Of the campus of Furroxity Community College, the most favored of the English-based classes is English 117 -otherwise known as Fictional Writing II- that is being taught by none other than Professor Benjamin Thomas. For the more mature students, they prefer his class because of his formal and kindly polite demeanor. For the more expressive students, it's his passion for artistic creativity that opted them to take his course. And for the hormonally wealthy students, it was his magnificent physique. Benjamin's body looked as though Da Vinci himself sculpted it; had Da Vinci did indeed build his structure, the rhino would've been among his finest works, no doubt. However, it would seem to be a double-edged sword for him: You see, while his muscles are sizable, it makes it very difficult for him to find clothes that will completely fit him. He knows this problem, but he hardly cares, as working out in the gym is always been a fun leisurely activity of his. He is about 5 inches of muscle away from needing to consider to have his clothing custom made.

It seemed like a typical afternoon at the Furroxity. It's going on 2:53 pm, Professor Benjamin is stationed at his computer over at his desk, and the students were coming in few by few into the classroom, the class it hosted being will be starting in 7 minutes. His fine, button-up, polyester shirt bulging with his muscles - he usually doesn't wear his coat because it tends to feel hot and suffocating on him, giving his students a good look of his godly torso. His trousers were also guilty of hugging his lower body a bit tightly, giving yet another noticeable bulge between his thighs, while making his hard, round, soft yet somewhat solid ass an painfully obvious ample appearance.

At this time, a beefy, chocolate brown-colored 26 year old bear, wearing his linen-white buttoned shirt, with a bit of a bulge from a reasonable ponch in his mid-section, a pair of jeans that spoke little discretion of what he's packing in there, and walking in a pair of flip-flops. He took his usual seat after turning in a certain writing assignment that was due today at the professor's desk.

The bear growled silently to himself where he sat, watching that rhinoceros type away at his desk. To begin with, he felt fairly confident in his own writing skills already, he knew he had to join Professor Benjamin Thomas's creative writing class the moment he saw him. All the guy had to do was look in his direction, and he felt blood rushing to his face, not to mention other parts of his anatomy. That Prof. Benjamin's Herculean body so poorly obscured by his clothes, those sexy brown eyes hidden behind his glasses, and that modest, sweet smile that broke those lips when he spoke . . . All of it was such a strong appeal, and made Dominick feel meek by comparison.

This wasn't to say Dominick was anything less than attractive, himself. The past year was of him working out a lot more, too, and what had been an average build before was now chiseled with muscle thanks to his quick progress. He was constantly getting compliments on how sculpted his chest was starting to look, and how his arms were getting beefy. Granted, his muscle tone was of a much sleeker variety than that of the professor, but was impressive in its own right. He still can't seem to get rid of that round gut of his, no matter how much he exercises. Guess that's the toll of being a bear of any kind.

He'd begun showing off by wearing tighter-fitting clothes, and with the summer months fast approaching, it was no surprise to see that he'd started to wear less clothing as well. His legs were still obscured in their entirety behind cobalt designer jeans, black leather accents around the pockets and waistband, but only because he just liked long pants better than shorts anyway.

Mr. Thomas's class was his last for the day, and it was the turn-in date for his teacher's most recent assignment; a short story written based on the students' recent dreams. Of course, when Benjamin issued this assignment, he wasn't expecting his students to report on visions they had in their sleep. That was the idea, but he also included any fantastic daydream that they might've had either in the past or recently.

The grizzly bear smirked as he watched the teacher going through the papers. It was no accident that he'd dressed right on the fringe of the school's dress code; his hope was that, in reading the paper he'd turned in, Mr. Thomas might glance up, see him, and be unable to resist the vivid imagery he'd written out of his head. He was sure the other students were all writing dumb crap about flying through the air or being in a grocery store naked, but his own was based on a recent dream of a . . . Wetter variety. One that involved the teacher himself, and one that Dominick was hoping he'd be able to make into reality sometime soon.

