Spencer found the disc two weeks ago and its existence haunted him day and night, interrupting his studies, breaking his ability to focus in his classes, and making his conversations with Ian, his roommate, difficult. Ian and he shared a dorm room, a narrow space with bunk beds, two desks and two small closets. They had purchased some plastic drawer units that stacked, each getting three of them so they could have some additional storage, which they wedged into the gap between the closet units and the first desk, were they stored underwear, socks, and an assortment of personal effects. Two weeks ago, as Ian was leaving Spencer asked him if he had any band aids, wanting to cover up a blister on his foot. Ian told him to look in his bottom drawer, or that was what Spencer thought he had said, but later he realized Ian meant the one next to the bottom drawer.

As Ian closed the door Spencer had gone over to the drawer units and slid open the bottom drawer. All he saw was briefs and socks, the briefs roughly stacked on one side and socks tossed into the other side, piled till the drawer was difficult to open. Spencer searched around the socks thinking a box of band aids must be tucked along the side somewhere, but he came up empty. He lifted up the briefs and that is when he saw the disc in a paper sleeve lying at the bottom with the name Trevor printed across it in Ian's hand. Spencer thought it was odd to find a disc buried under the briefs, especially when Ian was so organized with his other discs which had music, photographs or videos on them. He had a metal tower sitting on the opposite wall full of discs, arranged by type. But here was one Ian had hidden, had buried under his briefs, with a man's name on it. Spencer shook his head at the silliness of hiding one disc like this and dropped the briefs back down on it. He tried the next drawer, realizing his mistake and found a bin with medical supplies, including the band aids.

After getting a band aid on his blister, he dropped back on his bed, the lower bunk, and tried to do his assigned reading in chemistry, but he struggled to stay focused on the words, to make them work together into sentences, for he kept wondering about the disc Ian had hidden. He thought about how they had been roommates for a few months now, this being spring semester, and what he knew of Ian; of him being from a small town in North Carolina, the oldest of three and the first to go to college in his family, and how he was working for a degree in nursing. But he realized he didn't really know him well, for their schedules were so different, with Spencer majoring in Urban Planning, and his studios being afternoon classes while most of Ian's classes were in the morning. They went out to eat together on occasion, had attended football games together, and on the rare weekend both had some free time, gone out together with other friends to hear a band or hit one of the clubs in town. But they really didn't know each other. Spencer had no idea if Ian had a girlfriend back in his home town, or if he dated anyone on campus. He never mentioned having anyone in his life, nor did he talk about trying to hook up, of going out to pick up someone. Spencer didn't think much of it for he was so busy with his studies he did not have a lot of time to do anything, and he hadn't tried finding anyone to date, telling himself he would have time later once he got settled into his curriculum.

Spencer lay on his bed for a while, trying to read, until he couldn't stand it any longer. He got up and locked the door so he wouldn't get caught with something of Ian's and retrieved the disc from the lower drawer. He got his lap top back up and running and slid the disc into it. The program for movies came up and began loading the disc. It took a few seconds then the video began. At first all he could see was someone's stomach and chest in front of the camera, moving over it, shifting its position and he heard a man's voice.

"Come on Ian, quit fucking with that camera and come back to bed."

The body moved out of the screen and Spencer saw the room and instantly recognized it, for it was the same room in the background of a photograph sitting on Ian's desk of Ian with is younger brother and sister. The photography was bad, the lighting dark, the image fuzzy either from a bad program or cheap camera, but it was clear what Spencer saw lying on the bed. A man was lying on it stroking his hard cock, his hand moving up and down its curved hard length, occasionally doing a circular motion over the head. Soon he saw Ian climb on the bed moving up between the guy's legs, shifting up close to his cock, taking it in his hand, holding it up, moving his face up close to it. Ian looked up at the guy.

"Trevor, you want a blow job?" he asked jokingly as the two of them sniggered. Spencer watched, frozen in his chair, as he saw Ian take the cock in his mouth and slid down over it, making it disappear into his mouth. Spencer watched; feeling his stomach knot up, making fists with his hands, as he saw his roommate suck Trevor's cock, take it deeply in his mouth. Watched as Trevor held Ian's head and pumped his hips upward, fucking his mouth. Spencer felt confused by what he saw, felt his cock stiffen in the confines of his jeans, felt embarrassed about watching, but he couldn't stop as he watched Ian take Trevor's cock, saw him pump faster and faster, and he saw Ian swallowing, as Trevor was obviously cumming, shooting his load into Ian's mouth.

