Like a moth to a flame, all things allow their hearts to be drawn

into an endless chasm of despair. As Raine crouched, perched high in

the branch of a tree, he vowed that this arrow, same as the one that

had pierced his soul and tore his life to ribbons, will be the same

one to pierce the heart of his victim. The fierce assassin had finally

caught up to his target and got him into a crowd of people, making the

crime easier to cover up, but the skill of aim all the more crucial. As

the townspeople of Lassar gathered around some large spectacle in the

center of town square, it became harder and harder to spot his target.

Realizing he needed a new location, he held his bow tight, took a deep

breath, and bounded from the branch onto a nearby rooftop.

At last his target had settled into a bench seat among the dozens of

people, all gazing in one direction. Raine followed their gaze to a

large wooden stage that held a woman clad in an ornate, red garb.

"Citizens of Lassar," she began, raising her arms in the air, "I am

Madame Arcana, and I am here to reveal to you which member of your

town is the possessor of the Wind Wyrm's power." Raine could hear

people below him praying and beginning to hyperventilate with

anticipation. "It wouldn't hurt to hear..." Raine mused as he lowered

his bow. But Madame Arcana wasn't intent on simply announcing the possessor, she stalled to build suspense. Raine just slowly began to tune out, soon being consumed by his own thoughts. That one fateful day when an archer hired on a mission killed both of Raine's parents and made him an orphan. Ever since then, Raine had been struggling with the loss of his home, the loss of loved ones, and poverty. At the age of 13, Raine had begun his new job as an assassin and has been killing ever since. Now, at 18, 5'8, and 135 pounds, Raine had managed to keep his gruesome past from affecting his life as an assassin.

Raine looked down at his target and drew an arrow from the quiver on his back. Finally, Madame Arcana had finished bullshitting and was about to announce this special someone. "And now, for the moment you've all been waiting for!" She bellowed. Raine was pulling the arrow against the bow, getting as much force as possible.

Now, readers, let me stop the story here for a moment and give you a short lesson in vocabulary. Now, there are many words to describe a state of shock. Words like amazed, surprised, dumbfounded, dumb struck (which is two words), and even flabbergasted. Now there are no words, however, to describe what Raine was feeling this very moment. No, not even flabbergasted is a sufficient enough word. To understand, you would have just had to have been there when Madame Arcana pointed in his direction on the roof, gave away his position, and directed all the attention to him. His arms went absolutely limp with surprise, causing him to release the arrow into the crowd, hitting a nearby market stand. No one seemed to notice because they were all too busy clapping and cheering. Needless to say, Raine was absolutely flabbergasted.

"So you didn't kill your target?" His employer rumbled with rage. Raine still knelt before his chair in the Dark Angels' headquarters. "No sir, but did you hear what I said afte-"

"I COULDN'T GIVE A GOD DAMN ABOUT SOME STUPID DRAGON!" He yelled. "This entire clan is founded on our excellence and ability to get the job done!"

"But I-"

"No 'but's! I want you out! GET OUT!" Raine didn't argue anymore. He simply ran out of the torch-lit cottage and into the rainy night. His long hair, black as a flock of ravens, hung limply all the way down to his shoulders. Raine didn't know where he was going, but he didn't care. He just started running. The Dark Angels had served as a home for him over the years and it had been his only place to turn to. As he ran down the street, his eyes were so filled with tears and rain that he couldn't see the man that was walking out in front of him. The two collided and Raine fell to the ground.

"Oh my, I was so distracted by the rain that I didn't ñ

see where I was going. I'm so sorry." The man said holding his hand out to help Raine up. Raine merely sat on the ground and continued to cry silently. Finally he stood up and looked

at the man. It was too dark for his features to be seen in the night sky.

"Hey, do you need me to walk you home?" The man offered.

Raine shook his head. The rain had spread quickly through Raine's black shirt and cotton trousers, causing them to sag from his body.