'Ah, who am I kidding,' The ursine thought to himself, 'Guy like him would break my ass in half if I let him fuck me.' Although Dominick is on the aggressive, dominant side in terms of sex, he very much doubt that the rhino would be one to get plowed, judging from the round bulge in the groin of his pants.

Here's an annoying tidbit: some of the furs on campus think that Benjamin got so big from chugging steroids. Also, the immature idiots think that that lump between the professor's thighs is just a sock to cover up a tiny penis. Dominick, however, didn't really buy into those stupid rumors. Especially when he ran into him at the lockerroom of the gym one time, and he caught a glimpse at a thigh-slapping wang between his legs.

Dom totally fancied this pachyderm. There are so many things that he liked about him:

1: Dom is into older men. There's a 13-year difference between the bear and rhino, and Benjamin was just so distinguished and mature. Flat out handsome and sexy.

2: Benjamin is a complete wall of muscle, such a sex-bomb.

3: Despite being a huge bulker, he was also a very competent professor. He was very lenient about assignments, and very flexible in his time management. Not to mention a very gentle, and playful personality on his days off. On some occasions, Dom would see Benjamin playing with other kids, having to chaperon a field trip from a middle school, or babysitting his nieces/nephews at the park.

The rhino had taken 45 minutes since the class started to read the essays; he is quite attuned to reading through material in a very small amount of time, only needing one minute to understand the quality of the essay, and make the corrections or encouraging notes on the side. However, it always takes him 30 minutes to go through ALL of a single class worth of essays. Benjamin had to spend 15 minutes, waiting for the throbbing bulge on his left leg to calm down. A noted pupil of his, Dominick Collins, seemed to have made a mistake in his assignment, for the ursine had turned in a homoerotic story. The real-to-life details and mental imagery was so amazing! It was more than enough to get his member crazy to make his pants rip - but now is not the time. Luckily, his penis did not shed a drop of pre.

Meanwhile bear could tell exactly when the professor had gotten to his own story. He hid his arousal well in his face, but from where Dominick is sitting, he can easily see the thigh of his teacher's slacks swell up slowly. He'd gone into quite graphic detail in this paper, and from what he could tell by that forming bulge, his assessment of Benjamin's endowment is no exaggeration. In fact, he might have actually sold the guy short a little in his mind, having imagined Ben having a dick about ten or so inches, just like his own. From the sizable swelling in those trousers, though, Dominick couldn't imagine it was any less than a foot, probably even more!

However, before his member could reach it's potential in his slacks, Benjamin let out a very subtle sigh of relief as he put the essays away - he's not going to be able grade Dominick's paper at the moment, lest his erection will return.

When the erection died down, the rhino stood up and addressed the class. "Good afternoon, class. Now, I suppose you are all wondering why I assigned you to write about a report about your dreams? You see, while at times, our conscious maybe creative enough, but the realm we enter when we sleep may present very little if not any boundaries. At times, our imagination is at its best when we are asleep, and dreams are always there with a full palette of colors for the duration. THAT world of fantasy is what I look for in my classes. . ."

And so the class went on, going into discussion with the students about the work of fiction. Dominick did what he could to focus on the lesson instead of the professor's fantastic muscled body. That in and of itself was quite a task though, because every time the bear looked up taking notes, he caught the rhinoceros moving in such a way that his muscles bulged out, straining the fabric over it, and Dominick would have to nurse his sore nuts for a moment.

He hadn't jacked off in weeks, nor had sex in months, which was part of the reason he'd felt so inspired to write erotic pieces for the assignments in the first place. Fiction II is a fairly small class, actually, less than twenty people, but those that are there are passionate about one of two things: writing or hot men. The bear is perhaps one of the few with both things on his mind.

