let you. I’ll do it with you,” I whispered, afraid to speak louder for it could disturb the precarious balance that currently existed.

“Will you?”

I reached over and stroked his cock.

“Yes. We’re both still horny and it’s just a way to give pleasure.”

He nodded his head and reached over and stroked my cock as I continued to do his. He wound me up until I had to push his hand away and I got off the tailgate. I motioned for him to do the same, and he climbed down and stood next to me.

I cupped the back of his neck pulling his head down until my lips were right at his ear. “I’m going to show you such a good time,” I whispered, then brazenly kissed the side of his face making it turn red.

I turned to the tailgate and laid my upper body on it. Reaching back, I spread my ass cheeks, and looked over my left shoulder.

“Okay, Rayford, ease it into me. Go slow until I adjust to it.”

I waited for what seemed far too long. I started to stand up and ask Rayford if there was a problem. Then that cock raked across my ass, back and forth, then up and down the space between my cheeks. Up and down until centered on my opening, and he pushed until penetrating me.

“OH…yeah, put it in me.”

“Fuck, you’re tight.”

Not for long, I thought as he kept pushing, slowly, sinking his cock into my ass. Then his hips pressed against my ass.

“Jesus, you have all of me,” said Rayford as if he couldn’t believe I could do it.

He began to fuck but it was tentative, no real passion behind it and I wondered if he really didn’t want to fuck me. Then I wondered if he feared hurting me.

“Come on Rayford, fuck me. Fuck me harder.”

The hands tightened their grip, fingers digging into my sides, and he increased his pace. He fucked me until my cock swung heavily between my thighs. I heard his breathing grow labored and soft obscene utterances, as if through gritted teeth.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck me,” I pleaded.

Rayford shoved into my depths, pressing against my ass, and I felt him lean over and kiss the back of my neck. It was shockingly intimate. Just a soft press of lips against my skin. Then he snaked a hand around my waist and took my cock, stroking it with a rough rhythm as he began to fuck with a renewed urgency.

Now he was fucking to come.

But I came first.

My cock erupted and I shuddered and jerked as it spurts wad after wad. Then Rayford was holding my waist with both hands and hammering my ass. The truck rocked beneath me, and the sound of flesh smacking flesh echoed in the shop.

“Fuck…I’m coming.”

Rayford pushed all the way into my ass and shuddered and jerked until spent. Then he lay heavily on my back, and I could feel every hot exhale.

“That was incredible,” Rayford eventually whispered.


I sat on the front stoop watching a thunderstorm blow in from the southwest. Dark ominous clouds roiled across the horizon. Lightning flashed across the sky, then somewhere to the west, it flashed a vertical line so bright it lit up the sky, and the thunder seemed to vibrate the whole earth.

Time to go in, I thought, jumping to my feet and rushing inside just in time to avoid the first rain drops. The house was quiet, my parents had gone to visit my aunt again, the reason kept from me, but I was sure it was the usual issue of my uncle running off again.

I plopped down in dad’s lounger, raising the footrest and leaning back. I touched myself, feeling my cock stir as I consider the last couple of weeks. Sex with Lee Roy, Levi, Zeke, and finally Rayford.

“Fuck,” I uttered aloud, still shocked at my luck.

I heard someone drive up and saw it was Lee Roy in his old truck. Immediately I wondered if I could get him out of his clothes. He ran up to the front door as I opened it to let him.

“Hey, what’s up?”

“I came by to see what you’re doing this afternoon.”

“Nothing. Mom and dad are back in Lake City.”

“Really? Perfect. Can you come over and help me. I’ve got some steaks to cook on the grill and want you to help with some baked beans and something else to go with it.”

“How about a salad?”

“That would be good. You want to get dressed and go with me to the grocery store?”

“Sure, but where did you get the money for all of this?”

“I stayed late for a few days helping get a bunch of trucks completed, so Nancy handed me my paycheck with a bonus in it.”

“That’s nice.”

“Tell me about it. I can bank most of it, but I’m using a few bills to celebrate. Now go get dressed.”

I rushed out of the room, stripping off the ratty T-shirt and gym shorts. I pulled out my favorite jeans, getting them on. I reached for a shirt, something kind of nice that buttoned up the front, but thought something more casual was in order. I went to my old dresser and eased out the third drawer, careful not to pull it out too far, and rummaged among the shirts in it. I pulled out a white tank top, one I’ve not worn since being at the beach last summer. It hung on my skinny ass loose as hell and soft against my skin. Feet slipped into sneakers I headed out to leave with Lee Roy.


