Word Gets Around


My name is Robert, but m friends call me Bob. I am a man in my 40s and I was married to my wife Barbara for 13-years. I came out of the marriage with 2-kids and an idea. Once I wasfree from a leech of a wife besides my regular job at a prominent electronics firm,I started my own firearms business. Between taking early retirement when I gotlaid off after 25-years and selling my firearms business I was fairly well offfinancially. I could have gotten by on my retirement but don’t like to be idle,so Linda, my girlfriend at the time and I got into flea markets. The fleamarkets in turn led to renting space and selling much of my merchandise inantique malls. Between business, church, and an active social life Linda and Ihad a very high public profile. 

Despite being actively bi-sexual, Linda was ‘homophobic,’ so was unaware of my bisexuality. I’d been curious about having sex with men ever since I was achild. Looking back, I use to checking out the naked boys in gym so I guess that I'd been bi,queer or whatever you want to call it all my life but because of society'sattitude towards homosexuals I’d tried to suppress and not to act on thesetendencies. Finally about 5-years ago, when Linda was out of town, I got up thenerve to try having sex with another guy. Once I tasted cock, I was hooked. 

Sucking dicks satisfies me in a different way than sex with a woman. It is onlysex. No love involved. I love to suck a nice cock and feel the cum shooting inmy mouth. Since I started I’ve been extremely careful to keep my secret lifefrom Linda and my family. 

When my need gets strong for male sex I usually go to a nearby adult video store and visit the individual viewing booths and their glory holes. Since Ilike variety, I’d advertise in the underground newspapers and get my replies ina PO Box under an assumed name. I’d occasionally make a new friend that way tohave sex with. I’ve been doing this almost the whole time that Linda and I had been together, with no one the wiser.

About 3-months ago I met a guy on the line who lives in the next town. His nameis Woody. We chatted a time or 2-and seemed to be compatible so he invited me over to his house. I told Linda that I was going out for a while, jumped onSpur-303 and drove to Wood’s house.

Beers in hand, Woody and I relaxed on his couch. As we chatted, I reached over,unzipped his fly so his already hard, cock could spring up into view. He wascircumcised and there was a little pre-cum beading around his pee-hole. Boldly,I reach down and gently touch his hard, throbbing cock. Taking it in my hand, Igently caressed it, rubbing the shaft and then moving down to caress his balls.I could tell that he enjoyed my touch because he arched his back, pushinghimself against me. I could feel his erection growing in my hand. 

As soon as I had Wood’s jeans down to his ankles, I slipped off the couch and down to my knees. Once I was on my knees I planted a kiss on the tip of hishard throbbing cock and then run my tongue all over the head. I slowly moved down his shaft and gently kiss his balls, licking and running my face over them. Then I sucked them one at a time every so softly. I knew that he liked itbecause he moaned and ran his fingers through my hair. After running my faceover his entire cock, I took the head into my mouth and begin to softly suck.As I lowered my mouth further down his shaft I could taste the saltiness of it.Woody moaned when I took the head out of my mouth and run my tongue right under it, circling…licking, and then sucking him into my mouth. My right handencircles his shaft, and I begin to rhythmically stroke him in time with theaction of my mouth. 

I could feel Wood’s excitement grow as I took more of him into my mouth. I runmy tongue all around what was in my mouth before I gently started moving mymouth up and down his rigid shaft. I heard him suck in his breath when I moved my hand down and caressed his balls. Once I had as much of his cock in my mouthas could, I started to use my mouth. Moving my mouth up and down, I was taking so much of him in on the down stroke that his pubic hair tickled my nose. Eagerly, I rhythmically, stroked and sucked, stroked and sucked, faster and faster, until Woody finally let out a powerful moan. I felt him tense up as hereached an orgasm. I could feel his cock pulsing in my mouth with each wave of ecstasy.

Standing up, I suggested we move to his bedroom. But as he reached out andstarted removing my shirt, Woody said, “No, I want you right now!” As westripped off the rest of our clothes, I lowered my head and licked his flaccidcock. As my tongue danced up and down its length I felt it pulsing back to life. 

Woody almost didn’t wait until we were got completely naked before he threw me on the floor and scrambled on top of me in a 69-position and we were sucking on each other’s stiff cock. His was a fat 6- inches and salty with pre-cum. In his excitement Woody was trying to deep throat me but I heard him choking and he backed off a little. I hadn’t cum for over a week and my brain was on overloaded. 

“Take it slow Woody,” I said. “I’m about to cum already.” He slowed down and Iwas able to hold back my orgasm for a little while longer.

Meanwhile, I was really enjoying the salty taste of his cock. I love to deepthroat and so I was doing that frequently. As good of a job as my mouth wasdoing on him, I was amazed that he could hold his orgasm. As he worked his hips and pistoned his cock in and out of my mouth, he had his hands on my ass pulling me closer. We were both slurping as we sucked. Soon, I felt my cum rising from my tight balls, so I stammered, “I can’t hold out any longer Woody,your mouth feels so good.”

“Let it come,” he mumbled around my cock. “Don’t hold back.” 

As I raised my hips I felt my cum shooting into Wood’s mouth. My orgasm wentthrough my whole body, making me tingle all over. It was a good one. I couldhear Woody gulping and slurping as my cum filled his mouth. He held my nowsoftening cock in his mouth as he swallowed. Then he then licked my cock and balls, as he cleaned me up with his tongue.

