The captain notice that both ships though they had Greek flags none of them really belong to the government and now no recorded of his call to the coast guard or even to the company. How ever the room he put the rescue Travis in is now completely paid and extra in his account for his trip home and a note in the system that 4000 American dollars in the safe is his and needs to be give to him and Kaleb has the same amount no mention of when or how it got there just the note in their files that they have money needing to get them asap.

Kaleb and Travis are sitting in Kaleb's room in a panic both parents one a Greek god and the other a titian how do we keep seeing each other and not get caught and if they do can they get back to the United States by sea without being stopped if they chose to stay together. As they sit in the room a porter knocks on the door saying captain needs to speak to them before everyone goes to shore in 1 hour. Now they both are nervous did there fathers tell the captain to keep a eye on them while they are on land or what is going on.

Just like most captains of any cruise ship they don't like surprises or unexpected guest showing up. As the captain waits on Kaleb and Travis he starts to look up names on the net to see if he could find anything out about the two passengers or the two gentlemen that came on board to talk to them and of course he finds nothing beside Kaleb owning a fishing business in the United States.

Well Kaleb and Travis wants to get off the water and on shore to explore the country side. Unknowing to them Poseidon has already excepted this and has some of the other Greek gods and goddess to keep a eye on what his child is doing? Now the other gods really don't want to be involved in this because demigods need to learn there place and everything at there pace and most have already figured out that these two are in love and sole mates and not wanting to upset the balance of the universe.

Kaleb and Travis is now at the captains door and knocks. The captain figuring it would be them so they can get out of the ship with out to many questions invited them in and gets down to business and gives them the money straight out and said that this was in the safe for you on our arrival and just so you will know it was not on there when we left the states. The captain wanting just to get it over with says here is the money sign here on the leger and have fun.

Kaleb and Travis just want to get to shore and away from any place they could think there fathers might find them so they could figure out what is going on and be alone together. The decide to walk to the Pedion Areos park and relax in the sun then see if the LYKAVITTOS THEATER had anything going on that evening. As they walked they notice that a owl was following them. Travis remembers a owl was at one time noted as a symbol of Athena and wonder could Kaleb's father be using the other gods to keep eyes on them. Both of them decide to test the theory by entering some of the shops to see if the bird leaves or what it does. Inside the store was a machine shop with the name Hephaestus on it. Not thinking much of it they look around seeing mechanical birds, fish, and other animals that looked hand made hammered out piece by piece. The store was ran by a man that looked like he has stand in front of a fire pit all day but didn't have a burn nor redness of the skin that would indicate that he has dealt with metal folding metal. Travis being a little smug ask what your name sir mine IS Travis and this is Kaleb we are staying on the cruise ship that just arrived. The owner says my name is Hephaestus and I know both of your fathers and what they told you and I don't care. Hephaestus's said knowing your father and that bird following you around Kaleb he has tabs on you throughout Greece by now so if you want to stay with this one you better talk to him soon go to the temple ruins by the cliff side they belong to your father hell answer if you call. As for you Travis becareful knowing the look in your eyes my wife has already got to you and if that is so your father might not be to kind to your friend. Just so you will know your relationship might just help what is to come. Just then a flash of light outside and two beautiful women walk in one looks like she belongs to a council or head of a college and the other ready for anything the wild could being to hunt. Hephaestus says hello sisters have you meet these two Kaleb is our kin by our uncle and the other is the child of Oceanus. Athena and Artemis both look at us like we are going on trail. Knock it off you two they don't know what is happening in the seas nor have a part yet. Let them try and figure out what they are and if their feeling are real enough to chose which side they are going to be on. Hell the two of you haven't even chosen a side to take if war breaks out. Suddenly a whiff of perfume comes from the back and here come the wife. Know both of them are nervous four gods in one place and thunder starts to roll through the city and all four says come with us well take you all back to the ocean being this close to Olympus is not a good thing right now. Outside a man in the most elegant suit we have ever seen and a woman standing right beside him in the beautiful purple dress say at he same time: please tell me children that you are taking this child of Oceanus to Tartarus. Right then a flash of light and three women with a loom say now these children of the sea must be aloud to follow their beliefs otherwise you shall take there place. All six gods look at the three women and say are you sure. Oceanus is threating to retake the seas from Poseidon and if he does well lose the control of the prisons of the other Titians since the humans stopped believing in us. It don't matter these two will bring either a great peace and prosperity to the sea or the destruction of all the gods and Titians since more than your parents are at stake. The fabric of the sea has been at war in one form or another for to long they must choose to follow there hearts or destroy one and another.

Kaleb and Travis just start running not caring which direction they are going as long as it is a way from them. As they are running they notice they have arrive back to the ocean at eh temple and standing there among the ruins is Poseidon himself.

Poseidon just simles at the two and say how did you like the others I also know the fates sided with you so I cant stop you two from seeing each other but be careful. Yes before you ask I am afraid for my domain and what war could mean for both us gods and the world for humans.

As they walk back on board the ship they notice that the captain is talking with all six gods and another that had a bag of letters. Not wanting to be notice they run straight to Travis room. Inside they notice a man in full leather gear ( ancient Greek armor) I am ARES if you have not guess and I am here to teach you how to fight. But of course we cant teach you here how about at the base of Mount Othrys. It will give both of you a felling of what could happen to all of us and what could happen to your fathers domain Kaleb if war breaks out.

Outside he other gods stand at the dock with a suburban and Ares says ah our ride and help is here we should get started in teaching you how to fight and the history of both of your family. The true history not what you might of read in what you call myths.

Part four coming soon

the teaching and deciding sides



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