Saturday was hectic, all the preparations for that night's party, with a band set to play. The stage arrived around nine and was set up at the edge of the patio area so most of those standing would not be on the grass. They set up the bars and by three o'clock everything was in place and the guys took advantage of the down time to rest before the band arrived. Robby was in his room lying on his bunk when Cory came in all wound up about the night's festivities.

"I can't wait till the party starts. It's going to be the shit" he exclaimed as he fell on the lower bunk making the beds shake.

"Yeah" Robby replied.

"You got a white sheet for your toga right?"

"I got it the other day when I went out with Ryan and Dale."

The party was a toga party, and Robby thought how silly in a way for them to be having one. Such a predictable thing for a frat house, but there was something about wearing just a sheet, your body partly exposed. There was something rather carnal about the whole affair. They saw each other in their boxers or briefs all the time, sometimes total naked, but this was different, the way the sheet was simply draped over the body, loose, concealing the body but with the knowledge it was so simple for it fall away.

The guys were having pizza delivered for dinner and Robby went to the bathroom before going down. As he rounded the corner to go to the wall of urinals he saw Giovanni at the far end. Robby hesitated, the object of his desires being in the room with him, just the two of them. He moved to the urinal at the opposite end and glanced over seeing Giovanni looking at him.

"You ready for tonight?" Giovanni asked.

"Yeah...and you?"

"Oh yeah; I got someone to get me a bottle of bourbon yesterday."


"Yep. Come down to my room before the party starts if you want some" Giovanni said as he pulled back zipping his jeans.

"I will" Robby replied and turned to face the wall knowing he struggled to suppress the grin on his face. 'Yeah, I want some' he thought.

Dinner ate, boxes put out and the house was tidied up, ready for the party. Only certain people would be allowed inside with everyone else kept in the rear yard. Robby went to his room to change and found Cory standing naked holding the sheet he was about to put on.

"You're not wearing underwear?" Robby asked, not really surprised.

"Hell no" Cory replied smiling mischievously, "...and you're not either are you?"

Robby had no intention of going without his boxers but suddenly the thought of going to Giovanni's room and then maybe, hanging out with him during the party made him reconsider and he looked at Cory shrugging.

"Maybe" he replied.

Cory left after getting the sheet fixed over his shoulder and secured around the waist and Robby went to the bag lying on his desk to retrieve the sheet he had purchased a few days ago. He stripped down to his boxers and looked in the mirror, thinking about it, until he finally slipped them down his legs and stepped out of them. He put the sheet over one shoulder and worked to get it fit right around the waist. When he looked again in the mirror he saw he had it hanging on his body nicely, and even though he had fair skin the white of the sheet made his skin tone look good, and he absentmindedly ran his hand up the arm on the bare side feeling the softness of his skin, so smooth and bare.

Giovanni was still in his boxers when Robby showed up at his door and Jason, his roommate, was dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt throwing things in a gym bag.

"Where are you going?" Robby asked Jason.

"Oh he isn't up for the party. Said things would probably get carried away and a bunch of stupid antics would happen, so he's off to his girlfriend's place" Giovanni interjected as he went over to a small cooler on the floor.

"Yep" Jason added as he looked at Robby in his toga shaking his head, smiling. "You guys be careful tonight" he said as he picked up his bag and left the room.

Giovanni turned holding out a cup and Robby could smell the faint aroma of bourbon as he took it.

"Here's to a good time tonight" Giovanni said and Robby swore he saw him blush a little as he took a long drink from his cup, obviously not his first tonight. Robby dropped down in one of the two chairs and watched as Giovanni pulled out his sheet and laid it out. He watched Giovanni slide his boxers down letting them drop to the floor and Robby stared at his bare backside, the round ass cheeks, the long lean back with the slight indention along his spine and the way his shoulder blades moved beneath the dark skin. Robby stared at Giovanni's skin, the way it looked so smooth, no sign of any kind of blemish, not even a mole, and he resisted with all his might the desire to reach out and touch him. When Giovanni turned as he put the sheet around his body concealing his cock, Robby looked away sipping at the strong drink. Giovanni sat opposite of Robby and Robby tried hard not to look between his legs, tried not to see what he knew was there, to see if it was visible or just teasingly out of sight. They talked about the all the arrangements that had been made, the band setting up outside and who they thought would party too hard tonight, laughing uneasily with each other, for there was a tension in the room, and Robby thought it was more than just him, this sudden shyness, and he tried to get comfortable, to relax and without thinking he slid down in the chair letting his legs part a little further and he heard Giovanni inhale sharply and saw where his eyes were looking. They were looking down between his legs and he realized the sheet had slipped up his thighs higher and Giovanni could see his cock, see how aroused he was getting sitting here with him. He swore he saw Giovanni about to move toward him, saw him begin to lean forward, his hand rising up when the door to the room burst open.

