The sun broke the dark early on Sunday morning revealing clear skies. The bright light filtered through the partially open blinds to the dorm room where Ian lay awake. He was beginning to get worried, wondered what Spencer was doing at this hour; was he freaking out or just wandering around thinking. He was still in Spencer's bed and he twisted around and reached over to Spencer's desk to turn the clock so he could see the time: 6:24 am. He fell back on the bed, taking a deep breath, trying to decide if he should get up and go search for him or wait. The waiting was worse, agonizingly so, so he got up and dressed in his clothes from last night and headed out. He walked the early morning campus, deserted of students or faculty or even grounds keepers. Only the occasional squirrel scampering by or a bird taking flight interrupted the dead silence and calm. He made his way to the cafeteria and student union, knowing they would not be open yet, but thinking Spencer could be sitting outside waiting, but the area was deserted. He made his way across one section of campus after the next. He went by the Architecture building where Spencer was studying urban planning finding it open and a few students putting in long hours on their projects. He didn't know the building or where Spencer had classes within it, so he hoped Spencer wasn't there and he continued walking. He made his way back to an old section of campus where some of the administration offices were located along with a few buildings still having classes for advanced English or history. It was a part of campus he had not been since he came for his first registration prior to fall semester for he had no classes in any of the buildings. He knew there was an open quad with an old amphitheater at one end. An old stone structure set down in the sloping grade surrounded by tall pines, trees that had to be a hundred years old, if not more. As he rounded the corner of a building and the amphitheater came into view he saw someone sitting about half way down. It was Spencer.

Ian walked quietly along the walk until he came to the amphitheater, cutting across the grass section along one section of stone retaining wall which formed the stepped seating area, moving along until he was behind Spencer. Spencer still had not heard him, lost to his thoughts as he sat staring out across the quad. As Ian hopped down one level to the next the noise of his landings finally caught Spencer's attention and he turned. He watched Ian come down to his position, silent, just watching intently, as Ian made his way down.

"Are you ok?" Ian asked; the apprehension in his voice made it low and unsteady.

"I think so" Spencer replied.

Ian came down next to Spence and sat next to him where the two of them sat for a moment just staring out across the quad. Ian saw Spencer out of the corner of his eye look down, his expression change; instead of a sadness and confusion, a sternness rose into his eyes, some resolve or determination.

"You want to talk?" Ian asked.

"Ian...who is Trevor?"

The question hung in the air for a moment while Ian put the pieces together, then he shook in his head and laughed a small half-hearted laugh.

"Shit. You found that, did you? Fuck, I should have destroyed that damn thing instead of bringing it with me." Ian replied as Spencer looked at him, watched as each word escaped his mouth and watched his eyes as they softened up. "Trevor was the guy who...was my first. I was foolish to have made the video, but it seemed so important at the time, something I thought I needed to record, but now it just seems silly."

"Is he your boyfriend?"

Ian laughed out loud this time, shaking his head furiously. "Oh hell no; Trevor is only in love with himself and the idea of playing the field. But he was fun in bed, but as soon as it was over...well, let's just say it was really over."

"Why did you...I mean, why me? Am I just a..." and Spencer hesitated unable or unwilling to say what he wanted to say.

"No, Spencer it wasn't like that. I must confess I wanted to do something with you from the first time we met, wanted something to happen between us, but you seemed so...straight."

"I thought I was" Spencer replied They sat and talked for a long time, confessing their desires, their fears, and finally the realization that they didn't have to know what tomorrow would bring, that they were in college, in a place where judgments happened less frequently, where they could see how things progressed, live in their small cramped dorm room and discover who the other person was. They joked around about the movie Ian had made, and how social media made such recordings seem so normal, so ordinary, and mundane. Ian joked about the missed opportunity to record Spencer's first time which made them lose control and laugh out loud for the first time.

The sun finally got high enough in the sky to cast its warm light over the quad, bringing the warmth of the day into the air. Ian and Spencer rose up, realizing how hungry they were and headed to the cafeteria for breakfast. Afterward they went back to their dorm room and decided each of them needed a shower and some much needed sleep. When they got back to their room, towel wrapped around their waist there was that moment of hesitation, an awkward moment and then Ian came up to Spencer, real close, face to face.

"Can I sleep in your bed?" he asked, looking at Spencer in the eye.

Spencer smiled and nodded yes as he pulled his towel off and tossed in over his chair. Ian smiled back and tossed his towel over his chair and they climbed into Spencer's bed, Ian snuggled up to Spencer, felt the warmth of their bodies against each other, and settled down.

