Meet me under the bleachers at 1:00 after 5th period.

It was 1:05 and Conrad was under the bleachers next to the track. People came under the bleachers for drug deals or hookups, and Conrad didn’t smoke or anything like that. So when Madison Trainer texted him that she wanted him under the bleachers at 1:00, what was it against his reputation? He’d been waiting for ten minutes though, and things were seeming to become a little suspicious. Even more when Oliver stepped into the shade from outside of the bleachers.

Conrad took in his breath, “Oh,”

Oliver stopped in his tracks. He turned white and looked like he was about to cry on the inside. “Are you here for a hookup or something?”

Conrad shook his head, “I dunno. Madison told me to come at one but I don’t see her so I think I’m gonna-“

“I asked you both to come,” said Madison as she walked into the bleachers.

“Why?” asked Oliver, turning to face Madison.

“Because. I saw you both at the brookside cafe the other day and I saw you guys hold hands and I know Conrad’s gay. And so I’m here to tell you that. And I’m here to start getting what I want. You see, I’m a very pretty girl and things that I want, I usually come by easily. Boys who are gay like you two don’t do me any good where normal boys do. So I’m just going to get more things I want out of you.”

“Okay bitch, first off you just said like five rude things and second off, I’m not doing shit for you,” Oliver spat.

“I would suggest you do what I say.”

“Or what?”

“Outing people isn’t a problem for me.”

“I’m already out.”

She shook her head and giggled. “Conrad’s not.”

Oliver bit his lip and took a deep breath. “Okay what the fuck do you want.”

“I’ll get back to you on it,” she said.

And with that, Madison turned around and walked out into the daylight.

Oliver swiveled around and looked at Conrad. Despite his normal tan over his light brown skin, he was white as a ghost. He didn’t say a word, but stood still with his right hand on his chest and his mouth hung a little bit open. Oliver watched and Conrad looked up at him somberly. Oliver pursed his lips and turned around, and began to walk.

“Oliver. . .”

Oliver kept on walking, his eyes filling up with tears, pretending he didn’t hear anything.

 - - -

Oliver’s eyes narrowed as he watched Conrad holding hands with Madison from across the school’s courtyard. She got what she wanted at the expense of others. And she had always wanted Conrad. Now she had him, regardless of if he wanted her. And right now Oliver could tell she wanted something else by the way she was gazing back at him with her mischievous blue eyes. She tapped Conrad on the shoulder and whispered something in his ear. He looked at her and shook his head, then sighed after she gave him a look.

He let go of her hand and walked over to Oliver, putting his fists up. “Run,” he whispered.

Oliver blinked.

“Run. Make it look like I chased you,” he whispered.

Oliver turned around and walked away, shaking his head and pushing through the crowd of people that thought there was going to be a fight. His heart felt heavy. His mind was whirring. He felt like crying but his eyes stayed strong. He just walked and looked at the ground. How could Conrad do something like this? How could Madison? Oliver’s thoughts were interrupted by his phone vibrating.

Conrad: Do you want to meet at the cafe after school?

Oliver: Is Madison asking you to be there?

Conrad: No.

1:00 rolled by and Oliver was sitting in one of the chairs by the window of the cafe. It had begun to rain outside and the window was extremely cold. Oliver kept his hands warm on a cup of hot chocolate and let the time pass by, waiting for Conrad.

It was 1:22 when Oliver noticed he caught someone’s eye across the coffee shop. He was maybe a few years older than Oliver’s eighteen and had beautiful olive skin. His eyes were brown and the bottom of his face was covered in stubble. He was nicely built. His chest filled out his shirt and his arms filled out his sleeves. He had a dazzling smile and was gazing directly at Oliver. Oliver smiled and looked down at his cup, which had lowered from a hot chocolate to luke warm. Seconds later the man was pulling out the chair from Oliver and sitting down.

“Hi,” he said. He had a nice voice. Low and masculine.

“Hi,” Oliver repeated back.

“I’m Jack,” he stuck his right hand out.

“Oliver,” Oliver took it and shook.

“Oliver, you have any plans?” This seemed to be his way of asking if Oliver was waiting for anyone. He kept holding Oliver’s hand.

“Well, I was actually gonna wait for my friend—“

“That’s a shame. A pretty young boy like you could do a man like me quite the favor,” he murmured, nodding in the direction of the restroom. Jack let go of his cup with his left hand and put that hand on the back of Oliver’s right one so he had a hand on both sides. “such a handsome guy,” he made circles on the back of Oliver’s hand with his middle finger.

Oliver licked his lips and then pursed them. “What kind of favor?”

Jack chuckled coolly, “Let’s just say the doughnuts aren’t the only things that’ll have glazed holes when I’m done with you.”