"Come on guys; the band is going to begin any minute" Ryan said as he stuck his head in the door and waited for them to get up.

Robby followed Giovanni and the others down the stair and to the rear yard where the band was doing the final sound checks. There was already a crowd of people and they knew it was going to get worse as the night wore on.

At eleven o'clock it was so crowded on the patio a person could barely move and Robby found the band better than expected. Giovanni and he had gone inside every so often for more of the bourbon they stashed in the kitchen and the two of them were feeling it as they danced around, walked among the crowd of people and hung out with some of the other guys. By the time it was after midnight Giovanni and Robby found themselves standing to the edge of the crowd, near the back, listening to the band.

"Hey Robby, I have to go piss" Giovanni said as he leaned close to Robby's ear, "...stay right here okay?"

"I'll be here when you get back" Robby replied and he watched Giovanni slip through the crowd going toward the house. It seemed to take a long time for Giovanni to return, Robby thinking he got side tracked, found someone else to hang out with and he began to think he should go look for him or just go in and call it a night, but Giovanni finally showed up giving him a shy smile.

The band began to play some of the old songs that always got the crowd going and the patio got even more pressed together. Robby found Giovanni standing in front of him and he noticed for the first time the toga was hanging looser on his shoulders. As best he could, he looked down and saw how the toga hung really loose, the side opening larger than before, so low he could see the side of Giovanni's ass cheek. The crowd around them moved and swayed with the music and suddenly Robby realized Giovanni was backing up against him. He didn't have room to back up and so he let Giovanni press against his body and he felt the softness of the sheet he used for a toga, realizing it wasn't new but one old and worn soft with use and it felt good against his skin. Then he felt Giovanni, the bare shoulder and the back of an arm and the contact was warm, soft to the touch. It aroused him, this contact, made his cock start to get erect and Giovanni seemed to sense it, his arousal, and he pressed back harder. Giovanni was a little taller than Robby and his smooth neck partially covered by his long black hair was in his face and he leaned forward and let his nose brush through Giovanni's hair capturing his aroma, the masculine scent underneath the cologne.

Robby felt his heart race in his chest and it got worse when he felt Giovanni's fingers touch him on the hips, lightly at first then firmer in their manipulations and Robby pushed his growing erection against Giovanni's ass. And Giovanni pushed back once again. Robby eased his hands up and brought them to Giovanni's waist, the right one having to slip between the looped fabric of the sheet but his left easily touching flesh with the whole left side exposed as it was. Giovanni didn't flinch, didn't move away or give any acknowledgement of Robby holding him. The crowd was so close, bodies pressing against bodies, that it felt safe, as if there was so much going on no one would notice Robby and Giovanni's intimacy. Robby leaned forward again and let his nose and lips graze over Giovanni's neck and Giovanni pressed his ass back firmly against his growing erection.

Robby didn't know whether to ask Giovanni to leave with him or to continue their cat and mouse game, this seduction within the mass of people and he let his left hand move forward, around Giovanni's waist feeling the tight smooth skin and the way Giovanni was breathing, full deep breaths, his stomach moving in and out with each one and when Robby got to the front of his body he felt something brush the back of his hand and he slide his hand down, through the small patch of pubic hair and down to the base of Giovanni's hard cock realizing it was arced upward, obscenely pressing against the front of his toga and Robby wrapped his fingers around it, felt the hard shaft slip through his fingers and he moved his hand up and down its length.

Robby was so excited and nervous he looked around to make sure no one realized what they were doing and he saw a young woman to their left watching him manipulate Giovanni's cock. She looked up and saw the shocked look on Robby's face and smiled, knowingly, then leaned toward Robby.