Spencer stopped the movie, ejected the disc and put it back, not able to watch the rest. He dropped back onto his bed and tried to read, but couldn't get the image of Ian sucking cock out of his mind. He thought of all the times they had seen each other naked down in the showers or back in their room as they changed clothes, or when Ian was getting ready for bed and he stripped naked before climbing into the upper bunk, giving Spencer a close up look at his body, at his cock and the way it hung over his balls, the way it was so light skinned, pale like the rest of him and the way he had so little body hair, just a sparse little patch over his cock and his balls were bare and smooth. And he thought about how Ian had had sex with another man, had sucked his cock, and who knows what else they had done. Did he take Trevor's cock in his ass? Did he fuck Trevor, let him suck his cock? Questions that crashed through Spencer's mind when he should have been studying. Suddenly the room seemed to squeeze in on him; he felt claustrophobic. He put on his running shoes, loaded his backpack with his books and headed out the door. He'd end up at the library where he would sit at a table along the side wall, as far away from everybody as he could get and try to study, shift through page after page of his books, scrawl down sentences that might not make sense as he passed the time, almost afraid to go back to his dorm room; anxious about being in the room with Ian knowing what he had seen Ian doing in the video and they way he had done it so voraciously. He wouldn't head back until the library closed.

He was relieved to see Ian wasn't in and he quickly showered and got in bed. He lay a long time, thinking of Ian and wondering if there were some signals he had missed, some comment or gesture that would have let him know Ian was gay, or bisexual, or whatever he was. He looked at the clock constantly noticing how only ten or fifteen minutes would be passed since he last looked. Around one in the morning he heard the key in the lock and he pretended to be asleep.

Days passed as he watched Ian go through his routines, climbing out of bed in the mornings, naked, his cock half hard. He watched him dress, pulling up briefs that were snug over his round ass, jeans that were worn and frayed that exposed skin through one hole or another, or the skinny jeans Ian sometimes wore that accentuated his long legs, and narrow waist or the way his t-shirts, polo shirts, or the collared shirts that hung so loose around his narrow waist as they hung down from his broad shoulders. He stole glances of Ian showering the one evening he came in when Spencer was already under a shower. Spencer realized he had seen him naked so many times before but it was different now, the way he appeared to Spencer. The smooth pale skin with a mole randomly located here or there, the way he was so hairless, more so than Spencer was himself, his hair so sparse and thin under his arms and over his cock as to hardly be noticeable, the light straw blond hairs blending in with his skin tone. Spencer was so confused, so caught off guard how he was responding to these thoughts. He was especially freaked out by having gotten an erection in the shower when Ian came in and showered near him. Ian hadn't said anything about it, but Spencer saw Ian look and smile once as he hurried to towel off and get back to their dorm room. When Ian wasn't tin their dorm room he was masturbating more than usual until he didn't shoot his loads out but they dribbled out, ran down over his stroking hand, smearing with the pit he used for lube. Sometimes he kept jacking, getting hard again, the slick wetness exciting him, and he would have a more intense orgasm, as his balls were struggling to push up another load.

A week had gone by before he found himself locking the door after Ian left one morning for his early class; found himself pulling out the disc, loading it up and watching once again Ian suck a man's cock, take it deep into his mouth, watching it disappear through his lips, then seeing him swallowing, taking the guy's load, and Spencer found himself sitting at his computer, his pants open, his hard cock in his hand as he stroked it, watching Ian and the man he assumed was Trevor continue their fooling around, watched as Ian lifted up Trevor's legs and buried his face in the guy's ass, listening to the guy moan and move his hips as if he could push more of himself into Ian's mouth. Then Spencer watched Ian move up over Trevor folding him in half by keeping his legs on his shoulders, opening his ass up as he aligned his hard cock for penetration. Spencer watched as Ian sunk his cock into Trevor, watched as Trevor's hands grabbed Ian's thighs stopping him from sinking all the way in, letting him get use to the penetration. Spencer was stroking his cock harder, his breathing shallow, at times he even held his breath, as he watched Ian fuck Trevor, watched as his pale white ass moved up and down, sliding his cock back and forth through Trevor's ass. When Ian was ready to cum he pulled out of Trevor's ass and scooted up on his stomach, and stroked off into his face and open mouth. When Spencer saw the blurry white wad hit Trevor in the mouth he came, shooting his own load onto his black t-shirt up and over his stroking hand and into his crotch, filling his pubic hair with cum. As he saw Ian move to the camera and stop the video taping of his fucking with Trevor, Spencer fell back in his chair, breathing hard, embarrassed at his reaction, confused by how excited it made him to see Ian fuck Trevor, to see his ass move up and down. He pulled his t-shirt off and wiped up his cum as best he could and buried the shirt in the bottom of his laundry bag, hoping the smell wouldn't be noticeable.

