Brian held Mike by the head, shoving his cock into his mouth, grunting on every thrust into his mouth. Mike took it, took every inch, let Brian's cock slid over his tongue and push into his throat cutting off his air for just a moment with every down stroke. He felt the hard shaft with its smooth skin slid through his hot mouth, he felt the way Brian's ass flexed in his hands as he held on and he felt his own cock slid over the rough denim of Brian's jeans, rubbing between his legs. Brian pulled Mike's head back and turned it up to face him.

"Fucking cunt" and he spit in Mike's face. "Suck my cock, bitch" as he shoved his hard cock back into Mike's mouth, pushing forward till his stomach smacked Mike's forehead, till his throat was plugged and his face was turning red. Over and over he worked his cock into Mike's mouth, fucking it, taking it and making it his.

"Goddamn Brian, fuck that mouth" Phillip stated as he watched, sitting only a foot away on the sofa. When Mike had showed up at the door Brian had worried if Phillip would be okay with what could happen. But when Brian asked Mike if he wanted to suck his dick Mike had been hesitate at first, what with Phillip there, but Brian had gotten demanding, not taking no for an answer and soon Mike was taking his clothes off, tugging the t-shirt over his head letting Phillip see his lean body, so hairless he looked a lot younger than nineteen. Mike dropped his shorts to his ankles when he undid his belt and unfastened them, his waist too skinny to hold them up. He started toward Brian in his boxers but Brian yelled at him.

"Take off those fucking shorts, asshole."

And Mike did as he was told, dropped them to the floor and stepped out of them, letting Phillip see his pale cock shaft rise up and the red head flare up as his excitement was obvious to everyone. Brian moved up to Mike and began to undo his jeans, to open them up and when he had them spread open he pushed them and his briefs down below his balls. His cock, though flaccid, was beginning to rise, rise to the thought of putting it to Mike, to sliding in that hot wet mouth and then into that tight ass.

It didn't take long, just a few minutes for Brian's cock to get hard, to rise to its full thick length, with its slight curve upward, the vein lined shaft soon glistening with the juice of Mike's mouth hole. Brian had learned over the last few months what Mike really liked, the kinky bastard, and he pulled out again, letting his hard cock bob up and down in Mike's face.

"What do you want...boy" Brain practically spit the last word out. Mike's response was so low Brian couldn't hear it, knew Mike was being more submissive that usual for their audience. Brian slapped him across the cheek.

"What did you say?"

"I want to suck your cock, sir...I want...I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck me in front of your friend...I want..." and he hesitated, looked up at Brian, pleading in his eyes. Brian slapped him again.

What do you want, pussy."

"I want both of you to fuck me" Mike replied and he opened his mouth, waiting, waiting for Brian to shove his cock back into it, to fuck it down into his throat. Phillip couldn't believe it but Brian had just looked over at him and smiled.

"Get your clothes off Phillip."

While Phillip got out of his clothes Brian sat down and pulled Mike over his lap, his ass sticking up in the air. Brian knew what Mike wanted, knew how he had begged for it that first time and he didn't know if he could really do it, but when he felt the warmth in his hand and the way Mike had responded, he found himself liking his role in Mike's fetish as much as he did.

Phillip jumped when he heard the smack, the hard firm contact of Brian's hand on Mike's bare ass. Mike flinched and a grunt escaped from his lips. Brian smacked Mike's ass again, and again and again until he not only felt the hot skin but saw the redness rise up in it. Mike was groaning and grunting, his legs kicking out with each stinging blow. Phillip had stood watching, stroking his cock till it was hard.

Brian shoved Mike into the floor where he landed on his red burning ass and his hard cock flopped into view.

"Suck his cock, whore" Brian commanded and Mike quickly got on his knees and scooted over to Phillip. Mike held up the hard cock, leaned in and licked it, base to head, and he sucked the head into his mouth making Phillip gasp. Mike knew he had Phillip when he felt Phillip push forward sinking his cock into Mike's mouth. As Phillip worked his cock back and forth through Mike's mouth feeling the hot slickness on his cock Brian was getting out of his jeans and briefs. Brian sat on the sofa and watched, watched as Phillips cock disappeared into Mike's mouth, watched as his throat swallowed around the head and his face turned red before Phillip moved back.

