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Both Worlds

I’m not exactly sure why, but nothing makes me any hornier for pussy than sucking dicks. When I got home Linda was relaxing on the couch after a busy day of doing laundry. With a smile, I joined her. It wasn’t long my arm resting along the back of the couch just behind her shoulders. Impulsively, I lean over and kissed her sweet lips, as the fingers of my other hand gently stroking her cheek. As Linda’s arms pulling me closer to her, our kiss evolved into another, and still yet another. Our lips pressed together, even harder, the tip of my tongue sliding over her lips, moving between them to find the tip of her tongue waiting for me. Our lips opening slightly wider as our kiss deepens, becoming a searching venture, plunging me into that warm place I love to be, sinking into the moment, hearts pounding, feeling as though I am falling into her.

Without knowing exactly how it happened, we did a slow motion fall and end up lying on the sofa, me on my back, Linda lying on top of me, as our mouths continue searching, probing, and loving each other. Our kiss turning us both on, our passions rising, our mouths briefly separate, I can’t help wondering if Linda can taste the Rev’s cum in my mouth. Then the moment passes, as our eyes smile into each other’s, our hands wrapped around each other’s bodies with the desperation of lovers wanting more. Rolling over so Linda’s on her back, I softly kiss her face. As my fingertip gently stroke her hairline, I gazed lovingly at her, absorbing the fine details of her features, her skin, her hair burning them deeper into my mind the loving image of who she was, then kissing you again. I tenderly kiss her eyelids, my tongue traced the line of her brow and down over her beautiful lashes, and then moved on to kiss her nose, her lips, chin, and on down to her neck. Lavishing attention over the soft parts at the base of her neck, the sides and up under her ear. Lips and tongue swirling in small circles, I took her earlobe into my warm, wet mouth, tongue flicking over and around it … sucking gently. 

One hand slid down with splayed fingers over her firm belly, holding it there, I savor her heat. Slowly my hand slid up under her louse, fingertips as sensitive as a butterfly flitting over her soft warm skin, finally reaching her breast, and then her stiff nipple. As I cupped her breast and gently squeeze it, I could feel the faint throb of her heartbeat. Knowing that she loved being touched like this, I moved to her other breast, Stopping to unbutton her blouse, I open it and gazed with awe upon her unbelievable body, breasts so round and sweet and perfect. Her stiff nipples, darkening with a passion of their own, were calling out for attention. My head dropped and I took one of her nipples into my mouth, warm, wet, suckling slightly. Holding her stiff nipple between my lips, I moved my head in small circles tugging it gently. I chuckled when I heard her moan and felt her hand on the back of my head, encouraging me. Releasing my captive nipple, I lick my way across her chest, inhaling her sweet musky scent along the way, to find another willing captive. Drawing her other nipple into my mouth, my tongue swirled around and around, flicking back and forth over it. Then I opened wider to draw more of her breast into my mouth. 

With her blouse wide open my mouth began to explore, tasting her soft skin, moving over her chest, her breasts, her tummy. Eagerly I moved down to her bellybutton, flicking it with my tongue, exploring its sweet depth. Dipping my tongue inside, I gently bit the flesh there, leaving a slightly damp trail over the front of her, raising a crop of goose bumps along the way. Finally I reach that favorite place of mine, that wonderful area below the belly button and above the pubic line, that expanse of lower belly, of exquisite softness, of vast sexuality, of maximum visual tease, that place that no one possesses without express consent of its owner, and when that consent is given, my heart leaps from it’s confinement like a prisoner vigorously pounding against the bars of his cell. I love licking, tasting, and touching this part of her body, and from the sounds she’s making and the movement of her body I know that she like it, too.

Not being able to restrain myself any longer, I raised her legs to her chest and inserted my still hard cock into her wet pussy. I entered her with ease and kept pushing until I felt my balls rest against her skin. Screaming out in delight, Linda wrapped her long legs around my waist. Slowly I began thrusting in and out increasing my pace with each stroke. This is excitement. As our blood pressure rises, a steady rhythm developed, one which both of us seem at ease with. I stretched my hands out, looking for more leverage. I wanted Linda. When my hand brushed across one of her firm breasts, I brought forth another moan from her by leaning forward and gently pinching her rock hard nipple. There is no longer any control. We enjoy each other's fullest potential, and I surge into me with all your masculine energy. She is spent and I am content.