For the next week, whenever Ian was gone and Spencer knew he wouldn't be back for a while, he would pull out the disc, load it up and watch Ian suck Trevor's cock and then fuck his ass, and each time, Spencer would stroke his own cock, feel it get slick with pre-cum and when he watched Ian shoot off in Trevor's face and open mouth he would cum. During the week he caught himself looking at guys on campus differently, wondering which ones did what Ian did; which ones had sex with other guys. He caught himself staring at guys on campus or in the cafeteria and shocked whenever one looked back and smiled at him. Friday night he went to one of the most popular bars near campus, telling himself he had to snap out of it. He knew he just needed to hook up with a woman, go to her place, and fuck. Just fuck pussy and get the image of Ian sliding his cock into Trevor's ass out of his mind. But all he did was drink too much and stagger back to his dorm room. Ian was not there when he came in and he staggered to his bed and fell on top of his blanket, fully clothed and passed out.

He awoke on Saturday morning to the sound of thunder. He realized it was raining hard as the wind and rain pounded against the window. He lay in bed, his eyes closed, trying to will away the headache that was pounding in his skull. He tried to remember what he had done at the end of last night but all he could remember was staggering across campus. Then he remembered falling onto his bed fully clothed and realized he was now undressed, only wearing his boxers, and was nestled down in his bed. He panicked for a moment wondering how he got this way, then thought Ian probably got him into bed, and then he worried if he had said anything or done anything while Ian got him into his bed. Fuck he thought; if he said anything about seeing the disc he was just fucked. He twisted in bed and reached over to his desk to see the time. It was ten thirty. Another loud booming rumble of thunder shook the air and Spencer heard Ian stir above him.

"You alive down there?" Ian asked.

"Yeah, I think so."

"Man, it is coming down hard out there; I didn't know we were expecting thunderstorms today?"

"Me neither, but then again I've not seen TV in days. Ian, I was wondering...well, did you put me in bed last night?"

"Man, you don't remember?"

"No" Spencer responded, afraid of what Ian had to say next.

"I came in and found you lying on the floor. Man you were drunk. I couldn't believe it. I got you up and you were talking gibberish, I mean total nonsense. I couldn't make out any of it, but you helped me get you undressed and into bed. You were out like a light as soon as I pulled the covers up. Damn dude, what did you drink last night?"

"Bourbon...vodka. Maybe some tequila, but I'm not sure about that" Spencer replied, putting his fingers to his temples rubbing them slowly.

"Shit. Well at least you have all weekend to recoup."

"You got any aspirin?"

"Yeah, I'll get you a couple." Ian grabbed a couple of aspirin and bottled water from their refrigerator. Spencer settled back down on his bed, the headache enough to take his mind off of Ian and what he had been watching on the disc. Ian left the room for a shower, came back and dressed quietly while Spencer slept. He was going to the library to get some research completed since the weather was bad and he couldn't do any outdoor activities such as ride is bike.

That afternoon Ian returned to the dorm room and found Spencer was gone. He climbed up on his bed, laid back and listened to the slow drizzling rain as the trailing edge of the storm crept across the region. He dozed off and on for a while until he heard the door being opened. Spencer came in and put his umbrella down and tossed his backpack onto his desk chair.

"You ok?" Ian asked, sitting up on his bed.

"Yeah I feel better now that I got some food in me. Man, it's some weather we're having, isn't it? Shit, it sucks."

"You want to play some games or watch a movie?"

