"I have let you slide with it before because I imagined what with your advance level of etiquette in literature," Dom stopped at the doorway, just for a moment to hear him out before he takes off, "And the fact you are ten years older than most of the new students that begin their enrollment, that you would not make a habit of it, but grow out of turning in such assignments."

The bear growled a little, his mind picking up on what the rhino was insinuating. "So I would prefer to see you when you've grown up a bit." Dom had it. His arm pushed the door forcibly down, just enough to make a light slam.

The ursine huffed as he stalked down the hall, in a bad mood from his short conference with Prof Thomas.

Grow up? Really?! That gargantuan pachyderm is REALLY calling him childish?! If he's so immature, he wouldn't even be in college! Dominick strode out of the building, into the parking lot, and into his car in order to leave the campus, all the while brewing in anger.

By the time Dom had gotten home, he pretty much cooled off, but he's still miffed about what happened. The comment on his maturity stung him, but he has to admit, Benjamin had a point. He might have been mature in most areas, but when it came to his libido, he's as bad as any teenager could ever dream of being, and in activities where that sex drive got a chance to bleed out, such as writing, it was difficult to rein in and set some boundaries.

It wasn't so much a problem if he got kicked out of class because of his stories - he already had all the credits he needed, and this was more of a class he was taking to build his personal story-writing skills than as a requirement for a job or anything else, besides the fact that he's had a crush on that godly rhino since he first saw him in his freshman year - but he was disappointed nonetheless when Benjamin told him to stop turning in sexy stories.

In his basin of swirling thoughts, he could barely recount the details of getting back into his dorm, because the only thing he could think of was getting home to jerk off.

His pants hit the floor the moment he got into the living room, sank onto the couch, and he just started cranking his shaft hard and fast, hips jerking into his fist. His mouth hung open and he closed his eyes, sexual fantasies of the hulking rhinoceros strong in his mind. His desires were so vivid and clear . . .

"Mmm . . . Oh God . . ."

As he fantasized of seeing the professor naked, however, another urge filled him, one just as powerful as his need to cum. He wanted to fucking write!

Porn or not, he hadn't had the writing bug in so long, and Mr. Thomas is, once again, assuming the role of his tantalizing muse. He took a moment to look over at his laptop, then down at his raging erection. Reaching a quick decision, the bear apologized to his hormones as he let the foot-long shaft go, sat at his desk, and started typing his fantasies as they came into his mind.


The next two days were filled with writing spells of the same result as Friday evening:

-Start masturbating -Fantasize about the sexy professor.

-Stop before he could cum in order to type those fantastic ideas up.

So many scenes flew from his Mind's Eye, and poured into the document, but not every one of them sexual. In fact, most of them even stopped before foreplay, and yet somehow were just as hot to read as a full-blown fuck scene.

Dominick ended up with fifty pages of steamy, sexual tension between a rhinoceros who'd sold himself into sexual slavery and the grizzly bear who bought him, quickly falling in love, and eventually set him free when the love wasn't returned. Bittersweet as the ending was, it had to have been the most compelling thing Dominick had written yet, even if one didn't count the terribly explicit sexual content scattered throughout.

He was sure he's going to get chewed out for turning this paper in rather than the more conservative fiction that Benjamin had been waiting from him since the first day of class, but damn it, this story had come out so much better than anything he'd ever written!

Monday had arrived. Just when the ursine had arrived, however, one look at the professor brought back his foul mood from last week. Being delivered back to a state of grumbling, Dom slumped over to a random desk, took out his notes, and waited for class to begin.

Dominick distracted himself from Benjamin's actions, ironically enough, by listening to the man's words. He didn't dare participate in the classroom discussion though, and he was sure his silence was noted, but Mr. Thomas would realize why, due to the firm words he'd had for the bear before. Part of it was also because, as sore as his nuts had been during last week, they were ten times more so today. All that beating off without letting himself cum was just torture, and he wasn't about to let it happen again now that his fantasies were safely stored on both paper and computer.

The moment the class was dismissed, he packed up everything he had and made a beeline toward the building's exit, only for the clouds to break open not a second after he stepped outside.

"Shhhhit . . ." He growled. Dom ducked back inside just before the sudden downpour of rain could soak into the sleeveless navy-blue hoodie he had worn to class, or the jeans he'd picked out. He was glad he'd at least predicted rain, and began fishing through his backpack, trying to find his umbrella. "Wait . . . Ah, fuck."

Dammit, he must have left it in Mr. Thomas's classroom when he'd turned his essay in. The rhino also no doubt noticed his crabby mood, so having to go back there is just going to be painfully awkward. However, the rain was coming down very quickly. He needed that damn umbrella.

With a great sigh, he smoothed down the fluff of his chest that the humidity had caused to puff up, zipped his hoodie back up enough to hide his abs, and jogged back toward the classroom.

He quickly ducked to the far end and found where he'd left the umbrella, but managed to catch sight of the rhinoceros's shadow silhouette in his office rising from his chair. The bear's ears focused on a sound of . . . Some clinking . . . And a zipper . . . Followed by some ruffling?

Carefully, the grizzly approached the door. Even from here, his nose can pick up the unmistakable aroma of arousal. He snuck a little closer and managed to get a peek through the ajar door. Sure enough, Benjamin's shirt came open.

Seeing the rhino from behind that polyester shirt, it didn't do much good for the bear, but just knowing that those incredible pecs were now exposed to the air was enough to get his own cock hard again. He rubbed his nuts, hoping to ease the blueballs he was suffering, but even that didn't help him as he noticed the rhythmic motion of Benjamin's arm.

The last straw, though, came when the rhino moaning out interrupted those deep, low growls of lust.

"Ooohhhhhhhhhhh. . . Daahhminick. . ."

