It had been three days since he had been at Brian's place when Mike came over. Three days since he had put his cock into another guy, slide it up next to Brian's cock while buried in Mike's ass. He couldn't stop thinking about it to the point he caught himself looking at other guys on campus, especially those that looked like Mike. The guys who were short, lean, boyish, but then he also would look at other guys, muscular guys, jocks, the geeky ones with glasses and those artistic ones dressed so differently. He thought about what it had been like when Mike sucked his cock, took the whole damn thing into his mouth. The memory of that warm wet mouth moving on his cock kept his half hard all the time.

Phillip got back to his dorm room and tossed his backpack on his desk and fell down across his bed, lying back staring at the underside of his roommates upper bunk, mind lost in his thoughts of with guys. His cell phone began to ring and he dug it out of his pocket and saw it was Brian.

"Hey, what's up?" as casually as he could make his voice sound, eager, hopeful Brian was calling for him to come over.

"Not much. Not yet anyway. Mike is coming over and wanted to know if you wanted to come over too" Brian asked, his voice actually calm and casual, for to Brian sex was just sex and Phillip now knew when Brian said to get it while you could he knew he meant in any way possible, but he wondered if Brian thought of it the way he had, the constant image of Mike taking his cock, the idea of sex with another guy and how it made him look at other guys differently. He wasn't naïve about guys having sex with each other; it was just something he had never been in contact with, something that became very real. Phillip hesitated for what he thought was an appropriate time before responding.

"Yeah, sure. It's kind of fun."

Kind of fun he thought; what a lie. It was a lot of fun.

Phillip had arrived after Mike and when Brian answered the door he told him to come on back. Mike was naked and Brian was getting out his boxers as Phillip began to undress in Brian's bedroom. Mike went into the bathroom and turned on the shower.

"He wants to shower off and I thought why wait till he finishes. We can start in the shower."

Brian had a shower stall just large enough for the three of them to maneuver around in and it wasn't long before Mike was bent over with Brian's soapy fingers buried in his hole, stretching him open as Mike sucked Phillip cock. The shower was hot, the steam quickly filling the room and Brian pulled his fingers from Mike's hole and pulled him back off Phillip's cock. He held Mike around the chest and told him to put his feet up on the wall either side of Phillip. Phillip knew what he was to do and when Mike was leaned back against Brian, his feet planted on the opposite wall, his legs spread open with Phillip between them it didn't take Phillip long to sink his cock into Mike, to work it all the way into him and began to fuck. Phillip leaned forward, resting his head against Mike's shoulder, feeling the hot spray wash over him, feeling the tight hole he was fucking his cock through with slow even thrust and he couldn't stop the thought of wondering what it would be like to be the one getting fucked; to be taking a cock in his own ass.

They were still wet when they piled up on Brian's bed. They started with Phillip back in Mike's ass, on top, pumping his hips firmly, forcibly. Phillip sensed Brian beside him, just back out of his sight and he thought of what it would be like if Brian got on the bed and put his cock in his ass. Phillip wondered how it'd feel to have Brian fuck him while he fucked Mike. He jolted forward, the shock of the firm smack on his ass by Brian drove forward into Mike so hard Mike grunted.

"That's it, fuckin' kill him with it" Brian cheered Phillip on, laughing. Phillip drove harder into Mike, fucked him so hard the bed rocked back and forth hammering into the wall. He wanted to impress Brian, wanted him to touch him again, to feel his hand on his body. Mike was grunting as he held on to Phillip's hips, hips that were driving up and down at a furious pace, the smacking of their bodies echoing in the room.

"Jesus, save some for me you pervert" and Brian smacked Phillip on the ass again and Phillip came, pumping his cum deep into Mike, shooting it out so hard it hurt.

They had gone at Mike for two hours, taking turns, till each had pumped two loads into his skinny ass. Phillip had fucked Mike last, had made Brian go before him, for he wanted to feel Brian's fresh load when he sank his cock into Mike once more. When Brian had finished Phillip wasted no time in getting Mike on his back, his legs grasped in each hand, pushed back till the lean little body was bent double and his cum oozing hole was turned upward, open, ready, waiting. Phillip had sunk into the wet slick hole slowly, feeling his cock slide effortlessly into Mike and he had taken slow this time. Phillip fucked and fucked and fucked while Brian lay right next to them, watching Phillip's cock pump in and out of Mike's hole, watched as it pumped out the previous loads of cum, watched as Phillip's slick wet cock moved through the loose ring of Mike's hole.

"Goddamn the whore if fucked out this time" Brian stated, giggling at his own comment. When Phillip felt his need to cum rise up, his cock feel harder, bigger, he had picked up the pace and fucked as hard as he could, this tense muscles of his stomach shivering with exertion, his body covered in sweat, the skin glistening in the dim light. He fucked as Mike jacked his own cock, who had not come yet, who had let his need build up with each fucking till he was now ready, his cock so wet with pre-cum Phillip and Brian could hear his slick hand movement as he stroked himself. When he came, he came so hard his body jerked underneath Phillip and his hole milked Phillip till he came, pumping his second load into the wet slick mess that was Mike's ass.