Spencer came up short, hesitated answering to the idea of watching a movie, immediately connecting it to the movie he found in Ian's stuff. He looked up at Ian finally and tried to act as if he was just contemplating the options.

"How about we watch a movie? I don't feel very competitive at the moment to be playing games."

Ian jumped down and went to his movie collection and began to read out the titles. Spencer rejected each one until he got to a movie he didn't know; an art house movie he had not seen. Ian put it in the DVD player and set the volume on the TV and shifted it around so they could watch it form Spencer's bed. They had in the past found Ian's bed was too high and agreed to pile into Spencer's bed to watch TV, one sitting at the head and one sitting at the foot, leaning back against pillows propped up to the wall. As the movie played the light coming in the room dimmed further with the sun dropping down in the West and the stormy sky still cloudy. The room got dark, with the only light coming from the TV. Ian shifted around; lying on his stomach with his feet propped up against the wall and angled toward Spencer with his head right at the foot of the bed. Spencer started to glance at Ian, look at his body lying on his bed, dimly lit in the light of TV. Ian's pale skin appeared to glow in the light; his bare smooth arms that appeared hairless, his exposed neck, the exposed sliver of back just above his jeans where his t-shirt rode up, and close to Spencer's face, Ian's bare feet and his ankles with the beginnings of fine blonde hair starting to show where his legs disappeared into his pant legs. Time and time again Spencer caught himself looking at Ian, looking at those places he could see skin. His cock felt constrained in his jeans and he had to adjust it, reach down and tug at his crotch, letting his cock have room to extend out some. He was so lost in the moment, of having Ian so close and thinking about what Ian looked like in that movie buried under his underwear, the way he put his cock into Trevor, slid it in and fucked him, Spencer was absent mindedly adjusting his cock over and over. He tried to watch the movie, to focus on what was happening, but he could smell Ian, his favorite cologne, the scent of his body; not unpleasant as he thought it should be, so he kept looking over at him lying across the foot of his bed.

He was looking at the bare strip of skin over Ian's jeans when he sensed a shift in Ian's position, movement from his head, and he looked up to see him looking back at him, his face in dark shadow. Spencer couldn't see his expression; see how his eyes were looking at him as he caught Spencer looking at him. Ian scooted around and put his hand on Spencer's leg just below the knee.

"You alright...anything you want to talk about?" Ian asked in a low voice, barely loud enough for Spencer to hear over the TV.

"I'm....I'm fine. Why?"

"You look like you want to...ask me something."

Ian's hand began to move slightly, to rub Spencer's leg; just small movements up and down. Spencer was frozen in place; part of him felt he should jerk back, to tell Ian to stop, not to touch him, but then another part wanted him to continue, to keep touching him; to touch him the way he touched Trevor. Ian moved around some more and rubbed his hand further up, moving up to mid-thigh as Spencer sat frozen; his hands at his sides holding a fist full of blanket in each. Ian noticed Spencer's expression was a mixture of fear and something else. Something he thought he recognized; that look of confusion, of wanting something that scared him.

"You want me to stop?" Ian whispered.

Spencer didn't say anything for a moment as he watched Ian's hand move up his leg, closer and closer to his crotch, closer to his cock, which had gotten painfully hard. Spencer took a deep breath and brought one hand to Ian's arm. Ian thought he was going to make him remove his hand but Spencer ran his fingers lightly through the fine hairs along his forearm, tickling the flesh, then he looked at Ian, his eyes wide, full of yearning.


Ian scooted up on his knees by Spencer, sitting close to him as he moved his hand to Spencer's chest, lightly rubbing him through his shirt, bringing it up and running his fingers over the flesh of his neck, over the roughness of his chin where the beard stubble felt coarse to his finger tips. He ran them to one ear, circling it, running them through the short hair on the side of his head, bringing his hand around and finally down to his neck where he softly grasped him and pulled his head to his own. Their lips touched, softly, gently at first; just a simple kiss.

"Was that ok?" Ian asked.

