Chapter 1

I was walking toward my car in the storied parking lot after work when a van slowed down next to me. “Excuse me. Are you Mr. Stone?” I turned to see a smiling handsome man. 

“Why, yes. Can I help you with something?” Suddenly, 3 men burst out of the van, pulled a sack over my head and started dragging me toward the van. I dropped my briefcase and started struggling with the guys but they were too powerful to fight against. They pulled me inside and the van screeched out of the parking lot.

“WHO ARE YOU? WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!” I yelled as I continued to wrestle with them. I felt thick ropes tying my wrists and ankles together during my struggles.

“Mr. Stone. I advise you to stay calm and do not resist us”, a deep man’s voice spoke to my left. I started panting with anxiety and felt something cover my face. I passed out into the darkness and that was all I remembered. 

I woke up feeling very groggy. My eyes were blurry. I tried to focus but my eyes felt too lazy to see. I willed my hand up to my eyes but they were shackled to my sides. 

“What the f...?” My head swooned. I felt my legs were spread out in an upraised position. “What the hell is going on?” I thought weakly.

“Hello? HELLO? Can someone help me?!” I croaked barely. I tried again to focus but my eyes kept swimming. I collapsed, feeling depleted and passed out again. 

I woke up again, how long after, I had no idea but my eyes were clear now. I looked down and found myself naked, my thick legs clamped in stirrups. I immediately tried to get up and saw the shackles on my wrists tethered to the railings on either side of the bed. I quickly scanned around in a sterile room and saw a desk, a few medical supplies and equipment. 


A monitor flickered on and a distinguished gentleman in a white lab coat appeared. “Mr Stone, please relax. Someone will be with you momentarily to go over the details of your whereabouts and why you are here. Welcome to your new home. May the Cock bless you.” The monitor flickered off.

“The fuck??” I immediately wrestled with my restraints, wanting to get the fuck out of gawd knows where but the resistance was futile. I scrambled back in my mind, trying to remember who the driver was, what exactly they wanted from me, why I’m in a new place.

There was a gentle knock on the door before it opened. A tall, young man with a dark crew cut and squinty brown eyes, wore a lab coat walked in followed by a short, broad, muscular man with a defined jawline in a dark suit and a crisp white shirt with a jet blue tie. “Hello Mr Stone. Welcome to Gaynamede. I’m Dr. Raymond. I’m going to be taking your physical and this is Mr. Sholman. He’ll be filling you in about your citizenship here in Gaynamede.” Dr. Raymond snapped on his latex gloves, grabbed a jar, scooped up a thick greasy substance and smeared it on my anus, fingering me deeply. 

“Excuse me!! What is going on here and why are you fucking with my ass?!” I shouted with clenched fists.

“Mr Stone.” Mr. Sholmam put his hand on my shoulder, spoke calmly and evenly. “If you would just relax and give me a moment to tell you why you are here while Dr Raymond performs a physical. It won’t take long for all of us, I can assure you.”

I glared at him and more so at Dr Raymond for violating my body in front of another person. Dr Raymond forcefully invaded my rectum with 2 fingers, swooping upward in search of my prostate. Once he found that spongy walnut sized gland, he rubbed it firmly. “There we go. Found it.” He looked at my face for a reaction but I continued to glare. “No reaction or painful expression, indicative that it is in good shape.” He slipped his fingers out, snapped his gloves off and wrote notes in a file.

“Mr Stone, if I can have your attention please. I can explain why you are here. We have chosen you to be one of our many honored servicemen who will perform sacrificial sexual performances for many gay couples who are looking for strong, physically fit men like you who can bear children for them. These couples want to raise a family and you, Mr Stone have the perfect body to carry a child to full term, thus blessing them with a bundle of love and joy.”

“But-but-but” I sputtered, wildly confused. “I’m a MAN! I can’t give birth!”

At that point, Dr Raymond sat on a low stool, wheeled himself between my thighs and inserted an anal stretcher. With a few twists, my anus opened wider and wider until I grimaced in pain. 

Mr Sholman chuckled. “That’s the standard reaction every man has given us once they arrived here. You see, we have the medical technology so advanced, we can be able to modify your body with the ability to conceive. We can convert your sperm into an egg, reinsert it in your womb that will be partially constructed from your intestines. A couple who chose you, by the way, you are their surrogate, they will both inseminate you. Their combined sperm will fertilize your “egg”, so to speak and you, Mr Stone will carry and bear their child while under their care. Now, I know it’s a lot to process but I can assure you, under Dr Raymond’s strict supervision, you and the baby will be fine.”

