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Muscular, mature man who loves hot gay sex. So much, I love writing stories about it!

Stories by BigEasyDude

  • A Gay Man’s Tale: Chapter 8

    Today is the day I will be prepped for my first male pregnancy. I laid there with my hands folded across my abs and stared at the ceiling. I prayed that this morning wouldn't come but here in Gaynamede....

  • A Gay Man’s Tale: Chapter 7

    "I'm just tired of this shit. I tired of this fucking house. I'm tired of everybody taking advantage of my body. I just want to get out of this insanity."

  • A Gay Man’s Tale: Chapter 6

    "I have to perform a sexual service to him as payment for groceries?! Is that it?!"

  • A Gay Man’s Tale: Chapter 5

    I woke up the next morning in a strange house in a strange bed between two men, neither one, my husband. Both Sam and Clive were still asleep.

  • A Gay Man’s Tale: Chapter 4

    My mind was racing, trying to come to grips with my imprisonment in a foreign land I know nothing about and plotted my escape without getting caught or worse killed.

  • A Gay Man’s Tale: Chapter 3

    I settled in the back seat of the limo, covering my physique with my cape, facing the couple, Sam and Clive on the opposite side, my new owners I should say.

  • A Gay Man’s Tale: Chapter 2

    As I laid tethered to the bed with leather straps and my legs clamped to stirrups, I was unable to move. Between my spread open legs, my hairy anus was exposed, stretched wide open with an anal dilator.

  • A Gay Man’s Tale

    A gay man finds himself in a totalitarian society, Gaynamede that is ruled by a fundamentalist regime comprised of rich, powerful, superior gay men who forced him and other gay men into subservience.

  • World's Largest Sperm and Milk Factory

    Bodybuilding supplements of the future

  • The Old College Try

    College student fucks his neighbor and his dad joins them