Weaponised - Chapter 1

The people of the Mazean planet had been a happy, simple society, cultured and advanced, physically very similar to humans, just beginning their first tentative steps into space exploration. But the invasion finished all that.

The slug like Xyxians arrived one day, apparently out of thin air, in small numbers, and at first they were a source of novelty a strange, harmless looking blob of slime, moving slowly across the landscape. The blobs began to divide like amoebas, multiply, but they were still considered more of a nuisance than anything, just getting in the way, and no one could come up with a suitable way to remove them. Many years passed. The blobs were more common, but mainly in the very rural countryside, and as yet no one had any worries about the danger they might pose.

But then one day, a 19 year Mazean boy, out walking on a hot, summery day, came across one of the blobs, and decided to have some fun. As many boys before had done, he began poking it with a stick. No response. He threw stones at it, nothing. And then, bored, he decided to strip naked and swim in a nearby pool. After a few minutes in the cool water, his mind, like all young men's minds, inevitably turned to sex. He decided to masturbate. He lay on the side of the pool and stroked his long cock, happily, not knowing that, only a few metres away, a strange reaction was occurring in the nearest blob, a quivering across the surface, and the blob began to change shape, and a gooey, clear tentacle emerged, moving silently through the undergrowth, towards the muscular boy, who was now firmly pumping his cock. The boy's eyes were closed, lost in sexual ecstasy, and he had no idea of the horror approaching.

The boy approached climax, his hand pumping faster, faster, little knowing the climax would never come, in fact that he would never climax sexually, or in fact do anything, again...


It was not the scream of a boy reaching a point of sexual release. It was the dry, frightened scream of a boy who had just found a cold, slimy alien tentacle wrapped firmly around his cock and hand. The tentacle had struck at lightning fast speed, wrapping around and around the cock and forearm like a whip, but then the tentacle immediately began to dissolve, flowing outwards and joining into one solid mass, permanently enclosing the flesh it had just wrapped. The boy tried to recoil, tried to pull free, but his hand no longer obeyed his command. Screaming in fear, but totally aware that he was too far out of town for anyone to hear him, he watching in horror as the slime swallowed up his whole erect shaft, and moved up to the cock head, enclosing the whole thing inside a semi-transparent membrane full of filthy, sticky slime.

He felt minute pinpricks all over the affected skin, like the barbs of a jellyfish tendril, piercing and jabbing into the flesh. Then, the tentacle squeezed, with almost unimaginable force, cutting off the cum that was surging to be released from the young stud's organ. The boy screamed again, and reached for the alien intruder with his free hand, desperate to pull it away from his precious manhood. But another tentacle seized his other wrist, and one round his legs, and his torso. Some sort of anaesthetic in the slime paralysed him, hand still clamped to erect cock. He found himself lifted slowly into the air, and then saw the blob that had seized him, quivering, the membrane round the outside splitting open like a giant mouth. He fought with all his young might but it was helpless he was immobilised. He was sucked, feet first, slowly inside the blob, and as his struggling head finally slipped beneath the surface he felt the smothering, foul taste of the alien slime as the blob's fluids flowed into his nose, his, mouth, his ears, into any cavity it could get into.

From then on, the boy remained, frozen into an obscene waxwork, visible only as a blurry shadow through the blob's transparent membrane, his cock still erect and gripped within his hand, kept alive and conscious for now, as the blob began slowly devouring its new source of nutrients. Nobody discovered the horrific sight for more than a week, and by then there was little left to discover.

And that became the fate of many Mazeans. Anyone who attempted to have sex, or had any other strong emotions of any kind within ten metres of a blob found themselves picked up, absorbed before they could climax. The younger, the more virile the body, the higher the risk, as young male Mazeans found themselves particularly targeted by the slimy blobs. Attempts by the army to destroy the blobs only spread them further, as every piece of an exploded blob became a new blob. Any Mazean body removed from within a blob soon after absorption survived, but only as a dead eyed zombie. And there was nowhere to hide - no wall, or door, or defence was impregnable to the blobs they could liquefy and pass through almost any obstruction, before reforming on the other side, ready to paralyse and then absorb their helpless victim.

And as the blobs spread, uncontrollable and indestructible, across the planets surface, the people found themselves restrained, forced to live a sexless, emotionless existence, walking in fear between the millions of Xyxians that now littered the planet's surface. As long as they didn't get aroused, or angry, or happy, too near to one of the blobs, they would survive. But the blobs were getting more and more common, soon it would reach a point where the Mazeans could not even find a safe place to breed to repopulate their species without an evil, slimy tentacle oozing through a wall towards them. They were doomed.

As the society of the planet begin to collapse, one group of scientists, who had been working desperately on a cure, escaped with the minimal research they had been able to accrue into space, and pledged themselves to finding allies, and a way to defeat their new alien overlords.

But at first, progress was slow. They discovered that much of the universe was already infected with the filthy, life-sucking blobs. A few travellers, survivors like themselves, offered help, but doubted their ability to do much. Little bits of information seeped their way. The Xyxians were a strange life form, little more than an indescribable blob, with tentacles, oozing slime. They seemed attracted especially by high emotional states in other species, and then they absorbed their victims often just before the point of ultimate sexual release , keeping them alive and slowly feeding off them until the poor captive dissolved to nothing. Like amoebas, they reproduced by dividing, which made them practically impossible to kill.

But then, as the desperate scientists moved slowly across space from ruined world to ruined world, a rumour began to be heard, a rumour of an area of the universe totally unpopulated by the Xyxians. A small solar system with one habitable planet, with a population of billions. The planet was called Earth. Why the planet remained free of the alien invaders was unknown.

The scientists had been working on the principal that the aliens were attracted somehow to the sexual energy being given off by the young males of the planet, and they had even made some progress in defining the energy given off during sexual ecstacy, had even been able to measure it on their instrumentation, but they had limited progress in turning the information into a weapon that could be used against the featureless blobs.

One scientist, working alone into the night, suddenly came to a stunning realisation. The aliens did not feed off the energy, in fact it repelled them. They stopped the sexual act before it climaxed, and absorbed the young bodies to destroy their sexual energy, because the energy hurt them. That was the key to defeating them.

Now the scientists knew the alien's weakness, and they began working on a plan. There must be something about those so-called humans that kept the alien invaders far from their shore. Something they could use, something that could be harvested. The crew set course for the mysterious planet Earth...

To be continued...


Tyler Bernard



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