The table was covered in dirtied plates and plastic cups with half the baked beans and salad left over from our little feast. We were crashed in the living area, Lee Roy in his recliner, Rayford sprawled out on the old sagging sofa, Zeke sitting in a dining chair pulled close, and Levi and I on the floor, me between the sofa and coffee table and Levi on the other side stretched out. We were watching a movie, one of those superhero flicks, making silly comments and goofy sounds whenever a bad guy got his ass handed to him.

And during the entire evening, I thought about how I had fucked around with each one. My little secret that wasn’t shared among them, something they each shared and didn’t know. But I wished they knew. I wished the night could devolve into an orgy. I imagined my role in it and felt my arousal increase and my cock stir.

The credits began to scroll across the screen and Lee Roy shut the television off and turned on the CD player, hitting play. Cage the Elephant came on and I looked around at Lee Roy.

“You like them?”


“I didn’t know that. I thought you like that heavy metal shit.”

“I do, but I like other stuff too.”

“What time is it?” asked Levi.

“Almost eleven.”

“Do you have to work in the morning?” I asked.


“Me either,” said Rayford.

“What about you Zeke?” asked Lee Roy.

“I have a late shift. Six.”

“Damn, that sucks on a Saturday night,” said Levi.

“It’s not like I have anything to do.”

The room fell silent, everyone just relaxing as the music played. I looked at Lee Roy, then over to Zeke wondering if there was some way to get one of them alone. I saw Levi move and turned to see him lay flat on his back and close his eyes.

“Look out, I need to go to the bathroom,” said Rayford as he stood next to my legs then made his way around the coffee table to the bathroom just down the hall. I jumped up and sat on the sofa. It was then I noticed Levi was fucking with Zeke, pushing a foot against one of Zeke’s.

“Stop,” said Zeke, turning in the chair.

“Make me,” Levi taunted as he scooted closer to Zeke and rubbed the foot up a leg.

Zeke jumped up and quickly had Levi pinned to the floor, sitting on his chest holding the arms down over his head. Zeke pretended he was going to spit in Levi’s face, and I was sitting there begging him to do it. Not out loud of course, but just thinking it, for what it could lead to, the two of them wrestling around getting all hot and sweaty.

Zeke let the arms go, and just sat on Levi’s chest staring down at him.

“Maybe I should make you suck my dick,” said Zeke.

Fuck, I couldn’t believe it.

“No,” said Levi as he started laughing and trying to buck Zeke off his chest.

“Don’t you want to wrap those white boy lips around my black dick?”

“Fuck you. Why don’t you suck mine,” said Levi as the two of them struggled not to continue laughing.

“I think you want to suck it.”

We could hear the toilet flush, running water, then Rayford came into the room and stopped when he saw Zeke on top of Levi.

“What are you guys doing?”

“Levi is about to suck my dick.”

“Fuck you; Zeke is going to suck me.”

“Maybe the two of you should suck each other,” said Lee Roy.

It was escalating. The air seemed charged with the playful tension.

Zeke undid his cargo shorts and pushed his boxers down freeing a growing cock. He waved it in Levi’s face.

“Come on, let me put it in your mouth.”

“No,” said Levi, but it didn’t sound very convincing.

I scooted down and touched myself. I couldn’t help it. My cock felt so confined within my jeans I had to adjust it. I worked it around until pointing up toward the waistband. Lee Roy was watching me, then he turned to Rayford.

“Rayford, let Zeke suck your dick.”

“What?” Rayford replied, shocked at the suggestion, but then he smiled. He looked at me as he undid his cargo shorts, then turned to Zeke. He let the shorts drop to his feet and stepped out of them as he moved to Zeke. His cock was beginning to push outward on the flimsy boxers.

“Fuck,” I whispered as Zeke scooted forward and slipped his cock between Levi’s lips then buried his face in Rayford’s crotch, mouthing and kissing that cock confined in the boxers.

“Jesus,” I uttered as I watched the three-way between my friends, not sure if I should join in or just sit back and enjoy the show. I undid my jeans, spread them open and slipped my hand into my boxers manipulating myself. Rayford pushed his boxers down until they fell around his ankles and Zeke captured his freed cock, pushing those black lips down that white cock. Levi rocked his head back and forth as best he could. The sound of mouths slurping cock soon grew louder than the music.

“Help a guy out?” said Lee Roy.

I looked around and saw Lee Roy had freed his cock and was stroking it to full erection. He waved it around and looked at me.

“Come here,” said Lee Roy.

