• A & R: Chapter 7

    Does the feelings like Love, need a proof? Is it necessary to prove that you love someone even though, you do love him? The changed behavior of Ritvik after the traumatic incident of rape attempted of him, puzzled Aniket. Aniket was now struggling with his identity in Ritvik's world.

  • A & R: Chapter 6

    Aniket's love for Ritvik was now getting stronger and intensified with each moment passed. He was feeling a deeper eternal connection with Ritvik without any kind of doubts in his mind. There was only a feeling, an intensified feeling for Ritvik and no other thoughts. Absolutely no other thoughts.

  • A & R: Chapter 5

    The Love is beyond the physical attraction. It is magical. It is divine. One who is anyhow in love, will definitely see its charismatic influences on one's life.

  • A & R: Chapter 4

    We mostly realize the true value of something or someone after we loose them. The story of A & R takes the unpleasant turn when after the unfortunate incident of rape, Aniket is about to loose Ritvik for good. Sometimes, we fail to realize that the Life is precious and should never be destroyed.

  • A & R: Chapter 3

    When Love is true and deep, it is beyond bodies. Pain and Sufferings of one become Torture of other.

  • A & R: Chapter 2

    He tried shouting for help but loud music suppressed his voice. It was quite risky to let him shout like this, so Aditya gagged his mouth to turn him silent and took his shirt off forcibly.

  • A & R

    A handsome attractive Lad enters the room when Aniket was sitting on his bed. The new lad was a potential tenant. Aniket fall for him the moment he glimpsed his mesmerizing divine beauty. Continue the story to see what happens next between the two roommates.

  • The Monkey and The Donkey: Chapter 2

    He was sucking it and probably enjoying it as he was not in a hurry. His eyes were closed. He was resting my penis on his finger tips, and rest of the things were being done by his tongue inside his mouth.

  • The Monkey and The Donkey

    We all know somewhat close to reality how appealing and attractive looks we have, specially if we have been blessed with exceptional physical beauty. He too must have an Idea about his killer looks. On top of this, his sweet and jovial nature makes it a deadly combination for anyone to fall in ...

  • First Crush: Chapter 5

    Sequence of story with same Title... It is the incident when my roomie asked me to share my Secrets of past life.. about my first crush ... and here I am telling him about my school life..and about my First Crush !

  • First Crush: Chapter 3

    My roomie asked me to share my secrets of Past.. .about my First Crush.. and here I am telling him about my school life.. :)

  • The Gift: Chapter 2

    Read the incident from my eDiary when my Roommate planned for a surprise Gift for me on the auspicious event of religious festival for married couples. The hilarious incident reflects his feelings for me and also the hidden desires... which I have been restricting him so far.

  • The Gift

    A Surprise gift, on the auspicious occasion of one of religious festivals for newly wed couples, was planned by my Roomie (Roommate). The Hilarious incident was entertaining but also had shown me the love and care he feels for me.

  • First Crush: Chapter 4

    My roommate cum my Lover pushed me to share my secrets of my First Crush with him. This part of story deals with the incident when I met my First crush for the very first time. The excerpt from the story is given below: ----------- I shook my hand with her. The touch of her smooth and silky ...

  • First Crush: Chapter 2

    Part of my story "First Crush (Part -2)" published with illustrative images on my blog cum eDiary at desimunda [DOT] Wordpress [DOT] com ======= I still did not say a thing. Neither did I open my eyes. It was my mistake. I forgot, that this may invite more troubles for me if I did not respond ...

  • First Crush

    Everyone has some secrets. And it is hard to forget your first crush. My lover and my roommate asked me to share story of my first crush with him. Read this story to see how he made me reveal my secrets to him. The story is being published in parts and is available on my blog cum eDiary at ...

  • Don't Fuel the Fire ! Ever!!

    What I did was one of my biggest mistake. I added fuel to the fire. He turned into a Wild beast beyond my wildest imagination. Read the incidents in this part (and next concluding part) of story to see how dangerous it could be to add fuel to the fire.

  • Killer Silence: Chapter 2

    When my roommate cum my lover, returned from office, he was not his usual self. He was changed, and behaving differently. That made me worry about him and think if everything was alright with him? What I figured out was somewhat close to reality. It was impacting our relationship. Read this ...

  • Killer Silence

    When my roommate and my lover, returned from office, he was not his usual self. He was changed, and behaving differently. That made me worry about if everything was alright with him? Read this sensual love story to find out what was wrong that impacted our mutual understanding and how we resolved ...

  • M I L

    I was angry with my roommate seeing his increasing interference in my personal life. I loved him, and liked him a lot, but he started getting more attention, importance and snatched my share of love too which irritated me. Read the story to find how he handled it when I raised my concerns with ...

  • Master-Piece in Delhi Metro

    A short story about an incident happened with me during my Journey in Delhi Metro

  • Victims and Support

    This is a humble request to help the Victims and be sensitive to their needs. A support should be able to to help them bring their life back to normal routine.

  • Love is Love: Chapter 2

    Concluding part of the story with the same title, which is part of my ongoing real life love story being published on my eDiary at https://desimunda.wordpress.com. This heart-touching event made me think about the other side of my roommate. Could a jovial, fun-filled, playful, naughty and ...

  • The Trick: Chapter 3

    When my roommate failed to seduce me to have sexual adventures with me, he used the trick to Seduce me.

  • Love is Love

    A sensual interaction with my roommate made both of us understand each-other better. The search for a soul-mate and dilemma of loyalty and commitment was answered beautifully in the heart-touching sequence of events. Read how my roommate expressed his expectations of love and sex that gave me a ...

  • The Trick: Chapter 2

    When my roommate failed to seduce me to have sexual adventures with me, he used the trick to Seduce me.

  • The Trick

    When my roommate failed to seduce me to have sexual adventures with me, he used the trick to Seduce me.

  • Touch Therapy: Chapter 2

    A story of two guys who became roommates, and then became Friends, which eventually converted in to love. This incident from their love story, which is taken from weekly eDiary of the Guy published on https://desimunda.wordpress.com/ shows how powerful human touch is to strengthen the bonding ...

  • Touch Therapy

    The sensual story of love and emotions between my roommate and me. After a few recent incidents between us, when he forcefully tried to play with my body and seduced me, it caused me mental shock and drifted us apart. But with his this caring and loving touch, all grudges were resolved. Follow ...

  • "Why" this Kolaveri... Di?

    After a recent sexual encounter with my roommate.. for the first time, I asked him what made him behave so rudely and barbaric with me. Why he ignored my feelings and where does my emotions and preferences stand between us? His answer made me think twice...