“But I don’t WANT to bear a child! I don’t WANT any of this freak madness! Release me NOW so I can get out of here!” I wrestled with restraints. “LET. ME. GO!”

“Mr. Stone. You cannot leave this country. By law, you are now ward of Gaynamede. And you are to obey the laws of this country or you will be fully persecuted to the full extent of the law.” He stepped within an inch close to my face, gritted his teeth and forcefully spoke each word carefully. “If you know what is best for you, I’d highly suggest that you submit yourself to obedience and sacrifice for you are the lucky one to be chosen of such prestige and honor. Right now, there is a couple who is ready to take you home for the glorious miracle of childbirth and I’ll be DAMNED if I let you take away their one chance to have a child. Is that understood, Mr Stone?”

I didn’t say a word. Just stared at him in defiance! One way or another, I’m gonna get the fuck out of here! A glint of metal caught my eye and I looked at his lapel. It was a triangular gold pin and inside the triangle was an erect penis with wings in gold. I looked over at Dr Raymond and saw he too wore a pin on his lab coat. “The fuck is this place??” I thought to myself.

“I’ll be back to pick you up once he finishes the examination.” He turned to the doctor. “Make sure you mark every detail from this physical so I can go over it with Sam and Clive.”

“Oh. One more thing, Mr Stone.” He turned to me. “Your name is now Sur SamClive which is “Surrogate for Sam and Clive” for short. You are to be and will be addressed as Sur SamClive. Is that understood?”

I didn’t say a word. 

“Sur SamClive, is. that. understood?”

Again, silence.

“Dr Raymond. Perhaps you can make him compliant.”

Dr Raymond picked up a long menacing probe and slid it inside my rectum. He pressed the button and a slow buzz filled my anal cavity. I defiantly splayed my legs wider and thrusted my anus at them, daring them to buzz the fuck out of me.

“Such crude and vulgar exposure of your manpussy, Sur SamClive?! Your manpussy is to be modest and treated with utmost respect for your manpussy is glorious and can perform a miracle of childbirth. How DARE YOU thrust your manpussy at me like that! Dr. Raymond, turn it up!”

The buzz became a jolt in my rectum! I yanked hard on my restraints and threw my head back on the pillow, arching my back so hard, I bellowed expletives. The pulse quickly dropped to a low buzz. My thick, muscular pecs heaved rapidly, my nipples stood straight up like bullets. My muscular thighs shook violently but I was undeterred.  I widened my legs again and thrusted my ANUS at them. 


He increased the probe and another jolt coursed through my anal cavity. My abs contracted so tightly, I was besotted with excruciating pain. The electric pulsing was constant and unbearable. My biceps swelled with tension. My ass lifted from the bed as my legs splayed wide open in stirrups and my elbows supported my contorted torso in mid-air. I screamed as I tried to get away from the probe but it continued to wrack my body in pain. 

“UNDERSTOOD!” I screamed in surrender.

The probe went off and I fell back on the bed hard. Sweat dripped from my muscular body into the sheets as I laid there panting. “Understood.” I repeated quietly in defeat. 

“Good.” Mr Sholman replied, resting his large hand on my swollen bicep. “I’m glad we have come to an agreement. Dr Raymond, the files once done.” He smiled at me. “May the Cock bless you.” as he pointed to his gold pin.

“May the Cock bless you.” Dr Raymond repeated. 

“When someone bestows a blessing upon you, you are to reply ‘Blessed be of my manpussy.”

Wearily, I placated them by repeating as ordered. “Blessed be of my manpussy”, I said flatly.

Mr Sholman stared at me, waffling between asking me to emote with passion or let it go for another day. He sighed. “He’s going to be a piece of work, I tell ya,” he said with a wry chuckle. He patted my arm and nodded to Dr Raymond. “The files, hmmm.” He turned and walked out. 

I laid back bewildered, wondering exactly what had happened from the moment I left work to now. I looked at the top of Dr Raymond’s bent head as he continued to work on my.....manpussy. 

“What the shit is this?” I sighed in utter surrender.


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