"When you guys leave can I go with you to watch?" she asked and Giovanni heard what she said and turned to her with a grin on his face.

"Sorry, our public performance was the other night. It's strictly private now" he said and she looked surprised for a moment, then she started laughing.

Giovanni turned to Robby, placing his hand on Robby's waist.

"You want to go up to my room?" Giovanni asked, his tone so soft, nonchalant, Robby at first thought he misheard him, but the mixed notions swirling in his mind came to process what Giovanni asked and he nodded his head. Giovanni led the way and Robby followed as they went back through the crowd to a side door, the one that led to the emergency stair. It afforded them the ability to sneak up to the second floor without anyone seeing them.

There was a desk lamp on when they entered and it's dim light let them see what they were doing. Giovanni pulled Robby to the side of his bed, kissed him, hugging their bodies together. They ran their hands over the exposed parts of their bodies, the arms, a portion of their chests and backs and the back of their heads, fingers combing through each other's hair. Giovanni pulled back and got Robby to follow him as he went down on his bed. Giovanni lay on his back as Robby moved on top of him. Their togas tangled around their bodies as they lay together, making out, with hands roaming over each other's bodies. They pushed their erections against each other, with their hips pumping with primitive instinct. Robby worked Giovanni's toga up till it was wrapped around his waist leaving his lower body exposed revealing his erection for Robby to grasp it, to manipulate it as he pressed his lips to Giovanni's, then moved to the smooth skin of his face, and down his neck. Giovanni pushed up against him, his body undulating beneath Robby, aroused by their foreplay.

Robby eased up on his knees, bent over in the confines of the bunk bed and slipped his toga over his head. He eased back down on Giovanni slipping his hands under him and hugged their bodies together. He felt Giovanni's hands on his back, moving up and down, then down to his ass pulling their bodies tight together. Robby ground his hard cock against Giovanni's feeling the two thick shafts squeezed between them. Robby used one hand to slip Giovanni's toga off his shoulder and pulled it down till the toga was gathered loosely around Giovanni's waist, the soft worn sheet rubbing their skin as they moved over each other.

Giovanni spread his legs, slipped them around Robby's waist turning his ass upward till he could feel Robby's cock move over him, rub down below his balls along the little ridge of skin that led to his hole. He felt Robby's cock press against it, pushing against its tightness.

"Fuck me, Robby...put it in me" Giovanni whispered, his deep throaty voice low and seductive.

Robby pumped his hips sliding his cock up and down the cleft of Giovanni's ass, and each time the flared head of his cock rubbed over the tight entrance it made Giovanni moan and push up. It teased Giovanni, caused him to cling to Robby, as he undulated underneath. Robby felt the soft fabric of Giovanni's toga rub his stomach, he felt the warm skin of Giovanni's chest against his own and he felt Giovanni's hard cock press into his stomach as he pumped his own along the upturned ass waiting to be breached.

Giovanni reached between them, eager to be fucked and Robby rose up letting Giovanni take his cock, holding it firmly to the entrance of his hole.

"Fuck me...goddamn it...put it in me" Giovanni begged and Robby pushed his hips downward till he felt his cock penetrate through the tight opening sinking into the warm recesses of Giovanni's hole. Robby eased his cock into him, slowly, the squeeze of his cock arousing as it slid through the tight ring of Giovanni's hole.

Giovanni had been passive when the group had used him but now it was just Robby and he and he was animated, his body moving with Robby's, pushing his ass upward taking Robby's downward thrust, and he clung to Robby, almost scratching him across the back as he raked his fingers over it. Giovanni begged Robby to fuck him, nipped Robby's ear after he rimmed it with his tongue and whispered to Robby to push his cock deeper, to fuck him faster, harder, and Robby began to pump his hips harder, pushing down hard, slapping his hips against Giovanni's ass and rocking the bed, making it squeak.