Really, Benjamin had been inspiration for some of his previous essays as well, although usually he had the notion to change the species, and none of the work had been quite as explicit as this latest assignment had turned out to be. Dom had a notion that he shouldn't be turning in sexy essays as assignments, but there aren't any rules that said he couldn't. Besides, turning in smut for assignments is this ursine's subtle, subconscious way of 'approaching' this professor.

Given how open-minded and creative the rhino seemed to be, Dom hardly took the pachyderm's unknown sexuality into consideration . . . Until now . . . Having took a private glee in knowing that, being the only person seated on the right side of the classroom, he was the only one who'd had the honor of seeing that rhino dick inflate and start crawling down Ben's pant leg.

". . . So the next time you doze off in the middle of these writing assignments, be sure and jot down what you have envisioned when you wake up. So long and have a good weekend, everyone!" He said to the students as they began to stand up, converse, while some were fishing out their earphones and plugging them into their ears. Once again, the riveting class discussion and debate made the two and a half hours of Fiction II seem like half an hour. By three minutes until 4:50, the end time of this class, the students began putting away their notebooks, pencils, pens just before the professor finished up.

Almost all of the students had left, about 5 of them remained, which included Dominick. As well, for when the ursine was nearing the door, the rhino called out to him. "Collins! Can you come over here? I would like a word with you."

The bear froze the moment his name was called. "Sure thing, sir . . ." He said, quickly fumbling with his pants to make sure his junk was aligned right before he spun on his heels and padded toward the rhino. "This is about my short story, isn't it?"

The rhino nodded, "Indeed." He then took the paper out put it on the desk. He then took off his small rectangular glasses and started to polish them.

"Collins, I would have asked you if you had turned this erotic paper by mistake. However, that would be inappropriate in your case. Most of the work that you turn in is solely based on intercourse. While you are not particularly breaking any rules in handing in sexual fiction," He then put his spectacles back onto his face looking his rich, brown eyes right at the bear's, "I am afraid I'm going to have to ask you to stop. While I encourage my students to be creative, this is a fictional writing class, not a smut site on the Internet. Do you understand?" He said sternly.

The grizzly is a disappointed by what Benjamin just said. 'Dammit, this isn't how it worked in Dirty Professors Fuck Naughty Students 4!', Dom thought to himself. Granted, the professors in that movie were also lousy actors, but he didn't really pay attention to anything but the blowjob scenes anyway.

Further surprising him was that it seemed that Mr. Thomas didn't feel that this was the first erotic work Dominick had handed in. Okay, so maybe most of his literature was homoerotic in nature, but this was the first time he'd been so explicit.

"I . . . guess I can see your point, sir," Dominick admitted, "But why haven't you said this before, if you feel like my previous work is smutty?" He said. This was like one of those fantasies for Dom where he would seduce this big, Adonis teacher, "I mean, I DID have that dream, and I couldn't get it out of my mind that whole day. I just had to put it to paper. Haven't you ever had a dream like that? I'm sure you know exactly how I felt, and how much of a . . . Release it was to write it down?"

"Yes, I have. And that is my business alone. Regardless, Collins," Benjamin continued, "That sort of literature should be kept in YOUR own business. If you want your erotic writing to have readers, then I suggest you turn these in to a proper publisher, not your college professor."

The bear sighed, being scolded by his idol of manliness. "If you really want me to stop writing erotica, I will. But to be honest . . ." He said, looking at the educator directly, "I saw what that story did to you, sir, and I don't think you really want me to stop providing you with fap material." Dom also has a bit of an attitude whenever someone tried to tell him what to do. The ursine slung the pack over his shoulder, looking up at the buff male with a slight smirk. "I guess I'll see ya Monday then, sir." With that, he started walking.

"I have let you slide with it before because I imagined what with your advance level of etiquette in literature," Dom stopped at the doorway, "And the fact you are ten years older than most of the new students that begin their enrollment, that you would not make a habit of it, but grow out of turning in such assignments. I suppose not ALL students have such a simple time in showing that maturity and discretion."

