Word Gets Around

I’ve Still Got It

This was where the real fun began. As we walked down the mall, all eyes, both male and female, were drawn to her. I couldn’t believe the reaction of the older guys. As they gaped at her, they ran into walls, and they tripped over benches and trash cans. If they were with women, they would be gaping so blatantly that the women would ram them in the stomach with their elbow. As they were walking away, even though you could tell that the lady was giving them hell, they’d still look at Linda over their shoulder as long as possible.

Linda looked so breathtaking in the dress that even the girls were drawn to her. Of course seeing girls draw to Linda was nothing new. Linda was so sensuous that no matter where we went women were drawn to her. Linda was so damn attractive that I could understand lesbians or bisexual girls being drawn to her. But, ‘straight’ girls were drawn to her as well. I loved the looks of confusion on their faces when they realized that another girl turned them on. Abet a sexy girl, but another girl nonetheless.

Seeing Linda’s cute little naked butt cheeks peeking out from under her t-shirt woke me up from my reverie about our mall adventure and brought me back to reality. For a moment I indulged myself by watching her, but watch wasn’t enough. I crossed the room and turned her towards me. She had a hairbrush in her hand and an impish smile on her lips. I saw her eyes widen in surprise as I wrapped my hand in her hair. The hairbrush clattered to the floor when I used her hair like to pull her head back. Before she could react,

As I ravaged her mouth, a new and rampant hunger surged through me. I released her hair and tugged at her t-shirt. It was a storm of demand and speed. Linda was naked before she could catch her breath. She liked rough sex, so I hefted off the floor and had her lying herself across my lap like a naughty little girl. While I was holding her wrists with my left hand, I spanked her naked butt with my right hand. And I don’t mean playful little swats either, they were hard enough swats that left crimson handprints. The second time my hand connected with her bare ass, she climaxed all over my lap. And, she continued to climax as I administered 10-more loud slaps on her now crimson ass. Each time that I’d swat her, I’d drop my hand between her legs and then I’d drag my middle finger through the slit of her shaved pussy as I raised my hand back up.

Being spanked got Linda so excited that she slid off the bed and knelt between my legs. With a demure little smile, she leaned forward and slowly engulfed my still erect cock into her warm mouth. I wasn’t ready to cum yet, so I so I pulled her up and laid her on the bed, and plunged my face between her legs. I nibbled the cheeks of her fantastic butt, and fondled and kissed her perky breasts and rock hard nipples. I lick and kissed her belly button, then ate her pussy to my hearts content. When I came up for air, I glanced up at her face and almost laughed when I saw the slightly unfocused look in her lovely blue eyes as they floated around in ecstasy. When I leaned forward and re-inserted my tongue into her pussy, Linda’s back arched, and her knees opened wide to allow my mouth and tongue full access to her pussy. It wasn’t long until her hips were ramming up and down, mercilessly, rubbing her swollen clit against my face. Her moans became long, sobbing moans of pleasure, as Linda’s butt lifted up and her pussy hung quivering in mid-air, stretched open, so that more and more of her juices flooding my face. She was writhing and tossing all over the bed, but I keep my face buried in her pussy until the seizure like orgasm had slowed down and gradual ebbed away.

After that we did every thing. I fucked her every way there was to fuck a hot girl. I fucked her from the front missionary style. I knelt between her parted legs, and watched her grab my hard dick and lodge its swollen head between the puffy, pink lips of her pussy. Rocking forward, I drove my hard, un-cut, 7 ½ inch dick into her pussy all the way to the hilt. With her legs wrapped around my waist, I pounded her hot pussy until she screamed out in pleasure.

After I fucked her, I pulled her into the 69-position with her on top and me on bottom and ate her cum filled pussy again. I just loved the way her long silky raven hair would cascade down and tickle my balls while she was sucking my dick. She’d get so excited while she was sucking on my dick that she’d grind her clit against my face. In this position, we would both almost always climax at the same time. When my 'cum' would hit her throat, she’d go off in a chain of lightening fast orgasms. Her pussy juices would literally gush out of her pussy into my mouth and all down my face.

