"But master, please? Just for an hour?" Ezekiel begged his master for

the hundredth time to let him go into the dark forest. His elderly

master let out a series of loud coughs, making his apprentice grimace.

"No Ezekiel. Not today, you have training. Now pick up your sword."

Ezekiel sighed but obeyed his master, picking up the icy great sword.

"What now?"

"Now, remember what we learned yesterday. Channel your chi directly

into the blade and strike the ground." Ezekiel groaned with

frustration, remembering the tedious lesson from yesterday. He held

the sword high above his head, waving it in a circular motion. It

began to glow in a blue light, emitting waves of cool frost. He

slammed his sword with a wavering force against the ground of the

grass covered plains, causing it to spark a little, then nothing.

"See? I told you I was a failure..." The white haired boy sank to

the ground and dropped his sword. "When Madame Arcana told the village

that I was the possessor of the Ice Wyrm's power, I told her she was

wrong!" He yelled. "I bet the real possessor is Xavier. Ever since we

were children, he's been better at everything than me. He's more

handsome than I am, he is much stronger than I am..." Ezekiel let out

a long sigh. Before standing. His master shook his head.

"If you believe that, then you truly are naive. Go on, go back to

the village. Training is over."

Ezekiel picked up his sword and began the long walk back. The whole

way, he murmured discouraging words to himself. He could see the

village a couple miles ahead.

"Damn you. Damn you all to hell!" He spat. He began walkinG in the

opposite direction to the dark forest. He was still clad in his light

blue cloak that was given to him by his master. Finally he reached the

entrance of the seemingly endless and turned one last time to look at

the quaint village. Without another word, he turned back and continued

his journey.

The history of the dark forest most certainly is a grim one. There

was once a large cult of warlocks that congregated in the forest's

depths. They would perform witchcraft on any victim, man or other,

that encountered the unfortunate fate of being lost in the thick

arrangement of trees. After decades of ongoing disappearances, the entire town of Domana set fire to the forest, and as the flames crept their way into the clouds, some villagers could've sworn they saw the flames turn black before mysteriously disappearing. The deep, black charring against the trees cause the forest to look much darker than what it is, creating the name, "Dark Forest". As Ezekiel ventured through the forest, he couldn't fight the eerie feeling of eyes following him. There have been several reports of shadows that haunt the forests burned remains, however, many people were too afraid to investigate the matter. Ezekiel wasn't a coward. He was a person that would often times act before thinking, but his courage and bravery was more than enough to account for his curiosity. Ezekiel was a quite more than average sized boy, standing at a height of six feet and packing thick muscles. One could understand however, his mother was murdered by a swarm of beasts that attacked the village many years ago, and he'd been forced by his father, a knight, to fight alongside the army. For all his seventeen years of living, Ezekiel had been fighting, but he somehow still managed to grow into a well-mannered, kind and caring person.

Ezekiel stopped in his tracks, hearing a loud crunching sound behind him. He quickly turned to see the face of just about the last person he'd wanted to see.

"You're about the last person I wanted to see." He told Xavier as he holstered his greatsword.

Xavier and Ezekiel have had a fierce rivalry with one another ever since they were young children, although a rivalry assumes that the two are equally matched, witch is not the case. Xavier had beaten Ezekiel in just about every pointless challenge the two had ever faced, and frankly, Ezekiel was floored when he was chosen as the possessor of the Ice Wyrm's power.

"Well, I guess destiny has done her little dance today. I was hoping to run into you." He said truthfully and put away his shortsword. Ezekiel raised his brow in question. "Is that so? What ever for?" Ezekiel asked, half expecting his answer to be "To gloat."

"Well I've noticed you've been bulking up in the past few weeks, what with your new title of the possessor and all..." Xavier began. He shifted a little in place, causing his silver armor to reflect the few rays of sunlight that shone through the blackened trees.