"Yes" and Spencer smiled for the first time, and then he moved forward, taking Ian head between his hands as he moved to him, kissing him passionately, roughly. He ran his lips over the smooth soft skin of his cheeks, his chin, around to his ear and neck. Ian felt the rough beard stubble as it raked over his skin, the masculine feel of it and he pulled Spencer over on top of him as he fell back on the bed. Spencer took charge, being released from his fear, his anxiety, and he moved on top of Ian, pressed his body on top of Ian, felt his hardness being crushed between them. Ian's hand ran under his shirt and over his back, the warmth of his hands made his skin feel alive. Spencer leaned up and took Ian's t-shirt by the waist and pushed it up to his armpits, exposing his stomach and chest, the smooth lean skin that glowed in the light from the TV. Spencer moved his mouth to Ian's chest, tongued one then the other nipple, nipped the second one, tugged on it slightly as he pushed his hand down over Ian's stomach, feeling it move up and down with his breathing. Ian was running fingers through Spencer's hair as Spencer slid one hand into Ian's jeans, pushed down over his cock, felt its firmness, it inflated girth; felt it expand in his grasp as he gave it a slight squeeze, then ran his hand over his length.

When Ian had touched him, Spencer had imagined Ian moving to his crotch, putting his face down into it, of putting Spencer's cock into his mouth, taking him like he'd seen him take Trevor in the movie. But now, with his hand in Ian's jeans, feeling his cock, the way it got hard, he knew he wanted something else. He wanted Ian in his mouth, wanted to feel Ian's cock moving over his tongue, sliding through his lips. Spencer slid to the floor by the bed, dragging Ian's legs with him turning him on the bed. He undid Ian's jeans and pulled everything down and off. Ian pulled his t-shirt off and laid back, his nakedness glowing in the dim light, his hard cock arced up over his stomach. Spencer moved up between Ian's legs, ran his hands up Ian's thighs, over his balls and one hand up the length of Ian's cock. He lifted it up and stuck out his tongue touching the head, tasting it; the saltiness of it and knew he couldn't stop. He moved to the head and took it in his mouth, tongue sliding over it and he moved down. Spencer shifted his arms under Ian's thighs, wrapped them around each and lifted them up, cradling his head between them as he sucked Ian's cock, took it to the opening of this throat and filled his mouth. Up and down he moved his head, feeling Ian's cock slide through his lips, wet and warm and hard.

Ian couldn't believe Spencer was taking him like this; moving his mouth up and down his cock, making him so hard, so achingly hard. Ian had wanted Spencer from their first day together but he assumed it wasn't to be; that Spencer was straight and not one to be sexually experimental. It had been hard for him rooming with him, seeing him act so modest, sleeping in a t-shirt and boxers, showering with his back to him most of the time if they happened to be there the same time, and he rarely mentioned sex, didn't make bragging comments or refer to past conquests. Now he realized how wrong he had been as he felt his cock sink into Spencer's mouth again and again. He loved the way Spencer took him, the slightly rough way Spencer sucked his cock, with teeth scrapping his shaft on occasion, and it excited him, the way Spencer was a novice; a virgin to man sex. Ian began to push up, to work his hips upward, shoving cock into Spencer, making him take more, take it faster as it slid over his tongue and pushed to his throat. The bed squeaked with Ian's movement as he worked his cock in Spencer's mouth. Spencer knew to hold his head over the thrusting hips of Ian, to let him work cock through his lips, to fuck him in the mouth. Ian's pace quickened, this thrusts got rougher, jerky in their motion and Ian grabbed Spencer by the head and held him in place as he shoved upward, feeling his cock flex up hard, expand and shoot. Ian thrust upward as he blasted each wad into Spencer's mouth, shoving it toward his throat, feeling the suction in his mouth as he swallowed.

Spencer took it all and then licked Ian clean. He sat back on his heels and looked up at Ian as he leaned up and stared back at him. Ian moved up on the bed, turning in position.

"Spencer, take off your clothes and fuck me" Ian said in a low commanding voice.