Oliver turned red. It was really cheesy but it was definitely hot. “Well, you see—“

Jack continued, “I want to bring you into that bathroom over there,” he leaned in and murmured, “And I want to push you into the nearest stall and drop you to your knees. I want to tonguefuck you. I want to fuck your mouth. I want to fuck your nice ass that you have right there. I want to do it hard. I want to lick your entire body from head to toe. I want you to moan. I want to make you cum and I want to cum all over your cute round squeezable—“


Oliver turned and saw Conrad. “Hi, Conrad.”

“Who’s this?” Conrad asked, looking at Jack’s hands.

Oliver pulled his away. Jack grinned. “I’m Jack.” He stuck out his hand again, but for Conrad.

Conrad didn’t take it. “Well is Jack going to be here all day? Because I really want to talk to you.”

Jack chuckled again and stood up, winking at Oliver. “Maybe some other time. Take it easy, handsome,” he said.

Conrad looked forward as Jack walked out of the shop with his coffee. Conrad scoffed. “You were about to have sex with him?”

“I wasn’t.”

Conrad didn’t look convinced, but he sat down across from Oliver, where Jack had been sitting. There was an awkwardness in the air between them. Conrad began to tap his foot. Oliver began to count in his head.

“How are you?” Oliver asked.

Conrad shook his head. “I’m doing terribly.”

Oliver looked down at his cup. “What’s going on?”

“Madison has me running errands for her. I’m terrified about what she’ll say if I don’t do what she tells me to. And she almost told everyone after you walked away from me today when. . .”

“When you tried to fight me.”

“Oliver I’m so sorry. I want you to know I would never—“

“I believe you.”

“I just want to make it up to you. I want to talk to you. I miss you,” Conrad looked down as he spoke, and he reached for Oliver’s hand. “My parents are out of town tonight and tomorrow night. Maybe you want to come over and we can talk?”

Oliver shut his eyes and limply held Conrad’s hand. His lips parted into more words.”Conrad. . .”

“We’ll just talk, I swear.”

Oliver said nothing.


Oliver looked up and nodded.

 - - -

Oliver stood outside on Conrad’s doorstep. He had been standing there for about five minutes. He was unsure if he should knock or if he should walk away. He had prepared for the occasion by changing into a black tank top, which fit extremely well around his muscles, a pair of pitch black slim jeans held up by a black belt, and black shoes. His hair was gelled incredibly; not one hair out of place. It was different from his normal preppy look. He wore black so nobody would see him, but unintentionally he looked hot. And it was cold. His nipples were visible from outside his tank top. Finally he cursed and knocked on the door.

Almost immediately the door opened. Conrad stood before Oliver, wearing nothing but a pair of black briefs. They did an impressive job on showing off his package. He wore nothing else. His extremely defined six pack was exposed, as well as his massive chest and biceps. He tapped his foot, flexing one of his calves and controllably shaking one of his beautiful thighs. He scanned over Oliver’s apparel with his eyes.

“Oh,” he breathed.

“Couldn’t bother to put some pants on for talking?” Oliver asked sarcastically.

Conrad grinned and gestured for Oliver to come inside.

Oliver stepped through Conrad’s doorway with a steely expression and looked around. It was dimly lit in the foyer, and once Conrad closed the door, it was quite warm. The quarterback came up from behind Oliver and walked into the dining room. It was also dimly lit in there. He pulled out a chair for himself at the table and motioned for Oliver to do the same. Oliver kicked off his shoes and lined them up completely perpendicularly to the door. Then he walked over to the chair adjacent to Conrad’s and sat.

“You look hot,” said Conrad, giving a smirk. Oliver didn’t say anything. “I wanna take all your clothes off.”

“What do you want to talk about, Conrad.”

Conrad breathed in slowly, then out. “I want to talk about coming out,” he said.

Oliver perked up and looked at Conrad. “What?”

“How did you come out again?”

“You fuckin’ outed me when you found out I had a crush on you.”

Conrad said nothing. It had been years since he had done it and he felt so guilty that he spent most of his time pushing the incident out of his mind. Oliver looked angry on one hand, but extremely sad on the other.

“I’m sorry. I never apologized for that. I want you to know I felt so guilty about it. I still do,” Conrad softly said.

“I know. I just want you to know I can’t help you because I didn’t get to do it the way I wanted.”

“I promise I’ll come out soon. I swear.”

“Good for you. You should be proud of yourself.” Oliver looked away, at the door.


“What, Conrad?”

Conrad looked down at his hands on the table. “I want to be with you when I come out.”

“Okay, where are you going to do it and to whom?”

Conrad looked puzzled, then his face relaxed into a smile. “I mean I want you to be my. . . y’know, partner.”

Oliver was taken aback. “Oh.”

Conrad looked confused again at Oliver’s response. “What’s wrong?”

Oliver shook his head. “Nothing’s wrong.”

“You’re acting weird. Are you okay? I’m not getting any feelings from you. And usually you’re the feely one in this relationship.”

