The inside of Benjamin's house has the theme of American History; the floor is polished wood planks, the frames of the furniture are wooden and carved curvy, old fashioned style. There's a very elegant fire place in the den, above which had a mantle with a few bits and bobs from the old century. Many trinkets, devices, tools or time, writing, and navigation adorned all around the house; grandfather clocks, quills, a classic globe of the world, and among other such antiques. He had also hung pictures of his loved ones - except for his parents. Long story.

At 6:00 PM, the door to Benjamin's household swung open. The sexual energy between the two snapped them right back together like magnets with opposite charges the moment they had the front door shut. The grizzly bear had to stand on the tips of his toes to reach Ben's mouth, but feeling that thick, muscular tongue wrestling his own was reward enough for that effort.

Benjamin shoved Dom against the wall as he leaned his head down, and forced his mouth further more into the furry muzzle. Dom moaned in his mouth as he could feel the sheer power in those bulging arms that almost measured his own waist in thickness when his back hit the wall. His arms pushed the rhino's coat off, while Benjamin struggled for a moment to yank his arms out of the sleeves, revealing some large, damp blotches on is white shirt.

Dom undid necktie, and pulled it off around from that thick neck. As if on cue, the clips on Benjamin's suspenders snapped off, and whipped off of restrained pecs without hitting the bear. He broke the kiss for only a moment to put his paws onto the cuff of the white polyester shirt, and grunted as he pulled at it apart, button by button flying off, using his own strength and Benjamin's flexing his chest and abs. The pachyderm shrugged off that tight polyester shirt before his lips zoomed right back on the other's.

Their hands explored each other, groping at each other's damp, sweaty clothes, studying each other through their senses of touch. As a note, Dominick's paws seemed more fascinated in grabbing and squeezing the rhino's plump, tight ass.

As the two of them wildly made out, one of Dom's legs lifted up. His arms went up as well, and wrapped themselves around the rhino's thick neck. Benjamin backed up a couple of steps before his back hit the wall in the narrow hallway. Dom then hoisted his other leg up, and pressed his legs against the larger male's hard body. The bear then moved himself around a little before he was now clinging onto the professor.

Their mouths continued the frenzy even as Benjamin walked towards the staircase, holding the ursine in his great arms as he moved. One mighty hand slammed onto the wall when he reached the first 3 steps, with the rest of the stairs on the left side. They moaned as the rhino and bear both ground their large tents against each other. Benjamin's sphincter twitched in his pants at the very poke of that ursine's cock. With their mouths still glued together, Dom worked his hands to take off his jacket vest, and dropped it to the floor, with just his T-shirt and pants on. He kicked off his shoes, which reached about a few feet away from the staircase.

Through the mobile passion, they soon managed to reach the upstairs master bedroom. Dominick's footpad felt the soft, tan-brown carpet as he walked in. His peripheral vision saw a king-sized bed, and other old fashioned and elaborate nick-knacks here and there.

As soon as his belt was unbuckled, the rhino's trousers practically dropped to the floor, where the pachyderm tossed aside with his large foot. Like a submissive sex slave, Benjamin had then dropped to his knees, and dug into the bear's crotch. Dominic quickly tugged his own shirt off, his round belly bouncing a little as he did. Benjamin took a moment to push his mouth against that gut, nuzzling it and kissing it while feeling his sides and hips. The bear pet his meaty paws on Benjamin's head encouragingly as he nudged his soft tummy. It feels so soft and warm, like a pillow, which seems in direct contrast to his thick arms and legs. Before long, the rhino lowered his head down to that damp, musky lump in Dom's pants.

The rhino groaned, nuzzled, licked, gnawed at the musk-scented package, those pants making sure to keep the larger male from full access to that surely delicious meat!

Dominick grinned slyly as the teacher fell to his knees. The front of his pants were swollen from his meat being sucked and gnawed upon through the thick denim, the penis forced to slide around against his thigh.

"Damn, sir, you just can't fuckin' wait to taste my cock, huh?" He said as he grabbed the back of his professor's head, and shoved his face in his groin. Just the stature difference, and the apparent dom/sub role here, made the bear all the more hornier.

He knew how badly Benjamin wanted to suck his cock, and he sure as hell would be happy to finally feel that strong tongue grinding against his pole, but not yet.

After letting the man obsessively mouth at his dick through his jeans, Dominick urged the rhino back to a standing position. "Me first, Mr. Thomas."