"This is nice" Spencer said after a few seconds of quiet.

"Yeah" Ian replied.

Even as the bright sunlight streamed in through the blinds, making the white walled dorm room glow in its light, Ian and Spencer were soon sound asleep, their exhaustion from being up all night finally catching up to them. They slept soundly, spooned up next to each other. It was Spencer who woke first. His arm was draped over Ian and held his lean body against his chest. Spencer had his face buried up next to Ian's head where he could smell his soft clean scent, feel the tickling sensation of his soft straw blonde hair rub against him and he felt Ian's round ass against his hips, with his hard cock nestled between Ian's cheeks. Spencer stretched as best he could, arms over his head, trying not to move too much, but as he did so, he pushed forward with his hips, pushed his cock tighter against Ian's ass. Ian stirred and brought one hand back to Spencer's ass and pulled him tighter to him.

"You feel good" and he leaned back against Spencer, turned his head and kissed him lightly on the lips. "Did you sleep well?"

"Yeah" Spencer replied as he wrapped his arm around Ian again. He rubbed the smooth skin over Ian's chest, felt its softness, the warmth, and he felt the soft round nipples with their erect nubs in the center. He rubbed over Ian's stomach, feeling the movement of his breathing and he ran his hand lower, and felt the sparse hair over his cock, raking his fingers through it. Ian stretched out along Spencer's body, enjoying his roaming hand as it slowly wrapped around his cock and began to manipulate it, tug on it, to run his fingers along the shaft, stroking them along the skin as it expanded, stretched out, tightening the skin along its length. Spencer wrapped his other arm around Ian's neck pulled his head back and kissed him, roughly, rubbing his scruffy chin over Ian's smooth cheek.

"I want to fuck you" Spencer whispered in Ian's ear.

"Yeah" Ian replied, exhaling the word, his tone submissive. He rolled onto his stomach and raised his ass up, waiting, eager to be penetrated, eager to be fucked.

Spencer moved between his legs, his hard cock in hand. He shifted up and over Ian, aligning his cock up with Ian's hole, rubbed his cock over it, feeling his smooth sensitive cock head press up against Ian, push against his hole, probing its tightness. Ian pushed back as he buried his face into the pillow, stifling the cry out he let slip as he felt Spencer penetrate him, breach his opening, and slide thick hard cock into him. Spence shifted over Ian as best he could in the bunk bed and began to drive his cock into Ian; long solid thrusts through his tight opening, pushing and pulling his cock through the tightness, feeling it milk his cock, make him harder, achingly hard. Ian grunted and groaned as he felt Spencer work through him, pumping deeply. He grabbed handfuls of sheet and held on tightly as Spencer built up his pace, his hips swinging faster and faster.

"Fuck, you're tight" Spencer said between clinched teeth, as he hammered into Ian, shoving his cock all the way in, slapping up to his ass. Spencer's pace quickened, rocked the bed, as he slammed cock into Ian, hard thrusting swings of his hips, penetrating Ian hard and fast. He felt the build up all too soon and he pulled his hard slick cock from Ian.

"Turn over;" Spencer's voice urgent and demanding.

Ian rolled over on his back, letting Spencer move up between his legs and push into him again. He wrapped his legs around Spencer's waist and felt the movement of his body as cock was being shoved into his hole, forcibly penetrating him, hitting his insides in different angles giving him hard shivers through his body. Spencer was a machine, lost to his desire, fucking Ian harder and harder, his muscular body tense, the muscles tightened up and their definition more prominent as he grunted, sweated and fucked. Ian took it, held on tight to Spencer, felt the heat of his body, the tension, and the need.

The bed rocked, slammed up against the wall, their grunts and moans recklessly loud, as Spencer's thrust became ragged, hard jerky swings of his hips, slamming his cock hard all the way into Ian. Spencer turned red in the face, his breathing ragged, the sweat pouring from his hair, his skin glistening with the sheen of it.

"Fuck...I'm going to..." and he slammed all the way in and held still a moment as he shot. He pulled back and slammed in again shooting his second thick wad into Ian, and again he pulled back, and shoved down into Ian again, and again and again until he was spent.

