Weaponised - Chapter 3

On that Thursday night, Zack relaxed in his fancy designer apartment, lounging shirtless on the couch. He had finished with the girl several hours ago. Although she obviously lusted after his body and was more than satisfied riding on his massive dick, he felt strangely empty. She was working his body for all her worth but somehow it did not fulfil him. He found his mind drifting, as it often did. He never doubted his own virility, rather he always blamed the girls beneath him, assuming they were somehow not good enough to ride him, like peasants desperately trying to please a prince or a king. He always came eventually, and then, unceremoniously, kicked the girl out of the flat. He closed the door as the sounds of her curses and complaints echoed along the hallway. One day, he thought, the neighbours are going to complain about all the noise, but to hell with them, they should feel honoured to be kept awake by the noise of his conquests. He did some push-ups, and felt strangely tired normally he would not sleep until well after midnight, but today he turned in around eleven, and was straight to sleep.

He had a few hours uneven, rest-free sleep.

And then, the dream began. But this was not the usual dream, in fact, this was a dream unlike any he had ever experienced before.

In the dream, he was standing, naked except for his loincloth, overlooking a barren, windswept valley at night. Water reflected the moon far below him. A single building stood ahead of him, a large, wooden structure, maybe a hotel or a mansion, painted bright red. The large front door swung open, and he felt himself being drawn inside. The dream was the most intense he had ever experienced. He entered the building. As is often the case in dreams, the room he entered was impossibly huge compared to the house outside, a vast bowl shaped arena, open to a dark and cloudy sky. There was something in the sky, a vague, indistinct shape. He felt its presence more than actually seeing it, and a cold shiver ran down his spine. Something evil was waiting in the sky. A chant began from nowhere, repeating in his head.

'The house of the lights in the sky'

Over and over. He felt like something was being physically burnt into his brain, and simultaneously, an intense sexual experience passed through his body. His loincloth literally dissolved off him, as if burnt away by acid, and his body lifted from the ground and rose into the air. As he floated up he saw he was part of a huge circle of elevated, floating bodies, maybe 40 or 50, he could not tell how many, all perfect physical specimens, all naked. And then, rising into the middle of the circle, a dozen men, of all physical types, dressed in robes like priests, holding their hands above their heads as if in praise. Zack felt a powerful stirring in his crotch and, looking down, saw that he had a firm, hard erection. There was a faint light around his cock, like a radioactive glow, and then he noticed a very faint line of energy, almost a beam, leaving his erect cock and heading towards the priests. The beam shimmered like a heat haze in the summer, almost invisible but definitely there. Pulses of energy began to run down the beam, and these pulses coincided with strong waves of sexual excitement in his cock, much stronger than he normally experienced. He glanced around and saw that the same was happening to all the other suspended figures, and it was clear that they all were in the throes of some uncontrollable sexual urges. The signs and groans of ecstasy echoed round the enormous arena.

The beams of energy reached the priests, and their entire bodies were bathed in the faint radioactive glow of the sexual energy. The fifty bodies began to spin and spiral round them like some enormous bicycle wheel, the beams like spokes with the priests at the centre. Zack was confused and afraid, but he was also horny as hell. He felt the sexual sensation rising throughout his body like electricity, higher, higher; he felt he could not take it any longer, that strange chart continuing over and over again...

The house of the lights in the sky, the house of the lights in the sky

And then, a surge of energy right through his body as he hit an enormous climax, and a bolt of pure white energy burst from the end of his cock, and the cock of all the other helpless studs, simultaneously shooting towards the priests, who absorbed it, glowed briefly in its majesty, and then directed it skywards...

And an enormous fiery explosion filled the air, the ball of flame expanding, and then reaching the priests, who were protected by some sort of glowing shield, but the flame caught the beams of light, raced along them like a line of petrol, straight to the cocks, and the 50 bodies all burst into flames. Zack felt himself engulfed by fire, his flesh burning, he found himself struggling, choking, trying to beat away the flames...

And he awoke, screaming.

It took him a few seconds to recognise his surroundings. He was in his flat, on the floor. The sheets and blankets of his bed were piled up and in disarray, as if he had fought a war in his sleep, and he realised his stomach and the wood floor was streaked in his own sticky cum he must have blasted all over himself just before he woke. It was still early, just before dawn but he felt like he had not slept for a fortnight. And his brains felt like they had been totally overloaded. Flashes of images kept returning, over and over. And the chant, always there, rumbling in the background.

For two hours he just lay there, listening to the sounds of the city waking up, trying to calm his racing mind, but the dream would not fade. He was even a little fearful, as he had never had a sexual experience, either in a dream or reality, where he was not the one in charge, where he was not the master, but on this occasion he had felt used, like some force was taking his energy whether he liked it or not.

'The house of the lights in the sky'

Eventually he stirred. That phrase was going round and round in his head, and, unlike most dreams, it was refusing to fade away. He typed it into his laptop it must mean something. When he found nothing that added to the mystery in text, he searched images. He froze.

An image of that red house, exactly as he remembered it from the dream. He clicked on the link and found out the house was an old hotel, on an island off the coast of Norway. A voice in his head spoke clearly, as clear as if someone was standing in the room with him.

'Go to the house'

He knew immediately what he must do, he must go there, to that house, without delay. It was his destiny calling. He spent ten minutes throwing a few items of clothes into his bag, along with his passport and whatever money he could find, and he left the flat, not even bothering to close the front door behind him. He wanted to run, because he knew now he was finally on the quest that he was born for. He had no doubt that he was doing the right thing.

And, in his grim little room on the other side of town, Cedric was also packing his bag. For he had experienced the same dream, the only difference being that he was in the centre of the circle, absorbing the energy of the fifty circling bodies before redirecting it into the sky. He had also heard the words, and as soon as he woke he had made the same discovery on the internet, and had the same urge. He must go to that place, right now.

Across the planet, many people were on the move that morning, some with incredibly difficult journeys ahead, not knowing how they would get there, or why, but knowing they must get there. And, somewhere in the sky above that small island off the coast of Norway, a group of scientists, refugees from another world, calmly and scientifically monitored their movements. After a long wait, many years away from their home world, the next phase of the plan was coming together...

To be continued...


Tyler Bernard

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