This was actually the first time Dominick had technically seen the rhinoceros's bared chest; he hadn't looked at him from the front when they were at the office, and while that shirt hugged his body with incredible tightness, it didn't compare to the detail he could see now.

He dug his nose between the large bulges of pectoral muscle, tongue slipping along the crevice and picking up the musk and sweat collected there. One paw focused its attentions lower, grabbing for Ben's balls through the fabric of his shorts and rolling them in his paw, as his lips eased across the grey flesh and sealed around his nipple, giving it a slow, luscious suck, tongue petting over the dark teat as his mouth retreated, then came back for another taste.

The larger male cooed as he felt his large nuts get fondled and played with. All of it was making his groin pitch a very large tent. Dom could barely fit both those balls in his palm! His paw grabbed and rolled them around as he polished those bulbous pecs. The massive male wailed openly as his tender, fat testicles were massaged firmly.

"OohHH! Ohhh!!!" The rhino's knees nearly buckled as the ursine suckled and nursed on either nipple. Benjamin's thick meat spurted pre as the bear switched, nibbled, suckled, and licked those sensitive nips. He took his time making sure that nipple was hardened up enough to cut glass with, and when he finally pulled off of the juicy nub with a wet smack, Ben would find the other nipple quickly seized and assaulted just as vigorously.

Dominick let his balls go to make sure that first teat kept getting attention, and as he slathered the one between his lips in spit, he smeared the previous one with the layers of saliva he'd left on it, rubbing his thumb against the tip to keep it completely rigid. It seemed that Ben's cock didn't need as much stimulation to stay hard, as by now it is throbbing hard and making a large, dark stain on the front of his boxers. That rhinoceros moaned the entire time the bear is eating his nipples and grabbing his nuts.

Finally, the bear's lips began to ease down, grazing softly along the damp, sweaty abs. The perspiration made the bear's breath feel that much hotter each time it blasted against Ben's moist skin between sensuous kisses over the hills and deep licks within the valleys that his abs formed. In the midst of tasting the pachyderm's delicious body, the bear had then pulled down the rhino's large boxers, making that hung member flop right up, smacking his chin, and rendering the rhino completely naked.

Benjamin panted and groaned as Dominick licked and lapped at the sweaty male's muscles, giving his thoroughly cut area feel warm and pleasant. It's been so long since a man felt and touched his body like this. Especially when that tongue's-

"OOOhhhh!" Holding the rock hard penis like a baseball bat, Dominick had stretched his jaws open and dragged his tongue slowly across Ben's cumslit before sliding his soft lips over that slicked-up dome, gently bobbing his head as he sucked and slurped noisily, letting the rhino's precum dribble down his chin. One of his paws started sliding up the bottom half of the penis, twisting and squeezing tightly, while his mouth worked over the upper half.

Benjamin's chest heaved as his member was engulfed in total and complete warmth. His eyes rolled up as his mouth lingered open as the sensitive mushroom head was taken into the mouth of that hungry bear! And the way his paw was working his lower half of his cock gave Benjamin the feeling of a full-fledged blowjob, which due to his large endowment, a male who could take his whole 15 inches into his mouth was very hard to come by.

Dom pulled back from his famished suckling, leaving that thick meat with a pop of his lips. Benjamin couldn't take anymore. He stumbled back, and went to his huge bed, "Where you goin, huh?" Dom asked, before playfully pushing Benjamin's moist pecs, therefore making the huge man fall back on the bed.

He panted and moaned like the extremely horny slut that he was while the bear climbed onto the bed, and went low to slurp that huge dong. "Mmm . . . You've got a tasty cock, sir. I'll bet guys love sucking you off. If not, they're missing out . . ."

Once Benjamin eased back onto his bed, the bear's fingers migrated to the insides of his thighs, massaging the hard sinews and urging the rhino's tree-trunk-thick legs to splay wide apart for him. It was then that he gave Benjamin what was sure to be the surprise of his life, and swallowed his cock whole. His muzzle met with Benjamin's pubic bone and gulped around the thick length, massaging it with his throat muscles.

Benjamin's eyes went wide open as his entire rod was swallowed! He cried out in sheer ecstasy as the warmth not only enclosed, but was actually massaging his huge, hard and throbbing tower! "Ahhh! AHH! Ahhhhh!" He could only writhe all over the bed as the most wonderful torment in the world was dealt to him. His thick hands gripped the sheets and his muscles and body flexed and clenched as his cock was in a tunnel of preorgasmic bliss. The feeling rubbing against his cock was almost, if not too much, too bare.