They showered off when they had finished and soon Phillip found himself back in his dorm lying on his back lost in thought as his roommate read some text book on his bed above. He thought about the way Mike took their cocks, begging them to fuck harder, to fuck faster, to fucking pump their loads into him and he found his cock getting hard again. He thought the way Brian had smacked his ass, the feel of it, they way it stung, made his ass burn but also made him fuck harder, to drive his cock into Mike. He then wondered what it would be like to let Brian fuck him, to drive that thick cock into his hole, stretch him open, take a fuck.

He slept restlessly the next couple of days and was like a zombie on campus, going through the motions, trying to pay attention in one class after the next, but his mind kept wondering, circling back to the same image. The image of him having sex with Brian. Or with Mike. Or with the guy who just passed by riding his bicycle, or the one sitting on the bench near the entrance to the engineering department, or the guy in his physics class, the one who wore tank tops and frayed and worn jeans that Phillip now knew showed the guy's cock through the worn denim, let him see how it laid to the right, enticingly just below the fabric, and it all made Phillip his heart race and kept his cock half hard.

Tuesday night and his roommate was sound asleep as Phillip lay on his bed, the blinds open on the one window the end of their dorm room, letting the moon light shine in. It was a full moon and Phillip looked down across his body and saw how the light shone across his body, his bare chest and stomach visible enough he could see the contours of his body, see the hair that grew around his navel and traveled down, disappearing inside his white briefs, briefs tented with his hard cock, and he reached down and tugged on it, willing it to go down, frustrated, confused.

"Fuck it" he whispered to himself, knowing he wasn't getting any sleep unless he did something, so he eased out of bed and slipped on the baggy cargo shorts and t-shirt he had been wearing earlier. He slipped his feet in his sandals and headed out. He didn't know where he was going, just knew he needed to get out and get some air, to see if a walk would tire him down so he could get some sleep.

He walked across campus toward the commercial district by the college and down a few blocks of the deserted street. He looked at his watch and realized it was nearly 3 am and he cut back into the campus and made his way over to the back side, thinking he'd make a loop and circle back to the dorm thinking a couple of miles of walking should make him able to sleep. As he went past the arboretum department he saw the entrance to the small park they maintained along the small creek that cut through the back of the campus and he headed down, knowing the path would run along the creek and come out on the other side of campus where he could work his way back.

The trail ran through the trees, sections heavily landscaped, as it ran along the creek. The trail crossed the creek in several locations, being bridged over by one student designed construction or another. Phillip had gone about half way along the park when he stopped on one bridge and leaned on the rail looking up the low lying area and how the moon light was filtered by the trees. He stood there for several minutes wondering whether or not he was being unreasonable, if he shouldn't relax and just admit whether or not he enjoyed sex with another guy as much, or possible more, as sex with a woman. He leaned over the rail and looked down into the dark waters circling among the rocks in the creek where it passed under the bridge. He didn't hear anyone come up behind him, didn't hear them move up close to him and when he stood up straight, he didn't realize someone was right behind him, until they whispered to him, making his heart stop.

"What are you looking for?" the deep voice asked, barely loud enough to hear, but hear he did and he froze.

"Relax man, relax, we're good here" the voice said in a calming tone, letting Phillip relax some of the tension away.

"You ok now?" the voice asked and Phillip, having not even turned around, somehow knowing not to, just nodded yes. The guy moved up behind him, put his hands on the rail just outside Phillip's own hands and got real close, his breath hitting Phillip on the neck.

"So, you never told me what you're doing out here?"

"I don't...I don't know" Phillip replied as he held his head down, looking at the hands on either side of him. He felt the guy move up till their bodies touched, till he could feel the guy push his crotch against his ass, stirring up a heat inside of him.

"I think you do know" the voice stated as he sniggered quietly in Phillip's ear. "You want me to stop?" he asked.


Phillip felt the guy push up against him, felt him press against his ass, his breath on his neck and ear and then his hands rubbing up Phillip's arms, lightly, softly, stroking him up.

"Follow me" the guy said in a soft quiet whisper in Phillip's ear. Phillip turned and could just make out a guy about his own age, slightly shorter but stocker, more muscular wearing gym shorts and t-shirt and he followed him off the bridge and down the trail till they came to a bench. The stood waiting as Phillip walked up to him, came up close, face to face. He saw the goatee dark against his skin, and he saw the guy's hand come up to his shoulder and rest on it.

"You want it, dontcha?" the guy said as he pushed down on Phillip's shoulder. Phillip knew what he wanted and he hesitated for only a moment before he eased down on his knees. He put his hand on the guy's crotch and felt it, the cock that was getting hard, through the thin fabric. He squeezed it, held the growing shaft in his hand and then leaned over coming to the edge of his hand where he knew the head protruded and mouthed it through the fabric. The guy ran his hands over Phillip's head rubbing the short stubble of hair.

"Come on, we ain't got all night; take it out and suck it."

Phillip pulled down the guy's shorts till this cock popped free, bobbing up and down in front of him. He took the shaft, held it up and he leaned over and licked the head, felt the soft spongy head on his tongue, then he let the cock slide into his mouth, let the guy push it into him till he gagged, choked but the guy held him steady on his cock.