"Nonsense. You shouldn't be out alone a night. It's dangerous for a young man like you alone. Come on, we'll go back to my cabin." The man held out his arm, beckoning Raine to grab on and follow him. Raine linked arms with the man and they both began treading the cobblestone path. "I'm Felix, by the way." The man said finally. Rained didn't reply, but wrapped both his arms around Felix's unusually warm arm as they continued to walk. Felix could feel the boy shivering against him and tried his best to comfort him as they approached the door to Felix's cabin. He quickly unlocked it and the two of them entered. Raine hadn't even noticed that Felix was carrying a large melon in his other arm as he set it on the table. He closed the door and began lighting lanterns and candles all throughout the cabin.

"First, we need to get you out of those wet clothes." Felix said, walking into his bedroom and retrieving a shirt and pair of pants. "You're smaller than me, so these may not fit." He handed the clothes to Raine. "If you need to," Felix began, turning and pointing, "You can go into my room and change." But as he turned back around, he could see Raine standing, stark naked and caught a quick glimpse of his cute bum right before he pulled the trousers up around his waist. Felix blushed slightly and reached under the table, retrieving a wool blanket. While Raine's back was turned, Felix came behind him and wrapped the warm blanket around him. Raine jumped a little as he turned around and saw Fn

elix's smiling face. He stopped for a moment to examine the man. He had short black brown and a pair of beautiful hazel eyes. As Raine looked lower he could see the rain had soaked completely through Felix's white cotton shirt, exposing his tight, toned body.

"Come on, you can sleep in my bed." Felix insisted and Raine followed him to his bedroom. When they entered, Raine sat on Felix's bed and kicked off his wet shoes and socks. As Raine looked back up at Felix, he saw that the man was in the process of changing. As Felix pulled his trousers up Raine watched the man's soft cock swinging back and forth before being trapped in the material of the pants. Felix hadn't even bothered putting on a shirt before hopping on the opposite side of the bed. Raine finally felt comfortable enough to lay down next to him. "My... My name is Raine." He said with a shaking tone. "Hey! Whaddya know? The boy has a voice! You should really speak more often, your voice is beautiful. Just as you are." Raine blushed and chuckled softly. He rolled over and turned his back to Felix. "Um... Felix. I know this may be weird, but can you hold me? I'm freezing." Raine mumbled. He hadn't even heard a reply before he felt Felix's muscular arms wrap around him and press their bodies together.

"Thank you." Raine mumbled. "No problem. If you stay the night here, we can wait till morning and I'll walk you home. You're parents must be worried. " Felix said as he rested his head on Raine's neck. Raine sighed. "I don't have a home anymore and my parents are dead."

Felix kissed the boy's neck softly, sending a rush down his spine. "I'm sorry to hear that. If you want to, you can live here. It's not the nicest place, but it's something." Raine blushed. "I... I'd like that very much." Raine shifted his bum a little, rubbing it against Felix's groin. Felix jumped a bit, but relaxed.

"Wait a minute..." Felix said and sat straight up. Raine sat up along with him. He could see Felix's eyes staring him down. "You're the possessor, aren't you?" Raine's eyes widened. He'd almost forgotten about his new title. He slightly nodded and lay back down on the bed. "You're the one who's supposed to harness the spirit of a dragon?" Felix chuckled and leaned back. "You're much too cute to be fighting." Raine laughed. If only Felix had known he'd been fighting and killing for the past five years. "There should be someone to fight for you..." He leaned down and gently kissed the boy's lips, "Someone to protect you." Felix lay on his back, grabbing Raine by the shoulders and pulling the boy on top of him. They continued to kiss as Felix reached underneath Raine's shirt and began pulling it off. Raine's hair fell and hung past his shoulders as he continued his assault on Felix's lips.

