Part 2 Kaleb is set to meet with the captain at 8:00 a.m. about his involvement in the rescue of Travis.

Travis is nervous as you can imagine not knowing what happen to him just that he was on a raft. He cant figure out how he survived without food or water the doctor said he had to been out there for at least three days. Being tired of seeing the doctors office he opens the door to find a crewman standing at the door and walks out. The crewman following the captain's orders says to Travis if you would follow me to cabin 1243 and you will be able to rest in a bed and take a shower for you meeting with the captain at 8:30. Feeling a little at ease he follows the crewman to the cabin that is on the sky deck. In the cabin the crewman said the captain has ordered rooms service so when your ready for it just dial 725 on the phone this will alert the kitchen that you are ready and here is a menu.

On the bridge the captain is informed that Travis is a wake and is now in the cabin. Remember the captain is superstitious and is still nervous for having a unknown person on board. The captain knows a lot of his crew is not exactly normal. There actually is a rumor that this cruise line only serves the children of the ancient gods. What is unknown to the captain the report to headquarters has already emailed a response. Inside this email it tells the captain a panel under his desk in his cabin there is a key pad type in 125498. this opens a panel inside his safe that he always asked about and never got a answer besides its for emergencies only. The second officer goes to the captain and says would you like to retire until morning so you will be refreshed for your interviews. Knowing the officer was correct and he was tired he does and goes. Inside his cabin he notices he has a flashing light on the monitor on his desk. This monitor is only does video chat with the main office and emailed responses. He opens the message and follows the directions the emailed tells him. Now fully awake with fear of the rescue victim and what he could be he opens the safe and retrieves a packet that has a list of questions and orders stop ship inside Greek waters and call coast guard immediately and tell them its a code 99774. Being still at least a day from GREECE he orders the ship to alert the Greek Coast Guard and tell them its a code 99774 and need a ship to meet them at the edge of there waters and increase speed to 10 knots.

It is now 8 hours later and the time is 7:30 the captain is preparing for the interview with Kaleb with the packet and is nervous to see what is inside.

7:45 The captain has opened the packet and has read it and is extremely nervous with who this Travis could be and what kind of cruise line is prepared for finding people at sea alive and nothing in site.

Kaleb is walking down to the meeting room being escorted by a crewman and enters it is now 7:55 a.m. Inside the room he sees the doctor, captain and a crewman on the computer typing as the captain is speaking.

Captain being polite this person is a paying guest and knows what is expected of the crew and captain as listed on each door of the cabins. He ask Kaleb to sit he only has a few questions.

1. What where you doing on deck at the time of the event instead of at dinner.

Kaleb said and being truthfully replies being a fisherman by trade I wasn't in the mood for diner and none of other things on the menu sounded good so I decided to go for a walk on deck.

2. When you heard the scream you alerted the crew did you expect a fellow passage of falling over board or a survivor of a boat accident?

Kaleb of course I thought it was a passenger that fell over board we are in commercial waters and most fishing vessels cant handle the wake of a cruise or commercial vessels.

3. After pulling the person to the boat did you try to help the crew or what was your reaction.

Kaleb I backed off because one I am not employed by this ship nor was I asked for assistance.

4. Do you know this person or had contact before now.

Kaleb No. I do not know him or have seen him before now.

Captain says thank you may go but please stay in contact with the crew the Greek authorities have been alerted to the rescue of the person.

As Kaleb is leaving the rooms he sees Travis coming down the hall being escorted as well.

The interview with the captain and Travis.

Mister Travis I do not know a last name because u did not give it to the doctor please come in and have a seat you must me eager to get this over with so you can relax until we make shore.

Travis replies yes lets do. I don't remember much but I will tell you everything that I can remember.

Captain's questions

1. Do you remember being on a ship of any kind and if so what was the name so we can try and send help if there is any others that we did not come across?

Travis: No I don't remember all I remember is that one moment I was on a raft screaming trying to get help then a rope comes at me.

2. What country do you come from and where you live you didn't have any type of identification on you?

Travis: no I don't remember where I lived but I think it was by water.

The captain can see this is not going anywhere begins to think might as well let him rest and try again later its still a good day before we can meet he Greek Coast Guard.

Captain: thank you. You may return to your cabin or join in on the entertainment we have going on.

Travis replies not a problem but for now I want to rest maybe later. This time he notices no escort.

AS Travis is walking down the hall to his room he notices Kaleb coming toward him he remembers him and asked what is your name I don't remember you telling me last night?

Kaleb being nice answers him saying My name is Kaleb.

Travis ask him would you like to join me in my cabin the captain put me in so we can talk I would like to get to know the one that rescued me.

Kaleb says alright lets go I have nothing planned.

As the two walk to the cabin they notice the ship is hitting bad weather and decides to hurry back.

Over the intercom the captain ask all passenger's report to your cabins we are heading into some ruff water and a thunderstorm.

Kaleb sees the crewman that escorted him to the meeting room and tells him he's going to Travis room since his room is right next door.