"Am I sensing a hint of jealousy?" Ezekiel strode closer to the older man. "Maybe even a little envy?" Xavier's face reddened with embarrassment and he ran a an through his spiky black hair. "Maybe just a little. To be honest, I'm actually proud of you, young one." He said as he grabbed Ezekiel around the neck and trapped him in a headlock. "Let go!" Ezekiel shouted. "Do you think your enemy is going to let go if you just yell at them?" Xavier asked as he pinned the younger boy to the forest floor, straddling his waist and pinning his hands to the ground above his head.

"Get off of me, you ass!" Ezekiel attempted to toss Xavier off of him using his hips. Xavier chuckled a bit as he finally had trapped the writhing boy under him.

"Now that I've got your full attention, I can tell you why I was searching for you." Xavier leaned in close to Ezekiel's face. "I wanted to ask you," he nibbled Ezekiel's ear for a moment. "If you'd be my mate?"

Ezekiel froze for a moment to assure he'd heard Xavier correctly, but there's nothing else he possibly could've said.

"I can understand your state of shock. Ever since we were children, I'd felt an attraction of more than rivals or even friends." He chuckled softly and bit his lip. "I can tell you feel the same way, because I can feel your arousal poking against my ass. And in addition," he leaned down to whisper in Ezekiel's ear. "You couldve gotten up at any time you wanted, I'm not holding your arms down anymore..." This was true. Instead of using his hands to pin the boy, he was using them to grab handfuls of the boy's messy white hair.

"Oh yes," Xavier said, as if he suddenly remembered something. "I'm not taking 'No' for an answer." He leaned down and pushed his soft plump lips into Ezekiel's quivering ones. Xavier moved his hands down and used them to unbutton the restrictive cloak Ezekiel was wearing, exposing his bare chest. Xavier moved from the boy's lips down to nibble on each sensitive nipple. Ezekiel bit his lip to keep a moan from escaping.

"Oh fuck, Xavier." He moaned. "What are you doing?" Xavier stared into Ezekiel's icy blue eyes with his cool gray ones. "I'm simply consumating the relationship." Ezekiel wanted to state that that was the most ridiculous thing he'd ever heard, but had to shut his mouthg to trap another moan. "What? Do you want me to stop?" Xavier asked with a soft glare. Ezekiel had really wanted him to continue, but couldn't find the courage to speak. "Or maybe you'd like to touch me?" Xavier slid up so he was sitting on Ezekiel's chest. He slid his torso armor-piece over his head and tossed it aside, exposing his battle-scarred chest

He grabbed Ezekiel's hands and placed them on his muscular abdomen and then slid them to his rock hard erection. He stood quickly and removed his armored leggings and then sat back down. He rubbed himself through the material of his underwear.

"It hurts," Xavier moaned. "It's so hard it hurts. Please, Ezekiel, let it out." It was as if the younger boy was entranced. He lifted his hands and pulled the waist band of his underwear down just enough for his cock to flop out, landing on Ezekiel's lip. He hesitantly flicked the head with his tongue and got a taste of the sweet precum. Xavier slid his hand behind Ezekiel's head, grabbed a handful of his hair and began to stuff his nine inch cock into the boy's waiting mouth. Ezekiel could feel Xavier's this cock head pushing into his throat and tried to resist coughing and gagging, to no avail. Xavier pulled his cock from his mouth with a soft "pop" and began quickly stroking it. Ezekiel craned his neck underneath and softly sucked each on of his large balls. Xavier let out a loud moan as he stopped stroking and stood up. He picked Ezekiel up and harshly slammed him into a tree. Ezekiel could feel his trousers being yanked off and a hand clasping his ass tightly.

"Unnf..." He moaned slightly as a wet finger entered his virgin hole. "Damn you're tight. Are you a virgin?" Xavier asked. Ezekiel nodded slightly. "Don't worry, I be gentle, baby." Ezekiel shivered with the way the word "baby" rolled off his fierce lover's tongue. He instantly felt something much bigger than a finger requesting entry. Ezekiel slid back a little onto the man's stiff rod, forcing the large head to enter. Ezekiel inhaled sharply, but kept pushing back.

