"Alright! Alright, men! Simmer down!" Lord Ocho called from his position in the front of the room. He sat cross-legged, a half-naked woman on each side of his large and unshapely body as he slumped over in his drunken haze. "We can't go celebrating our victory so heavily. We still have to be alert!" He preached again, releasing a burp that echoed through the second floor of the dimly lit dojo. "We kicked those bastards' asses!" One of his henchmen shouted. "We fucked their wives!" Another one yelled, receiving a roar of laughter from his intoxicated subordinates. "We couldn't have done it without Dante! Let's here it for our hero!" And a round of applause echoed throughout the entire town of Shizen. One of his colleagues pushed him, forcing him to stand from his sitting position. "Boy, come on up here!" Lord Ocho bellowed. Dante followed his orders and stood at the front of the room, next to his leader. The chorus of clapping and cheering had increased greatly. "Without you and your abilities," Lord Ocho began when the noise subsided, "we would most certainly have perished. You're the youngest one here and I trust you much more with my life than I ever would with these idiots!" His moronic audience burst into even more laughter. "But all jokes aside," he continued, standing, "I love you like a son and I'm glad to have you. Another round in Dante's honor!" Lord Ocho finished, rubbing a hand through Dante's brown hair. The applause from this declaration was so loud, Dante was sure the entire establishment would crumble.

"Give us a demonstration!" Someone suggested. "Yeah!" Another agreed. Then the entire clan began to chant. "Dante! Dante! Dante!" Lord Ocho looked at him. "Give the people what they want." He mumbled to Dante with a smile. Dante lifted his hand to silence the rowdy brutes. "Alright, alright. Everyone move to the side walls." Dante ordered. As the floor cleared, he slowly stepped to the middle, holding his black, iron katana at his side. He lowered himself to a stance and closed his eyes. As his sense of sight faded, his other senses were enhanced. He could hear the sound of the men's bellies churning, full with alcohol and ramen. He smell the strong scent of aged Sake and ale on their breaths. He could practically taste the exotic tang of sweat in the air, a result of their earlier battle. As he concentrated longer, he could feel every ounce of his aura and energy being channeled into his blade. Their was a simultaneous gasp as his sword was ignited with an encasing flame. His eyes opened, and as quick as a blink, he slashed diagonally with his katana, sending a wave of inferno hurtling towards the wall and burning through it.

Dante tensed. He turned to see his leader's blank face. "Oh, I'm really sorry abo-" Lord Ocho silenced Dante with a clap that started an uproar amongst the clan. The men all rushed in, the biggest one lifting Dante up on his shoulder. "Dante! Dante! Dante! Dante!"

The next morning, Dante had awoken extra early. He was walking through the already-busy street-markets and was slowly filling his pockets. Not with faith, trust, or dignity, but with items he was stealthily pilfering from townspeople.

Now, readers, let me stop and give you a lesson in moral standards. As you know, it is very wrong to steal, but there are some instances where it is acceptable. For instance, say you are at an art museum and you see a beautiful, elegant painting hanging on the wall and you think, "This would look SO much better in my house.", so you steal the picture and take it home. Even if it does look better on your pink and black wall paint, it is still wrong. However, if you are very poor, your house is about to be foreclosed, and you're starving, then it may be acceptable for you to steal the picture, take it home, and eat it.

"Hey ya little bastard!" A large street thug stepped out to block Dante's path. His clothes were tattered and his slightly tanned skin was etched with battle scars. His large, sweaty biceps reflected the sun and defined every curve and ridge with precision. Dante stopped and looked up at the large man towering him. Dante stared at his dark green eyes with his own red-yellow ones. "You know stealing is wrong don't you." The thug lowered his voice so that only Dante could hear him. Dante felt a chill run down his spine as the man graced him with the presence of a maniacal smile. Dante still stared at the man, half wondering if he should draw his blade and slaughter him like swine.

"How bout I make you a deal? You give me half of everything you stole and I won't expose you as a thief to the entire town?" His smile hadn't faltered a bit. "How bout you step aside and I won't paint this street a nasty shade of crimson?" Dante threatened. The thug gave an unnecessarily loud laugh. "You? Kill me? I wouldn't bet on it. But if that's the choice you wanna make." He stepped back and pulled a sword from seemingly nowhere. Without warning, he swung at Dante, who quickly dodged, causing him to hit and kill a nearby woman. Screams of terror jumped from the mouths of the frantic witnesses as they spread out into a wide circle around the dueling men. "Someone get the magistrates!" A man's voice called. Dante hopped up from his crouched position and aimed for his opponent's chest. The seemingly experienced thug effortlessly blocked, grabbed Dante's arm, and threw him to the ground. His sword sliced downward at Dante's head and he quickly put up his sword, one hand on the grip and the other on the back of the blade for equal leverage, and stopped the attack. The loud clashing of their swords scared another gasp from the crowd.