Just when he was about to cum right into Dominick's stomach - which is a very distinct possibility in this case - the overwhelming pleasure ceased. The rhino felt a bit of relief as his large dick flopped onto his 8-pack abs, panting hard and sweating as that was the best oral sex he's ever had. His thick arms and legs sprawled apart on the bed, you'd think he was a slut who's just had a session with a most generous client, licked completely clean.

However, the night is not done.

Benjamin gathered his breath and looked up.

Dom smirked as he stepped backward a little, and began to undo his pants. The leg of them was already swollen, and when they fell to his ankles, his engorged cock whipped out like it was spring-loaded, slamming into his own abs before settling. It curved up gracefully, wasn't quite as big and thick as Benjamin's endowment, but is reasonably thick in girth, and roughly less than a foot long. Benjamin, huffed a little, his heart pounding, his toes curling, a glob of pre squirting on his abs at the sight of that fat cock.

"Like what you see, Mr. Thomas?" he asked, grinning wickedly, as he held his erection in his paw, giving it a rough squeeze and making a thick glob of pre ooze out as if he was pushing toothpaste from a tube. The rhino nodded, his mouth open idly.

"I knew you would, sir," Dominick chuckled, giving his rod a slow stroke that milked out another thick gob of pre. As he continued to rub over his own meat, going as commando as his professor except for his socks.

His tone is already evident in his arms, his biceps strong but not bulging the way Benjamin's did, his forearms wrought with sinewy muscle, but it was so much more wonderful to look at once his chest was exposed. "Heheh. My cock hasn't seen a tight ass in a while, and I've wanted to feel yours clench around it since I first saw you. First things first, though."

He hoisted his hefty form away from the wall and got up on the bed, straddling Benjamin's chest with his nutsac laying right in the crevice of those massive pecs. This caused his pre to start drooling right down onto the teacher's face, dousing his lips and dripping along his front horn.

"Alright, Mr. Thomas, here's your first duty as my personal slut." A single thumb pushed down on his penis, pressing the uncut head right against Benjamin's lips, his other forearm coming up to wipe the mess from his own lips. "Clean my foreskin out."

Without any hesitation whatsoever, the pachyderm leaned his head forward, and took in a quarter of the bear's cock into his mouth. His tongue went insane on that ursine dick; his tongue licked and dug thoroughly on and around that pink head, drinking the copious pre that coated Dominick's hard penis. The tip of his tongue wriggled and dug into Dominick's dick's hood as he groaned in total delight in getting to suck on his 'Master's' cock.

While he was blowing the bear's dick like a sex bomb, the rhino's hands went to behind Dominick and squeezed his ass. His thick hands massaged those muscular globes as one would knead a batch of bread dough. He gave the left cheek a spank in the process of squeezing and groping the bear's rear end. All the while, the rhino's heavy log was standing up high, throbbing and drooling all over itself.

Looking down at the professor, Dominick bit his lip and grunted as those luscious lips folded around his cock and he felt the rhino's powerfully strong tongue slipping along his hooded glans. "Damn . . ." he sighed out supporting the weight of his upper body against the headboard with one hand and clutching at the top of Benjamin's head with the other.

He kneaded against his teacher's scalp with the same lustful passion as Benjamin's meaty mitts pawed at the bear's backside. "That's right bitch, drink that precum . . ." he growled out, hips slowly beginning to shift, though only pushing his dick a few more inches down into Benjamin's thirsty maw. "Yes . . . Uh, Mr. Thomas, you're such a whore . . ."

The sharp smack to his bottom was enough to get his pelvic muscles to flex, making his rigid meat throb, and instantly Benjamin's muzzle was overflowing with pre. "Uhn . . . Eager slut, aren't you sir?" His grip at the top of the rhinoceros's skull tightening, he pushed Benjamin's nose into his lap, forcing him to deepthroat his foot-long dick. "Swallow." The pachyderm didn't even gag when the ursine forced his mouth forward against the throbbing meat. His eyes rolled over as he sucked the luscious cock with deep relish. He loved every second of hosting Dominick's manhood in his fuckable mouth.

