2-Way communication (between hearts)

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(A communication … between two “living” hearts): (My roommate and Mine)

Hey, You !

… (silence..  no reply from other side)

… yeah…. you there ! I am talking to you.

eh…! What’s up?

I am trying so hard to reach you for a long time… but you don’t give it a damn ! Initially you looked like paying attention to me but now you are ignoring me. Do you know how difficult is it to make a place in someone’s life now a days? I have been sincerely fighting against all odds to win you since I noticed you around me. I did more than what I could do but you … you are turning in to a stone-heart.

The listener-heart was pumping in same monotonous tone.. as if it was really a stone-heart, without any reactions or response.

See, I am longing for you. You have become my life. I cannot imagine my life any longer without you. Why have you become so cruel to me? Have mercy ! All I want is a chunk of your love in my life. What made you so miserable … ?… Speak up something.  Talk to me please. Don’t I even deserve that little of your attention?

…. “It” was still beating in same “mechanical” way…

The other heart was now loosing all its courage. Seeing no response to “his” needs of love, broke all the barriers now…and he went in to a deep silence.

A Silence… that gives plenty of time…             and space…

…Time … to spend in one’s own company…

… and space.. to analyze.. where we went wrong…

time .. and space for introspection….

Sometimes, the Silence is louder than words. Echo of “his” spoken and un-spoken words were loud enough in this silence to melt the hardest of Stones in to their elements. These were penetrating deeply and rupturing all the hard-shells of the stone-heart and were simulating the dead-cells.

The dead-melodies of the stone-heart started waking up again. The “Stone” was turning “soft” to become a heart again, to feel the pain, and enjoy the “togetherness“. It was coming back to life now.

Yes, it is true, the company of things, or people around us affect us a lot. We only realize it later. Sometimes, just before it is too late, if we are lucky enough.

A note: Thank You, Abhi, for being a “powerful” and “motivating” company to me at all the hard times, when I needed it the most.


Desi Munda


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