Spencer pulled his softening cock out of Ian and slid down his body, feeling the slickness between them, the heat of their skin. He moved down to Ian's hard cock, the head wet and slick. He held it up, licked the head clean, tasting the sweetness of Ian, his uniqueness, and he took it in his mouth and sucked it down to his throat. He worked Ian with his mouth, feeling the hard slick shaft slide through his mouth, back and forth, as he milked it with his lips, put suction on it, worked the shaft and head with his tongue. Ian held his head and began to swing his hips upward, fucking his cock through Spencer's mouth. He was close and it didn't take long. Spencer sucked down his cock and he came, shooting his first wad into Spencer's throat gagging him, but Spencer didn't pull off as he stifled his choking and he took Ian's load, all of it, let it fill his mouth, coat his tongue as Ian's cock slid back and forth until he finally feel flat, exhausted and spent.

Spencer swallowed Ian's load and lay his head on Ian's stomach, feeling the rise and fall of his breathing, feeling the heat of his skin as Ian's hand ran through his hair rubbing his head. Spencer lay there until he felt the heaviness of his eyelids, the need to doze off and he moved up next to Ian and spooned tight to his body. They settled down, their breathing slow and easy, the sweat drying and evaporating from their naked bodies. Soon sleep took them.

For the remainder of the semester Spencer and Ian continued to have sex. Most times it was slow, intimate, Spencer gentle with Ian, easing into him, slowly working them both up until they built up a pace that got them both off. But when they were stressed over exams, or when Spencer had gotten mad at Ian over some misunderstanding the sex became rough, forceful, Ian submitting to Spencer, taking his aggressive fuck, as they slammed around their dorm room, noisy fucks, fucks that rocked the bed, knocked over chairs and one time, when Spencer was holding Ian against his body, cock buried in his ass, he shoved him to the window, destroying the blinds as he held Ian against the window and fucked him hard. Ian loved it, no matter how they had sex, enjoying the differences, the variations of their fucking.

The other guys on their floor knew what was going on, had heard them through the walls and through their door, sometimes gathering to listen and joke about the way they were so noisy and physical with their fucking around. They made lewd comments to Spencer and Ian, ribbed them about what they were doing, but most of them did so in jest.

Final exams had been rough and their sex reflected their frustrations and anxiety. Right before Ian's final exam Spencer came in after his last exam, the relief of being complete with exams showed on his face. Ian was at his desk, books open, his notes lying everywhere when Spencer came up to him.

"You need a break" Spencer stated more like a command than a question.

"Yeah" Ian said smiling up at him.

Spencer came up to him and reached under his arms pulling him to his feet and kissing him roughly, as he held him tightly.

"God, I want to fuck you" he told Ian. He grabbed Ian's shirt by the front and ripped it open, popping off all the buttons, shoving it roughly back off his shoulders. He kissed him again, holding his head firmly with one hand as he undid Ian shorts with his other. He pushed them down till they dropped to the floor, leaving Ian in his briefs. Spencer spun Ian around and dropped to his knees. He grabbed the seat of Ian's briefs and ripped them open, exposing his pale smooth ass. He shoved Ian over, spread his cheeks and buried his face into the cleft of his ass, probing him, running his tongue over the skin, smelling the musky scent of him. He probed his hole, pushed his tongue against it, until it was wet and Ian was relaxed, opening to him.

Spencer stood and undid his jeans, pushing them down with his boxers, and he entered Ian, pushing his cock into his hole, working it into him, till Ian felt the stiff denim of his jeans against his legs, felt the t-shirt Spencer was wearing lean over his bare back. Spencer took him, used his hole, as he fucked him. He worked his hard cock hard, hammering Ian's hole; fucking him hard and fast. Ian held onto the seat of his chair as he took Spencer's fuck, took the pounding cock in his ass, felt the way it speared him and he felt his own cock responding, confined in the pouch of his briefs. Spencer fucked fast, swinging his hips furiously, as he punched all of his cock into Ian, until he finally couldn't take it anymore. He pulled out this time, a first, for he wanted to see his load land on Ian, wanted to see it cover his body, and he stroked hard on his slick cock, one, two, three times and shot. His cum shot out, thick hot wads, as it spattered over Ian's back and ass. When he was nearly spent he shoved back into Ian, pumping the last of his load out inside him. Finally spent, Spencer dropped to his knees, his breathing still ragged and he licked his load off Ian's ass, ran his tongue over the smooth pale skin, scooping up his cum. Ian stood up and when he felt Spencer's hands on his waist, turning him around he moved quickly around, showing Spencer how excited it had made him, let him see how his cock was pushing against the pouch of his briefs.

