I had just gotten out of the shower when I heard a knocking at the front door. I quickly wrapped a towel around my waist and went to the front door to peer through the peephole. It was that college kid from next door, Benson.

I opened the door and stood there, dripping wet. "Yeah, what's up sport?"

"Hey, Mr. Johnson. My dad's not home and I lost my key to the house. Mind if I stay here awhile until my dad gets home?"

"Sure. C'mon in." Benson came inside, dropped his bookbag and settled down on the couch. "Ya want something to drink? I got Coke and Dr. Pepper."

"I'll take a Dr. Pepper."

"Coming right up, sir!" I went to the kitchen and brought back a Dr. Pepper. "Here ya go, kid. I'll be right back. Gonna put some clothes on."

As I proceeded to walk out the room, my towel fell off and I quickly bent down to pick it up when I heard a laughter.

"What's so funny, kid?" as I put the towel back on my waist.

"I saw your hairy butthole," and snickered.

"Yeah, well. Kiss my ass" as I turned on my heel, heading toward my bedroom

"I'd love to, man."

I stopped in my tracks and turned to face him shocked, not sure if I heard him correctly. "'Cuse me?"

"Yeah, it was a beautiful hairy butthole and I'd love to kiss it."

I was so shocked. This kid here is 18 years old freshman in college and I'm about to turn 50. Now mind you, I'm not an old man and am in great shape but an 18 year old?

"Uhhhhh....oh. Dude, you're hilarious", thinking he must've been joking as I continued toward my bedroom.

"Um, no sir. I am not. In fact, I want to fuck you."

I couldn't believe his bold move. Who is this kid?!

He stood up and walked toward me. He pulled the towel off my waist and knelt down in front of my stiffening cock and slowly slid my dickhead into his hot mouth. My knees buckled as I felt his tongue slowly slide around my thick shaft. His hand slid between my hairy crack and I felt his finger dig his way through my fur to my hole. I started to moan, feeling this young man getting into this blowjob, sucking me hard. He stopped and stood up, his hungry eyes boring into mine. He pulled his shirt off, revealing his lean, muscular body. His chest was surprisingly thick with a light dusting of hair. He moved in closely and kissed me. I stood in complete shock while my dick oozed copious amount of precum on his jeans.

He took me by the hand and lead me into my bedroom. I laid down on the bed and watched him remove his clothes. When he removed his boxers, I had the shock of my life! He may be a college kid but his dick said that he was all man. His large, thick cock hung from his very bushy groin. His swollen balls hung like large furry peaches. Damn! This kid was intimidating!

With a wicked smile, he climbed into bed, up between my muscular legs, his giant cock swung like pendulum. He laid his beautiful body against mine, our cocks meeting for the first time. We moaned as we rubbed our cocks against each other, our pre-jizz slathering our dicks into a froth. Our lips touched, tongues darting into our hot mouths. Our hands roamed wildly across our bodies, feeling every inch of skin.

He stopped, rolled me over on my stomach and massaged my thick muscular shoulders. I melted under his kneading fingers. He slowly massaged down my back to my hairy butt. He gently pulled my buttocks apart to reveal my hairy asshole. "That's fucking gorgeous." I felt his warm breath ripple through my ass fur and was delighted to feel his wet tongue languish on my puckered ass lips. I squeezed my pillow tightly and gasped. I lifted my ass to his mouth, wanting more! He slathered my hairy buttcrack with spit, zeroing in on my hole. My asslips parted and I felt his tongue slide in to savor my musky mancunt. I moaned loudly. My ass opened wider to take in more of his talented tongue. Suddenly a rush of cool air filled my gaping hole before he plugged it up with his ginormous cock! I spread my legs wider to accommodate his extremely thick dick.