"If this is all the strength you possess, then it was clearly a mistake for me to start this fight." The thug taunted as he pushed his sword down harder against Dante's, creating sparks as they rubbed together. Dante took a deep breath, filled his lungs with energy, and shot a large ball of fire from his mouth into the face of his attacker. He staggered back into a vegetable stand, clutching his sizzling face. In the distance, the sound of magistrate whistles could be heard blowing loudly (for those of you that don't know, the magistrates were a for of police for Japan during the Edo Period). Dante used this opportunity to hop up and flee the scene. As he headed farther from the crowd to the town entrance, he saw magistrates coming in droves to intercept him. The large group of men in white kimonos drew their swords. "Stop! We've been ordered by the town of Shizen to take you into custody for murder!" One of them in the front stated. "I didn't kill anyone, it was the other man!" Dante protested. He was about to turn and run, but he saw another pack of magistrates coming up behind him. The only other way was...

"There's nowhere to run, murderer!" Dante closed his eyes as they surrounded him, concentrating once more. "Drop your sword, now." They ordered. "Do you hear me-" Their words faded into nothing more than mumbles as Dante blocked the sound out. It sounded was if he were under water. As the noise stopped and Dante reopened his eyes, he was in a large cave. Sitting in the middle of that cave was a dragon with crimson red scales. "Your aura becomes stronger with every flame released from your body." The dragon stated in a strange voice. It sounded as if every voice in the world had been meshed together to create one, deep, booming sound. "I need your help again." Dante ignored the dragon's earlier statement. "Very well. Join me, speak the words of the ritual." The dragon commanded. "Breathe unto me,

The breath of a thousand dragon souls," the two began together. "May my willpower be the tinder to set all those against righteousness ablaze,

And let the flame of my spirit smolder like dying embers..."

Dante opened his eyes and he was once again in the frantic confusion of Shizen. His eyes were glowing a shade of red and orange as he held his hands out at his sides. With flick of his wrists, a large, circular wave of fire emitted from his body. He could hear the screams and shouts of agony from the magistrates as they were all burned to death. He fell to the ground, weak from exerting so much power. "Dammit, I didn't mean to kill them." He thought as he fell completely flat on his stomach next to piles of ash and bone. He looked up with his last bit of power and could see the badly burned thug and another man standing over him. "You sure you wanna touch him after what just happened?" The other man asked. The burned thug nodded, his face for some odd reason beginning to heal. "Look at him. He's gone and burned himself out." He stated, pushing dante over on his back with his foot. "Let's act fast, he'll only be out for a little while." The no-longer-burned thug said as he grabbed Dante and threw him over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

Dante quickly reopened his eyes to see himself in the cave again. "What? No. No! What happened!?" He asked the dragon. "You didn't think an exertion of aura that immense came without repercussions, did you?" He began. "You must allow yourself to practice before you move on to stronger attacks. You could die." Dante nodded, showing that he understood. He walked over to a small watering hole in the corner of the cave. He knelt down and began splashing handfuls of it on his face, drinking in a little bit. As he pulled back, he felt instantly refreshed. Dante reached down and untied his black kimono. "I need to take a swim." He looked up at the roof of the cave that had somewhat of an upside down cone shape, but instead of a pointy end, there was a hole at the top that was letting in sunlight.

Dante took a deep breath and jumped in. As he swam down, he saw that it led to an even deeper, underwater "city". There were schools of fish, large sharks and whales that completely ignored him, and many other aquatic species. He felt a hand on his shoulder and turned around. Behind him was a boy clad in blue armor, his hair was white like misty clouds, and his eyes were a soothing gray.

"Hey, are you lost?" He asked through the water somehow. "No I-" Dante stopped, surprised that no water had flowed into his mouth and that he wasn't drowning. The boy in front of him laughed. "You can't die in the astral plane, silly!" He laughed, grabbing Dante's hand and beginning to swim. The entire underwater cave looked exactly like the cave above it. The walls were red as the clay they were formed from. There were holes throughout it letting in sunlight, but somehow managing to not let out water.