"Ngh! Aw yeah . . ." Dom started pumping his hips back and forth, prying the pachyderm's jaw open with his shaft, "Fuck yeah! Eat it! Eat that cock . . . Fffffuuuck . . . !" Benjamin could only suck on that dong harshly, as if to draw cold water from it. His throat made swallowing motions as the rod drove deep into his esophagus, massaging and cradling that cock, gulping down the salty flood that the bear spurted.

The teacher was stuck with a throat full of pulsing grizzly dick for a few long seconds before Dominick finally pulled the well-slobbered erection out. "Fuck yeah . . ." he whispered, the pop of his cockhead from the man's lips quickly followed as he shot a few thin threads of preseed across his face.

"Ghhod," The bear then pushed his pulsing rod back into Benjamin's mouth, there the professor was only too happy to gulp down.

"Heheh . . . ya know, one of these days I'll be tempted to whip my cock out and have you suck it in the middle of class" He said while rolling his hips in and out, his shaft soaked as it pulled in and out of that thirsty mouth, ". . . And I'll bet you'd do it too," Benjamin's lips yanked around that log of hot, hard flesh, "I'd love it if everyone knew how good a cocksucker you are, sir." As he spoke, the rhino's thick member began to curve a little. Oh, it has been so long since Benjamin has had a partner this dominant. Every word made the rhino immensely aroused.

Dominick then pulled his dick out of Benjamin's mouth, and rolled off the bed. Dominick then walked to the foot of the big bed and settling between Benjamin's spread thighs. He firmly grasped at those balls, lifting them from where they dangled so low, getting them out of the way of his dick as the head kissed against Benjamin's pucker. "Now, let's see how tight that asshole of yours really is, sir." The rhino moaned delightfully as that soft, huggable belly pressed down on his huge member.

Roughly, Dominick lunged his pelvis forward, and gasped at the way it felt for Benjamin's pucker to stretch around his meat.

"AHHHHH!" The big, muscle bound rhino moaned at the top of his lungs when the moment he's been longing for had finally arrived. "OHHHH DOMINICK!"

Oh, how long as it been since a real man fucked over this professor? Despite his large size, Benjamin has always been submissive. 100% bottom. Yes, while some of the best sex Benjamin has ever had was with males who're as large, or even bigger than Professor Thomas himself, domination is still a major factor for him. And though Dominick has a beautiful body himself, yet not a bodybuilder like Benjamin, he is clearly just the kind of predator in bed that Benjamin loves to serve.

"Uhn . . . Fuck yeah . . . I never would've imagined a slutty bitch like you to be so goddamned tight, Mr. Thomas." Slowly, his hips eased their way back, the bear making sure his teacher felt every inch as it slid against the confining walls of Benjamin's insides before his thrust his hips again. "Uhn! Well I'm gonna fix that for you, sir," He moved himself back, and pushed himself in, elating a moan from the bigger male, "I'm gonna fuck you every fucking day from now on. Your ass is gonna be nice and loose," Once again, he moved his rump back, and sank his thick member back in, "And you're not gonna be able to satisfy yourself with anything smaller." He picked up a steady, slow rhythm, fucking the rhinoceros deep and hard. "You're gonna crave my cock more and more every day until you can't stand it not being up your ass. Nothing's gonna matter to you except having me fuck this slutty ass of yours and making you cum, Mr. Thomas." He then planted his feet in, and started to hump a rhythm into that rearend.

The pachyderm's hands gripped the sheets as his ass was made semi-rough love to. While Dominick humped into him, the rhino marveled at the thought of the bear having his way with him every day! Everyday, he could greet that bear either completely naked, or wearing leather gear, or maybe in one of his sexy things, speedos, or any other of his erotic lingerie. Maybe he can have the bear move in with him! Ohhhhh yes! That's what he wants! He wants to be this ursine's fuck slave! To use him however he wants to - at least not on campus. Every possibility and thought made Benjamin's bouncing, bobbing meat drool nonstop.

The bear easily held his slow pacing as he kept his fist firmly around the rhino's nutsac as if it was the front of a saddle. "Uhn . . . Uhn, fuck yeah . . ." His teeth ground as the gorgeous, muscled professor groaned to the sensation of his prostate being stimulated. "Look at your cock, drooling all over the place, Mr. Thomas . . . Drooling because of how much you love feeling my dick inside you!" As he pounded Benjamin's hole, the paw on the rhino's ample nuts slid along his sopping-wet cock and held it upright for the bear to hunch over and suckle lightly upon, growling gently as he worked the teacher from both ends at once.