“This isn’t a relationship. You aren’t out and I don’t do closet cases.”

“I’m working on it, okay?”

Oliver stood up, began walking toward the door, and said, “I think I’d better go.”

“Wait, Oliver.”

Conrad quickly jumped out of his seat and jogged after Oliver, reaching forward and putting his hand on Oliver’s shoulder. Oliver stopped walking. Conrad stood still for a moment, simply holding Oliver’s shoulder. Then his hand slowly began to drop down his clavicle, to the top of Oliver’s chest. His fingers slipped under Oliver’s top, and he roamed around Oliver’s pecs with his hands. Oliver closed his eyes and Conrad put his other hand on Oliver’s waist. Then he pushed it up Oliver’s shirt, and then slid it slowly down until his fingertips were only a small portion under Oliver’s jeans.

 Lips slowly pressed against the back of Oliver’s neck. Fingers pinched around his left nipple, gently tugging the muscle and skin around it, and clamping the nipple restrainedly. It was almost like a small bruise that felt pleasure instead of pain, and had a small pinpoint of ecstasy in the exact point. Oliver’s teeth clamped down on his lower lip and he moaned a soft, aching moan. Conrad’s other hand was busy kneading away at the pouch of his subject’s underwear. He wanted to make Oliver stay, and he needed Oliver to want it too.

Conrad kissed gingerly around the back of Oliver’s neck, and landed individual bittersweet kisses up to his right ear. His mouth opened up and he softly bit down on Oliver’s ear. He nibbled gently, so much so to put Oliver in a state of pleasure but on the brink of pain. Oliver breathed heavily, and groaned quietly through bit lip. A vaguely familiar pressure came upon Oliver’s behind. He had felt this before. The homecoming dance. Conrad’s junk was slowly scraping up and down Oliver’s ass, and his cock was hard as stone. Inside, it was driving Oliver wild.

It was so many things little things happening at once, Oliver couldn’t help but notice his member slowly engorging with sex and wanting. The modestly covered cock rubbing against his asscheeks, the soft pleasure-pain enveloping his ear, the fingers pushing and pulling at the weapon in his underwear, and the tantalizing pinching of his nipple that made him moan, all led up to one feeling that he could only describe in one phrase.

Ohhh, Conrad. Mmm.”

“I want to see you naked,” Conrad whispered, “I want to take your clothes off.”

Oliver bit his lip and flicked his eyes to the floor. “What’s stopping you?”

Conrad pulled his hand from Oliver’s pants and gripped his fingers onto the bottom of the tank top, pulling it up and over. He used the same hand to place on Oliver’s chest and slide around, exploring it slowly. Each finger the trailed around scraped gently against the skin, making an intense tickling feeling around the places where Conrad’s fingers had touched. Oliver slowly began his way backward, forcing Conrad to do the same. He walked backward until Conrad tripped on his stairwell and sat on one of the steps. Oliver was pulled down onto his lap.

Pivoting around on his butt to face his partner, Oliver tugged at the belt around his waist, sliding it out from the end. Conrad unbuttoned the top button of Oliver’s jeans and unzipped. Oliver looked down at Conrad, bitting his lip. He knew what Conrad wanted. He wasn’t only teasing because he knew, but he was teasing to turn Conrad on. In the duration of Oliver’s backward trekking and straddling Conrad, Conrad had gone from a plus-sized partial to a full on raging erection. It was bulging through the inside of his briefs against Oliver, who gently ground his backside against it in return.

Conrad looked back up at Oliver staring down at him, and leaned in to kiss in between Oliver’s pecs. The wet hot kissed continued as far down as he could go: the top of Oliver’s abs. Conrad slid one of his hands exploring Oliver’s chest to the front of his jeans, tugging the clearly defined rod inside. 7 inches of longing. 7 inches ready to be handled. His feet touched the carpet of the steps and Oliver stood, allowing the quarterback to ease down his pants. Oliver stepped out of each leg one at a time, continuing to stand.

Oliver’s fingers reached down and touched Conrad’s head. They slid in between his hairs and made a firm grip. Conrad looked up at Oliver, hungrily biting his lip and begging with his eyes. That was all Oliver needed to push Conrad’s face, without hesitation, into the front of his underwear. Conrad’s mouth opened and his tongue dragged across the front of Oliver’s undergarment. It seemed to happen in slow motion. There was a noticeable heat in the spot that Conrad’s tongue had run over, and the fabric became a little bit damp. Oliver let him continue, and reached back, putting his hands on his ass.

Conrad pulled back and looked up at Oliver again. His arms reached up and he place his hands under Oliver’s arms, beginning to pull Oliver down to him. Oliver complied, pushing his hips forward and rubbing his package on Conrad’s chest, continuing to slowly rub it down Conrad’s muscles: his pecs, his six pack. It rested near his belly button when Oliver finally sat back down on Conrad’s lap and moved his hands from his ass up Conrad’s legs, sides, and around his neck. Conrad opened his mouth only slightly and pulled one of his hands out to put his pointer finger on his lip, and placing the other hand on Oliver’s lower back.