Woody was still hard as a rock so I rolled him over on his back and moved between his legs. Bending over, I took his cock back into my mouth. I suckedhim deep a few times, as I worked my mouth up and down his shaft. He was going so deep that his cock was hitting the back of my throat. Each time I bobbed forward Woody moaned in ecstasy. Recklessly, he reached up and put his hands onthe back of my head, trying to force me in deeper. I knew he was about to cumwhen he wailed, “Aaaaaah.” I backed off just a little so his cum would hit my tongue and I could taste it. 

I felt his cock pulse as it began shooting cum. The first shot hit the roof of my mouth, the second hit the back of my throat and the rest coated my tongue. After I sucked him dry I held his cock in my hands and tilted my head as I let his cum slide down my throat.

Just as I started swallowing the front door opened. Frightened, I jerked myhead jerked up and turned to look. As cum dribbled from between my lips andoozed down my chin, I found myself face to face with Carl Shields. Carl was the local barber who cut mine and just about everyone else in town’s hair. He knew Linda from church, and to make matters worse he was the biggest gossip in town.

He looked at us as we lay there in shock. 

“Ugh, ugh,” he stammered, “I was just returning Woody’s hedge clippers. Iknocked but I guess you didn’t hear me.”

Finally coming out of shock, Woody and I quickly scrambled around and got dressed. There was nothing we could say to explain what we were doing. It wasobvious. My mind was whirling. This was the 60’s, the sexual revolution hadn’t started, Aids was nonexistent and homosexuality was still a crime, a crime punishable by hard time in Huntsville. “I’m doomed,” I thought to myself.“Everything is ruined. How could I let myself get into this? Linda will surely leave me and my family will disown me.” I was devastated. 

Nervously Carl looked at us and said, “Everyone has different tastes. I’m sure that you’re afraid that I’ll tell people about what I’ve seen, but don’t worry.I can keep a secret.”

Woody and I looked at each other, both thinking, “Bullshit.” Woody was singleand his close friends knew he was bi, but he could go to jail if the word gotout. So we both had something to lose. 

After Carl left and Woody apologized for leaving his door unlocked. I drove home with a heavy heart. Should I come clean and tell Linda all about what I’vebeen doing all these years? Should I lie and say I just was curious and wanted to try it? Either choice would probably end our relationship. I took the cowards way out and decided to do nothing and let the chips fall where they may.

Every day after that I expected to have Linda greet me with horror. As each daywent by I was a nervous wreck. We went to church on Sunday and I felt terrible.I looked at every parishioner wondering, “Does he know? Does she know”? Everyday I waited for the other shoe to drop.

Surprisingly several weeks went by without anything unusual happening. Did Carlreally intend to keep the secret? Knowing Carl, I didn’t believe he could. Ofcourse I refrained from contacting any men. I became the well-behaved boyfriend and Linda never even noticed.

Then one day Linda came home from having lunch with her girlfriends. “Honey,”she said, “do you know Frank Andrews very well?”

I didn’t, so I said, “I know he manages the Russian Tea Room where you and your friends like to eat lunch, but I don’t really know him.” 

“Well, he wants to see you about something,” she said. “I told him that you’d call him.”

Suddenly I had a sinking feeling in my stomach. “Oh my God,” I thought. He must know!” I began to sweat.

“Are you OK?” Linda asked.

“Yeah, I just have a touch of a stomach virus today,” I said nervously.

Turning, I walked down the hall to my office. As I sat down at my desk, Ipicked up the phone and called Frank Andrews. As I held the receiver in ashaking hand, a woman’s voice said, “Hello, the Russian Tea Room.”

“Ah, hi. Is Mr. Andrews there?”

“Who may I say is calling?”

“This is Bob…Bob Begaye,” I said softly. “Mr. Andrews wanted to talk to me.” 

“Oh, yes of course, Mr. Begaye. I’ll get him. Hold on.”

I sat there feeling so sick that I really thought I would throw up any second.After what seemed like an eternity I heard, “Hello, is this Bob Begaye?”

“Y-yes,” I stammered, “You wanted to talk to me?”

“Can you come to my house tomorrow morning?” He asked. “Say 10 a.m.?”

“Sure,” I stammered, “What do you want to see me about?”

“Well,” he said, “It’s not a matter that we shouldn’t discuss over the phone.”

”I’ll be there,” I said weakly.

I opened my liquor cabinet and took out a bottle of Jack Daniels. I’m not muchof a drinker, but I needed this. Holding the bottle to my mouth, I took a largeswallow. Closing my eyes, I slumped back in the chair. After another swallow Ibegan to calm down. The next day was Saturday. I was supposed to hit a localflea market to buy merchandise to sell in the antique malls. Well, that wouldhave to wait. I went to bed and hoped I could sleep.

My stomach was in knots as I drove to Frank Andrews’s house the next morning. He greeted me at the door and invited me in. As he led me to his den, he mentioned that Mrs. Andrews was away visiting family for the weekend. Once Iwas seated, he offered me a drink but I declined. 

I steeled myself for what was coming and said, “You seem to have some thing serious to discuss with me, so let’s get to the point.

He smiled and said, “Bob, I know all about your…

To be continued..



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