In shallow orbit above the planet, invisible to radar and all other types of technology, the Mazean ship sat silently, the scientists on board waiting patiently, as they had done for many years, waiting for a specific time and date to arrive. The date was Friday 17th June. Tomorrow's date... The time, one minute after midnight. For that would be the moment that their grand project matured, and their plans to save their homeworld could move onto stage two.

Somewhere below, In a major city on Earth, in the early years of the 21st century...

On the last day before his 21st birthday, Zack finished at the building site, planning on heading straight to the gym. Despite having been digging trenches all day he still needed to work out. The girl was hoping to see him around 7pm, well, she would just have to wait. And if she didn't, there's plenty more girls out there, he thought. His fellow workers were not sorry to see him go ' he swaggered around the place like he was king of the site, making a big show out of how many more bricks he could carry than anyone else, how much faster he could climb to the top of the scaffolding. As it was a hot day he was working shirtless, and everyone on site envied what they saw ' a six foot blonde, narrow waisted but broad shouldered, just a fine layer of sweat and dust over his muscular chest and pecs, but while many of the men, including some of the straight ones, remembered that body long after its owner had left, nobody regretted it when he was gone, because his arrogance and lack of humility became impossible to bear within minutes of knowing him.

Zack was oblivious to how people saw him, for one reason.

Because he was a Knight, a warrior, and one day he would save the world.

At least, that was the recurring dream he had, as long as he could remember, several times a month. The events in the dream were often different, but a couple of images remained the same... the image of himself, clad only in a loincloth, long blonde hair blowing in the wind, standing atop a pile of enemy bodies, holding his sword aloft whilst various big-bosomed wenches kneeled before him, clinging to his legs.

It was basically a series of variants on some erotic fantasy art that he had seen while in the orphanage, but his mind adapted it into his dreams, and these were not dreams like a normal person would have. To Zack, they were totally real. He knew his destiny, as a prince among mere mortals, and if those around him could not feel his power, if women did not fall to kiss his feet when he passed, then they were fools for not realising his power. Could they not understand that he was to be the saviour of the planet?

If Zack had felt anyone on the planet was important enough to have shared his dream, they would have thought the obvious ' that he was delusional. Here is a muscular stud with a fantastic body who has let his own beauty and power go to his head, they would have thought. Filling his head with tacky fantasies which would have been better suited to some overactive 14 year old. But they might have amended their assessment if they knew that, at this moment, there was another 49 men, all exactly the same age as Zack, of all races and creeds, spread throughout the planet, who had the same dreams, or similar, for their whole lives, who also were seen as arrogant and aloof because they regarded themselves as better than those around them, all of whom had felt compelled since an early age to work out, through sports and exercise, to perfect their bodies to a standard most athletes would be envious of. What's more, they were all orphans, found outside orphanages or hospitals around the world, all on the same night, exactly one day under 21 years ago.

Cedric did not have much in common with the 50 young men. He was older, considerably less fit, and he was angry. Angry with the world, with the people who put him down, the smart ones, the rich ones, the beautiful ones. Especially the beautiful ones. He lived in the same city as Zack, but he could have been on a different planet, for there was no similarity between his life and that of the young arrogant stud. Cedric spent his life moving from menial job to menial job, poor, alone, and yet everywhere, as if to tease and humiliate him, he would see them. The summer was the worst, when he would be sweeping up rubbish in the parks, and there would be no end of young, perfectly formed, shirtless men running, playing sports, lazing about, relaxed and casual in a way that Cedric never could be. He lusted after them and he hated them in equal proportion, because his nervous, hesitant approaches had always been rejected, sometimes with public humiliation, sometimes with insults and violence. Ten years ago he had made his last attempt to get close to one of these gods on earth, and he still sported a missing tooth that the arrogant prick had given him. He decided on that day that he would observe from afar from now on, always hoping that his lottery numbers would come up one day, and he could create the life that he felt was his right. But in the back of his mind he thought they would always be beyond his reach.

Cedric also had a recurring dream. In his dream, he was wearing some kind of ceremonial robe, like some kind of high priest, and he was walking across what first appeared to be a strange desert, pale and uneven, with regular stubby tree-like shoots emerging from the ground. Only, when he looked down, the rippling, uneven surface between his feet was not sand. He was walking across naked bodies, naked, muscular male bodies, interlaced together, as far as the eye could see, all bound, all naked and sweating, all groaning in pain as his boots pressed down on their stomachs or chests. And the stubby trees ' he could see they were a field of male sexual organs, erect, pointing skyward, thin sprays of beautiful white foliage erupting from their tips...

He always awoke from the dream sweating, and he always awoke angry. Because the dream world was so abstract and wonderful, and the real world was so depressing and grey. He grew to despise the dream because it mocked him. He would never have the sexy bodies of those he despised laid out before him, for him to do with as he pleased...

And on that night, Thursday 16th June, he ate a simple meal, spent a few hours on his favourite internet websites (the free previews only as he was too skint to join up), pleasured himself in the shower, watched TV and then went to sleep, alone as always, not realising that tomorrow his life would change forever.

Not realising also that, despite his loneliness there was other men like him, who hated the world, who lusted after the young male bodies of those they could not have, spread around the planet. This group was of all ages, there was no physical similarities between them 'some fat, some thin, tall, short... but they all had been having similar dreams to Cedric's, for one day short of 21 years, and tonight, they would all have the same dream. Exactly the same dream, a dream that would send them across the world, and beyond,

... to a place where all their most extreme, perverse fantasies would come true.

To be continued


Tyler Bernard

[email protected]


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