Oliver took this as a sign of Conrad wanting a kiss, and leaned in to fulfill the request. His lips parted and squarely pushed against Conrad’s, who angled his mouth down to fit into Oliver’s lips. Neither of them had kissed each other in a long while, and they were finally satiating their thirst for each other. Over and over, their lips pushed and squeezed at each others. They positioned each one differently.

It seemed like minutes must’ve passed of them kissing at different angles before Conrad’s hand dropped into Oliver’s briefs. His fingers spread out and very gradually began to squeeze Oliver’s ass like he used to. The fingertips around Oliver’s ass slowly began to knead through his flesh, massaging his glutes. It gave him a feeling that inspired him to want Conrad even more than he already did. He leaned his head back after a while, closing his eyes and allowing Conrad to lean in and land kiss on his neck.

Another few minutes must’ve past before Conrad began to massage farther inward, eventually sliding two of the fingers on one of his hands up and down Oliver’s entrance. Oliver groaned in delight, giving the signal for more. Conrad responded by lifting up his right pointer and middle fingers and spitting on them, then lathering the substance around his fingers like lubricant. He reached back around and continued to rub around at Oliver’s asshole. Oliver dropped his head back down, pressing his forehead onto Conrad’s and biting his lip.

Very slowly, Conrad pushed his fingers up his secret lover’s ass. Oliver’s eyes went from lustfully narrowed to slowly shut, and he sighed quietly, letting his lips part to exhale. That opportunity was taken by Conrad for yet another kiss. As he carefully pushed his fingers farther and father up Oliver’s asshole, his tongue began to explore Oliver’s mouth. Conrad finally had both fingers completely up his partner’s ass, and he gently wiggled them. He could feel the prostate already.

Oliver moaned into Conrad’s mouth, pulling a little bit out of the kiss. Conrad gazed up at Oliver in concentration, lifting his other hand away from Oliver’s penetrated ass and slipping his middle three fingers into Oliver’s mouth. Oliver gently sucked at the salt of the quarterback’s fingers, humming his suppressed moans. The feeling was incredible for Oliver- even though there was a lot of pressure in his ass, there was still a contained tickling that went with it, and eventually a large tickle. It almost felt as though he was being directly shocked inside of himself. It felt amazing. It was so tingly and fuzzy. Conrad kept pressing his fingers around the prostate, continually pressing it. Then he slowly he began to pull his fingers out.

Quickly, he jammed them right back in. Oliver shut his eyes tightly and gently bit down on Conrad’s fingers, moaning through them. Conrad grinned, angling his forearm to the side so he could lean in and kiss Oliver’s chest while still letting Oliver suck on his fingers. The tension in Oliver’s legs rose and fell as Conrad slowly pushed his other fingers in an out of the other boy’s ass. He could tell Oliver was loving it. His face was full of sexual tension, his eyebrows furrowed, his eyes shut tight, his lips loosely closed around the quarterback’s fingers, and his teeth gently digging into them. He was breathing heavily and every once in a while he would let loose a soft moan in his breaths. A sign to Conrad that he was satisfied.

Conrad pulled his fingers out of Oliver’s mouth and put them on his cheek, along with the rest of his hand, and he brushed his palm around Oliver’s dark hair to the back of his head. Conrad slowly leaned back against the carpeted steps and pulled Oliver’s head down with him, and down to his lips.  As Oliver came forward, his hands came up to Conrad’s cheeks and held them as he kissed his partner. He could imagine the scene clearly in his head- Conrad laying back on the steps with his fingers inside Oliver’s round ass, who was straddling Conrad with the back of his underwear down below each buttcheek. Both of them embraced in a passionate kiss. The thought was causing some more tension in the pouch of Oliver’s briefs.

He dwelled on this thought until it was interrupted by a sudden push on his behind. Conrad had lowered his free hand back down to Oliver’s butt and was slowly pulling him upward. As he did it, he leaned upward and began to get up. Oliver wrapped his arms around Conrad’s neck and continued to straddle him, wrapping his legs around Conrad’s hips. Conrad stood on the steps, Holding Oliver on his torso, and pulled away. He began to chuckle for a moment. 

“Okay, let me get us a room.”

Oliver nodded and nestled his lips into Conrad’s neck as Conrad carried him up the stairs and down the hall into a room with mostly light grey walls, except for a navy-blue one, where a queen sized bed came off the center of. Oliver looked around from the nook of Conrad’s neck at the room. It was very cool and suave. He liked the feel of it. Immediately, Conrad dropped his free hand, still having currently unmoving fingers in Oliver’s meaty behind. Oliver’s feet dropped to the ground and he stood against Conrad, pressing their chests together. Conrad pushed him against one of the grey walls, pulling his fingers away from Oliver’s asshole for a quick moment to turn him around. Oliver’s lips tore away from Conrad’s neck, leaving a deep purple mark. He pushed his chest against Oliver’s back, and Oliver’s chest against the wall. Then he put his right hand on Oliver’s hip, slipping his left hand this time down Oliver’s ass, and penetrating his fingers into Oliver’s hole.