"Mmph." Raine moaned softly as Felix's tongue slipped inside his mouth. Felix pushed Raine over on his back, again and hopped on top of him. He kissed down the collar bone, tasting his sweet, soft skin, and then moved down from his chest, to his toned abdomen, and then he begun to undo the trousers Raine had recently put on. As he pulled Raine's pants all the way off, he popped his hard seven inch member into his mouth. He sucked at a slow rhythm, evoking a moan from Raine's mouth. Felix pulled off for a second to wet his fingers and slide them into Raine's tight hole. "Oh, fuck!" He moaned as Felix hit his prostate. Then, as quickly as he had entered, Felix pulled his fingers out of Raine's hole and pulled his own pants off. He climbed on top of Rain, wrapping Raine's legs around his waist as he knelt, all eight and a half inches of his rigid cock aimed at Raine's ass. He pushed in slightly, then with a hard shove, Felix's head and about three inches slid in. "God dammi-" Raine cut himself off as he bit his lip. Felix waited a moment, leaning down to kiss Raine as he pushed rest of the way in. Raine felt pain envelope him, but it was replaced with the feeling of pulsing ecstasy. "Do you need me to stop for a moment?" Felix asked. Raine shook his head. "Please don't, I want you to go harder." He begged as he slid farther into Felix's member. Felix happily complied, taking long strokes, and slamming in and out of Raine, hitting his spot over and over again.

Raine felt as if he was going to faint from the intense feeling of pleasure. With each fierce slam, Raine felt a slight stirring of wind. First a breeze, then a gust, then a fierce gale that was strong enough to push Felix off of him. Raine jumped. "What the hell was that!?" He cried. Felix had a warm smile on his face. "No, that was you." He said as he hopped up and brushed himself off. "Oh, I'm sorry!" Raine sat up. "I'm not used to being able to control wind."

"Don't be sorry, Raine. That just means it's time..." And with that, Felix, his cabin, and everything else in the world had disappeared. He was standing in blackness. "This is all a dream." He thought and clenched hid eyes shut. "When I open them, I'll be in mt bed at the Dark Angels' headquarters."

When Raine opened his eyes, he was most definitely not in his bed. He was standing at the village entrance, watching the town burn to the ground. He tried to run in, but their seemed to be some sort of force keeping him out.

"What the hell is happening..."

"The town is burning." Raine jumped as he noticed a cloaked figure was standing next to him. He quickly inspected himself, still thinking he was naked. As he looked down, he saw the he was wearing a black ninja suit, which was strange because he'd never considered himself the "shinobi" type. The suit had black metal gauntlets and shin-guards as well as a black metal chestplate.

Raine walked over to the cloaked man. "Can you hel-" he stopped himself. The man turned to him, his face shattered into five pieces, and one of them was glowing with a dim gray light. "Its is up to you to help them." he said as he handed Raine a black iron long bow. Raine nearly fainted. Being a connoisseur of fine weapons, he knew that he'd just been given a beauty. "But I don't have any arrows?" Raine said as he took the bow, still in awe. "Yes you do. In fact, you have an unlimited supply. Hold out your hand and let the wind do the work." Raine held out his free hand and a mass of wind surrounded his hand. When the wind subsided, he was left with a long arrow that looked like it had been crafted of swirling gray clouds. He put it against the bow and pulled back. "But wait, what exactly am I aiming at?" The figure next to him pointed, and there he could see a gathering of shadows dancing about the streets. He had so many questions, but instead, he did what he does best. Aimed and fired. As he hit one of the shadows with the arrow, a wave of sharp wind emitted from it, hitting the surrounding ones as well. Raine never believed in such forces, but to see them working in front of him, he was flabbergasted.

Like clockwork, he produced and launched arrows as quickly as he could, until it looked as if all the shadows were gone. In the middle of the town, he saw something that almost made him drop the bow. There, sitting in the street holding tightly to each other, were his mother, his father, and the baby she was pregnant with when she died. Except is was already born.