After a while of the marvelous fucking, the rhino wanted to treat Dominick to a trick he invented in his experiences. "Sto . . . Stop . . . Stop for a moment . . . I want to be on all fours . . . Please . . ."

When the rhino requested that he pull out, he did so all too eagerly; he was starting to feel his own balls clench already, but wanted to make sure he held his climax back for a while, and seeing that sexy face contort in pleasure was actually almost too much for him.

Benjamin then got up, turned about on the bed, and presented himself to the ursine, his tail lifted up for the ursine to either cock or tongue fuck him. Oh, please let it be the cock!

"So you wanna be fucked like a real bitch, huh?" he teased. "Yeah, that's right. Raise that tail for me, Mr. Thomas. Let me see that hot, tight pucker." He eased himself close, gripping those muscle ass cheeks as he ground his thick, throbbing meat between them. "Ya know, you almost made me bust off in your ass a second ago . . . I think my dick's gonna need a little bit to cool off, sir. While that's resting, though . . ."

Almost before he finished his own sentence, he drove two fingers right into that willing bum, letting the digits prod and scissor apart and rub all over the rhinoceros's freshly-fucked rectum, smearing his own precum all over the hot, slick walls. "Ohh!!" Benjamin yelped in pleasure as Dominick's fingers wriggled and squirmed in his insides!

"I'll bet most guys who fuck this ass just plow the shit outta ya and get it over with, huh? I'm not gonna do that to you, Mr. Thomas. You see, I want to make sure that when I make you cum, it's the best fuckin' orgasm you've ever had." He crouched and replaced his playful fingers with his lips. Benjamin blushed heavily when he felt that muzzle dig into his crack. His ears jerked up as he felt the bear's tongue lick up his crevice. He gasped and moaned out with his tender hole licked.

Giving that hole a thorough slurp, the ursine then drilled his tongue inside to scoop along Benjamin's innards. The rhino lifted his head and moaned out loud; that tongue is going insane up his asshole! He pushed his rump back into the hungry mouth, feeling that marvelous tongue slurp out of him, lick up and down that pink cherry, and inserted into that pucker again.

Benjamin moaned out as the tongue licked the inside of his anus, rubbing on his sensitive tunnel, before easing out. Dominick pulled his muzzle back, and gave one of those cheeks a nibble, "Yeah, gotta sweet ass," - WHACK!

Benjamin's rigid penis gave a spurt of pre as it felt the harsh slap on his rump. Dom pressed both thumbs onto either side of that pucker, and pressed around it. He gathered some saliva, and spat right on that target asshole. Benjamin cooed as he felt the bear mesh his mouth against his crack once more. "Mmm, yeah, now that's a fuckin *SLAP* Man's *SMACK* Ass *SPANK*" The ursine gripped both cheeks in his paws, and dug his mouth in again.

Finally, after what had to be a good ten minutes of playing with that needful pucker, the bear finally rose to his feet and suddenly plunged his cock in with almost no warning. "Uhhhhnnnn . . ." The bear's dick was still rigid as steel, even after not having had anything touching it, and it throbbed powerfully inside the stretched tunnel, filling it up with steamy syrup. "God . . . Mr. Thomas . . . I'm gonna fuckin' fill you to the brim . . ." His fingers dug into the rhino's hips as he hunched over. The rhino pushed his rump against the warm fur as he felt that plush-like stomach press onto his back. Dom then started rocking his hips hard, making their balls collide forcefully each time he was hilted inside, his pelvis slapping wetly into that tight bum.

"Ahhhh! A-Aaaa-HHHH! OHHH! Ah DOMinick!!" The bodybuilder male moaned openly as the bear started to fuck him like a total slut. Benjamin wailed and groaned in bliss at Dominick's words. God, was Benjamin thankful that he didn't teach any classes tomorrow.

Benjamin was so hazed with the lustful humping in his ass and the blissful thoughts that he almost forgot to perform his trick on Dominick.

Almost being the operative mode. With a smirk through the drunken ecstasy, the rhino then spread his eagled legs apart a little bit. As those thighs began to slowly spread apart, the bear's dull claws worked underneath them, feeling at the insides of his lover's thighs, dangerously close to the pendulous orbs that his own were constantly slamming into. "Oh yeah . . . your such a sexy guy, Benjamin . . ."