"Damn, is this your first time or somethin'?" the guy taunted. He pulled back and pushed forward again and Phillip took it, felt it slid over his tongue, and he suddenly wanted the guy to go faster, to moved his cock back and forth through his mouth where he could feel it slide through his lips, to feel what it was like to suck a man's cock. Phillip had his hand's on the guy's ass, holding himself upright, and felt himself guide the guy's pace, felt him work the guy's hips back and forth, moving the cock in his mouth, feeling it swell up thicker, stretch out to its full length.

"Yeah, take it man, fuck."

The guy began to pick up the pace, move faster than Phillip was prepared for and suddenly he couldn't catch his breath, couldn't maintain the rhythm and he pulled off gasping for breath as the guy's cock bobbed in his face, the dim moonlight shining off the wet glistening shaft.

"God I was close. You shouldn't have stopped, but now..." and the guy looked around, looked at the quiet park, where the only sound was their own breathing could be heard and he looked down at Phillip, "I think we have time. Get up."

Phillip stood up and the guy reached for his jeans, unfastened the button, jerked the zipper down as Phillip stood transfixed, watching the guy open his jeans wondering if he was going to suck his cock, give him the same pleasure, but when he pushed Phillip's jeans down, he shoved them all the way do his ankles.

"Step out of them."

"What...isn't that risky...I mean..." Phillip stammered until the guy cut him off.

"I said step out of them, NOW" he barked and Phillip complied, stepping out of his jeans and briefs. The guy grabbed his t-shirt by the waistband and pulled it roughly up and over Phillip's head, leaving him completely naked. The guy tossed the shirt on the bench and turned to Phillip, rubbing his hand over Phillip's chest, feeling his erect nipples, then down over his stomach and downward, grasping Phillip's cock, stroking him, getting him hard.

"You'll want it more if your stroked" the guy whispered and Phillip realized what the guy wanted. He felt his heart beat faster, the nervousness creep over him, but he didn't try to stop the guy and when the guy moved him toward the bench he got down on his back and raised his legs, letting the guy grab hold of them behind his knees. He let the guy push his legs back, doubling him over, opening his ass up, turning it upward, ready to be penetrated. Phillip head the edge of the bench tightly, gripped it with all his strength as the guy pushed his cock against Phillip's opening, firmly, with determination, the guy pressed his cock against the hole until Phillip felt it breach his opening, penetrate him, for the first time taking a man's cock inside of himself. He felt the guy's urgency, his desire to fuck, to get his cock into Phillip as deep as he could and he soon started to fuck, hard, powerful thrust that made Phillip grunt and moan till the guy grab up the t-shirt lying underneath him and jerked it free, then shoved it in Phillip's mouth.

"This will quieten you down, ya noisy fuck" the guy said, laughing quietly as he began to fuck again, his hips hitting firmly against Phillip's ass, shoving his cock all the way in. Thrusting down, over and over and over, the guy kept a furious pace, his only concern was getting off, to get his cock to shoot its load, and he fucked roughly into Phillip to dump that load into his ass.

All too soon the guy started fucking harder, short quick strokes, and Phillip knew he was ready to cum, ready to fill his ass. The guy hammered his hole.

"Fuck, take it...take my load" the guy cried out in a strangled voice as he pumped his load into Phillip, shoved his cock into Phillip all the way in with each ejaculation. It took only a few minutes start to finish and the guy was pulled out and pulling his shorts back up.

"Thanks" the guy said and he walked off leaving Phillip lying on the bench, naked, feeling the warm cum run out of his ass. He lay back for a moment, looking up at the moon visible through the tree and took his own hard cock and stroked it, reliving the anonymous fuck, the way the guy had felt in his mouth, then in his hole, working back and forth through his opening. He thought of the initial pain, then the pleasure when his hole relaxed and took the fuck and he came quickly, shooting thick wads over his chest and stomach. When he was spent he lay there feeling his cock deflate in his hand. He felt some of the cum on his fingers and he held them up to his nose and sniffed them, smelling the unique smell of his cum, then he stuck his tongue to it, tasting his own load, the odd flavor, then he licked his fingers cleaned.

He used his t-shirt to wipe the cum off, knowing he'd toss it in a garbage can on the way back to his dorm. He pulled up his jeans and headed back. By the time he got back it was nearly five am and he had to be up in a couple of hours, but when he got on his bed sleep came quickly.

Brian was sitting at his desk on Thursday night finishing up a paper due the next day when his cell phone began to ring. He looked at the screen and smiled.

"Hey, ya nasty pervert, what has you calling tonight?"

Brian listened to the reply and shook his head smiling at what he was hearing. He leaned forward and held the phone tight to his head. He laughed.

"Come on man, just ask. You know why you're calling" Brian replied. He listened the voice on the other end stammer until he finally said what he wanted.

"Sorry man, but Mike isn't coming over tonight." Then Brian had to raise his eyebrows, couldn't believe what he was hearing, then he smiled, mischievously, and leaned back in his chair.

"Ok, Phillip, come on over; it'll just be the two of us."



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