Spencer grabbed the fly in both hands and ripped it open freeing Ian's cock, letting it bob in the air in his face. Spencer took it, licked the head clean and quickly went to suck it, tonguing it along its length, working the head. He worked his mouth down its length, let it slid over his tongue, push into his throat gagging him. He kept it up until Ian was close; his cock swelling up to its final quivering hardness and Ian pulled it out of his mouth and shot in Spencer's face, shooting his thick white load over his cheeks, over his nose and into his open mouth. As he unloaded he pushed back into Spencer's mouth, pushed his cumming cock over Spencer's tongue and finished himself off. When he was spent he squatted down and kissed Spencer, sharing his load, and he licked his cum off of Spencer's face and kissed him again, pushing cum between them, sharing it.

When they finally stopped Ian stood up, his tattered briefs hanging from his waist. Spencer looked up at him and smiled as he slid the briefs down Ian's legs, letting him step out of them. Spencer stood up and kissed Ian, gently their lips coming together as they held each other.

"I need to get back to studying" Ian said as he pulled away and grabbed his jeans, sliding them on. Spencer stripped off his clothes and dropped down on his bed. Soon Spencer was asleep as Ian continued to study. Ian got a few hours of sleep and headed to his final exam while Spencer packed. Both of them were going home for the summer, and Spencer was already feeling a sense of anxiety about the months to come. He felt odd, this feeling about another guy, this want to be around him all the time, this need to be intimate with him, and it made him work harder at his task to keep the thoughts at bay. They had made plans to meet up during the summer and knew they could call or touch base with various social media venues, but it wouldn't be the same. Both of them had told their parents they would not be leaving till the next day, claiming teacher meetings about their final projects, but the reality was they wanted one more night together, one night without finals hanging over them. Ian would be finished with his exam around noon and Spencer headed out to meet him at a favorite café near campus.

They spent the afternoon walking in the business district by campus, knocking around in the shops, grabbing a coffee and sitting out on the sidewalk watching as the area emptied of their fellow students. They went back to the dorm and changed clothes and headed out for a nice dinner together. When they returned only a few guys were left on their floor and it was eerily quiet.

Ian lit several candles he had set out on his desk, giving the room a warm soft glow. Spencer went down the hall to the bathroom and when he returned he found Ian on his bed, naked, just lying there, waiting. Spencer removed his clothes as they talked.

"Will you let me know when you get home?" he asked Ian, knowing he had a longer drive to make.

"Yes Spencer, I'll call you as soon as I pull into the drive" Ian replied smiling for he had answered this question numerous times already.

Spencer tugged his jeans down and laid them over his chair.

"I'm...I'm going to miss you this summer" Spencer confessed.

"I know" Ian replied, as he watched Spencer pull his boxers off. His muscular body was naked as it had been so many times this past semester, so well toned and strong. Ian always felt a little inadequate when he saw Spencer's body, his own being so lean, but Spencer told him he liked him just the way he was every time he made mention of it, and the way Spencer looked at him, he knew he wasn't lying.

Spencer came to the bed and eased down by Ian, kissing him as his hands roamed over Ian's body, feeling the warmth of it. Spencer kissed Ian on the mouth, his cheeks, ran his tongue and lips over to his ear, tickling it, mouthing it with his warm lips. Spencer took Ian in his hand, stroked him; felt him get hard as he moved down to Ian's nipples. He tongued one then the other. He nibbled on it, bit down on it lightly; tugged it with his teeth making Ian moan and shift under him. He moved down over Ian's stomach, his tongue leaving a wet warm trail over Ian's skin. He moved to Ian's cock, took it in his mouth, sucked down on it, felt it grow harder and thicker, felt it fill his mouth as he moved up and down its length. Spencer stroked his own cock while he sucked Ian's, bringing his need up to fever pitch, stroking his cock and his lust faster and faster as he sucked Ian's, pushed his face down to the sparse hair over Ian's cock, smelling his scent, feeling his hard cock push into his throat. Spencer felt different this time, wanted something more. He rose up and climbed over Ian's hips as Ian looked at him questioningly. Ian has always been the one to get fucked, the one taking cock in his ass, but now Spencer moved up over him, holding his cock up, rubbing his ass over the head, feeling the wet slick head touch him down there, rub over his hole. Spencer wanted it, wanted to know what it was like, to feel Ian's cock penetrate him, and he pushed down, slowly putting more weight down on Ian's cock as Ian lay there watching. Finally after what seemed like a long time Ian's cock breached Spencer's hole, penetrated him and he let out a gasp, as he threw his head back bracing his hands on Ian's thighs. Ian saw his cock move into Spencer, push up into his hole and as Spencer leaned back, his legs spread some more, his hard cock bobbed in the air and his muscular torso stretched back. Ian leaned up and ran a hand over Spencer's body, felt the tension of his muscles, felt the heat of his skin and the movement of his body as Spencer eased down further, taking more of Ian's cock, letting it slide into him, push up into his depths. It hurt at first, but the tight ring of his opening suddenly loosened up, and Spencer moved all the way down feeling Ian's cock fill him.