Oliver groaned against the wall, leaning his head back in pleasure. Conrad stuck his head next to Oliver’s and gingerly kissed the side of his face until Oliver turned down to Conrad’s mouth and pushed their lips together. His hands reached backward and put themselves on Conrad’s own impressive ass. Back and forth, Conrad’s hand went, rubbing his fingers cleanly around Oliver’s prostate. In and out, pushing and pulling the ticklish pressure that Oliver was feeling. Conrad pulled back in between a kiss and grinned confidently.

“God you’re lovin’ this, aren’t you?”

Oliver grinned back and stuck his ass out, pushing Conrad’s hand a little bit. Startled, Conrad quickly pulled his hand out of Oliver.

“Oh, Fuck,” Oliver groaned.

Oliver’s mouth opened into an “o” as Conrad very aggressively pulled his fingers out, nudging Oliver’s prostate as he went. Then he lowered his head and grinned again, pushing his ass out more and slowly walking backwards, forcing Conrad to go with him. He pushed Conrad’s back against the opposite wall, and brought his hands from Conrad’s ass to his hip and the back of his neck. Conrad’s hands reached up onto Oliver’s chest and cupped his pecs, then pinched his nipples. After Oliver had made a small hum, he rode his right hand down to Oliver’s underwear and hooked his fingers around the waistband. All at once, Conrad pulled hard on it, tearing the fabric of the undergarment off Oliver’s pelvis. He dropped the torn underwear onto the ground and put his hand on the right crease in Oliver’s v-line.

Then he slid down the v-line and made grip around Oliver’s now free cock. Up and down he went, jerking off Oliver. His fist pumped very slowly, providing extra sensation to Oliver’s arousal. Oliver’s vocal chords began to release sound uncontrollably. In response to Conrad’s manual sex, he carefully rolled his hips around and around, sticking his butt up against Conrad’s briefs. Very gently, he started to grind up and down on Conrad’s concealed hard-on. Conrad bit his lip, controlling his own vocal chords from going too wild.

“God you’re hot. . .” Oliver groaned. 

“What about you, sexyass?” Conrad murmured into Oliver’s ear. “Let me finger that ass some more.” He reached down from stimulating Oliver’s nipple and placed his fingers inside the crease of Oliver’s ass.

Oliver’s head whipped around in pleasure. “Fuck no, you’re putting your dick inside me.”


Oliver put both of his hands at the waist of Conrad’s underwear and pulled the skimpy black fabric down. The eight inch stick of meat sprung up, landing itself at the top of Oliver’s ass, resting in between the cheeks. The skin of Conrad’s prick was soft against the crack of Oliver’s bubble butt. It was sexually comforting. The gentle touch itself was almost making enough of a tingle to send Oliver over the edge.

“I want you to fuck me, Conrad.”

Conrad placed his head on Oliver’s shoulder, inhaling slowly. He thought for a few seconds. It was a big step. “Hmm. . . Alright. . .” he said softly, then nodded his head over to the bed just as softly. “Bed.”

Oliver pulled himself away from the front of Conrad’s body, walking over to Conrad’s bed in the middle of the room. He swayed his hips as he walked, feeling his asscheeks rub together at the top of his legs, and feeling Conrad’s eyes bore into every muscle in his body. As he approached the bed, he lifted up his left leg and put his knee down on top of the duvet. From there, he launched forward onto his other knee, and dropped onto his stomach, his hands next to his shoulders. He turned his neck and rested his chin on his right shoulder, giving him a full view of Conrad.

Conrad was right behind him, at the edge of the bed, and he got onto the duvet on his knees. Very tenderly, he reached down and put his right hand on the corresponding side of Oliver’s ass. He wasn’t being as aggressive anymore, but rather sexually intense. His eyes were sharpened and his gaze sliced through the air into Oliver’s own pupils. He bit his lip and slid forward, putting his other hand down on the bottom of Oliver’s back and pushing them up, one to the shoulder and the other to just below the opposite. His pelvis fit perfectly around Oliver’s butt. His chin rested to the left of Oliver’s jaw, his neck fitted around Oliver’s shoulder.

“We’re lucky that my parents aren’t here,” Conrad said.

Oliver bit his lip and giggled. “Why?”

“Because of all the noise we’re about to make. . .”

