Over and over. With each recurring motion, the deepening and speed of Conrad’s breath increased. His eyes were shut, and his forehead was pressed against the wall of the bathroom stall. How could things have come to this? Conrad’s break from Oliver wasn’t what he needed. Oliver. In his head, Conrad recollected the events that led up to where he was now.

 - - -

“Conrad, oh my god. Are you okay?” Oliver stepped forward towards his boyfriend, who gingerly stepped back.

“Oliver. . .”

“Conrad, come here, you look like you need a hug,” Oliver said.

Shaking his head, Conrad began to turn. “The last thing I need right now is to be seen hugging you.”

Oliver’s eyes teared up. “Conrad, I’m so sorry, I can’t help but feel like this is my fault.”

“No. Don’t. I was stupid enough to think Madison had thought we’d stopped sneaking around.”

“Let’s ditch class. We can go to your house,” Oliver said, touching Conrad’s arm.

No, Oliver,” Conrad pulled his arm away immediately, “I think we need to spend some time apart for now. Just until people don’t think we’re together. Or that I’m. . .”

“Gay. It’s better to say out loud,” Oliver said.

Conrad began to walk away. “Just for now. . .”

 - - -

By the time that Conrad had made it to the little cafe inside the alleyway by the library, it had begun to sprinkle. It reminded him of the last time he was at the cafe, where it was raining. When he had told Oliver to come talk with him at his house. The first time they ever had actually had sex. He couldn’t stop thinking about what people must’ve been saying about him, and about what he had said to Oliver. A tear dropped from his eye onto the lid of the coffee cup he had between his hands. Then he looked out the window at the puddles on the ground. In his mind, he felt that the current weather was his mood. Then something caught his eye in the reflection of the glass. Turning furtively, he rested his eyes upon a man on the other side of the cafe who was looking this way.

It’s mostly discreet gay guys looking to hook up with each other.

That’s what Oliver had said when they first came here. And this guy rang a bell. He was the same guy who he had interrupted talking with Oliver the night of their first sleepover. What was his name? Jim? Jim got up and walked over to Conrad’s booth, sitting across from him.

“Look who it is. Trouble in paradise?” Jim reached across the table to touch Conrad’s face.

Conrad jerked his head away. “Do you fucking work here or something?” He wiped his eyes.

“I’m just a really horny guy. I’ve got a lot of needs.”


In his mind, Conrad wished Oliver were here. He tapped his foot on the ground nervously. He had never spoken with another man before, especially a gay one with motives.

“Why are you here?” Jim asked.

“I just broke up with my boyfriend,” Conrad turned his head back down to his cup.

“The pretty one?”

Conrad nodded, and Jim got up and switched to the opposite booth next to him.

“He was a cutie, why’d you let him go?”

Conrad gulped. “I just need to figure a few things out about myself.”

Very slowly, Jim’s hand crept over Conrad’s thigh and slid inward, pushing the back of his fingers against Conrad’s crotch. “What kind of things?”

Conrad’s face turned lower from his cup to his lap, and his breath faltered. “I just don’t know if I can handle people knowing about me being g—“

“Listen. You’re extremely hot. Are you a top or a bottom?” Jim asked, his fingers kneading at the fabric around Conrad’s groin.


“You sure?” He rubbed a little harder.

Conrad bit his lip and groaned a bit. “Yeah,” then he looked up at his inquisitor, who’s eyebrows were raised, and who had a dazzling grin on his face. Suddenly Conrad remembered his name. Jack. His name was Jack.

 - - -

Conrad’s bare back slammed again the door to the handicap stall, they were still in the open, not fully in any of the stalls. His shirt was gripped firmly in Jack’s hands, who carelessly tossed it over the door of the stall they were against, and dropped his shorts immediately, then kicked them under the door of the stall. His quadriceps built down to his knees. They were thick with muscle, and covered in a curly layer of dark fur. The next thing that came off was the deep-V shirt he was wearing, which also went under the door. If Conrad hadn’t already guessed from his legs or the amount of hair on his chest visible with the shirt on, he was furry on his chest too. The only thing left he had on were a pair of neon blue briefs with neon greenish-yellow trim.