The bear's head hung back, tongue dangling out of his mouth as it opened in a goofy grin. "Fuck, you've got the nicest ass I've felt in a long time, Mr. Thomas . . ." he lauded, his thrusts coming in harder by the moment. His fingernails clawed at the thick grey skin they were grasping as Dominick moaned, bit his lip, and looked down at the gorgeous body of the professor. "Uhn, yeah, you're such an awesome fuck, Benjamin . . ." He groaned out, the teacher's given name sounding wonderful rolling off of his tongue. "I can't wait to cum all over your gorgeous body and lick it all off-"

His voice caught in his throat, though. Once the rhino had given his rear end more than enough leverage to completely clamp his muscular ass down on the ursine's member, making the option of pulling back impossible, as the bear was now held there. The rhinoceros then worked his insides at every single inch of flesh on the large cock, feeling Dominick's rod throbbing with each flex and squeeze he made with his rump. Escape was impossible as long as Benjamin stayed in this position.

Dominick tried to pull his hips back and failed. "Uhng!" The sudden choking tightness encompassing his cock was magnificent! He knew damn well this had to be the professor's doing. "Fuck yeah . . ." The grizzly's breathing became heavier and more rapid with each convulsion of those hot walls around his shaft. Even with all the precum he was shooting deep into those bowels, he couldn't move his hips more than a fraction of an inch, as was forced to endure the amazing massaging technique Benjamin had developed. "U-uhn god! Ho shit! Ah fucking shit!"

Despite being effectively locked inside the teacher's guts, the bear didn't give up on pumping his hips, only now it was shallow, rapid twitches that made his meat constantly rub against the rhino's prostate. "Oh fuck . . . Benjamin . . . Yes . . . !"

Laying atop the man's back as he continued trying to pound at him, both hands wrapped around the burly grey chest, fingers falling upon those sensitive nipples. The rhino groaned in bliss as he felt the bear's bare, furry front lay down on his smooth grey hide while still rolling his anal muscles around the huge rod inside of him, loving the feeling of the male's strong arms hugging onto him as he fucked the larger male. The pachyderm gasped and moaned out loud as he suddenly felt his sensitive nipples pinched and twisted again.

"Fuckin' cum for me, bitch . . . Lemme see how much you love being fucked, Benjamin . . ." His dick trembled within the rhinoceros's insides; he was right on the edge of cumming himself, and was trying to time his own orgasm to hit at the same time as Benjamin's, but if the professor kept up that constant flexing, the bear was gonna nut off earlier than he hoped . . .

Benjamin's innards squeezed harder on the bear's dick while Benjamin's dong spurted out more pre to stain his bed. The tweaking and twirling that Dominick was doing to his grey nips motivated the male to work over the ursine's trapped shaft even more with those supple asscheeks.

"Oh Dominick! Stroke me off! I need to cum so badly!" He was in such a sexual haze right now; horny, wild, somewhat dizzy, instinctual. Without a doubt, this was one of the best nights of passion Benjamin has ever and will ever have!

Through his deep, fast panting, he chuckled and grinned at the rhino's insistence on being tossed off. "Oh, with pleasure." Both paws eased their way down over those huge pecs and rolling abs, wetting his palms on the professor's sweat, until both found those deliciously huge nuts that were dangling right against his own. Even as close as he was to busting a nut right now, he couldn't resist the urge to tease the man first by gripping those orbs and caressing them softly. The drooling member above had provided plenty of moisture for Dominick to smear against the smooth sac as he groped it tenderly, massaging each nut individually.

The rhino cooed as he bit his lower lip when Dominick decided to tease him by playing with his pendulous, kiwi-sized balls. His head swerved and shook abruptly as his testis were caressed and rubbed around against each other. His huge meatlog throbbed very hard at the ursine's cruel gentle torture; his balls are almost as blue as the bear's. Each squeeze of an orb made an involuntary shoot of precum from the rhinoceros's thick shaft, the clear slime splattering onto his eight-pack and thick abs.

"NnnngggHHHH!!!" Dominick was finding it difficult to hold himself back thanks to that choking grip on his cock, the constant motion of Benjamin's rectal walls around it more than making up for his total inability to even move his hips anymore. He still made the effort to, but his muscles strained in vain. "Fuck yeah . . . Work that asshole for me, Benjamin . . ." he growled through his clenched teeth. He could not hold out for much longer if this kept up!