Faster than Oliver could respond, Conrad pulled his head back and kissed the back of Oliver’s neck. Then lower to his upper back. Then lower and lower. Conrad’s lips made their way down to Oliver’s bubble butt, and he gently closed his teeth around the meat of Oliver’s right cheek. Then he pulled away and kissed again, lower and lower, to the bottom of Oliver’s butt. Conrad looked up at Oliver’s ass eagerly and let his tongue hang out of his mouth. Slowly, he leaned into the warmth of the space between Oliver’s asscheeks and let his face dig into them. 

Oliver groaned. Conrad slowly dragged his tongue up his partner’s asshole. The wet hot feeling Oliver felt was incredible: it slightly tickled from sensitivity and it was warm and almost orgasmically comfortable. Conrad placed his hands on the muscled pieces of ass on each side of his face and pulled his face in more, nuzzling his nose around and using more of his tongue. He wanted Oliver to moan loudly. He wanted the house to be full of sound, even if they were the only ones there. So he did his best at rimming Oliver.

To Conrad, his lover tasted amazing. Conrad’s thoughts whirred around eating Oliver’s ass as he did it. He thought about what it must’ve looked like for a third party, how Oliver tasted and felt. His attention focused onto Oliver after that. Oliver was breathing uncontrollably at Conrad lapping up his ass. Conrad inhaled the musky scent and kept on licking. Then he started to whip his face around, almost in a motor-boat fashion. He kept his tongue out as he did it, allowing it to flick back and forth around the other boy’s asshole. Oliver moaned a bit, then pushed his face into the duvet.

Gradually, Conrad slowed back down and pulled his face away, and licked his lips. Then he opened his mouth to let a bit of spit down onto Oliver’s entrance. Standing back on his knees, he brought in one of his hands to rub the saliva up and down with his fingers. At minimal speed, Conrad lowered himself back down onto Oliver’s back. Oliver raised his head up and pressed his cheek against Conrad’s. Conrad smiled and raised a hand a few inches to Oliver’s mouth. Oliver drew all the saliva he could and dropped it into Conrad’s palm.

Using Oliver’s spit as a lubricant, Conrad stood back up to his knees and he jerked off in a smooth fashion, rolling his wrist, his fist following suit. He licked his lips, admiring the scene before him: Oliver on his stomach with his cute bubble butt stuck in the air, waiting for Conrad to become his entire world. The view of Oliver’s butt had him rock-hard and at full attention. To Conrad, his cock looked a noticeable length longer than it usually was. He took that thought and used it as the perfect time to fuck Oliver.

Again, Conrad lowered himself onto Oliver’s back and fit his pelvis around Oliver’s ass. And again he fit his neck around Oliver’s shoulder, this time placing his face to the left of Oliver’s. Very slowly, Conrad thrust his hips against Oliver’s backside, rubbing the length his shaft up and down the middle of Oliver’s asscheeks. Oliver’s lip was practically impaled on his teeth, and the humming in his throat grew stronger each time Conrad’s prick slid over his hole. Conrad’s arms wrapped around Oliver’s chest, his biceps squeezing loosely around Oliver’s sides. His hands  slid up and down Oliver’s chest as he continued pumping his hips, and finally they both stopped at Oliver’s waist. 

Conrad pushed his nose against the back of Oliver’s jaw, closing his eyes and rubbing only the tip of his dick around Oliver’s entrance. In an action of assistance, Oliver reached back with his right hand and held Conrad’s cock with his thumb and his next two fingers, keeping it in place. The next minute was by far the slowest that either of the boys had felt in their entire lives. Conrad’s face relaxed in ecstasy as it happened and Oliver’s scrunched up in pain at the same time. When it happened, Oliver turned his head to the side and kissed Conrad.

Conrad slowly pushed the head of his member into Oliver’s ass. Turning towards Conrad, Oliver’s entire body tensed up in pain, and his face pulled together. Nothing this big had ever been inside him before, and it would take some getting used to. He pressed his lips softly against Conrad’s and held them there. Conrad pushed his back equally as gently. As he entered, he sighed slowly, savoring the tight pressure around his tool, and the pleasure it created. He began to push farther in, but Oliver’s hand quickly let go of Conrad’s member and flattened against his hip.

“Wait,” Oliver gasped, pulling away.

Conrad’s lips curved into a frown. “You’re not having second thoughts, because—“

“No, it’s not that. Just. . . Not so fast,” Oliver pleaded.

Conrad’s frown disappeared into relief. “Oh.” He softly laughed.

A minute or two went by before Oliver’s hand pulled away from Conrad’s hip when the pain stopped. Conrad’s fingers squeezed Oliver’s waist, and then trailed up his body and up his arms to his hands. They curled between the spaces between Oliver’s and held his hands tightly. Oliver’s mind began to whir as Conrad pushed further into him. His mind set on the night of the homecoming party- when he had Conrad begging to please him, and inch by inch, Oliver had complied. This seemed to be a very similar situation. With each inch that Conrad entered, Oliver felt a different degree of pleasure inside of himself, and he counted each one as he had done before.