I stood, tugged my jeans and boxers off, then T-shirt, tossing it on the floor and moved to Lee Roy naked with cock sticking straight out hard as rock. Lee Roy lay back and I moved up over him, knees down between the arms of the chair and his body. I shifted forward until I was able to rub my ass over the head of the cock he was holding up. Back and forth, I rubbed my ass on it until I was so aroused nothing would stop me now. I aligned my tight little hole over that fat blunt head and slowly descended.

“Goddamn, look at that,” said Rayford.

Yeah, look at that, I thought as I shuddered with the pain of penetration, but I didn’t back off, instead stopped time and time again to loosen to Lee Roy’s cock, until finally, my hole loosened and I slid down until in his lap, taking every goddamn inch.

“You got me,” said Lee Roy.

“Yes,” I uttered breathlessly. I glanced around and saw Zeke and Levi were in a sixty-nine and Rayford was on his knees rubbing Zeke’s ass. He looked up at me, smiled, then slipped his fingers down between those firm round cheeks and I knew when he penetrated Zeke by how Zeke choked Levi shoving cock into his mouth.

I turned back to Lee Roy and looked into the glazed eyes.

“Do you enjoy being with me?”

What the fuck? Why did I ask that. Don’t get sentimental now, asshole, or you’ll ruin everything. I looked up, away from Lee Roy as I moved upward, tugging my ass up that fat cock. Then I moved down, slowly, feeling how it worked my opening.

“Yes. Yes, I like being with you,” said Lee Roy.

I looked down at the big muscular bastard shocked to hear him say it. He smiled, took me by the waist and controlled the pace of our fuck. He guided me to move up and down at a faster pace until I was moving easily on his cock, slamming my ass down on it.

“Fuck,” Zeke exclaimed.

I turned to see Rayford pushing cock into his ass with Levi now sitting at his head. Zeke shuddered with the penetration, then turned his head back to Levi’s cock and started sucking again.

Lee Roy sat up, dropping the footrest, and he pushed me off his cock.

“Time to do this right,” said Lee Roy as he climbed to his feet undoing the buttons on his shirt. He slipped it off, removed his jeans and boxers, then took me by the hand and led me to his bedroom at the end of the hall. He tossed me down on the unmade bed and grabbed me by the ankles. He dragged me into place, held my legs tight to his chest, then buried his cock in my ass. I cried out, then begged him to fuck me. And he did. He folded me half and held me down as he began to fuck with a brutal pace. Hips smacked my upturned ass. The old bed squeaked then banged into the wall. The whole room echoed our sex, the banging rhythm of it. And my pleas for Lee Roy not to stop, to keep going, to fuck my ass.

He bore down on me, fucked with such force I thought I would come. Then he was jamming that cock into my depths, just hammering his hips against my ass, and I knew he was pumping a load into it. And he didn’t slow, not for a fucking minute. He just kept fucking, working that cock in me until I felt it pumping cum out of my ass.

Then Lee Roy was on his knees, and I watched him slow stroke that slimy hard cock.

“Get on your knees.”

I rolled over and got on my hands and knees. I felt cum trickle down one thigh, then the bed rock with Lee Roy moving to me. I held my head down, closed my eyes, then moaned whorishly as cock sank back into the depths of my ass. Hands held my waist, the fingers probably nearly touching with the size of them. Holding me tightly in place, Lee Roy began to fuck. To pull outward until nearly free, then shove back in, all the way. He built up his pace, fucked harder and harder until the sound of flesh smacking flesh was nearly as loud as the bed banging into the wall.

“Fuck, you’re so tight,” uttered Lee Roy.

I didn’t feel tight, not anymore. I felt loose after being impaled on that cock, and now my own swung heavily between my thighs as Lee Roy fucked me.

The bed rocked differently and Levi was suddenly next to me. He grabbed me by the chin, turning my head toward him and kissed me. I couldn’t consider how this was the first time with one of them, or what it could mean, or didn’t mean, I just kissed him back as Lee Roy hammered my ass.

Then Levi turned and slipped underneath me and leaned up capturing my cock in his mouth. I cried out, lost to the sensation of being sucked and fucked. Levi rubbed a hand up my chest, raked it over my nipples, then tortured me by twisting one, then the other. I shivered and jerked and slammed my ass back on Lee Roy’s cock. Then I filled Levi’s mouth with cum.

“Jesus,” said Lee Roy, then he shoved into my depths all the way and shuddered with his own release.


Lee Roy sat on the edge of his bed watching Levi ride my cock. He rubbed my cock and Levi’s ass, feeling how one slipped into the other.

“Yeah, that’s hot,” uttered Lee Roy.

Levi was jacking off as he fucked his ass on my cock. He was pushing the two of us to come. He moved relentlessly on my cock, banging down on my hips making the bed squeak.