All that was left on Conrad were a pair of faded blue jeans and his underwear, which were red bikini briefs. The both of them also had their shoes on, but Jack quickly kicked his off and under the door to the stall, leaving his socks on. Conrad did the same.

“Take off your pants, I bet you look really sexy naked,” Jack said, grinning.

Conrad’s fingers fumbled around with the button on his pants before they finally dropped down to the floor. He stepped out of them and pushed them backwards, again under the stall door. Jack pushed his hairy body up against Conrad’s hairless muscles, pinning him up against the door. With his own impressive bicep muscles, Jack flipped Conrad around so Conrad’s chest was pushed up against the door, and he pushed his thumb down the back of Conrad’s briefs, then pulled them down below Conrad’s ass.

“You do squats?” he asked.

Conrad felt awkwardly exposed. “Yeah,”

“S’a nice ass you got there. Let me show you how to use that nice ass of yours,” Jack gruffly said.

His stubbly face kissed down Conrad’s back sloppily, leaving wet kisses from his adventurous tongue. Finally, he got to his knees and faced Conrad’s ass, putting a hand on each cheek and spreading, revealing Conrad’s asshole. A cavity that had only ever had Oliver’s fingers inside of it, and now man from the coffee shop’s tongue. The warm feeling of breath and saliva and kisses covered the center of Conrad’s ass, sending a tingle around the backside of the quarterback. He shut his eyes and rested his cheek against the stall door.

“Wait. . . wait. . .” Conrad sighed.

Instead of pulling away, Jack ceased to move his tongue and face around. He kept his mouth on Conrad’s ass, and hummed a muffled Hm? Conrad shook his head, a sign that he wanted Jack to continue. Obliging, Jack dug his face further and further into Conrad’s asscheeks, his tongue darting up and down around the flesh of Conrad’s puckered hole. It was obvious that Jack had much experience, not only in this particular bathroom, but with pleasing another man through eating his ass. As the hot feeling continued to sweep over and over into Conrad’s butt, his breath quickened. This was such a different thing for him. A hunky hairy muscle man tonguing his ass was giving him a feeling of unsureness. Not doing this with Oliver seemed like the wrong thing to do.

As Jack continued, he gradually became more and more aggressive with the strokes of his tongue and the parting of his lips and the force of his face into the young adult’s ass. Through Conrad’s quickened breath, his voice buzzed up his throat and released a tiny moan from his lips. Jack’s hands pulled apart farther, spreading the two slabs of flesh and muscle farther apart, and pushed his tongue and lips in further, and kissed and licked harder. With these actions the tiny moan in Conrad’s throat grew into a groan.

Very fast, Jack stood up and he struck the back of his hand across Conrad’s ass, watch the vibration of the flesh as it’s new red mark jiggled from aggression. Jack furrowed his brow and grinned mischievously, taking Conrad’s ass in his hand and shaking it around. Again, he brought his hand swiftly down and smacked Conrad across the ass, this time hard. From the halt in Conrad’s moans before, a cry escaped his lips as the sting of Jack’s fingers came down upon his backside. It was an interesting feeling— it hurt bad, but that made it feel good. Conrad stuck his ass out.


Conrad nodded, biting his lip.

“Kinky little fucker, aren’t you?”

Jack took a step backwards and slapped Conrad’s ass hard, following through with his palm. Another cry escaped Conrad’s lips, and he shut his eyes tight, putting his right hand back on his asscheek, where the tingling feeling around the tender red mark of Jack’s handprint was. Jack pushed Conrad’s hand away and spanked Conrad again, leaving another red handprint on the opposite asscheek. This time Conrad’s cry seemed to fuse with a moan, creating a pleasurable sound. Then there was a period of silence. Conrad’ eyes were shut, waiting for his next blow, and waited a bit of a long time before he received yet another slap across his ass.

Fuck. . .” Conrad groaned.

“My thoughts exactly,” Jack chuckled.

Almost immediately, a sharp pain enveloped Conrad’s lower body. It seared through his legs and burned around his asshole. His eyes shut tight and began to water. From the feeling that seemed to come from deep inside of his stomach of from high inside of his pelvis, the pressure inside of him gave him a logical guess that all nine and a half inches of Jack were inside of him. He knew that Jack was a large man. A few inches taller than he was with a bulky muscley build. A fat, long, juicy cock to go with the rest of his large body. But at the moment it was all too much for Conrad, and he stood with his chest against the stall door, his eyes watering and his breath held tightly in his throat.