Robby rose up and held Giovanni's hands down as he drove his hips harder, pumped with abandon, over and over and over, driving it inward till their bodies slapped together and both of them grunted and moaned with their exertions. Robby felt his muscles tense tight, felt every touch with greater sensitivity as he drove his cock deep into Giovanni and as he began to thrust in short jabbing motions he felt the cum surge through his cock and ejaculate into Giovanni. He pumped his hips, spewing his cum into Giovanni's depths till he was spent and his cock was moving through its load and he kept up this fuck till his cum pumped back out. He fell down on Giovanni, their heaving bodies, pressed hotly against each other. Robby finally moved to Giovanni's side, their bodies moving slickly over each other.

Robby moved to his stomach and leaned over to Giovanni, kissing him gently, passionately.

"Do me" Robby whispered; his voice urgent with his desire.

Giovanni moved over the naked form, the fair skin almost luminous in the dim light of the room and he ran his hand down the curve of Robby's back, the way it swayed inward slightly along his lower back and then curved upward, his ass cheeks round and firm. Giovanni ran his hands over Robby, spread his ass cheeks and let the fingers of one hand probe along the cleft. Robby rose up, let his cheeks spread slightly, encouraging Giovanni's probing and he felt Giovanni rub over his hole with one finger pressed against it.

Robby reached back and took each cheek and spread them apart, revealing himself to Giovanni, opened himself up, wanting to feel the penetration . Giovanni pushed his finger into Robby and worked him open, worked a second finger into him, then a third. Robby buried his face in the pillow, breathed deeply Giovanni's scent that lingered on it as he felt Giovanni's manipulations of his hole, the stretching it open, the fingering around its opening and probing into his depths.

"Giovanni...please..." Robby said as he pushed his ass upward sinking Giovanni's fingers deeper into his ass.

Giovanni eased his fingers out of Robby and moved over him with the soft worn sheet that made his toga still wrapped around his waist. He shifted on top and down between Robby's spread legs. He nestled his cock, so hard and leaking the head was slippery with its wetness, to Robby and he pushed gently downward. He watched as his cock, with its dark skin, sank into the fair white ass beneath him, slowly, Robby's body quivering with the penetration. He pushed gently forward, sinking inch by inch till he rested against Robby's ass, their bodies locked together. He moved down over Robby and began to fuck.

Robby felt the stretch of his hole, felt the soft sheet brush over his ass and back and he felt Giovanni's hips press against his ass upon full penetration and he clung to the sheet on Giovanni's bed as he felt the last inches of Giovanni's cock sink into his depths. He pushed upward, ground his ass on Giovanni's cock and moved his head over to kiss the back of Giovanni's hand, to feel a part of him against his lips, soft, warm, making a complete connection.

Giovanni pulled upward, slowly, easing nearly all of his cock out of Robby, then he drove it back in, all the way, and he did this over and over, his hips moving faster and faster, finding that ancient rhythm, feeling the way Robby's hole felt to his cock as he piston it in and out.

Giovanni felt his desire for Robby rise up rapidly, this urgency to fuck, to feel his cock inside him and he drove his hips faster and faster, fucking Robby hard. His rhythm increased till he felt the heat of his exertions, the way his skin felt hot, wet, the trickle of sweat cascading down from his hair and down his chest, but he didn't slow, instead he kept his pace fast, driving his cock into Robby making him moan loudly.

Giovanni felt cum surge through his cock too quickly, felt it shoot out of his cock filling Robby's hole and he pumped his hips till he was spent. He was too sensitive to keep fucking afterwards, the way Robby was able to do and he pulled gently out of Robby and eased over on his back. Robby rose up and kissed him, gently, a long slow kiss, as he moved one hand over Giovanni's chest sliding smoothly over the warm slick skin.

"Thanks" Robby said.

Giovanni smiled up at Robby and hugged their bodies together. They lay there a long time, listening to the band outside continue to play until they both drifted off to sleep.

They woke early and Robby slipped out of Giovanni's room quietly, afraid to let the guys on the floor know what was going on. He eased the door shut and headed to his room. As he approached he heard his room door open, light spill out, then Jacob ease out, looking in the room saying something to Cory in a low voice. When Jacob turned to go to his room he saw Robby staring at him. It was an awkward moment, a brief moment of time when all was frozen in place. It was Jacob who sniggered first, broke the silence and he eased up to Robby quietly.

"I assume you were with Giovanni last night?"



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