Dante realized that they were swimming into a hole that was like a small room. In the middle of it was a table and three other figures. The two of them took seats at the table. "My name is Ezekiel. This is Raine." The white haired boy said pointing to a boy with long black hair. Dante and Raine smiled at each other. Ezekiel smiled as well, "And this is... and ..." He continued, his words drowned out. Dante turned and screamed in horror, jumping back from his chair. The two un-introduced figures were ghastly. It was as if someone painted them on an easel and then smeared them. None of their figures could be distinguished except two glowing red eyes. "Oh, I forgot! ... told me that you aren't ready to meet them yet." Ezekiel said, slapping his forehead and laughing. The entire group laughed, except Dante, who was still quite shocked. "I... I need to be going." He said, about to swim out. Ezekiel grabbed him. "Wait! Don't go out that way. Take this." He leaned in and kissed Dante, a frosty sensation resting on his lips as he shut his eyes in complete bliss.

As he reopened them, he realized he was standing in front of the watering hole, he also realized he was just introduced to four people in his undergarments. "Dante. You must go." The dragon rushed him. "What's going on, Belphegor?" He asked, tying on his kimono. The entire cave shook. "What the hell!" Dante exclaimed. The cave rocked again violently sending him to the ground. Belphegor shook his scaly head. "No time, begin the resonating process!" He yelled. He spit a ball of fire at Dante, creating a circle of flames around him. Dante crossed his legs, closed his eyes, and meditated.

Dante reopened his eyes just in time to receive another hard slap from his kidnapper. He was about to retaliate but realized his hands were bound to the wooden chair he was sitting in. "Ah, our prisoner had awaken at last." The thug from before taunted. "Finally, we can formally meet. My name is Aizen. And you are?"

"Fuck you." Aizen licked his lips. "Don't tempt me." Dante spit a fireball from his mouth, and once more, it hit Aizen in the face. But this time, he didn't scream, jump back, or even flinch. When the flames had disappeared... His face was absolutely normal! "I won't be falling for that again, my dear." As Aizen continued to speak, his street language faded and was replaced by a more classy vocabulary. "But, you did remind me that I can stop masquerading." At that moment, his skin began to melt and peel off until it was nothing more than a pile of flesh at feet. Dante looked up to see someone new standing before him. His evilly black hair had been gelled upward into a fauxhawk with a few red streaks. His skin was a warm shade of melted caramel. But what had been so mesmerizing about Aizen to Dante were those amethyst, purple eyes.

"Now that we are better acquainted, would you mind telling me your name." Dante's lips remained sealed. Aizen laughed. "It's ok, Dante." He rubbed a hand through the captive boy's brown hair,pulling it back so he could look deep into his eyes. "I know who you are, I was just hoping you'd cooperate. I've been looking for you. I've been looking for all of you." Dante's expression changed into one of confusion. "That little altercation in the city was simply for me to see if you were who I thought you were. So tell me something, where are the other four?" He leaned in close to Dante, so close that he could taste the evil on his breath. "Other four what?" Dante asked confused. Aizen stood straight, a smile on his face. "Intriguing! You haven't met The Tester yet. Good. I still have time to give you my business proposal." He said as he pulled up a chair and sat much closer to Dante than the boy was comfortable with. "Dante, your time is drawing near. When you are communicated with by The Tester... I want you to kill him." Dante shivered for a moment. "What are you talking about? Who is this 'Tester'? Does he threaten my clan?" He asked, struggling to get free. Aizen grinned with a face that could send chills down the spine of satan himself. "Yes. He's plotting to destroy you, your clan, and Lord Oboe."

"It's 'Ocho'." Dante corrected. Aizen leaned in and kissed Dante. It was a kiss like no other the boy had experienced. He felt a spark, but then the sensation turned to a cold one as Aizen ran his icy fingers up Dante's spine. Dante's back arched a little and he let out a moan into Aizen's mouth. Aizen pulled back with an accomplished smile at his lips. "I thought you'd like that. You seem like a person whose senses are enhanced. How about if I do this?" Aizen leaned back in again, grabbing Dante's bound arms as he kissed him. Dante's entire body felt like it was on fire, but as Aizen kissed him, his tongue and lips felt icy and cool. Dante suddenly wanted Aizen to kiss all over him to put the fire out. Aizen pulled back again, just as another moaned slipped from between Dante's lips. The fiery sensation was growing rapidly as Aizen sat and looked at him. "I want you to beg for it." Dante bit his lip before he spoke. He couldn't do it. No matter how much he forced himself, he couldn't. The heat on his body increased.