After a few minutes of impatient waiting, Jack began his fucking. He didn’t wait for Conrad’s adjustment any longer. He wanted to be pleasured by the young man and wanted to show him who was boss. So he fucked hard and he fucked fast; his hips thrusted hard against the sides of Conrad’s ass and the base of his cock frequently met with it due to the speed. His hairy balls slapped quickly up against the bottom of Conrad’s butt, and occasionally Conrad’s own balls. He was fucking harder than a rabbit on a date, and Conrad could do nothing but stand there, take it, and moan.

So he did. After ten minutes of slamming into the quarterback, Jack’s reached his hands up to Conrad’s chest and gripped his nipples violently, pulling the skin and twisting it a little more aggressively than gently, and leaned his jaw forward, taking the lobe of Conrad’s ear into his teeth. Conrad moaned over and over, the pitch of his voice getting a bit high the more Jack fucked his ass. So many waves of pleasure went through him: through his ear where Jack nibbled and through his nipples where Jack twisted and tweaked and through his ass and the inside of his cock. He reached down with his left hand and began to stroke off, and reached back with his right to grab Jack’s pulsating back and forth ass.

Just then, the door opened, and a man walked in. He must’ve been in his fifties. Sort of chubby, he had a beard on his face and he had bright blue eyes and brown hair. When he first walked in he noticed nothing, and then he stopped in the middle of his movements and looked at the scene before him. Jack’s sculpted back curved almost around Conrad’s body, and his ass flexing back and forth, pushing his hips in the same motion, thrusting his fat erection in and out of Conrad’s ass, who was uncontrollably moaning against the stall door, and was groping the flexing ass muscles on Jack. He remained silent, watching them, and Jack turned his head away from the side of Conrad’s towards the man.

Despite his acknowledgement of Conrad and Jack, and Jack’s acknowledgement of him, Jack continued his rapid actions. Conrad turned his head also, beginning to notice the man watching in shock. Completely enclosed in ecstasy, all Conrad’s weak muscles could do was nothing, and all his voice could do was continue groaning deeply and gruffly. And so there stood Jack and Conrad, fucking standing up in the bathroom, in front of a stranger, who was beginning to rub the front of his pants. It wasn’t long before he had pulled his cock out ands stroking off to the two men fucking against the bathroom stall.

“Turn around,” the strange man said after quite a few minutes of more fucking and moaning.

Jack swiveled around, bringing Conrad with him. Conrad let go of his cock to balance himself on Jack as they turned towards the strange man. The man walked up to Conrad’s now exposed front and got on his knees, bringing Conrad’s long cock into his mouth. Conrad’s legs flexed in pleasure and his moans became yells, the familiar tickling feeling of orgasm buzzing up his dick and shooting down his spasming legs, and cupping over his balls. He could feel his load shoot into the stranger’s mouth. The first shot shocked through his body, and the second through his legs, causing a spasm which lifted his feet off the ground. His hips spasmed during the third fourth and fifth, and soon enough, the stranger had cum dripping down his beard and pulled away from Conrad’s cock. Conrad continued to shoot,  even as the man began to stand. His last few ropes either landed on the man’s face, jeans, or the tiled floor.

Then the stranger leaned forward, and as Jack continued to jam his cock into Conrad’s ass, kissed Conrad, dropping a mouthful of semen into his mouth, but didn’t pull away. The stranger kissed him over and over, letting jizz leak out of his mouth and dribble down Conrad’s chin. Conrad was too weak to do anything, so he kissed the man, accepting his own sticky cum into his mouth. He liked the taste of his own cum. It wasn’t awful, and it was sort of salty, with a sweet aftertaste. Then the stranger began to moan, opening his mouth and pulling away from Conrad’s lips. More jizz dripped out of his mouth and onto his shirt, and the middle of Conrad’s chest. 

A thick shot of his cum sprang free from his prick and shot up to Conrad’s washboard abs, then across his thigh. The third shot high up across Conrad’s face, and the fourth shot low, landing around the top of Conrad’s deflating tool. Carelessly, he tucked his leaking member into his pants. For a final time, he leaned forward and kissed the quarterback. Then he turned and left.