Afterwards, she curled up in the crook of my left shoulder and kissed me. We are both content and happy.

The next morning, over breakfast, Linda asks me if I’ll pick up her dry cleaning. I told her that I had to go to 303-Mall first, but was right on my way so I’d get it on the way home.

At the mall I felt like a guy was following me around. I noticed him because he was dressed for this area. He was wearing baggy sweat pants and a loud Hawaiian shirt with the shirttail out. And to show off his stomach and chest off, most of the top buttons were undone. 

After some evasive action, I found myself on the top floor of JC Penny’s near a small public restroom. Thinking it’ll be a good place to hide; I duck in and go straight to the handicap stall. Without bothering to pull down my pants, I sit down and wait for the guy to give up the search so I can slip out and go home.

It seemed like forever but was really only about 5-minutes later, I hear someone come in. I hear them moving around and then I hear a loud clicking sound.

While I'm straining my ears, trying to figure out what’s going on, the stall door opens just wide enough for my stalker to slip in. Up close he was younger than I thought, maybe 24 or 25, and not a bad looking kid.

At first he just silently leaned with his back against the door. Then he pulled down the front of his sweat pants and pulled out his dick out and started stroking it. I couldn't help staring at his dick while he stroked it. It was such a brazen act for someone who basically forced his way into my stall that I was stunned. It was a good-looking piece of meat, too, about 8-inches long, with good thickness and with 2-nice, big balls hanging from his sack. The sight of his thick, veiny cock instantly sent some blood rushing into mine.

Wordlessly, he moved forward and put his hand on the back of my head and gently guided his dick to my lips. Concerning where we were, it was sort of strange having another man's dick so close to my face. I never in my entire life would've thought I would end up sucking some total stranger’s dick in a public restaurant. Then again I never would've thought that I’d be sucking off half the straight guys, either.

Shocked by his boldness, I wrapped my hand around his cock and gave it a few slow strokes. He started to moan. With his cock throbbing in my hand I began to lick his shaft bottom to top, swirling my tongue over his mushroom shape cock tip. Then, I licked my way down to his cum heavy nut sack and began to lick there too. He seemed to really like that, especially when I gently took each of his nuts into his mouth and sucked on them. Then I figured why hold anything back and sucked both of balls into my mouth at the same time. I thought he was going to lose it. I looked while I had both his jewels in mouth and his head was thrown and he was staring at the ceiling.

After a few minutes of wantonly sucking on each of balls he pushed me back far enough that he could put his engorged head against his lips. Reflexively I opened wide and he gently eased his cock into my mouth until I could feel his kinky pubic hair tickling my nose. Once he was in, he just held me by the back of the head and just left his cock deep in my throat for a few minutes as if to savor his victory. Then he started slowly rocking the first few inches of his dick in and out of my mouth. After a few strokes, I took his big dick out of my mouth and rubbed it on my face and told him that I loved sucking his cock. He just grunted and put it back in my mouth.

Enthusiastically I started bobbing my mouth up and down the full length of his dick. He seemed to like a decent not so fast pace so I tried to keep one up for him. I popped his cock out of my hungry mouth, got a really good grip on his shaft and pumped for a few minutes. Seeming to prefer my mouth to my hand, he quickly stuffed his rock hard cock back in my mouth. Then he roughly grabbed the back of my head again and started fucking my face really fast. He was fucking my mouth so hard and fast that his balls were flapping against my chin. 

I could tell he was gonna blow soon. I had been sucking and stroking his cock and licking his balls for twenty minutes. Then he whimpered as he started furiously pumping his dick in and out of my mouth. As he continued his almost brutal assault on my mouth, I reached between his legs and started fondling his balls. As soon as I touched them, he started to shoot off. He managed to place four thick loads of salty cum onto my mouth. Then he pulled his dick out of my mouth and spurted two more loads on my face.

He took a few seconds to recover and then I felt myself blush as he wiped his now limp cock across my face.

 "Thanks" he sighed," I needed that. You really do suck good dick."