Slowly, a large, brobdingnagian (yes it's a word) form rounded the corner of one of the burning buildings and hovered his family. It was a dragon covered entirely in black scales and red, glowing eyes. Tears filled his eyes. "GET BACK YOU BASTARD!" Raine yelled and beat his hands against the invisible wall. "It can't hear you. And it's going to hurt your family. You have to kill it." The cloaked figure motioned to the bow he was holding. "Why are you just standing there doing nothing!? You're not even trying to help!" Raine yelled. The figure shook his head. "As possessor, it's your job to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. If all you can do is stand there and yell, you may as well give me back the bow." The man held out his hand. Raine's face changed into one of confusion and fear. "Who... Are you?" He asked. The cloaked figure pointed towards the scene again. The large dragon was biting his fathers arm ads he held it up to protect his family.

Raine summoned multiple arrows that floated around him. One at a time, he plucked one from the air and fired rapidly at the dragon until it had let go of his father's arm. The dragon growled and looked in his direction. It had left his family, but was charging at him. Slowly he backed away from the town's gate and shivered. "I-I can't do this!" Raine cried. "Yes you can."

"No I can't!"

"Raine." He heard a familiar voice from behind him. He turned and saw Felix standing next to the cloaked figure, an old man who was coughing violently, and Madame Arcana. "I believe you can do this." Felix finished. "No I can't! Get out of here before it gets to you!" Raine turned back and saw the dragon still charging.

"Son..." Came another familiar voice. Raine turned and saw his mother and father as well as a baby standing behind him. "We believe in you." His father finished. With that, Raine turned, grabbed the three remaining arrows, and fired them at the dragon. With a roar, it fell to the ground. He ran over to where its body lay, finally able to penetrate the field. He knelt down and petted the dragon's face. It groaned and seemed to purr under his touch. "Finish it." The cloaked man ordered. Raine shook his head. "This creature is too beautiful and majestic to be slaughtered like game. It just did what's in its nature." He rubbed its face again. "I'm so, so sorry." He said as he kissed it. He felt himself be picked up and squeezed. When he was released, he realized it was his dad, hugging him the way he always used to. His mother handed the baby to his father and hugged him too. "I'm so proud of you." His mother teared up. "We came to visit because we missed you, honey. We've been watching you for a while now." Raine began to cry. "Is it really you?" She kissed his head. "Our time here is limited..." She looked saddened. Raine began sobbing. "Oh, mother! I'm sorry I couldn't help you! I'm sorry I kill for a living! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! Just please don't go!" He begged. She put a hand on his face. "Hey, now... Don't cry. We're happy where we are. None of this is your fault. I understand you did what you had to do. Just promise me you won't kill anymore unless it's for a damn good reason." She smiled. "I don't mean to be rude at all, but time is running out..." The cloaked figure said, sympathetically. His parents nodded. "We wanted to give you the honor of naming your little brother." His father stated, blinking back tears. Raine wiped his tears and thought. How about Ray? For when you used to call me Little Ray." His parents both nodded. "Ray... Splendid!" His mother exclaimed. All four of them clambered into a group hug. Ray looked up at Raine and spoke "Brother!" The family burst into a fit of laughter and tears.

"Time to go." The cloaked man stated.

"Farewell, honey"

"Take care, son."

"No! No, wait!"

When Raine woke up, it was dark. He sat up and realized he was laying on the back of a dragon in a large field. The dragon sat up and craned his neck to look at him, he licked and nuzzled his master. Raine looked down and saw a scroll sticking out of his metal chestplate. He pulled it out and read:


You have done exceptionally well in passing your test. You've proven that you have honor, integrity, and courage. As a reward, I let you speak with your parents. This is just one of the spoils of being the possessor. When you meet the others at the location on the back of this map, you will meet someone that can revive your family. Oh yes! And take care of the dragon, his name is Ray.


The Tester."

Raine immediately flipped the letter over and saw the words "Let Ray guide you."

"You know where to go?" He asked the dragon, he roared in response and flapped his wings violently. As they took off, Raine could have sworn he heard the dragon speak. "Did you say something?" He asked. The dragon remained silent.

Raine didn't know what it was, but he could've sworn he heard the word "Brother".

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