“Hehehe, fuckin’ kinky cumslut. God you know how to have a good time, don’t ya?” Jack whispered, “But I want you to myself now.”

Conrad swallowed the rest of his cum and gasped, allowing Jack to pull him into the stall and lowered him almost like a push onto all fours. Jack’s hips continued to jerk up and down,  and his hands went from pinching Conrad’s nipples to grasping his pecs. Jack’s cock was pumping in and out of Conrad’s ass at maximum power and speed, and the waves of ecstasy going through Conrad’s body were almost too much for his muscles. He was barely staying up on his arms and knees. His mind was going fuzzy, and his vision was getting blurry. He was breathing so fast and he needed rest. He lifted his head and rested the forehead against the stall wall.

The weakness in his body made him regret his decision. He shouldn’t have come here, and he shouldn’t have done any of what he had been doing for the past forty five minutes or so. Oliver wouldn’t have. Another pang of regret went through Conrad, along with guilt. Oliver didn’t deserve to be rejected for anonymous sex. Oh, Oliver. Conrad’s thoughts centered around Oliver, and were interrupted by a large groan. It was gruff and it was strong.

Suddenly, cum was everywhere. It was inside Conrad’s ass and it was on Conrad’s ass and it was on his back, and after Jack flipped him around it was on his abs and his chest and his face and in his hair. Jack’s face showed unfiltered ecstasy,and his fist pumped back and forth on his cock, letting the cum drain onto a weak Conrad spread out on the cold floor in front of him. Jack grinned his mischievous smile and leaned over Conrad, then kissed his cheek softly, getting a bit of jizz on his lips. Conrad’s eyes almost seemed glazed, and he blankly stared upward, even as Jack straddled his chest, to slap the still-hard cock against Conrad’s cheek and wipe the cum off of it’s tip on his other cheek. As a final goodbye, he straddled Conrad’s head.

Conrad breathed in the scent of Jack’s musk. Sweat and cum wafted strongly into his nostrils, and Jack’s balls rested around his nose, allowing more scent of mansex into his nose. Jack’s deflating cock sat on Conrad’s right eyes, and when it fully deflated to 5 inches, it rested limply, still on top of Conrad’s eye. Conrad’s jaw hung open, his lips parting, and Jack fit his asshole  around Conrad’s lips, the fur of his asscheeks brushing against Conrad’s actual cheeks.

“Gimme a kiss before I go, hm, sexy? Slip me some tongue,” Jack murmured lustfully.

Emotionlessly, Conrad’s lips closed around Jack’s puckered asshole, and he kissed it passionately, tonguing it thoroughly until Jack ground down on his face and moaned.“Loving your enthusiasm baby,” he reached into his jeans and pulled out a pen, scribbling his phone number onto Conrad’s abs. “Maybe you could call me and we could turn that into a make out session between my ass and your lips.”

With that, Jack gathered up his clothes and wiped off any cum with his underwear, then got dressed and left the bathroom. Conrad laid on the floor, thinking about what just had occurred, and licked the cum off his clips and chin. Then he started to plan on how to approach Oliver.

 - - -

“You said you needed a break! I can’t believe this. You fucked some asshat guy in my favorite cafe after you told me you needed a break from your sexuality? I can’t believe you. You’re ridiculous.”

“I just needed time to think. I needed to make sure it wasn’t just a one time thing where I just liked you.”

“Conrad, this is too much,” Oliver sat with his hands over his eyes on his bed, and Conrad was rubbing his back.

“I’m sorry,” Conrad murmured.

“You realize you just fucking cheated on me with a stranger?”

“Two strangers—“

“Conrad, are you fucking joking? I can’t do this with you.”

“Oliver, just give me one more chance. . .”

Oliver took his hands off his face and looked at Conrad. “Conrad, I’ve liked you for years. and I still really like you. But if you can’t figure yourself out—“

“I love you, Oliver.” Conrad said. He looked directly back into Oliver’s eyes.

Oliver paused. “I don’t know. . .”

“One more chance. . .” Conrad leaned in and kissed Oliver.



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