"Slow down..." Xavier stretched the words out with a long moan. Just the tightness of Ezekiel's whole was about to make him cum. Xavier pulled out again, moanng as Ezekiel's ass squeezed and milked his rigid phallus. He paused for a moment and then slowly began pushing into his mate again. "Fuck!" Ezekiel cursed. Xavier stopped. "Oh god, am I hurting you?" He asked. "Yes!" Ezekiel answered. "But it's a good hurt, don't stop." Xavier nodded and kept pushing, and pretty soon, Ezekiel could feel Xavier's thighs against his legs. Then without warning, he pulled all the way out slowly, and slammed deep into Ezekiel. He threw his head back in a mix of pleasure and pain. Xavier used this opportunity to lean in and barrage his neck and collarbone with kisses. "Fuck Xavier, I can't hold it!" Ezekiel shouted as the male behind him began plowing at incredible speed. Ezekiel let out string after string of thick cum onto his chest and the tree. "Shit..." Xavier whispered as he began shooting thick ropes into Ezekiel's ass. As he finished, he let out a loud yell. "What in the name of moses was that?!" The two boys heard a voice shout from a few feet behind them. "Oh shit!" Xavier yell/whispered. He quickly pulled up his underwear and hopped into his armored leggings. Ezekiel pulled up his trousers and underwear, but almost stumbled because his legs were so weak. The two boys darted in the opposite direction, venturing deeper into the forest. Ezekiel struggled to carry his greatsword as they kept running. After about ten minutes of sprinting, the forest had gotten so dark they could hardly see. The only think visible was a cave opening with a faint blue glow inside. "Whoa do you see that?" Ezekiel asked with excitement. "Yes, and really rather stay away from it." Xavier shook his head. Ezekiel frowned. "Where's your sense of adventure?"

"Back at the village. Now let's go before-"

"Wait, do you hear that?" Ezekiel asked, cutting him off. Xavier game him a look of utter confusion. "No, now come on let's go." Xavier ordered, but it was too late. Ezekiel was already entering the cave. "Hey," ezekiel shouted. "You should see this- OW!" His sentenced was cut short. For as he tried to exit the cave and retrieve his mate, he ran into an invisible wall that had trapped him inside. Instead of being scared or even crying, he began laughing. "Well isn't that something!"

"Zeke, hold on!" Xavier panicked, calling I'm by a name he hadn't heard since the two of them were children. "I'm going to go get help!" His frantic boyfriend darted off in the direction of the village. Ezekiel, however, was intent on finding the source of the sound. As he traveled deeper into the dim cave, the sound became clearer and clearer. Ezekiel had finally, after half an hour of walking, reached the cave's interior. It was a large circular area that held the source of the light and of the sound.

"I have been waiting for you." Came a voice that seemed to surround him. A little bit farther ahead, he could see a cloaked figure standing in the middle of a circle of blue light. Ezekiel walked up so that he stood directly in front of the figure. "Hello, possessor. I am the tester." Came a man's voice. He removed his hood and Ezekiel jumped back. The man's face did look like a human face, but it was shattered in 5 pieces, one of them was glowing bright blue. "Step inside the circle please." The Tester demanded. Ezekiel stepped forward into the circle and was surrounded by a blue light. When the light faded, Ezekiel could see that he clad in a suit of blue armor. He had also noticed that the entire cave disappeared. As the rest of the light faded, he could see that he was in a large, floating area of ground. He walked to the edge of the large circular platform and could see that it led straight down into blackness, in fact, he was being surrounded by blackness. But not your normal blackness, this blackness was indeed a swarm of spirit shadows coming straight toward him. He quickly drew his sword and began fighting. He swung his sword at each enemy with such precision, that it was scary to him, and as each shadow faded, he could feel himself getting stronger.

The hoarde of shadows had finally disappeared, leaving him breathless in the center of the platform. The Tester had appeared once more. "Can I ask a question?" Ezekiel began "Why am I being tested already?"

"Because, the other four possessors have been found and your training needs to begin immediately. Do not worry about the time, time stops in the chamber of souls. Now if you're ready, let's begin."




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