His name hit his ears like a cock being shoved into his maw, and his was instantly drooling in his pants. He knew he had to make his move now.

With Benjamin distracted by his own pleasure, it was easy for Dominick slip into the open door of his office and creep up behind him. In one smooth move, he wrapped one arm around the hulking form of the rhino as the other pried the man's fist away from his cock. "I see you like my story, Mr. Thomas?" He cooed as he replaced Ben's hand with his own paw.

Benjamin jumped a little when he felt the male's arm around him and, his own hand dismissed from his own rod. The voice and the faint familiar masculine scent told the rhino right away who it was, "What . . . What are you-" His eyes closed and his eyebrows rose and his mouth opened a little. "Aaaahhhh . . ." His huge dong throbbed in Dominick's paw. It's always something else when someone else handles your third leg. He turned his head, only to be met with a very intrusive kiss. The bear nibbled on those lips, causing the larger male to moan from arousal.

"Juuuust let it happen . . ." Dominick in a low, sensuous growl when he broke this kiss.

As fate would have it, the rhino has been hitting it as much as Dominick have: with an imaginary hammer. It has been so long since Benjamin has gotten lucky in the sexual department:

He had tried going to strip joints, but the booming music was very aggravating to his ears, not to mention the crowd's cheering, yelling, and whistling- god, how he loathed whistling, the worst sound uttered in animal language in this pachyderm's opinion.

Prostitution was out of the question as well, enough said. The fact that his scrotum isn't as fed up as Dominick's is because Benjamin's libido is exceeded to that of his levels of maturity and self-restraint. However, even the most mature of men need their release eventually.

As the paw groping the rhino's muscled chest began fiddling with one of the professor's nipples, lightly rubbing and twisting it, the bear's other paw went into motion, smearing what was already quite a nice volume of fluid along the large grey dick. Now he knew that he definitely hadn't given Mr. Thomas his due credit. Not only was that cock well beyond a foot long, but it was thick enough that his hand couldn't even fully form into a fist around it! He made up for that with soft twists of his paw as it began to work up and down that shaft.

Surely, Ben would be able to feel the bear's own hard cock pressed between his bared buttocks, still sealed in his jeans. Something about the rhino was telling Dom that his professor might be willing to take it up the ass. Weird thing is, most pachyderms come across high and mighty in nature; in addition, when it comes to the sack, it's more likely that they would be the dominant partner. However, Dominick is not getting this vibe from Prof Thomas; he seemed to be letting the bear do whatever he wants. In fact, he totally gave in to Dominick's sneak invasion. He just sat in place and moaned like a total bitch in suppressed heat as the bear really worked his cock.

"Mmmm," He growled as he toyed with the rhino a little more, "How long's it been, sir?" He traced a finger over one of those diamond hard nipples, making his back arch just from a faint rub, "He . . . THAT long, eh?" He just can't resist him, especially from those pitiful whimpers from the professor.

The bear felt a rush of endorphins each time his paw slid along that thick, meaty dick. Benjamin's resistance was so brief. All it took was for Dominick to touch his massive, buff body, and the guy was melting in his fingertips. "Mmm . . . That's right, Mr. Thomas . . ." he sighed, "I can tell just how much you want this."

Dominick took a few moments to give those fat, grey orbs a deep massage, clenching and relaxing his fists around them, making that Herculean male whimper and moan. He then eased his palms around the base of the rhino's thick manhood to grasp it with both, fingers interlocking around it. "Your cock's a lot bigger than I ever dreamed it would be, sir."

His paws slid up and down in unison, milking Ben's dick slowly, rubbing his precum into his hot shaft and giving the whole organ a glistening shine. His paws stopped at the tip, giving the dome a rough squeeze. The rhino's eight-pack abs flexed in reaction, giving a harsh moan from the attention his monster was receiving. "Why don't you try fucking my paws, sir? With all that precum drooling down your dick, I bet it'd feel awesome."

"Wa . . . Wait . . ." Benjamin said, emerging from his sexual haze. "Please . . . Can we not continue this . . . Somewhere else . . . ?" As horny as he is, Benjamin was still more practical to take into account that someone could hear them. Not to mention the potential mess this would make in his office.

Dom smirked at his teacher. "Now," The bear took a firm grip and the professor's huge scrotum. The Adonis pachyderm tensed at that as he sat helplessly on his chair, whining in a lustful cloud as his student literally had him by the balls, "Why should I do what YOU say? I still remember your little remark on how I need to - what was it now? Grow up?" The rhino squirmed on the spot, struggling to retain his position on the chair while his large cock throbbed constantly on his lap. His sweaty, bulging muscles clenched in, and eased out each time he breathed, flexing hard, and letting go, and then hardening again.

The ursine chuckled as he released those juicy balls. Benjamin sighed in relief as his heavy orbs lopped back into place. The bear took up one of many printed cards that had the professor's home address on it. "I'll be at your place then. One hour, Ben." He said before leaving the teacher's office.

Dominick loved how, despite the fact that he's Benjamin's student, not to mention the obvious size difference, is seems that HE is holding the leash to the rhino.

When Dom had left, it gave Benjamin a chance to cool down. His member gradually lowered down onto his lap. The office still reeked of his own arousal.

By the time his penis had returned to it's flaccid form, the glistening, colding muscle was soon packed inside Benjamin's baggy boxers, and his trousers zipped up. He re-buttoned his polyester top, and then slipped on his coat before putting all the other essays away, and turning off the computer.

He was soon walking through the drizzle, and located his vehicle.

As he drove, the rain was on and off, having difficulty deciding on its level of force it should exert. Finally, in less than the hour of which he was given to return home, the professor was pulling into his driveway, quickly spotting his grizzly suitor leaning his back onto the front door.



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