Inside the cabin Travis starts to notice little things about Kaleb that he didn't before like the waves not bothering him and he wasn't nervous just like he was. As they talked they start to get thirsty and was wondering if there was anything in the refrigerator like there was in Kaleb's room. Travis gets up to check and right then when he stands up a wave hits the ship just enough to knock him off his feet on to Kaleb's lap. They stare at each other and notice they are almost alike both blue with green speaks. Travis gels up quickly and goes to the refrigerator and gets 2 bottles of water. As he walks back he notices that the storm is passing and the clock now says noon. Both not hungry decide just to stay where they are and relax and talk. As time goes by they start to relies that they are attracted to one and another and start moving closer and closer.

Kaleb not taking the heat any longer jumps onto Travis lap and starts to kissing him. Time seems just to melt away as they make out like two lover that haven't seen each other for a long time. As night fall hit both are now in there underwear only and they notice the definition on each others body is very similar. Both have eight pack abs, 8inch rock hard dicks and legs that could make Adonis envy of them. As they take turns now kissing each others chest Kaleb is the first to start to pull the underwear off Travis and starts to kiss farther down headed to the most beautiful cock he has ever seen in his life. As he approaches the cock precum starts to flow like ocean waves larger and larger amounts. it tastes like sweet water and fresh like the sea after a good rain storm. He thinks back his last lover Carl said the same thing about him before they broke up and he left for the cruise. Travis caught up in the feeling Kaleb is giving him doesn't tell Kaleb that he is cumming and shoots and shoots. as he finishing cumming Kaleb swallows and starts kissing his way back up. both notice that it is now 5pm and hears a knock on the door it a crewman asking if there was a problem that the neighbors was complaining on the loud moaning coming from the room. The crewman tells them try to keep the noise down and they were approaching the Greek coast.

Both notices that they are hungry and goes to the fiesta deck for the last open air diner before land fall in the morning. The second officer sees them as they walk onto the deck and informs them that the Coast Guard will be needing to talk to them in a hours time. Kaleb and Travis says ok we will be right here when their ready just let us know.

They both look out toward the sea and notices a ship approaching and can tell its the Coast Guard but it not just the Coast Guard its looks like a private yacht is along side them.

Its not long after they eat that the captain approaches them and says they guard and a few others need to talk to them separately.

First to be interviewed is Kaleb.

As he enters the same meeting rooms as before ne notices that the guard is sanding at the door and the gentlemen from the yacht is going to be asking the questions that tell him that they are either government or some kind of federal level employees.

Kaleb not knowing what is going to happen enters and sits down as instructed and notices in the corner a man looking out the corner window ignoring the others and him asking him what does he know about the person they rescue. And where do you live.

This gentlemen even looking outside looks powerful and one not to mess with he answers I don't know much about Travis other than he remembers living close to the ocean or sea. and I live off the east coast of the United States. Not even a second after he finishes the gentlemen at the window dismisses the others in the room saying he would like a private moment alone with Kaleb. As the others leave he notices that each of them has a trident tattoo on their wrist and walks out.

The man turns and ask has your mother ever told you of your father if so what did she tell you?

She told me only that they meet on Fire Island and that he mainly lived in Greece and they were only together for that one night.

The guy turns and says yes her name was Mary. Kaleb now looks black and shocked. Howw do you know this??

The guy says I am your father and my name is Poseidon and the reason you fishing business is so great is because you are my son. I am the Poseidon god of the sea.

Suddenly the other burst in saying another vessel approaches and no call sign only insignia of Oceanus. Poseidon says not to worry this is my domain nothing shall happen to you but are us sure you don't know anything about this Travis more than you want the captain to know. Kaleb says yes. When we got him on the ship even though he was out there for a couple of days he smelled fresh like sea breeze. Poseidon says stay away from him I don't know him and he isn't a member of his family or pantheons child. If you need me call this number in Athens even though I'm don't live there they will be able to reach me day or night.

Travis is worried as the guy leaves and says stay way from my son.

Not understanding what the guy was talking about enters the room and sees Kaleb standing at the window looking at the new ship in confusion and wondering why its here.

Travis and enters and Kaleb is just shocked and worried what all this means, why his mom never told them, why could he not stay away from the sea even when he was off.

Sudden before Travis could speak two men burst into the room and ask Kaleb to leave that someone needs to speak to Travis alone. This guy looked like he was important like his father but different. This one turned and said demigod stay away and leave Travis alone your kind is only trouble.

Kaleb turns and says why should I listen to you. You don't rule the sea anymore and your kind is either imprisoned or in hiding and goes to the fiesta deck.

Travis hearing this is now very wondering who this guy is and what did he mean Kaleb is trouble.

As the man enters Travis says if you are Oceanus you might be my father but before you can say anything I am in love with Kaleb and leaves the room.

Infuriated Oceanus leaves the cruise ship and returns to his and both fathers on the decks of there ships look at reach other and looks like a battle could happen either time.

The captain tells the helm set course for Athens and dock asap.

On the fiesta deck both lovers meet once again and head this time to Kaleb's room and decide who cares what there fathers says they want each other and not going to let them get in-between them.

Part 3 coming soon



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