"Fuck, Aizen please! Touch me! Make the burn go away!" He groaned, feeling a strange sensation in his groin. Aizen's trademark evil grin reappeared as he untied Dante's kimono and opened it, exposing his chest and abdomen. Aizen leaned forward, kissing and tracing patterns with his tongue into Dante's tensing chest. An instant cool sensation ran over him, overpowering the hot sensation from before, except for in his slowly hardening dick. "Is that all of it?" Aizen asked as he stopped his kissing to look up as Dante. It's as if the man was torturing him, doing all this on purpose, just to toy with him. Dante nodded, but groaned as the fire in his erection grew heavier. "Are you sure?" Aizen asked. Are you sure you don't feel something here?" He placed his hand on Dante's burning arousal. "Please- ugh!" Another groan surfaced as Aizen freed him from the constraining underwear, tucking the waistband under Dante's swollen balls. "Enough said." Aizen leaned forward, he licked the head of Dante's eight inch cock, collecting droplets of sweet precum. With an intake of breath, he leaned in swallowed Dante's cock down to the base with ease. With each deep slurping of Dante's cock, the burning feeling began to fade. Aizen removed himself from Dante's well slicked erection and stood, removing his tattered clothes and revealing a thick nine and a half inch dick. He climbed on top of Dante, straddling his lap, an began to lower himself on Dante's erection. Dante had felt a surge pleasure that was completely new to him. His body shuddered as Aizen's warm walls encased him completely. He could feel his insides moving and creating friction against his dick. "Oh shit." He moaned. Aizen had picked up a steady rhythm, sliding himself up and down, and staring into Dante's eyes. Dante's senses were in a frenzy. They didn't know what to tell the poor lost boy as he released countless moans of pleasure. There was only one thing they were telling him. "Oh fuck, I'm cumming!" He shouted, Aizen leaned in and bit his neck. With a fierce groan and an upward push that had finally torn a moan from Aizen's throat, he released stream after stream of fresh cum into Aizen's ass. Aizen rolled his hips, giving Dante an even greater feeling of pleasure.

Aizen pulled himself off of Dante, grabbing his shirt to wipe the cum from his ass that was slowly dribbling out. "See, if you join me, I'll live to please you, and you only." Aizen said, getting down on his knees in front of Dante and kissing his inner thighs. "So what will it be? Aizen bit his lip. Just then, the other man from earlier walked in, wearing a black cloak with a hood. "Oh! Am I interrupting something?" He asked. Aizen looked incredibly upset. You know I told you to wait outside until I fetched you! Yes, you ARE interrupting something. What do you want?" Aizen stood and untied Dante, letting him get dressed as he walked over to a table and put on a dark, black trenchcoat. Dante had finally gotten dressed as he turned back to the mysterious hooded figure. "What do you want... Uhm..." Aizen stuttered, thinking. "That is right, you have never asked my name. I am The Tester." He slipped his hood off, revealing his fractured face with a red piece glowing bright. Aizen gasped, "Back off! He's mine! I saw him first!" He held out his hand and Dante swiftly ducked as bolts of black lightning shot across the room at The Tester, who returned with neon red bolts. The two forces collided in the center of the large room, casting shadows across the walls. "Just because you were able to capture and absorb the Lightning Wyrm Possessor, doesn't mean I'll let you get another one." The Tester admonished. Aizen turned to look at Dante who was back in the corner, cowering with fear. "He doesn't know what he's talking about! I'd never do that to you!" He reassured. He grabbed his firing arm with his other hand and pushed more bolts and force. No one was advancing, it was a stalemate. In realizing this, the two stopped and turned to Dante.

"What will it be, Dante?" The Tester inquired. Aizen held his hand out for Dante to grab onto. "Come with me, and I'll make you the richest man in all of Eastern Japan." Dante looked up, and after a moment of hesitation, took Aizen's hand and stood with him. "Your making a poor decision. What would the others say?" The tester queried. "How would I know? You tried to hide them from me." Dante retorted. "That's right." Aizen agreed with a smile. "You weren't ready to meet them." The Tester said. "We've had enough of your lies." Aizen stated, sending a wave of energy toward The Tester that pushed him back. By the time the force stopped and he'd looked back up, that area of the room was engulfed in a large dark sphere. When it disappeared, both Aizen and Dante were gone without a trace.





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