The first inch was a bit uncomfortable. It felt like a small force was pushing his insides outward. Conrad kissed Oliver again.

The next inch was less uncomfortable for Oliver. It pushed Oliver insides out a bit more, but Conrad’s cock made the area around it feel a bit tickle.

As the third inch eased into Oliver, a fuzzy feeling came into him, and he kissed Conrad back.

The fourth inch made Oliver moan into Conrad’s mouth. Conrad took his left hand away from Oliver’s and set it on his waist.

The fifth inch caused a small reaction inside Oliver, making him moan a bit louder. Conrad pulled his other hand away and linked his arms under Oliver’s. 

The sixth inch sent Oliver over the edge. A feeling of ecstasy climbed his legs and enveloped his entire body, and made him convulse in pleasure.

Oliver’s head swam with the seventh inch, he felt nothing but lust for Conrad. He wanted more.

The final eighth inch of Conrad’s cock went up Oliver’s ass. Oliver’s raised moans had Conrad grinning.

Conrad had his hips pressed squarely against Oliver’s ass. He was balls deep now, and had Oliver crying out in pleasure, his head leaning back. Conrad grinned as Oliver turned his head back, and he kissed the side of Oliver’s neck. Very gradually, Oliver’s moans began to cease, going from a loud groan to a soft sigh. Over the duration of the decrescendo, Oliver’s head lowered. He looked directly into Conrad’s eyes.

“Oliver,” Conrad said.


“I love you.”

Oliver smiled. “I love you, too.”

Conrad leaned in and gave Oliver a kiss.

“Now would you get to the fucking? No offense, but I’m not getting off on your dick not doing anything in my ass.”

Conrad chuckled and kissed Oliver quickly again. Slowly, he pulled his hips away, his cock emerging from Oliver’s ass, and then he pushed back in. All at once, Oliver had felt the same pleasure that the entire eight inches of Conrad’s dick gave him the first time it had thrust into his ass. It happened more quickly, giving the same sort of effect, but to a lesser power since it went by faster. Oliver let out a small sigh with it. Conrad pulled out again, and again, pushed himself back in. Oliver groaned quietly. It hadn’t felt as good that time than it did the first time.

But then Conrad did it again. He pulled his hips away and pushed them back, pumping his lengthy cock out and into Oliver’s ass, producing another soft groan from Oliver. This repeated, Conrad thrusting gently but moderately quickly and Oliver softly sighing in response. With each thrust, Oliver felt a wave of ecstasy go through him. Each wave brought a tingling feeling of pleasure and the combination of many created an overall state of pleasure inside of Oliver.

Subconsciously, Oliver’s feet began to twitch, his toes began to curl, and his leg muscles flexed themselves. Conrad positioned his knees in between Oliver’s knees and his ankles outside of Oliver’s ankles to keep his legs from twitching or moving. His ass rose and fell with his hips and with each thrust he made into Oliver, and he pulled his biceps tighter around Oliver’s shoulders. Oliver was continuously making noise now. The unfaltering groaning coming out of his mouth wavered with each time Conrad jammed his tool through Oliver’s asshole.

Conrad’s constant pace began to falter and eventually he stopped, uncurling his arms from under Oliver’s underarms. “Let’s switch positions.”

Oliver gave Conrad a look from over his shoulder. “Conrad, I don’t think I’m a top.”

Conrad shook his head. “I mean get on your back, I want to see your face.”

Understanding the original statement, Oliver scooted forward, easing his ass off of his partner’s dick. As he flipped onto his back, he began to settle into his new view. Oliver had a full view of Conrad, from the buzzed hair on the top of his head, down his sculpted statuesque face, to his remarkably buff torso. For a senior in high school, Conrad was unbelievably fit. His pectoral muscles bulged over his washboard abs, which began a treasure trail that led right to the bottom of his V-line, where his right hand was placed, angling his johnson into Oliver.

Conrad put his hands on the back of Oliver’s knees and lifted Oliver’s legs to the sides of his stomach, where his calves rested upon his hamstrings. Pulling his hands away, Conrad replaced his hand at the base of his member to stick into his paramour’s asshole with a now clear path. As Conrad’s cock began into Oliver again, Oliver bit his lip and suppressed a grunt in his throat. When Conrad had inch-by-inch gone balls deep into Oliver, he started to slowly began a rhythm of ass-fucking again.

Oliver looked up and wrapped his arms around Conrad’s neck, staring into his eyes. Conrad’s face was steely with concentration, but also full of emotional expectancy. He wanted to be doing a good job, and you could see he was trying his hardest. Luckily, for Oliver, he didn’t have to fake any sort of satisfaction. He was enjoying every thrust that Conrad put into him. Smiling, he pulled Conrad’s head down to his lips. Conrad’s own lips parted immediately and he pushed his tongue into Oliver’s mouth, eagerly rolling his tongue around Oliver’s.