"Beg for it. That's what bitches do, right? Beg me to stroke your fat cock, Benjamin." He further teased the rhino by letting the fingers of both hands lightly trace their way up the thick meaty pole until they found the head. He'd forgotten just how fucking hung Benjamin is. "Uhnnn . . . Oh fuck yeah . . . I can feel how much you want me to stroke that huge fuckstick by how hard your asshole's clenching around my dick . . ."

"Please Dominick! Grip my cock and wring it all out of me!" He yelled out, "I want to cum for you! I want to be yours to use in your whims! I want to be your desperate cock slave!" He begged the bear to make him cum as if his very life is on the line if he didn't ejaculate.

Finally, the bear's paws went on the move, one wrapped under the other as they began to piston back and forth.

His hands proved to be just as skilled at working a cock as his tongue was. What he'd done in the office was nothing compared to this. His fingertips pressed into Benjamin's cumpipe, massaging the underside of his fat member as the bear's thumbs stroked against its top.

Occasionally he'd let one paw stray toward the head of Benjamin's cock and rub his fingers along the edge of the glans, rubbing up and down his frenulum. Finally, both paws slid to the tip, fingers interlocking to make a sleeve out of his hands, and he began rubbing the penis swiftly, smearing Benjamin's pre all over that big cock with wet smacks each time his hands hit the professor's crotch.

To the rhino's absolute pleasure, he felt his precum-soaked cock get wanked on. "OHHHHH!!!!" He moaned longingly, his diamond hard penis finally feeling a need being served. Benjamin's face contorted in a fashion as if to show how he's trying to cope with the overwhelming ecstasy that came from Dominick's wonderful paws! Benjamin had begun to moan uncontrollably, his volume out of his consent as his REALLY sensitive head was worked at.

Leaning down, Dominick suddenly clamped his teeth down against Benjamin's muscled shoulder, groaning into the rhino's flesh. The bite was gentle enough not to leave too much of a mark, and the rhinoceros's skin is too thick to break anyway, but it still was a show of dominance over the buff teacher. He instinctively tried to thrust deeper, even though his foot-long manhood is as deep as it could go, and Benjamin would soon feel his guts heat up as Dominick's dick convulsed and sent his gooey cum flooding into his bowels. "Uhn, fuck yeah! Keep milking my cock, you fucking stud!" he muffled into Benjamin's deltoid as he let shot after shot of semen gush out and form a thin slimy barrier of heat between the flesh of his cock and those silken walls still massaging his swollen, throbbing meat.

Just as the bear exploded inside his professor, rhino cried out in ecstasy as his hips bucked when his climax turbo'd out of his scrotum! The first white rocket of the night fired at the exact moment when Dominick's pink bazooka had pumped his first shot deep into the rhino's rectum. Benjamin's lower gun blasted his white ammo and painted the landscape that was his Herculean front torso.

By the end of the climax, the pachyderm's whole front side is absolutely dripping with his hot, thick, long overdue rhinoceros sperm. Even after this devastating climax, the rhino's cock still stood strong between the large male's legs. He hardly noticed his whole anus is soaked with the bear's manly milk; there's just so much cum that it had even spurted around the lodged meat. His anal massaging was second-nature at this point, subconsciously obeying his partner's command to attempt to suck it all in like some sort of vacuum tube.

However, the rhino's anus had to rest. With the bear still in him, his rump relaxed and subdued its vicious grip on the bear's member. He panted as the professor gently laid down onto his cum-soaked stomach, groaning and gasping when the bear's softening cock schlorped out of his asshole. The rhino chuckled with a smile when Dominick gave his ass a hard slap.

"Yeah . . . You like that, don't ya?" The ursine egged on, "You love being my cock-slut, huh?" The rhino nodded, his butt dribbling with the bear's man-gravy. "Who'da thought a big Adonis like you would prefer it up the ass, eh?" As he spoke, the ursine then laid down next to Benjamin, both naked males spooning each other as they entered the afterglow.

"You're my slave now, Benjamin." Dominick whispered. The pachyderm couldn't help but shudder pleasantly at the thought. "You belong to me now . . ." His thick paw ventured down, and started to roughly knead at the man's left ass cheek. "Say it, slut. Say it, and mean it."

"I'm yours, Dominick . . ." The rhino more than willingly said, "I want you to use me whenever you want. I am your slave in bed . . ." The bear smiled and gave the rhino's butt an approving pat.

"Damn right you are." He gave the rhino a kiss on his neck before snuggling right up against his professor.



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