The bear growled a little. Ben's serious side was a little appalled by the bear's comment on the effect his essay had on him. He felt slightly embarrassed, but mostly annoyed at him being a smartass. "So I would prefer to see you when you've grown up a bit." He said before the ursine had left the classroom, the door closing on its own.

Monday's class was virtually the same as Friday's. The students and Professor Thomas were discussing, bantering, bring up topics, just like always. Dominick was in class today, mostly brooding about what went by last week. In fact, he had a better time focusing on his paper than ogling the rhino today. He was still mad at being talked to that way, by his favorite teacher besides.

As usual, time went by quick again, and soon everybody was packing up. "Alright. I'll see you all on Wednesday with your bubble charts for your next essay. Have a good day, everyone!" When the classroom was empty, the rhino entered his office door next to the white board. He logged into his teacher account onto the school's website to put the essays into the gradebook.

He made 10 minutes easy with 19 essays done with one left. When Benjamin reached the last one, he realized that the only marks it had on it were the typed words. And it was by Dominick Collins. The Herculean male huffed a lets-get-this-over-with sigh, and put the paper in front of him, with his red pen at the ready.

~. . .The dark ape sighed, his breath like a hot fog billowing across his lover's body, as he pressed on and joined the horse in his ecstasy . . .'

. . . Grunting, Jonathan sank his hips down, his rear swallowing the whole of the gorilla's manhood as a serpent would devour a rat, and he looked down at his own shaft react to the penetration with a twitch and a solemn drool of its own sweet juices . . .~

Even at the first few paragraphs, the rhino was already hard. His blood flooded into his penis as his mind's eye watched the porno movie that was this essay.

By the time Benjamin was half done with grading the essay, his member had snaked against his left leg with a dark spot on the end. His thick hand traveled to it and rubbed the rod-like bulge. Benjamin just closed his eyes and groaned.

He is very horny right now. But why now?! He NEVER masturbates while anywhere on campus. However, his libido tantalized him into thinking he really shouldn't let these expensive polyester pants get ruined by the precum. Benjamin looked down and spotted a small dot where the tip of his dick is.

With an aggravated moan, he undid his trousers and pushed them and his size-L boxers to his just above his knees, and his wang sprang out from its suffocating chamber.

'Just this once' He thought to himself.

The pachyderm quickly undid his button up shirt that was basically choking his sweaty muscled torso, and sighed as his body breathed a little, feeling a little sense of relief and freedom on his lower-mid section. His hand gently wrapped around his 15 inch tower and began to slowly stroke it, groaning to the image in his head of the big gorilla from the essay having the stallion bound by solid titanium handcuffs and beating the day lights out of the inside of the horse's ass.

As the sex scene from the story played through his mind, the other male in his mind started to change.

The primate's big, round stomach shrunk into a thick torso with a taunt muscle gut. The black fur on the ape's body faded into a rich, vibrant chocolate brown color. The hands and feet soon tuned into paws. The gorilla's grey face started to morph into a more third dimensional shape, his ears growing up on his head, turning into round ones. The face developed a thick, cream-colored snout before covering with fuzz.

The horse's muzzle started to erect in a horn-like shape. His golden-yellow pelt clouded into a thick, sweaty grey hide. The horse's already rippling muscles inflated a few inches all around. The flared head of his cock melted into a mushroom head. His hooves became a pair of feet, while the horseshoes stretched into cotton socks.

Now, in Benjamin's mind, it was Dominick who was behind the rhino's naked body, pounding his hips into the rhino's oh so willing rump.

"Ooohhhhhhhhhhh . . . Daahhminick . . . ." He moaned in a neutral level tone as the bear fucked him in his mind. It just felt so good. It has been ages since this professor has lain with another man.

The feeling was so good in fact, that he didn't even hear the classroom door open because a certain ursine had just remembered he had forgotten his umbrella.



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