Pulling away, Conrad began to read into Oliver’s face again. Oliver bit his lip and stared back, looking his sexiest for the guy who had eight inches of his own being inside of him. Conrad rested his elbows next to Oliver’s nipples, reaching his forearms up and putting his hands on Oliver’s face. His hips gradually began to slam harder and harder into Oliver, who began to sigh heavily and occasionally groan out loud. Oliver’s body began to feel an immensely greater amount of pleasure as Conrad pushed into him with increased effort. 

“Oh, fuck. Oliver moaned.

“Yeah? That feel good?” asked Conrad, who leaned his forehead against Oliver’s.

“Harder,” begged Oliver. “Fuck me harder.”

“I can’t hear you,” Conrad grinned.

Conrad drastically increased his speed, humping Oliver at an extremely rapid pace. His cock was ramming in and out of Oliver’s asshole, repeatedly running across Oliver’s prostate, sending heats and jets of pleasure through Oliver. Instead of earlier, when there were many small bursts of pleasure that were sending him into a state of ecstasy, now Conrad was fucking him almost as fast as a humming bird could flap its wings, bringing constant large doses of pleasure, putting Oliver into a state of pure bliss. He groaned loudly, allowing the noise to fill the entire room.

I said fuck me harder!” Oliver groaned in a raised voice.

“That’s more like it,” Conrad responded.

Oliver’s euphoria was building extremely high, and an incredible feeling swept over him. Conrad continued pounding away at his ass, his face focused only one Oliver’s pleasure. Oliver’s voice weakened into a soft breath, and then burst out loudly.

Ohhh, FUCK.”

Conrad didn’t stop. Oliver felt as if he were cumming, but the feeling never ended. He could feel his own raging hard-on flopping up and down, his balls bouncing against the base of Conrad’s member. Oliver’s loudest moan never seemed to end, and his eyes rolled into the back of his head. Conrad’s cock kept pumping in and out of his ass, and Conrad didn’t seem to want to stop on account of Oliver’s orgasmic state. He kept on fucking Oliver’s bubbly ass until finally:

Oh, Oliver, I’m gonna cum.”

Oliver forced open his eyes, focusing them into Conrad’s. “Me too.”

Fuck,” Conrad sighed. “It’s gonna be a lot I can feel it.”

“Conrad, cum in my ass.”

Fuck, fuck, fuck.” Conrad kept grunting.

Ohh, god.”

Conrad’s thrusts never ceased in speed, until finally he made one last pound. He pushed all eight inches deep into Oliver’s asshole. Oliver’s body convulsed in pleasure, and without even touching his cock, he began to cum. The first rope sprang free across his chest, and the second and third reached up to his chin. Another jet of his semen flew right across his lips, some into his mouth. The fifth stopped at his nipple.

Meanwhile, as Conrad watched, he began to fill up Oliver’s butt with his own fluid. However, Oliver knew Conrad to have an exceptionally impressive arsenal when it came to the amount of jizz that usually came out of him. Slowly, Conrad pulled out of  Oliver when he felt he had filled enough of his partner, and completed fruition on his partner. Conrad straddled Oliver’s chest, reaching down and stroking his cock to get rid of all the semen he was holding inside. Oliver held out his tongue and lapped at Conrad’s balls, speeding up the process. Conrad shot across Oliver’s fast twice, and then scooted back to shoot four more loads onto his chest. After that, he collapsed onto his lover.

“Fuck,” Oliver gasped.

“That was amazing,” Conrad stated.

“You’re a powerhouse, Conrad.”

“Honestly I just wanted to make you happy, babe.”

Oliver giggled. “Babe?”

Conrad raised his head and rested his chin on the top of Oliver’s chest. “Is babe okay?”

Oliver smiled and pulled a pillow under his head, looking at Conrad. “Totally, babe.”

“That was my first time ever fucking a guy. . .” Conrad murmured, grinning.

“Well you did incredible. You felt incredible. I loved it.”

“You felt incredible too. Ass was tight as hell.”

Oliver bit his lip, “Yeah,”

Conrad raised his right eyebrow. “What?”

Oliver shut his eyes. “Well, I was probably tight because I was a virgin.”

“I’m glad I was your first,” Conrad said, “hey Oliver?”


“Are you my boyfriend?”

Oliver put his back on the pillow and looked up at the ceiling, “Yes. Secret boyfriend.”

“As long as I’m your bo—“

There was an extremely loud bang on the front door that made both boys jump.


Conrad’s eyes widened and he sat up on Oliver’s stomach. “That’s Madison.”


“Wipe yourself off in the bathroom, I’ll go see what she wants.”

Oliver watched as his new secret boyfriend pulled up a pair of briefs and let the room.

I'll be writing another and hopefully posting it soon. Sorry for the wait and I hope you enjoyed it.



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