Slowly, his dick forged deeper into my tight rectum, expanding my inner walls tightly around his cock. Further deeper inside me, I moaned, begging him to fuck me. At last, I felt his thick bush against my furry hole, his balls slacked against my taint. He pressed his chest against my back, resting for a moment. He wrapped his arms around me, pulling at my thick nipples as he whispered in my ear, "I've been wanting to fuck you. You are so hot, driving me crazy. I had to fuck you." I squeezed my ass muscles around his dick in acknowledgement. He pulled out halfway and slid back in, out, in, out, in, a rhythmic fuck tempo. That boy certainly knew what he is doing. He pulled out, rolled me onto my back, lifted my muscular legs, exposing my furry, wet manpussy. He rubbed his thick cockhead on my hole, smearing his pre-cum on my anal lips before reinserting himself deep in my manpussy. I reached up to Benson, pulled him to me and kissed him full on the lips. Our mouths parted, tongues wildly lashing in heat. He slowly fucked me before he picked up speed. My anal lips pushed outward, making it a slippery, enjoyable fuck hole for his manly cock. He thrusted inside me hard and I gasped at the fullness in my bowels. I clawed at his back, begging for more! Our breaths were ragged when he fucked me and furiously, my muscular tits bounced with every thrust.

Soon he grunted louder, his violent thrusts shook the bed. He snapped his head back and bellowed! His cock swelled twice the size, pushing my asslips further outward and pumped his hot load inside of me. I grabbed his hard biceps, splayed my legs further out and swallowed his dick further inside me. It was then I saw his father standing in my bedroom.

Benson immediately yanked his dick out of my hole causing it to prolapse. My inner rectum flushed outward, folding down my anal lips, causing it to look like a real hairy pussy.

He jumped out of bed, barely covering his erect cock with his hands. "DAD! I can explain! I got locked out of the house and ---and ---it's not what it looks like!"

His dad simply stood there, absorbing the scene in front of him. His hairy, naked neighbor laying in bed with his son's cum dripping out of his hole and his naked son, in shock and fear. Finally, he spoke. "Well, son, I don't blame you wanting to fuck Mr. Johnson. He is fucking hot, even I want to fuck him." Our jaws unhinged as he started to get undressed.

"Wait. You're gay too?!?!"

"Son, I swing both ways." Soon he stood there naked, his powerful muscular, furry body bursting with virility. His cock was larger than his son's and I knew I was in a heap of trouble. He climbed into bed, aimed his dick toward my cum-soaked pussy and wedged himself deep inside of me. I gasped at the sheer size of his dick, forcing his way inside me. I clawed at his back while my other hand pushed his thick, broad pec begging him to slow down. He ignored me and drove fast inside of me until his thick, hairy pubes smashed against my ass pubes. He fucked my ass, long and hard, deeper into my bowels. Soon his cock twitched as spews of cum, bred my bowels.

He collapsed on top of me, his breath hot and ragged in my ear. His dick remained inside of me, his cum slowly oozing out my hole, dripping down my cheeks. Two men came inside me. I felt like I had hit the jackpot with these guys!

He slowly pulled his dick out of my hole, thick rivers of cum gushed forth down my hairy crack. He looked down at me, my naked muscular body splayed openly to him, wanting more. He knelt down to my wet manhole and started lapping at our fuckjuice smeared all over my ass. I pulled at my hairy nipples, twisting them hard while he shoved his tongue deep into my wetness. I moaned loudly, begging him to eat me out harder. My anal lips parted widely as he rubbed his stubble chin on my sensitive lips, crackling energy shooting from my mancunt to my muscle tits. My legs spread as wide as possible, giving him all I've got between my buttcheeks. His mouth sucked on my furry anal lips while his tongue thrashed inside of my mangina. I was in the throes of passion, rubbing my mansnatch hard on his mouth. I gasped as I shot thick strands of cum across my furry pecs, pulling my nipples so tightly. Benson licked my hot juice off my chest as his dad continued to lap at my hole. I laid in my bed, panting heavily as my ass closed shop, wanting no more.

Or did it want more?



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