Even with her mouth full of dick, it was impossible for her to hold back her moans of pleasure. Then I rolled her over on her belly, took the cheeks of her beautiful butt in the palm of hands my hands, and put my still hard dick between her legs. Her pussy was so hot that I could feel the heat radiating from it as I rubbed my dick against its outer lips. When she reached between her legs and inserted my dick into her pussy, it felt like my dick was encased in molten fire. It felt so awesome that I jammed my dick balls deep in her pussy and started fucking her. It wasn’t long until she started panting and moaning oh mama, oh mama. When she screamed out in orgasm it triggered a massive orgasm for me. An orgasm that was so massive that I lost the feeling in my body from the waist down. As I filled her tight pussy with my hot cum, I literally feel on my ass when my legs went numb. I was so helpless that I had to lie there.

Linda was insatiable. As I lay there catching my breath, she masturbated for me. Then as I watched, she sensuously licks her juices off her fingers. Then she leaned over and started kissing my chest. Then with a wicked grin, she moved her mouth slowly down my torso, licking my nipples and kissing my stomach. When she reached my hairy crotch, she started flicking her tongue around the head and then she started to lick our combined juices off the length of my shaft. Then she parted her lovely red lips and engulfed my now throbbing dick. I felt her fondling my 'cum' swollen balls, as she slid her eager mouth ever so slowly up and down its rigid length. By the time she took my limp dick out of her mouth, my balls were no longer cum filled. She had sucked them dry.

I lost count of the number of Linda’s orgasms. By the time that we were finished, the bed was soaked with her cum, and now she was the one too exhausted to move. As she lay there catching her breath, I filled her bathtub with warm soapy water and bubble bath. Then I picked her up and carried her into the bathroom and laid her in the tub. As she lay there savoring the feel of the warm water, I shampooed her hair and gave her a bath. Then I lifted her out of the tub, dried her off, and tucked her into bed.

Linda was still sleeping the asleep of the innocent when Reverend Jones picked me up. As usual he was wearing his Sunday best, a three piece Brooks Brothers suit in a muted charcoal with light pin-striping, white starched, pressed, Van Hussen dress shirt complemented by a sharp, deep red silk Hermes tie. I chuckled, knowing that this was as casual as he ever dressed. As we headed for the airport, I smiled to myself as I thought about how pleasant the day was going to. Since I was with the Reverend I wouldn’t have to worry about anyone trying to get me down on my knees. Now mind you, the Reverend might try to get me down on my knees, but it would be to prey, not suck his cock.

By the time we got to the Love Field and seated near his friend’s arrival gate, I began to suspect that the Rev had some ulterior motive, other than for company for inviting me along. Ever since he’d picked me up, when he thought I wasn’t looking, he’d been giving me these strange looks like he was trying to get up the never to ask me something. I wondered what he was going to talk me into this time. Because I set my own work hours, he was always getting me to go to meetings at other churches, or haul the kids around in my van. But he was never shy about asking, so if he was this nervous he must be going to hit me up for a doozy.

The plane was on time so we didn’t have long to wait. In no time Reverend Jones was introducing me to John Crandall, his friend’s friend. Ten minutes later, we were helping John get his luggage, which consisted mostly of movie cameras, reels of film and other assorted movie making equipment. When I commented on all the movie equipment, John said that he was an independent filmmaker and was in town to shoot a documentary. I told him that making movies sounded interesting and if I could help him in anyway, he could always get in touch with me through the Rev. He laughed and said, “Who knows, Bob I might just use you in one of my shots.”

After we dropped John off at his motel, we decided to stop for lunch. Once we were seated and our orders placed, the Rev cleared his throat and said, “There’s something that I’ve wanted to talk to you about. As you know, my wife died and I’ve been alone for several years.” As he reached into his inside coat pocket, he went on, “A man has certain needs and I think you can help me with mine.” While I was trying to figure out what the hell he was talking about he dropped some pictures on the table in front of me.

My face turned ashen as the pictures fanned out on the table, so I could see them. Knocking over a glass of water in my haste, I scooped up the pictures so that no one would see them. The waitress having to clean up my spill gave me time to compose myself. After the waitress moved away, I examined the pictures more closely. Actually they were quite good considering the conditions they were taken under and that they were most likely developed in someone’s home darkroom. Apparently that bastard Brandon must have had someone hiding in his closet with a camera, because they were pictures of me sucking his big cock. Not only was there a picture of me deep throating him, but there was also an especially good shot of me with the head of his cock in my mouth as cum gushed out the corners of my mouth and seeped down my chin.