"Fuck the whore's mouth; fuck him hard" Brian stated as he slow stroked his own cock, keeping it hard. Phillip held Mike's head firmly in place and began to rock his hips back and forth, faster and faster, working his cock through his mouth. He kept up his pace for a while, till he felt his cock get really hard, flex tight and he pulled back, freeing his cock, letting it bounce in the air, cooling it down. It was too soon to blow a load. He liked this too much.

"Okay pussy, get over here" Brian demanded and Mike knew what he wanted. Mike got up and went to the sofa and turned to face Phillip, let him see how he was still hard, a long thin line of precum drooling down from the head of his cock. He stepped back and got up on the sofa and eased his ass down till it hovered over Brian's cock. He moved down slightly, feeling the head rub him there, touch the opening sending sensations of desire and lust straight to his head and he eased down further feeling the head breach through his tight opening, stretch him, till the head penetrated him. Brian grunted as Mike cried out. Phillip didn't have to stroke his cock for it to stay hard. Phillip watched intently, getting down on his knees so he could see better as Mike lowered himself slowly, gradually, Brian's cock sinking into him, the thick shaft stretching his opening till he accommodated it all, his body sitting down on Brian's lap with cock completely buried in his hole.

"Move that ass, whore" Brian demanded and Mike began to rise up, letting Phillip see the shaft slide out of his hole. Mike rose till only the head was trapped behind the tight ring of his opening and he eased back down, all the way. Mike moved slowly for several times, letting his opening get use to the penetration, the thick shaft he was working into his hole until he felt it, that relaxation, that sudden openness where he could take Brian's cock with total ease and he picked up his pace, began to work his body up and down faster and faster till the sofa squeaked with his movement on Brian's lap...on Brian's cock.

Brian grabbed Mike around the chest and pulled him back, Mike's legs spread wide open, his own hard cock slapping back to his stomach, and Brian began to thrust his hips upward, fucking up into Mike, slamming into him in a different angle, one that made it better, made each hammering stroke feel intense and Mike reached back, over his head and held on to the sofa's back, stretched out completely, his naked body tight, his nipples erect, the muscles under his skin prominent and his skin beginning to glisten with sweat. Brian went at Mike's hole with wild abandon, shoving his cock in fast until he needed to stop. Mike and Brian lay there panting, both hot, the room beginning to smell of them, their overheated masculine scent.



"There's something I've been wanting to do."

"What's that?"

"Come over and slide your cock in this pussy's hole next to mine and fuck him."

"No want to have both of our cocks in him? Can he take it?"

MIke leaned up, the look of lust in his eyes as he stared at Phillip.

"Do it man, put that cock in me, stretch me open" Mike begged.

Phillip couldn't believe he was going to do this, to put his cock in Mike's hole next to Brian's, but he moved forward, got down in position as Brian held Mike's legs back spreading him further, giving him room. Phillip put his cock against the edge of Mike's hole, up against Brian's cock and pushed. Mike was tight, his hole stretched around Brian's thick shaft and Phillip wondered if it was possible to get Mike stretched open any more, but Mike shifted slightly, turned his ass up a little and Phillip felt it, the stretch of Mike's hole, felt his cock begin to slid in next to Brian's cock, felt the unbelievable tightness. He didn't know how, but he watched as his cock slowly penetrated Mike, his shaft sliding in next to Brian. He worked slowly pushing steadily forward until his cock was in all the way.

"Goddamn that is tight" Brian muttered behind Mike as he held him tight to his own body, feeling the heat of him, feeling the tension, the shaking as Phillip buried his cock in Mike's hole. Phillip was soon working his cock back and forth, fucking it along Brian's, pushing and pulling through the tight ring of Mike's opening. Mike grunted on every push in, feeling the tightness, feeling the second cock, Phillip's cock plow through his insides. Brian held on tight to Mike's lean body, held him tight, felt the heat of him, the slick sweat on his skin, the tightness and he began to move his hips, working in with Phillip as much as he could, the feeling of Phillip's cock working along his shaft stroking him up.

Soon, way too soon, Brian felt it, the need to cum, and he began to thrust his hips harder, short stabs up into Mike.