Cum hit me in the face, then roped up my chest. It rained down on my stomach, then just dribbled from Levi’s cock. Finally spent, he fell still. I rolled him to his back, cock still buried in that ass, and I fucked him. Fucked him to cum with a hard, fast pace, making the bed bang into the wall again. Then I filled his ass with cum.


The three of us lay on the bed waiting for our hearts to stop racing. From down the hall we could hear Zeke, then Rayford, the obscene utterances and cries, knowing one then the other was getting off.

Then the mobile home settled into silence.



Three of us had a bowl of cereal while two others were eating cinnamon rolls. We all had a cup of strong coffee, four drinking it black, and ironically, Zeke drinking it full of milk and sugar. It had been the source of crass jokes for years.

“How do you guys feel about last night?” asked Rayford.

I looked around the table, not daring to answer that, for I was sure it was more important, more intimate a thing for me than any of them.

“I’m not sure,” said Levi.

“But did you enjoy it?” asked Zeke.

Levi smiled, nodding his head. “Very much so.”

“So, no one is going to freak out about it?” said Lee Roy, of course the one to ask one of the questions I was thinking about.

“Nah, I enjoyed the hell out of it,” said Levi.

“Me too,” said Zeke.

“Same,” said Rayford.

They looked at me waiting for an answer. I couldn’t help it, I smiled then nodded in agreement.

“You guys know I enjoyed it too.”

“Does this mean we’re gay?” said Rayford.

“Maybe,” Lee Roy replied, laughing loudly.

“I think I still like girls,” said Rayford.

“I’m gay,” I said and saw each of them look at me.

“We knew that; you raunchy bastard,” said Zeke.

“Hey, you’re all raunchy bastards,” I replied.

“Ain’t that the truth,” said Lee Roy.


For weeks, I wondered what was happening with us. We were getting together more often, three, four times a week as a group. And in between, I found one of them tapping on my window late at night. With this growing intimacy between us, there came other confessions. Of wanting to leave town, of going somewhere where no one knew us and starting over. A place that didn’t look on us as losers or trash, or in Zeke’s case, something much worse.

We talked about it, created plans, devised schemes to make it happen. Months went by and all we did was make plans until one September afternoon in the IGA parking lot. Zeke, Lee Roy and I loading up the bags of groceries we bought for a cookout. We were preparing for another night of shared food, then shared cocks and asses.  

Grady Cumberlander pulled up in his truck, MAGA, Trump, and Confederate flag stickers all over the back bumper and tailgate. He climbed out, all five foot six inches of scrawny ass and nasty attitude and came around the back of his truck. As he passed, he said it.

“What are you white trash assholes doing hanging out with that ----.”

I was stunned at the audacity of him saying it so boldly. Zeke grabbed Lee Roy by the arm, begging him to let it go. Lee Roy would have beat the shit out of Grady if it were not for Zeke.

We had our cookout, then the next day we packed up our few belongings, went to the bank and got all the money we had been able to save, and piled up in Lee Roy’s old truck and Rayford’s Honda. Then we drove out of town.


The breeze blew in from the west off the gulf swaying the palms and pine trees and rustling the tall grasses. It was a warm December day, the temperatures higher than normal.

I rode my bicycle down the main road along the river, passing the few single-family homes that backed up to the river then the Marina with the fishing charters next door, all catering to the only tourist that came to the small town in the elbow of the state of Florida. Sports fisherman. There were no beaches or casinos or resort hotels to lure the tourist looking to just play in the sun. Therefore, the town remained small, far too poor for most and isolated. For the five of us, isolated in a wonderful peaceful way. I was heading to work for my shift at the restaurant that was the last business backed up to the river before the road curved north into the residential area of scattered homes on a partial grid of streets.

I couldn’t believe we were living here, all five of us. It had been made clear that anyone who wanted to leave had every right to do so. After five months, no one had left yet. Instead, we all lived in a rented house, one that was a prefabricated home with a screen porch added to the front. It was old and weathered and the yard was nothing but sand and sparse grass and sticker weeds. We each had jobs in town, Rayford at a mechanics shop, Lee Roy at one of the marinas, Levi at a small motel on the other side of the river, and Zeke and I at the restaurant. With the five of us, we were doing okay. Hell, better than okay. We cooked out, went out on one of the boats exploring the coastline, drove over to the college town to the east to shop and see a movie. And we fucked and sucked and slept piled up in one of the king size beds we had in the two bedrooms. Because we were the raunchy bastards from Jasper, Alabama, come to Florida to live as we damn well please.

by Grant

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