Ian watched as Spencer's body moved up and down his cock, watched as it disappeared into Spencer's warm soft insides, watched as Spencer's cock bobbed up and down with his movements and he reached out again to feel Spencer's warm body, the rigid tension of his muscles under the skin and the slickness of the sweat beginning to rise up. Spencer fucked himself on Ian's cock, faster and faster, taking it deep in his hole, feeling Ian's cock penetrate him with every drop of his body down on it.

Ian watched as he felt the bed shake and rock with Spencer's movements, he watched as sweat ran from Spencer's hair, and his body began to grow fatigued with the odd position the bunk bed forced him into as he took Ian's cock. Ian sat up and wrapped his arms around Spencer's body, hugged him tightly as he rolled him over on his back, shifting up between Spencer's legs, his cock still buried deeply in him. Ian soon found purchase with his feet wedged against the foot of the bed and he began to fuck, to work his cock through the tight ring of Spencer's opening, feeling it milk his cock, as he slammed it deep into Spencer and slid it out only to shove back in, over and over and over. Spencer's arms wrapped around his back, ran over his smooth lean body, stroked his desires, as he kissed Ian on the neck, tongued his ear and whispered into it.

"Fuck me...fuck me Ian" Spencer's voice hoarse sounding, soft and low. "Fuck me harder."

Ian swung his hips faster, moved them up and down, pumping his cock into Spencer, feeling his cock expand, feeling it ache to explode, and he shoved in hard, slammed his hips down against Spencer as he cried out.


Ian unloaded into Spencer, pumped his load into his depths as his cock worked back and forth, pushing cum deeper, smearing it inside him, slicking up Spencer and soothing his cock, cooling it as he felt it unload the last of its load.

Ian lay on Spencer, his breathing ragged, as he felt Spencer's chest and stomach move up and down. Then he felt Spencer slide his arms underneath his body, shift around, bring him onto his back. Spencer got between his legs, pulled them up and folded him over, pushed his legs back against his body, turning his ass up, exposing it to Spencer's need, opening him up to Spencer's desire. He leaned up and watched as Spencer took his hard cock and rubbed it over his opening, smeared the slick hot pre-cum over it, pushed against it, testing it tightness. Spencer shifted his position, moved up over Ian and put his weight into his hips as he swung them downward, breaching Ian's opening, pushing his cock into him; working it all the way into his hole. Spencer had caught his second wind, was rejuvenated as he quickly built up a furious pace, fucking his cock into Ian, thrusting into him hard, a fast rhythm, savage, as he pumped his hips up and down. The bed rocked and squeaked as Spencer rode Ian hard, hammering his ass into the mattress as he hammered his cock into Ian, bodies slapping together.

"Goddamn, Spencer...fuck me...fuck me" Ian cried out as Spencer lay on him, his full weight smothering Ian, his cock working through his hole, pushing deep into him. Spencer, body wet and hot, glistened in the soft light as he began to grunt and moan. Ian knew he was close and held on to Spencer's ass, feeling them move up and down violently, hard stabbing thrusts and he felt the jagged final thrusts that he knew meant Spencer was coming, pumping his seed into him.

Spencer kept pumping his cock into Ian, keep moving it through the load he was depositing into his ass, until he was spent. They lay for several minutes, hot and sweaty, as they settled back down. Spencer rolled to his side and held Ian close. They cuddled and talked quietly until finally Spencer fell asleep. Ian eased out of bed, extinguished the candles and climbed back in bed with Spencer. They slept soundly until morning, when it was finally time to leave for the summer.

Spencer had gotten a part time job during the summer, enjoying the time it kept him busy. He and Ian stayed in contact, talking regularly on the phone and touching base in between with social websites. One afternoon Spencer came home from work and found he had a small package from Ian. He carried it to his room and locked the door. Inside he found a disk. He got his computer back up and inserted the disk. He saw the movie program come on and he smiled at the irony. The lighting was dark, for the candle had not provided much light, but the camera was better, and Spencer sat and watched as Ian and he made love their last night together before the summer break.



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