"I'm close...real close" Brian said, barely above a whisper.

"Me too" Phillip replied between grunts as he continued to work his cock into Mike, fucking like a wild animal, hard hammering thrusts that brought all three of them to the edge. Mike's eyes were closed, his mouth hung open with soft whimpering sounds escaping it as Phillip and Brian used him, fucked him, together, cock sliding by cock. Phillip came first, the excitement of what he was doing, something new, something he'd never considered before, and he fucked his cock into Mike, hard, slapping his hips up against Mike's ass, shoving in so hard he spread Brian's and Mike's legs further apart and came. He cried out, shoved in hard and felt his load gush out in ejaculation after ejaculation. His cock somehow flexing in its tight confines as he pumped it in short quick thrust, pumping out his cum till he felt the slickness envelope his cock.

Brian felt it too, the hard short thrust, the way Phillip was cumming in Mike's hole, slammed up next to his own cock. He felt they way Phillip kept up his short stabbing jabs into Mike, and in turn, along his own cock and it was enough to push him over, to bring his load shooting out, pumping it in Mike, mixing it with Phillip's. The tightness, the heat and now the slickness, as the two cocks worked their loads into Mike, mixing, coating Mike's insides until finally Phillip stopped and had to brace himself over Mike and Brian. He saw sweat dripped down on Mike and realized he was sweating profusely.

Phillip eased out, watching as his still hard cock pulled through the cum slick hole till it was free. He stood up, his body still tingling and watched as Brian reached around and took Mike's cock, stroked it, full hard strokes from head to base. Mike barely moved, but his hips were rocking slightly, with Brian's cock still buried in his ass and some of the two mixed loads working their way back out. Brian held Mike down against him as he jerked him off, for Mike was close and it took only a few strokes to bring him off. Phillip stood amazed at how much cum shot out of Mike's cock; several thick wads flew out, hitting Mike in the face, over his neck and down his chest before he was down to the just a few dribbles and Brian's hand was smearing it up and down the shaft.

"Stop...please stop" Mike begged Brian, his spent cock sensitive to further stimulation. Mike eased up and dropped down on the floor on his knees as Brian stayed laid back on the sofa.

"Shit Phillip, does that thing ever go down?" Brian asked jokingly.

"Yeah, it's just sometimes I get so wound up I can go again...sometimes need to" Phillip replied sheepishly. Mike looked up at Phillip and smiled. He scooted up to Phillip and leaned down lining his mouth up with the head and eased his mouth down over Phillip's still hard cock, pushing the cum along the shaft, sucking it up as he went. Mike sucked slowly, worked his mouth along Phillip's hard shaft, savored the taste of sex on it as Phillip ran his hands through Mike's sweaty hair.

Brian watched, his own cock sated, as Mike sucked Phillip, used his mouth pleasuring Phillip until he was ready, and he began to work his hips, instinctively shoving his cock into Mike's mouth, feeling the heat of it, the slickness and he came again. Mike sucked up the load, swallowed it as Phillip gave it to him till there was no more to get.

When everyone had settled down Brian kicked Mike's clothes over toward him and told him to go get cleaned up. Soon Phillip and Brian could hear the shower running as they sat naked smiling mischievously at each other.

"Fuck Brian...I mean what the fuck?" Phillip stated, unsure what to say.

"I know right. Man I can't believe it either, but you have to admit, it is fucking something else. I mean no girl would ever do what that whore will do."

"But how did you...How did he get you..." Phillip stammered unable to ask how Mike got the supposedly straight jock Brian to have sex with him.

"He'd been helping me with calculus and one night we started drinking and once the light weight got drunk he admitted what he wanted. Man I couldn't believe what he told me, but man, when he sucked my dick the way he did...well fuck, I gave him every twisted thing he wanted."

"How often does he come over?"

"Why? You want a repeat visit?" Brian asked laughing; then he leaned forward, serious. "He comes over about once a week, but sometimes, when he is stressed with exams he has come over two or three times a week."

Phillip had stood up and put his clothes on while they talked. He was standing at the door, ready to leave.

"I should get going. I've got a paper to finish up. But if you guys...ya know..."

"We'll call you."



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