Stories by Bowties

  • The Quarterback: Pt. 10

    With all the tension of his affair building up in his back, Conrad's massage from Marcus gets kinky really quick.

  • The Quarterback: Pt. 9

    Events leading up to a morning-after of peaceful proportions put both Conrad and Oliver in a potentially tense situation.

  • The Quarterback: Pt. 8

    Conrad's confrontation with Oliver leads him to new information about his former lover's life, and the two make amends. Later, Oliver takes to dinner with Marcus.

  • The Quarterback: Pt. 7

    Years later, the quarterback makes his way around life after high school and college.

  • The Quarterback: Pt. 6

    After and awkward confrontation with Oliver's parents, Conrad is blind-sided by blackmail by yet another person.

  • The Quarterback: Pt. 5

    (It's been a while, yikes) After Conrad's first day out of the closet at school, he and Oliver get caught at home being intimate.

  • The Quarterback: PT 4

    After Conrad is outed to the school, he tries to recover by taking a break from Oliver, but soon realizes that there are other men besides Oliver that can help him understand his sexuality.

  • The Quarterback PT. 3

    Conrad and Oliver recall some of their experiences together from their past few nights together, then something terrible happens.

  • The Quarterback: PT. 2

    After Conrad left Oliver at the cafe, events transpire that lead to Conrad making decisions that could impact the rest of his senior year.

  • The Quarterback

    As senior year's events begin to unfold, so does the quarterback. Oliver helps Conrad discover himself.

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