When I looked up, the Rev smiled and said, “Keep those. I have more.”

Not sure if his intention were to pray me straight or what, I asked, “OK, exactly what is it you want?”

As he casually took my wrist and put my hand on his cock under the table, “I think you already know the answer to that. I want my dick sucked.” The tablecloth was so long that there was no way anyone could see where my hand was, but my face still reddened from embarrassment.

“Yea, you and every other straight guy in this town,” I murmured.

“Hey, don’t be a spoil sport, after all, I’m not the one stupid enough to get pictures taken of himself sucking a cock,” he laughed. “I’m watering a friend’s plants for him while he’s out of town. Let’s just relax and have a nice lunch. Afterwards we’ll go over to the friend’s house and you can suck my dick for me.”

Then we both shut up as the waitress walked up with our food. I used the distraction of her serving our lunch to pull my hand out from under the table and put the incriminating photos in my shirt pocket.

While the waitress was putting our food in front of us, the Rev put both his hands under the table and took his cock out. The next time when he put my hand under the table, instead of just laying my hand on his crotch, he put his flaccid cock in my hand. Resigned to the inevitable I slowly stroked him to hardness with my left hand while I ate with my right. I don’t care how long the tablecloth was, I still felt like everyone in the room had x-ray eyes and could see what I was doing.

It was only about a 15-minute drive to his friend’s house so we were there in no time. Ever the diplomat, the Rev waved at all the neighbor ladies that were out working in their gardens. Locking the front door behind us, the Rev led me into the den. “Before we get started, we need to get something straight, I am the one in control." Then he grabbed my wrists, pulled them behind my back and tied them together. He tested the strength of the knot and when he was satisfied; he let his arms drop and walked around in front of me.

“On your knees, faggot,” he ordered. When I hesitated, he put a hand on the top of my head and lightly pushed me down to my knees in front of him. Then with a booming laugh, he unzipped his pants and let his rock-hard cock out. It had felt big under the table, but it was ever bigger than I had thought it was, nearly 7-inches long with two massive balls pushing it up and out. All around the base of his cock was a ticket clump of curly black pubic hair. Smiling, he twisted his fingers cruelly in my hair and guided my mouth onto his dick. "Make it good,” he ordered.

As soon as my warm moist lips touched his cock's head, he let out a soft moan. Moving my mouth down his hard shaft, I took him all the way to the back of his mouth. Then I slowly took it out of my mouth and sensuously ran my tongue from the base of his cock, to the very tip before plunging it into my wet mouth again. Then I started bobbing my head up and down, taking in as much of his dick as I could on each stroke. "Ooh," Rev sighed as I teased his pee-hole with the tip of my tongue, before taking him even deeper into my mouth. "Lick my balls," he demanded, and this time without hesitation I took my mouth off his throbbing cock and licked and sucked his balls ravenously. The Rev was enjoying himself so much that he quickly felt as though an orgasm was coming

"Oooh," moaned the Rev as he started to move his dick in and out of my mouth. When I moaned in pleasure it made him thrust even harder. “Damn,” he wailed, “They weren’t kidding. You really do like to suck dicks, don’t you?” For an answer, I clamped my lips even tight around his shaft as his dick pounded my mouth. We both moaned loudly as the Rev grabbed the sides of my head and thrust his cock all the way to the hilt down my throat. I could feel his orgasm climbing, getting closer and closer, and this time he let it come. With a loud groan, he yanked his cock out of my mouth and then all of a sudden he was cumming hard all over her face. Shot after shot of hot sticky cum exploded out of his cock and covered my face. After he caught his breath, he went on and on about me giving him what he called ‘the best blowjob in his life.’ Then we jokingly bantered back and forth about my dick sucking and how good I was. Besides liking the way that I lick off his dick when I finished swallowing his cum, he was amazed by my soft lips, and my warm, moist mouth. Finally, I heard him say, "Thank you," as he reached down and untied me.

By the time I’d visited the bathroom and washed my face, the Rev had watered the flowers and was ready to go. As he dropped me off at home, he said, “We’ll definitely do this again…count on it.”

I’m not exactly sure why, but nothing makes me any hornier …

To be continued…



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