Then as he slipped back through the stall door, he looked back over his shoulder and said, “You may want to wipe my cum off your face,”

By the time I was able to get up and get out of the stall he was gone, just as mysteriously as he’d appeared. All I had to prove to myself that this had really happened and was not a dream was the taste of his cum in my mouth.

Almost forgetting Linda’s dry cleaning, I drove right past the shop and had to circle the block to get back to it. I was almost too late. The counter girl was leaving and Mr. Woo was about to lock the door. As he let his clerk out and locked the door, he explained to me in broken English that there was some kind of a problem with Linda’s order. “Come, I show you,” he said as he led me back to his office. When we got to his office instead of showing me Linda’s clothes, he dropped his pants and said, “You suck,”

I don’t know what shocked me the most, his audacity or his tinny little cock. It was only about 2-inches long and looked like a baby’s penis sticking out like that. As I stood there looking at him and trying not to laugh, he stammered, “I see pictures. You suck.”

His little pee-pee was so damn cute and he was so pathetic that I though, why not? When I knelt in front of him, Mr. Woo sat down on the edge of his desk and spread his legs. When I playfully tweaked his little peter, it was so hard that it vibrated like a tuning fork. When I took it in my mouth, Mr. Woo’s cock was so short that it just barely reached past my lips. It was so short that every time I tried to move my mouth, it fell out. Finally I just held it in my mouth while I worked my lips and tweaked the head with my tongue. Either Mr. Woo had a short fuse or he was super horny because in less than 2-minutes his balls exploded filling my mouth with about a quart of cum. I was shocked. Who would have thought Mr. Woo little marble size balls could hold so much cum.

Once he’d cummed, Mr. Woo hustled me out so fast that he forgot to collect for Linda dry cleaning.

As I walked in the door with Linda’s dry cleaning in my hand, the phone started ringing. When I answered, a strange voice said, “May I speak to Bob Begaye, please?”

“This is he.”

“Bob, you don’t know me, but we have a mutual friend. We need to talk. Do you think you could drop by my house tomorrow evening, say around 8?”

Tired of being manipulated and used, I decided to put an end to this nonsense, so I snapped, “No, as a matter can’t. I’m busy. And even if I could, why would I want to?” I asked.

“Oh, I think you can,” he chuckled. “And as to why, I have some pictures that I think you’ll just love.” Then he gave me his address and hung up.

As I reluctantly set out the next evening, I thought to myself, this is getting to be a habit. Arriving a couple of minutes early, I nervously knocked on the door. The man who opened the door was nothing like I expected. Actually I’m not sure what I expected, but not a chubby little bespectacled guy in a bathrobe. He was only about 5-foot 6, and thanks to a potbelly probably ran about 160. He had washed out blue eyes, horn rimed glasses, mousy brown hair and a receding hairline. When he open the door and saw me, he said, “So you made it…smart move. It would be a shame if the cops somehow got their hands on these pictures.” Then he turned and said, “Follow me.”

When we got to the den, instead of us being alone Carl Shields, my barber was sitting naked on the couch. At least he had the good graces to at least look embarrassed. By way of an introduction, the chubby guy waved his hand in the general direction of the couch and said, “I believe you 2-already know each other,” then he chuckled as he added, “I don’t think I need to draw you a picture about what’s about to happen do I?”

When I turned back around the chubby little dude had dropped his robe and was standing there with his big dick hanging out, and I mean big dick. It was far bigger than I would have guess, easily over 7-inches long soft, with rigid cords running its length, a fat purple head and with two massive balls pushing it up and out. I don’t know what it was, but there was something about the little dude that made me hot.

I guess he didn't have a problem with me sucking his dick because by the time I sat down on the couch, he was standing in front of me waving his dick in my face. After I sucked on it for a couple of minutes, it got so fat that I had to really stretch my jaws to get it in. Either I was doing a fantastic job or he was super horny, because in about 3-minutes he let out a moan, and his balls erupted like a volcano. His scalding hot cum came spewing out of his dick, and cascaded over my tongue and down my throat. It felt like he dumped a cup full of hot cum down my throat.

Whenever I suck a guy off, I always …

To be continued…



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