Spencer stood up and pulled his shirt off, revealing his muscular toned chest. He unfastened his jeans and pulled them down with his boxers. His hard cock popped out, sticking straight out with the head wet and slick. Ian held out his arms waiting, ready, as Spencer went to him and crawled on top of him, snuggling down between his legs. Ian felt Spencer's hardness press into him, felt the weight, the warmth of his body as it covered him. Their lips came together; then Spencer moved to Ian's neck, his ear, tonguing it, sending shivers up Ian's spine. Spencer ran his lips over Ian's cheeks, over his eyes and back to his mouth where their tongues dueled. Spencer shifted over to the side of Ian as one hand roamed over his chest, over his stomach groping his cock, rubbing and tugging on it, making it get hard again. Spencer moved his hand down, fingers tracing the contours of Ian's body as they moved down below his balls, following the line to his opening where he rubbed over it, pressed against it, testing its tightness. Ian spread his legs giving Spencer greater access as one finger breached him, penetrated into him slowly. Spencer stroked it through Ian's tight opening, working it around, loosening it up. He inserted a second finger, stretching the tight opening further, pushing into the warm soft interior of Ian. Then he inserted three fingers, feeling the tightness of Ian's opening resist him, slow to expand. Ian moaned under Spencer, arced his back, pushing down with his hips, taking Spencer's fingers deeply as he loosened up. Spencer worked them in and out, feeling Ian loosen up, accept him, readying for his cock.

Spencer pulled his fingers free, shifted up and over Ian, holding himself up with one arm as he aimed his cock at Ian's opening with Ian lying there waiting, legs spread out and around Spencer's waist. Ian felt Spencer nudge up to his opening, push against it, and then he felt the shift in Spencer's body, the move upward and down and he felt the breach of his opening as Spencer pushed his hard cock into him, slowly easing it in fractions of an inch at a time. Spencer could feel how tight Ian still was as his opening gripped his cock while it slid into his warm recesses, pushed into the velvety softness of his insides. Soon Ian had all of Spence, felt the full weight of Spencer on his hips, saw the lost look in his eyes, that need to satisfy his urges, that need to fuck.

Spencer began to move his hips, swinging them slowly at first, feeling the sensation of his cock moving through Ian, every little shift and move. He pulled back almost all the way out and pushed back in, all the way, again and again and again, until he couldn't help himself, couldn't resist, and he began to increase his pace, began to thrust his hips down faster and faster. Ian held on to Spencer's waist, feeling his body move over him, feeling his cock move through him, the fullness of deep penetration, the stroking of his opening and of his desire.

As Spencer built up a furious pace, rocking the mattress on the bed, making it squeak and rock, Ian pulled him down and began to kiss him, to hug his hot body to his own, rub his hands over Spencer's back and ass, feeling the sweat as it broke out over his skin, smearing it around as it slicked up his skin. He felt Spencer's body move and pump against him, his cock fucking him, working back and forth through him. The feel of Spencer against his body, the heat trapped between them, the slickness of skin on skin was making his cock harden up all the way, painfully so. Ian worked his hips with Spencer's, taking his fuck, giving himself up to it. Ian took Spencer's earlobe in his teeth and tugged on it; then he pressed his lips to his ear.

"Fuck me...Spencer" he whispered as he listened to Spencer grunt and groan, felt his thrusts get rough, jerky, hammering against his own body hard, and he knew Spencer was close. Spencer couldn't slow down, he couldn't prolong it, had to come, his need too great, as he slammed into Ian over and over, shoving in hard, feeling it in his cock. Then he felt it, his cock swell, his muscles tighten up, his body tense and hot and lost to the moment. He shoved in hard, pushing to go further and he came. Each ragged thrust pumping out more and more hot thick cum, shoving it deep into Ian, his cock raking through it, slicking up Ian's insides and his cock. He slowed but didn't stop, kept fucking his cock into Ian, feeling his sensitive cock send shivers up his spine, curl his toes, take his breath. His body, sweaty and hot, kept moving on Ian, feeling the heat trapped between them. Then he felt it, the spasm of Ian's opening, felt it milk his cock, and he felt the flexing of Ian's cock underneath him and the hot cum spread out around Ian's cock head as he came again, pumping out his load between them.

When Ian was spent, Spencer rolled off of him and ran fingers through Ian's load, smearing it around, feeling it cool, turn liquidity, as Ian was watching him intently, like watching a child discover something new for the first time. Spencer leaned down and kissed Ian gently on the lips and rolled up next to him, settling down. In the silence they could hear each other breathing normally again, could hear once again the drizzling rain outside, the wind, and out in the corridor, the late evening goofing off of the guys on their dorm floor. Soon sleep over took them.

It was four am when Ian awoke, alone in Spencer's bed. The room was dark and Spencer was gone. Ian lay there wondering if he was ok, was he having problems with what they had done, accepting something so many refused to accept; that two men could love one another. Ian lay in the dark waiting.



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